One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Trailer 3 – Straw Hats vs Familiar Faces

Posted by Omar Khan
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Namco Bandai Games Japan has released a brand new One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 video! It features the Straw Hats along with a host of other familiar faces including Gekko Moriah, Perona, Magellan, Crocodile, Buggy, Enel, Dracule Mihawk, and Kuzan!

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 will feature an original story mode with “dream battles”. These are battles that put the Straw Hats in situations not seen in the anime/manga. For example, Timeskip Luffy vs Moriah!

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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is an action/adventure in development by Tecmo Koei’s Omega Force. The game will be published by Namco Bandai Games in Japan (PS3/PSVita) on March 20, 2013 and Europe/North America (PS3 only) sometime in the summer of 2013.

  • naruto3847

    Awesome can’t wait

  • Aaron

    i wish i have a ps3 and if i did i so want this game!

  • Zero anime

    same here i hope put it in dub too and 1vs1 and lot character to make it really fun :)

  • ramrej

    So, back to Naruto and the Edo Kages. Just kidding One Piece fans lol. This game looks pretty fun for those who like One Piece or just free roam.

  • Idy Inyang

    Please have Trafalgar Law…please have Trafalgar Law…please have Trafalgar Law…

  • Dani Hasson

    yeah please!


    don’t you worry about it dude, cause law will be in it.

  • Bardock – SSJ2

    I am going to mport the Japanese version on PS Vita and buy the English version on PS3 XD

  • IchigoUzumaki

    I gotta say, this game looks pretty fun, never tried the first one but thinking of pre ordering this one.

  • lightdarkgamer

    wowwww amazing trailer !!! . i think thay are all playble …. luffyy and his crew …. bartholemow kuma and perona are playable …. boa hancock,, jinbei . mihawk ,aokiji .moria , crocodile , magellan hope they are playable tooo !!!! xP if yes the game will be one of the best game 2013 everr !!!

  • Ludwig Von Makaveli Beethoven

    can someone tell me how to import this game from japan if possible preordre since US won’t have both version. please help

  • Manoah van der Velde

    Why no Vita version for europe and US?! What kind of bullshit is this…

  • Manoah van der Velde

    I guess ebay, but no preorder, unless you can read a japanese website :p

  • Arif Nur Fauzi

    KOEI rule the Warriors !

  • guillaume brandner

    I just REALLY hope they’ll put the fishman island arc… otherwise it’s just a pity update

    Have you ever tried one piece gigant battle 2 on ds ? It rocks :)

  • DemiLari

    Play Asia is your best bet.

  • dodo poko

    i hope there will be pvp, this will make the game perfect

  • VongolaBoss

    So this game pretty much has all the arcs the original SHOULD have had -_- Better have fishman island

  • Geǿ Marley

    Hope film Z will make it in the game.

  • Yuki Haruno

    i need marguerite, she is like a lady ina from warriors orochi

  • Emil Petrunov


  • Xeinezes

    Amazing.hope they have Trafalgar Law and Aokiji as playable.hope Dream Story will be cool,i have a feeling they will have shichibukai as playable in that mode

  • DbzOnePiece1234

    2:12 Does this confirm Punk Hazard Arc?

  • DbzOnePiece1234

    We need law and my favorite character Kid

  • Bardock – SSJ2

    Me too XD

  • Damian Uchiha

    Nice joke dude…

  • Damian Uchiha

    better not;)

  • Damian Uchiha

    waste of sixty bucks…

  • Juel Storm

    so the mugiwara team all got haki ?

  • Xeinezes

    no,Luffy has Haoshoku Haki and Bushoshoku team doesnt have haki in the game

  • Kevin Allen

    I love the 1st game, but the multiplayer was awful, I hope they improve it this time around.

  • Xeinezes

    Its Skypiea,with after timeskip Zoro

  • Donald Barnett

    So far it just looks like they are putting in stuff that were SUPPOSED to be in the first game. they thought they could trick us. this is more like dlc to me. For some strange reason, Im getting a naruto generations feeling…

  • unleashrage

    I hope so too considering Film Z Aokiji is on the game cover.

  • Kira

    EPIC TRAILER i will buy this game for sure

  •;_ylt=AmHLaCYiEH9jnelu9HydOwmgRAx.;_ylv=3?show=n63qwlSMaa&view=public Tamura

    He’s not joking.
    The game is awesome and can be the one of the best game 2013.

  •;_ylt=AmHLaCYiEH9jnelu9HydOwmgRAx.;_ylv=3?show=n63qwlSMaa&view=public Tamura

    Perona looks cool XD

  • unleashrage

    maybe because its a dream story?

  • Sharnerius1

    Get a life bro,you really need one.

  • BrainYZ

    maybe because it’s the after time skip just like Perona and Jinbe

  • Kira

    ………. no comments

  • unleashrage

    That is true that could be his appearance after the time skip but characters usually have new outfits in the movies. Either way he is on the game cover which means it is highly likely Aokiji will be playable. I don’t know of a game with someone on the cover with them being non playable.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    huh.. funny, I remember saying the exact same words about naruto generations

  • Sharnerius1

    Aokiji was shown in the manga with the same outfit

  • unleashrage

    chapter? i’m surprised i missed this he was my fav marine.

  • disqus_oi9h8IM6t2

    this game looks good. i just hate the fact that the skypeia arc and thriller bark are in it.

  • Mikkel Blondie

    Looks like Dynasty Warriors… Mhe… Too repeatitive..

  • p[zrvb ervRWR

    i am good to go SUPER!!!on them hoes lol

  • Mike Luffy

    I highly doubt it. Think about it, you don’t see any other one piece movies in any other one piece games

  • Damian Uchiha

    really? i think i’m right. Sorry but this game’s gonna have cheap content only with new characters…

  • Damian Uchiha

    so what?

  • Brian Nieckarz

    Is there going to be a “1v1″, “2v2″, “3v3″?

  • Damian Uchiha


  • Aldus Espiritu

    I’ll make storm 3 my priority game. Then maybe i’ll get this one after.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    you know damn what

  • Damian Uchiha

    i understand you, for example i didn’t buy generations. I’m not not simply fanboy, i’m just looking for good game. But OP PW 2 isn’t this type of game sorry. They’re only make cash on fanboys like you

  • fabricej

    That is my one wish for this game. I’m already buying it but adding Law would be an orgasm fest.

  •;_ylt=AmHLaCYiEH9jnelu9HydOwmgRAx.;_ylv=3?show=n63qwlSMaa&view=public Tamura

    if you dont like this game just silence and dont buy it

  • EighteenSky

    A game intended to make money? You do know that nearly every game out there has that same intent. So does UNS3 which according to your logic is there just to make cash on fanboys like you? Is that what you’re saying as well?

    Don’t know why you even comment on OP articles, you’re clearly a Naruto fanboy and hate OP for no apparent reason. What ever makes you feel better I suppose.

  • EighteenSky

    How do you know, do you work on the dev team? And don’t answer with ‘because its a DW game’ because they do have vs play. Hell there was even a game called DW Versus.

  • EighteenSky

    There could be, not all of the modes are confirmed yet so there is a chance.

  • Kira

    Ehehe Jp version for vita and English for ps3 Nice Plan bro ^^

  • zoro & robin R the best

    Yeah me too you are the same kind of me:) love your comment

  • zoro & robin R the best

    Yes Please that’s well be great …. mmmmm can’t wait

  • Yami Tenshi

    That’s not totally true, Shiki was playable and there was a Strong World map on One Piece Gigant Battle 2 on DS =)

  • Yami Tenshi

    There was one in “Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper” on Wii U, so lets hope that they developped this mode in order to include it in OPPW2 =D

  • Shuran

    wow they made franky’s neaple light laser o.o!!!!

  • Bardock – SSJ2

    Thanks bro, oh and Storm 3 dmeo on Feb 19 ^^

  • Thugnificent

    no he wasn’t

  • Kira

    I know ^^ im anxious

  • *Super~Sayian*

    HAHAHAHAHAHA ME A FANBOY? that’s virtually impossible considering I bend and snapped my generation game and threw it out of my second floor window because it was a piece of crap. even COD was a better game than that.

  • JustSomebodyThatYouUsedToKnow

    Is there a player vs player mode?

  • Mike Luffy

    i havent played any one piece DS games, just ones that are on real consoles

  • gdfg

    i know
    eyes light up*