Naruto Shippuden March 2013 Schedule – Fillers Return

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Naruto Shippuden fans, after a month and a half of canon excitement, the fillers have returned. The March 2013 schedule calls for four episodes of filler action. The first three episodes in the month deal with the Sound Four, who have been resurrected through Edo Tensei, to once again confront Shikamaru, Neji, and Kiba. Episode 306 deals with a Hyuga family filler.

Here is the breakdown:

  • March 07, 2013
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 303 – Ghosts from the Past
  • March 14, 2013
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 304 – The Underworld Transfer Jutsu
  • March 21, 2013
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 305 – The Venegeful
  • March 28, 2013
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 306 – The Eye of the Heart

The dates above are all actual, but the titles are translations and may change once they are officially released by Viz Media.


Thanks Josh Wilkins for the picture and the summary!

  • Tobi

    Well that’s lame.

  • Brandon

    Just bad news one after another lol.

  • It’s probably because the show is ending soon, so they are trying to play the series out so it can end most likely near the end of the year or at least in 2014

  • Uchiha D. Obito


  • Uchiha D. Obito

    As Soon as Madara is suppose to come in

  • Rick Lee


  • graHamBone

    What a day -______________________-

  • James

    that f*cking sucks!!!

  • disqus_YeSNHiiNv3

    smfh thats means we dont get to see madara the thursday after storm 3 comes out..cause next weeks epsiode will most likely be the battle with the ressurrected kage

  • For f**ks sake

    Seriously this is starting to get ridicilous

  • biguchiha

    But are all them fillers or just two of them have names of cannon episodes like Avenger and The Eye of the Heart…Just now they were close to show Madara :’(

  • asideofchidori


  • Craven Fallen-Angel

    Trunks: Noooooo!!!!!!!!

  • RedDragon10

    This is exactly why I gave up watching the series and only read the manga.

  • Joe De Sousa

    It doesn’t look like fillers to me at all.

  • fizz


  • Alex Sam Anif

    What the hell is wrong with them?? Does the whole story have to end in order for them to get moving? They’re already about 70 chapters behind, even Storm 3 is gonna be way ahead of them!! What are they thinking?! Let’s just hope these darn fillers don’t last… Is it certain it’s fillers though? Cause that “Avenger” title really does remind of Madara…

  • asideofchidori

    I’m just gonna watch bleach for awhile and play the new game cause this is just really stupid….

  • fizz

    i give up on the sow

  • fizz


  • asideofchidori

    didn’t we just get out of fillers the first of the year……

  • fizz

    we just got out of a filler

  • André Vila Franca

    Again with the stupid fillers…i don’t know who watches it!! Just keep the original story going, the manga is far ahead! Well, at least this way maybe the anime team can gain time and make good fight scenes when the story progresses again, because from what i can see only Hiroyuki Yamashita can animate great fights! Come on, give us amazing action scenes in this war!! Be creative in action!!

  • fizz

    e havent even seen madara yet in the show

  • asideofchidori

    i know!

  • fizz

    the edo rakaige jus got beat now filler

  • asideofchidori

    story board for naruto: hey guys i have a good idea! lets just start fillers right before madara appears! so then everyone will wait for them and have to like the fillers!!……………… this is crap…

  • FlameBlitz21

    I just a bit expected fillers because Madara might be in an episode not to long from now. And Episode 304, 305 and 306 seem like fillers at all. :( So disappointing. And when the big Madara comes.

  • Alex Sam Anif

    Are we sure they’re all fillers?? Like, did they announce it or something? Cause they don’t look like fillers to me. Maybe they just renamed the Uchiha Madara episode to “avenger”. Makes sense…

  • Menma Uchiha

    Looks like they’re really trying to stretch out Madara’s appearance in the anime and in the game. To be honest though, these don’t sound like filler episodes.

  • Matsemann08

    303-305 is about the sound four. 306 is about Hinata and Neji.

  • Jerry55

    Yeah!!! This is just what we needed to hear today! PTS & Fillers
    They musta been reading my mind!

  • Malcolm J K Piggott

    Didn’t bleach top after the fullbringer arc?

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    Madara might be in the end of the next episode or the episode after the fillers end i cant wait to see what fillers are coming up now

  • Alex Sam Anif

    Is there anything that you’re basing this information on??

  • asideofchidori

    yeah how do you know?

  • Eoenki

    Eh whatever, least we know Madara is in UNS-3

  • UchihaMadara98

    This day is the worst day ever …I hope somebody tsukoyomied me

  • Alex Sam Anif

    I’m asking you!! How do you know that the fillers are about the sound four and the hyuugas? Especially since the sound four are supposed to be dead and don’t ever appear again except for *SPOILER ALERT* parts of Kabuto’s body?

  • Reggie Toussaint

    The series and manga will never end you talking about 15 or 14 years from now Kishimoto stated that himself

  • Bishoyyacoub


  • Alex Sam Anif

    If these are fillers that contain Madara, then I welcome them!

  • Matsemann08

    The post on narutoforums by the guy who always posts the Anime schedule first.

  • Donald Barnett

    Im used to all these fillers anyway. They happened so many times that it feels weird without them. I dnt mind cuz ill be devestated when naruto ends. Im cherishing every episode till the end

  • Dominic

    why??????? >:(

  • Donald Barnett

    If he aint playable, does it even matter

  • Moses Morex


  • Marco

    We Don’t. -.-

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    the hell they r doing ? storm 3 was pushed till april for japan just so that the game doesnt spoil the story , and now everyone gets slapped in the face including the developers , japan is waiting till april for nothing basically, their efforts were in vain

  • Leland South

    F***ing fillers.. -_- and just when Gaara was about to fight Mizukage…

  • Marco


  • hunter

    well at least i got hunter x hunter, one piece and fairy tail but this still sucks ass havent we had enough of the fillers ? i mean come on !

  • Bishoyyacoub

    I really do feel bad for all naruto fans in japan

  • RobsonAssassin

    more fillers? naruto have more fillers than true episodes ¬¬

  • Alex Sam Anif

    So, I guess we get fillers because freakin’ Japan gets NUNS3 in April and that has Madara in it… I bet there’s another couple of weeks of filler in April as well, until we get back to the main story.

  • Alex Sam Anif

    He will still fight the Mizukage next Thursday, we go to filler after that

  • freestylexgp

    Hi, you guys must all be new here.

  • Bishoyyacoub


  • Vitor OEP

    pierrot studios stupid

  • uchihalord1994

    YEP! EXPECTED !!! -.-

  • Reggie Toussaint

    LMAO we are going to have one month of filler episodes i’ll just forced my self to sleep and wait for the game

  • Leland South

    Okay that’s good :)

  • Mael

    The sound four will be Edo tensei’d and will have a rematch with kiba, neji and shikamaru.

  • Zeke Fabio

    this is why u read the manga not watch the show.

  • Alex Sam Anif

    Try 6 weeks


    we better get naruto in tailed beast mode as an awekening

  • Alex Sam Anif

    Yup, then 6 weeks of filler… Hooray! At least we get the freakin game, we can see the story progress through there. It’s something…

  • Marco

    Last months in 2012 I was pissed of the fillers and I was happy they make a comeback in January, and now fcking again this fillers, they want us to make to read the manga or something T_T Maybe after this summerholiday we see finaly Naruto vs Sasuke again..

  • uchihalord1994

    U guys sure its a filler ? lol ghosts of the past really does resemble madara’s resurrection :P and turned underworld jutsu is … some name for madara’s jutsus lol (just trying to be positive)

  • Alex Sam Anif

    The manga is at chapter 621!! The anime is at chapter 555! That’s 70 chapters! How big a difference do they want?!

  • Cesiah Florezs

    I hate fillers -.- we just got out of fillers and they are bringing them back?

  • The Uchiha

    PTS now fillers what a wonderful day.

  • Dewayne Glass

    well i said they will show fullers cause thats want they do when the anime gets good and like it said the game follow the manga. cause the anime will be showing fullers all month so the game will at least go were kaubot vs suskue.

  • Guest

    The post on narutoforums by the guy who always posts the Anime schedule translations and summary.
    Geg, 17 000 posts, reputable guy.

  • S3l3cta

    Guys listen the roster pic is fake, the video of the intro is real.

  • Dewayne Glass

    its fullers man thats why storm 3 follow the manga cause the anime shows so much damn fullers.

  • uchiha

    The eye of heart is thd sharingan……..but thats way too far behind to explain that o.o

  • jay

    ahh so i was correct….

  • Tommy Faust

    Fillers = worst thing to happen in Naruto

  • Mangekyou

    atleast the game comes out in a week

  • Menma Uchiha

    No I fill the same way. Unless saiyanisland read a description of the episode they are just guessing that its a filler and if thats the case I would have to say they may be wrong this time around. Again, this is assuming there guessing from the episode name and haven’t read a description of it.

  • The series has to end sometime e.e I don’t think 14 or 15 years from now, I don’t know what else Kishi has under his sleeve, but I don’t think after the war the show can continue the same way, *Spoiler* unless after all of this he lets Madara and Obito get away and have mostly chase arcs and stuff, plus he killed off Neji, it just wouldn’t be the same.

  • Deidara19

    So it was too good to be true…and we all fell for it. Firs storm 3 and now this. This is the main reason why the game should follow the manga- there’s no fillers there!!
    On a side note: these titles really dont sound like our typical filler episodes though- so maybe we can expect some good war fillers this time (optimism w/ a little sarcasm -_-)

  • Gristlez

    Yeah especially with the timing. We’re about to see Madara animated and then BAM fillers for a month -___-

  • jay

    i think the problem is, everyone is overestimating how far storm 3 will go… we got one more week of canon stuff left, starting to look bad for some characters ay.

  • david paw

    Avenger and The Eye of the Heart. Is that really a filler? Sound like Sasuke and Itachi

  • Dewayne Glass

    one i can say about bleach they showed the main story alot even when the anime was close to the manga but naruto they dont but i saw this coming tho.

  • jay

    lets not jump to conclusions…. if you were all ninja you would have all been put under Hype-genjutsu with no way to break free… sit back chill and lets see what happens because so far there isnt any confirmation of madara as a playable character… NONE (genjutsu broken)

  • jay


  • Scott Hickinson

    The game will only reach the latest anime (canon) episode which was stated numerous times. Although I could be wrong

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    thats it screw the anime what the hell are they the animation studio doing? madara was supposed to come in two episodes wtfffff O_O

  • WavyCroccett

    first pts characters, now this…please tell me i’ve fallen under a genjutsu

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    well the game has obito in action as a playable character , he hasnt been in action yet(havent seen him actually fighting) and there is only one episode left of canon which will be with edo kages , i dont think there is time to show obito and his fighting , but yet he is in the game playable with epic movesets from wt the scan showed , hate to break it to you , but the game will actually spoil the anime

  • اوتشيها ايتاشي

    fuckkkkkkkk fillers

  • Matto-54

    I know we all hate fillers and I agree they are terrible, but I think we all need to understand this is probably the last opportunity for Studio Pierrot to build a gap between the anime and manga with legitimate fillers that actually take place in the war. Once we get further into the war, the opportunity for expanding on the content of the manga is gone and the fillers would have to be “go back in time” fillers which are undoubtedly worse. So look at it like this: The bigger the gap they make now, the more canon stuff we will see continually later on. That’s what it seems like to me at least. I know it’s a lot to ask from people these days, but patience is a virtue.

  • اوتشيها ايتاشي

    الله يلعنهم هالقحايب هالشراميط

  • Robinson Duane

    no, eye of heart is hinata to naruto. i think so. but, still not sure… if i am right..

  • Baryll

    I have no idea how you guys can put up with this, lol. I watch an anime like Code Geass, and in 50 episodes they get more done than Natuto in 500. And on top of that, the animation of Naruto sucks too. Even though they make tons of dough. I always see the option for Naruto being quality or detail. Never both, even with the movies nowadays. At least the original Naruto movies were good LOOKING.

  • Scott Hickinson

    Exactly what I was thinking!

  • Rupert Bostrom

    they tried to ask if they could speed up the anime for the production of the game but they said no -.-

  • EA575

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    WHY FILLERS ? WHY ? WWWWWWWHY? when the story actually starts picking up again it goes into a filler , whyyyyy , anime director , what are you trying to prove

  • Dewayne Glass

    yeah i spell it wrong thanks dude!

  • Mitt Romney


  • abdulhamian

    they did

  • abdulhamian

    i know

  • jourdan penn

    I SWEAR TO GOD I THINK FROM LOOKING AT MADARA to much in tht video he put me in a cruel and vicious genjutsu

  • jay

    no problem we all do it!

  • word?

    OH NO!!! Its Kishimoto’s ultimate attack, FILLER NO JUTSU. EVERYBODY RUN!!!

  • jay

    well firstly saiyan island could be jumping to conclusions about this being a filler schedule, so dont hold it as gospel.

    secondly obito as masked man doesnt really have a moveset since he only kept summoning jinchuriki for a very long time till he used other justu and by then he got his masked cracked..again.

    but hey lets wait and see, lets not assume anything yet, plus these titles still sound as if they follow the story.

  • Sergio Andres Toledo Sepulveda

    seriously worst day ever

  • taqi-1991

    That’s what we’ve been sayin for th last 5 years! Truth is, there’s always a chance to make fillers!!

  • اوتشيها ايتاشي

    fuckkkkkk fillers

  • xDarksoul

    seriously…? really..? omg *facepalm* Madara..

  • Dustin Hempstead

    what do you mean

  • uchihalord1994

    They’re gonna fight the sound 5 again ? lol hmm this is interesting :)

  • uchihalord1994

    Didn’t understand the last word lol ? sharamit ? llol

  • Justin Ackley

    Maybe when the ratings for the show drop to 0 they’ll realize how stupid they’re being. Seems like the series has been more filler then cannon. I remember the ark they were on the boat. Didn’t that take like 30 episodes? Making filler longer then a story ark is just ridiculous.

  • Justin Ackley

    Maybe when the ratings for the show drop to 0 they’ll realize how stupid they’re being. Seems like the series has been more filler then cannon. I remember the ark they were on the boat. Didn’t that take like 30 episodes? Making filler longer then a story ark is just ridiculous.

  • J


  • Shisui Uchiha

    These fillers just faked up day.

  • Dudeondrugs

    Wow!! another filler arc… THIS SUPAH AMAZING THANK YOU! So it wasn’t enough to get punch in the face with the game roster but you had to finish the job. F*cking fantastic

  • Foxire

    Well and that’s why I’ve started to read manga

  • Dudeondrugs


  • King_Kobra619

    Kishimoto is the manga writer, not the anime director

  • Ian Klopper

    Im just glad they are at least related to the main story, and not about ninja ostriches…….

  • abdulhamian


  • Dudeondrugs

    The anime is managed by Pierrot no?

  • abdulhamian

    roster pic is real because there is an older version with less characters and if you compare it with the demos then it makes perfect sense.

  • DavidBowieSamaSenpaiSan


  • Bryan Alexis Mejia Diaz

    pts chars in storm 3 and now fillers…

  • Brandon Williams

    So apparently storm 3 goes further than the anime by like 20 chapters. The anime is pissing me off.

  • Dewayne Glass

    yeap thats what it seems.

  • EliteKakuzu

    Naruto Fillers? Aint nobody got time for that.

  • Danny BelieveIt Duncan


  • Shisui Uchiha

    “Fillers return!” ain’t nobody got no time for that

  • Daniel Gilchrist

    I need Storm 3 because so far, the animation from this war (and earlier) has been pretty lackluster. Honestly, most days I just miss the original show when they barely ever cut corners on the animation. Now almost every fight looks like it might as well be filler.


    I like to read & watch. I just hate when they do fillers

  • sonicino

    Lets hope these fillers allow the next canon episodes to look nice ( no more green sand please)

  • omni

    the infamous フィラーの術 filler jutsu has be used again.


    well at least the sound 4 get something, though they should have been edo in the manga
    ok so the month is no cannon so maybe 1 or 2 new episodes of cannon before its out in japan
    storm 3 gets less impresive with each new news update so far

  • Allen Stuart

    A few Sound Four episodes and some Hinata and Neji exposition might be nice to have, considering upcoming events in the anime.

    I don’t really follow the anime, though. Just download the episodes that correspond to the parts of the manga I liked best.

  • King_Kobra619


  • JamesDo

    CC2 is out to screw you. When I see some filler it gives me a bad chiller. When I see pre time skip it I want to madly flip. Bakayaro! Konoyaro!

  • Alexandre Gesnot

    That’s nice if CC2 puts Edo-Tensei Sound 4 in Storm 3 O.O

  • Rory Alden Nielander

    Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo call the shots on the anime. Authors don’t get nearly as much creative control of adaptations of their work as most people think.

  • Jonathan Rivera Almodovar

    Why just why after we needed one more episode to see Madara why just why. I wanna know who the hell makes these schedules because they need and really need to catch up to the manga

  • kin09

    i read some comments telling that the manga will continue but kishimoto already stated that this is the last arc.

  • ChakraMonsters

    No there is one more arc after world war and manga is still another two years

  • Thetrueuchiha

    If fillers weren’t in naruto we would be done with shippuden & w would’ve been beginning naruto fox z

  • kin09

    Well who stated that? I thought this was the last arc… how do you know otherwise?

  • foxhoundz

    Stop being a spoiled brat. It’s not the end of the world.

  • Nirujiga Theivendrampillai


  • disqus_M8r0vgPbcb

    “The story for the game will begin with the Nine Tailed Fox incident from
    16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the
    Shinobi War, covering the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden as they
    air in Japan”. With one month of fillers, does this mean we’re not gonna get very far in Storm 3??!

  • MarcoThePhoenix

    i guess this is ok, since i can see my beloved neji fight again before he dies

  • icouldntthinkofagoodname

    normally this would make me angry…….but i’ll be too busy playing storm 3 to care:D

  • amandasFSU

    The char roster is F-A-K-E FAKE FAKE FAKE!! you have to be really ignorant not to notice that, and why would they add pts chars if they said they wont…But the fillers at this time is completely ridiculous… if they made the game end on what shows on april 18th on the anime,, why not postpone the filler so you could put more into the game like tobis unmasking…

  • Stunna

    well you also gotta remember every 2 chapters are an Episode sooo…….its like 35 episodes away. Still a decent gap but not that big

  • Tyler Casilio

    This is a joke right?

  • KingSora1991

    What the mother flipping duck -_- I was liking that they were showing the actual story too. Really stupid. Why not just 2 weeks/2 episodes? We had that filler with Kabuto that resurected Hidan and everybody! facepalm*

  • Dustin Castillo


  • Guest


  • Nigel Davis

    Even thought it sounds like:
    Ghosts of the Past – Madara.
    Turned Underworld Jutsu – Something about Edo Tensai.
    Avenger – Sasuke with EMS showing off.
    The Eye of the Heart – Sasuke meeting Edo Itachi.

  • Jesse Torres

    Naruto just took a slight downward spiral.

  • Sabir

    a good filler idea. finally some good news

  • akira723

    it is.

  • akira723

    fillers= poo

  • Mizzijr

    This sucks… I wonder if this means… Madara won’t be in NUNS 3… I thought he was supposed to appear in episode 303..

  • KingSora1991

    I’m pretty sure he said 2 years, last year in an interview. So now would be one more year.

  • Uchiha Madara

    great what about Storm 3 now?

  • Anthony Ramos

    they lied about pts…

  • KingSora1991

    What about you in the anime :/

  • Uchiha Madara

    I know right

  • Jaye J

    Where is Sweet Brown when we need her? lol

  • Jaye J

    It’s the director’s special attack : Filler No Jutsu of Death!

  • Richard Taylor

    No no no no no! No more fillers i am sick and tired of fillers, they just got done with fillers not to long ago.

  • KingSora1991

    Yeah. If they’re doing this filler, I don’t give a damn anymore let the game go far as it can! Farther than the anime. I hate when anime only watchers get spoiled by us manga readers because I felt their pain before but this is totally not fair. They shown a whole month of fillers not even 2 or 3 months ago with Kabuto bringing back Hidan. This is really unnecessary what the animation studio is doing. They were doing so good showing the actual story of the war.

  • Portgas D Ace

    Another Fillers?? not again please!! I am really tired of this fillers, cmon the manga is really far away from the anime, they don’t need to make fillers again

  • Jaye J

    Everybody : “Can’t wait for the episodes in March, esp because the game comes out”.
    *Reads Article* WTFFFFFFFFFF!
    Vegeta pops on the scene : what’s going on?
    Fans : Naruto is in filler for a whole damn month
    Vegeta : “This surely is a sad day”…………………………..
    Vegeta : FOR YOU! *points & laughs*
    Fans : :-[ God dammit Vegeta

  • 1enton_style1

    What are you talking? You make no sense. The roster is fake

  • Portgas D Ace

    Yes, but you have to remember that Naruto had 100+ episode of fillers, and Shippuden must be at the same number of fillers so…. they really are far away from the manga, but not too much, maybe 50 chapters, obviously, if in the middle there are not fillers and I really doubt it because we see 6 o 7 canon chapters and then the fillers come back

  • KingSora1991

    Chill Amanda. People are not ignorant. Its because CC2 haven’t kept their word before in the past and some people lost their trust and people assumed with this screenshot.

  • Aaron J.H.

    The game is definitely going further then the anime. We have BM naruto and EMS sasuke storylines

  • KingSora1991

    The main filler I’m looking forward to I guess is ep 306. The Hyuga one. The last one. Best for last.

  • sue moua

    naruto shippuden just sucks now. Whats with all of these filler man. boring

  • nicholas deo

    Oh my GOD! Lol. The storm game NOO!

  • Uchiha Madara

    Exactly now I’m just pissed

  • nicholas deo

    Avenger is when the canon starts. Okay I think that’s better then last year…

  • Jaber Almarzouqi

    Oh maaaaan.. First PTS characters and now THIS

  • Menma Uchiha

    So is this a filler arc or filler episodes they squeezed in (that is relevant but not canon) to extend the war arc.

  • Menma Uchiha

    Damn it, I’m out of substitutions :0

  • Sasuke Nagashi

    I felt like Sas’ke in front of Danzo when they announced the return of fillers lol

  • Damian Uchiha

    You saw him right?

  • asideofchidori

    same here…

  • asideofchidori

    hopefully! like only a 4 episode filler like the power episodes kinda :D

  • Rahkylus

    Come on!! Do they realy hate Madara this much that they try to keep him out of everything …
    Storm 3 and now the anime too??

  • Rahkylus

    Isn’t the gap big enough already?? It would already take them around a year to catch up with the manga

  • Rahkylus

    yes but dont forget that after those 35 episodes the manga also moved so it would be anothe 35 chapters, meaning its a pretty long distance

  • Rahkylus

    unfortunatly its always related to the main story. It has the main character XD

  • Rahkylus

    So this must be the reason why naruto has so many episodes… (sarcasm)
    Out of all anime I’ve seen so far Naruto wins by far in fillers

  • Rahkylus

    Even if it is good news, it is at the worst time possible

  • Jimmy Avila

    hey think about it this way its throughout march so you can at least play storm 3 even if they have pts char’s in it, it still also has rinnegan tobi and all the new forms of the main characters still sad though…

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    -_- Idiot, it’s not.

  • Damian Uchiha

    But Madara’s in Storm 3 for christ sake… Are you blind or something?

  • Damian Uchiha

    Shitty fillers came back but still Madara will be in Storm 3 so i’m relieved somehow;)

  • AdrianH20

    i actually like filters

  • Rahkylus

    if he’s not playable then i’ll do that boss fight a thousand times

  • Rahkylus

    hey. do us all a favor and drop a meteor on them.

  • Rahkylus


    Roam your nightmares for the next 4 weeks…

  • Nigel Davis

    Even thought it sounds like:
    Ghosts of the Past – Madara.
    Turned Underworld Jutsu – Something about Edo Tensai.
    Avenger – Sasuke with EMS showing off.
    The Eye of the Heart – Sasuke meeting Edo Itachi.

  • Naruto_0495

    сука какого хуя блять?

  • sniklo

    FINALLY! some fillers. At least they will have better animation quality than the war arc

  • Murzsa Roland

    fillers… YESSS!!!!! FINALLYYY!!!!!!!! :’(

  • aviyos1001

    No!!! I hate fillers!!!

    Who else hate fillers? or its only me?

  • Kien Mitchell

    Ohh snap!! Bee is in the hizzouseeee

  • George B.


  • Bardock-SSJ2

    SON OF A BIT -_-

  • Shogunreaper

    Makes no sense at all, they aren’t even close to the manga

  • joe davis

    dnt worry about a thing because every little thing is gonna be alright bob marley mon just grab a burning bush and sit down yeeaahh

  • Saga

    Nhahaha Filters!!

  • Maruto

    im getting tired of this.. at least give us an EPIC VS EPISODE… 1 and a half month of waiting for madara to show up and we get the sound four and an episode of hinata -behind a tree- drama

  • Madara

    i just hope kiba gets some spot like the fillers dont sound that bad

  • Uchiha Madara

    I will and I’ll drop a big one!

  • Edo Itachi

    For the next 72 hours it will only be bad news hahahahahha

  • Matto-54

    I guess it depends how much longer the manga is gonna go for? Some people say another 2 years, so they’ll definitely need plenty more filler at some point sadly

  • Matto-54

    True, but this is a chance to make somewhat tolerable fillers if they put the effort in lol (though that doesn’t seem likely). Anything’s better than more ninja ostriches XD

  • Javier de Prada

    We still don’t know if the pts characters are fake

  • Javier de Prada

    PTS characters could be a fake
    The character art is from storm 2 in that image

  • Javier de Prada

    Not to mention those character arts are from storm 2

  • Lemoi

    Screaming and shouting about the pros/cons of fillers aside – THREE episodes focussing on the sound FOUR? Jirobo and Chouji got screwed – unless the filler gods are saving this clash for the very last fight in the anime…

  • Michael Pena

    *Ba dum tss*

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    I see how when good things and excitement comes back to naruto episodes they shove it back by stalling us with fillers
    you took away the revealing of madara from alot of people but lets see how this turns out

  • Sasuke-Kun

    worst day of my life and the blame is CC2 -_-

  • Sasuke-Kun

    lol good one ^^



  • Pokemonfan272

    If they were doing fillers, I was hoping that they would at least do fillers on all the Jinchuuriki. I mean they could have revealed their background, personalities, abilities and most important of all: who caught them. I mean they could show Yugito (they skipped her fight), Yagura (reason his bijuu was removed), Roushi (Same as Yugito), Han (he and Fuu are the least mentioned Jinchuuriki), Utakata (his filler did not focus on his bijuu at all) and Fuu.

  • tsukuyomiCheed

    Why!!!!!!!!!!!! we dont want fillers we want to see the war and welcome Madara…… for god sake

  • ÀymÄnô Böy NînÖô

    So Damn True =///

  • Issa Williams

    the problem isnt the fillers, its the fact that they show weeks of epic episodes weve been waiting for and madara was suppost to be shown within the next 2 episodes ,but NOOOOOO we gota get another month of filler the oly way they can make it up is have lee and neji go all out

  • Mystogan

    1 month more till uchiha madara comes? see this is why i prefer other animes over naruto easily

  • Georg Grossmaier

    Well then I hope CC2 makes the Sound 4 playable…

  • dtrex

    no really right before or just after madara comes no, game comes out and filler instead not fair

  • Andy Ricardo

    doesn’t anybody see it like this..? it might be a reason to put the sound4 in the game. to me that’s like a boner after the girl went home. i’m not hyped for them anymore, but for a lot ppl it might be something to look forward to

  • Zoro

    Even Sasuke is upset

  • SalsaMixRedevil666


    Ohhhh Noooo, NOT AGAIN!!!!!

  • Matsu96


  • Naruto


  • Vertti Sinisalo

    Just read the manga.

  • Ömer Durkut

    It could be.. I mean a little boy killed himself when he saw Itachi die..

  • FlameBlitz21

    Actually It is in a way for March. But not the End of the world. Maybe it’s just some people can’t take the episodes and just… die.

  • Chris Mic

    at least sometimes fillers are good. like DBZ and One Piece fillers

  • FlameBlitz21

    For me I was pretty upset when Itachi died

    I never knew that…. Rest In Peace Russian Dude… :(

  • Georg Grossmaier

    They are real, deal with it!

  • Georg Grossmaier

    The character roster is NOT fake!

  • shephikratus

    More crap is coming..

  • Ivan Giuffrida

    characters’ arts are identical to storm 2 ones even in the scans, if u noted it, so u don’t wonder if u see the same artworks also in the roster -_-

  • Vlad Lungu

    Well,it’s obvious the game goes further than the anime and I like it,but,is it ok?In the past I heard people saying in can only go to the point the anime is

  • Madara Uchiha

    Oh damn you! Show me up already!! >__<

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    i hope you u r right

  • Rahkylus

    madara will also be in the anime. it is just taking too long, like in storm 3 to confirm him

  • James

    Why Kishi :( Why? you were doing great with the new game coming out, epic manga chapters and almost up to Madara in the anime NOOO!!!

  • Amaterasu

    AAAH man not again…-.-

  • SalvadorRamirez

    kishi has nothing to do with this

  • joakim jenssen

    Will naruto storm 3 include fillers, especially this one cause then maybe we could play as the sound four for once in a storm game? That’s the least they could do including those pts characters…

  • Brayan Carvalho


  • nasama

    if these are fillers…then madara must be revealed in this weeks episode right?!?!

  • Nick Kurdadze

    Aaaaah, first world problems

  • disqus_DvsVSMS1zC


  • nasama

    i dont know if i said this before, but because there are fillers in march, madara should be revealed in this weeks episode right?!?!?!

  • Alex Sam Anif

    Nah, that’s fine… It doesn’t go that far ahead. They better compensate with some epic animation for the Madara battles though! We’ve had way too much filler in the past 4 months with the whole “Chikara” crap as well! Every month we’re afraid they might pull this crap on us and every month they do! I honestly didn’t think they’d go back to filler again so soon… Totally disappointed.

  • Michael1996

    Good point..but fillers aren’t canon.

  • Michael1996

    How the heck will the sound four keep up with these guys now?

  • Inuzuka28

    Wow, these fillers actually seem interesting and exciting. (Never thought I’d say that about fillers)

  • lightdarkgamer

    cc2 better post something that says that was a fake pic about roster charaters (pts characters) or lot o people its dissapointed + they are not goona buy storm 3 for your stupid lies “sssss cc2 if you put pts characters for your lazies you totaly rueind the game mann !!!

  • Cristian Valentin

    The first three fillers actually sound cool

  • PainPein

    At least these fillers look good, sound four edo-tensei? That sounds like a lot of action involved episodes and that’s good :D

  • Eliyah Zach Yeshe

    AHH!!!! Right in the morning!! Now i gonna be stressed all day!!

  • Charlie Blowe

    As we have seen in canon, Kimmimaro can just fine.

  • Don’t worry guys, the fillers could be good. Plus it’s post storm 3 week on Monday so. . At least there is going to be some good :?

  • deathscythe78

    i dont like fillers much but edo sound four sounds cool i mean edo sakon and kidomaru not tayuya but ultimately maybe kimimaro

  • lɥɐɹʇs snɔɹɐɯ

    The Other World Tournament Saga from DBZ (the Pikkon one) was the best filler I’ve seen in my life. In fact, I wish it would be considered canon. That was great.

  • Jose Velazquez

    CC2 said no Sound 4 they didnt say no Edo Sound 4 maybe just maybe but i doubt it lol

  • Ramon

    Is hack and slash and actual mode in the game or is it just in story mode, and if it is an actual mode are all character playable in it

  • Inuzuka28

    Though it’s unlikely, this should be used as an excuse to make the Sound Four playable in Ninja Storm 3.

  • Tim Sedgwick

    At least the fillers don’t happen til after the game comes out. (In USA)

  • Jadale Inniss

    ghost of the past has something to do with madara

  • Kami Kage

    chikara power wasn´t related to the main story

  • GKage

    me too. Gives me better quality water

  • manoahvdvelde

    6 episodes… We got SIX episodes…. It’s normal to have 6 fillers, half a year canon, 6 fillers. Naruto does it the other way around. We get treated with a few canon eps, and BAM! Filler… I’m glad I read the manga.

  • Ruseo

    i thought sasuke was the avenger :p

  • Ruseo

    why no Tayuya? shes the best one lol naruto is lacking in females that can actually do something

  • Jordan Green

    Kishimoto doesn’t do filler for the anime series (as far as I know). Manga and a movie or two Naruto related yes, but filler, its the main reason for me why I don’t watch Naruto shippuden too much anymore it disrupts the pacing or continuity of the canon content of the series, and its stupid, much like Bleach, but Bleach filler I can sit and watch unlike Naruto filler. Then again Bleach has arcs that are randomly shoved in the timeline of the canon, so basically I’m saying, for me Naruto filler is boring and I don’t care for, Bleach, well its got mostly good filler eps and arcs, I went on a tangent, oh well My feelings for Naruto filler are out AND THEY SUCK!!

  • Jordan Green

    One of the main reasons filler exists in anime is to delay it or to stop it catching up with the source material so fast, which is a pain. i’m not too thrilled either, only started watching again a few weeks after it got out of filler mode, now its going back in to filler, oh well no new Naruto Shippuden eps for me in March.

  • Guest

    Well technically it won’t go past the anime for the people in Japan because the release date is pushed back to April, but for the people in the U.S. it will go past it the anime. Also with these fillers it will probably be like a month now ahead of the anime.

  • Guest


  • Naruto_Sasuke77

    This is gonna be interesting sound 4 gonna see how much everyone’s grown

  • Jordan Green

    *pinches himself to check if he is having a nightmare* nope still here.

  • Michael1996

    I’m just saying that they’ve grown way too much maybe the sound four will get some powerup.

  • JohnStormNIN PT

    C’mon people, why so upset? Fillers can make the anime be more excited, and more, with filler the end of naruto anime will be more distant brother xD xD and these are fillers from the war it’s not like that filler from “chikara” ;)

  • Raiden0-PT

    sound four is back hum? well if you are gonna put PTS in Storm 3 then put at least this ones…

  • Fluppy96 LP

    pff than i have storm 3 xD

  • Sasuke Uchiha


  • KingSora1991

    Chikara filler was one of the best fillers that was ever shown on the Naruto Shippuden series. Plus we already had fillers. They should have waited until Storm 3 came out towards the time Japan was getting it. And I think people can be upset. Especially if they are supporting the series and want to see episodes of the actual story.

  • Shogunreaper

    That makes no sense.

    Fillers are not more exciting than the canon storylin., especially since we are at the height of the story.

  • Chuck

    Hey it sounds like its actually interesting, we get to see Choji, Shikamaru, Neji, Kiba, and Naruto beat up the Sound Four again! Sounds better than most filler, except the Power episodes, those were pretty good! So will everyone stop complaining like a bunch of spoiled kids!!!



  • Edo Itachi

    Hahahaha I am Immortal!!!!!!

  • guest

    In naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 2 the story went all the way to the pain arc before the anime aired in japan. So this game will probably go further than the anime in japan.

  • Uchiha Madara

    they said they follow the manga

  • Michael1996

    When was this?

  • Steven Nguyen

    I don’t get why people are complaining. did you remember last time when they didn’t use filler? only about 10 of the first 135 episodes of the original naruto were filler. then after there were nearly 100 filler episodes. id rather them have a little filler here and there rather then just keep going with canon and end up having like 50 filler episodes in a row

  • sam

    At least the fillers are based around the story unlike the stupid Power fillers from December.

  • Jamil Bowman

    Lmao, you smart bastard XD

  • bob

    proof from cc2?

  • bob

    its big ass gap oready, we got he hokages revived i think that pretty far

  • bob

    shutup noob

  • bob

    shut up kishi does not make the anime narutards

  • bob

    Noob your noob

  • bob

    bleach wins

  • Brayan Carvalho

    dude, you just readed my mind :)

  • bob

    dumbass kishi has nothing to do with the anime he only does manga

  • bob

    ahh nope dude in manga there is sasuke who revive oric and speaking to the hokages, And there talking about the past

  • Brayan Carvalho

    yeah, you have a point there…

  • bob

    i hate the way you type its annoying and i think not since I read manga

  • Brayan Carvalho


  • bob


  • John IZack

    xD good one!

  • bob

    dude your stupid enough said, the manga is wayyyyy futher from the anime. Read chapter 621
    The manga will end in 2014
    who knows they might be a new spinoff

  • John IZack

    Lol now that you think about it i bet the people who think the rooster was fake wonders, If they revealed info from a future game.

  • John IZack


  • Alex Sam Anif

    Well, apparently neither of them are the avenger in this case…

  • Aaron Zagoren

    well the first three im actually interested in because of the reanimated sound four, but the hyuga one i don’t care about. It’s gonna be hilarious when the sound four see how much the others “grew”.

  • Jaye J

    First of all that’s what I meant, notice I didn’t say Kishimoto, I meant the anime director. On the other hand >”word?”< up above has no idea what he's talking about.

  • SabuHayashi

    Are you fking kidding me?
    They haven’t even defeated Muu yet in the anime, and the manga is already nearing the latter half of Jubi battle. That’s ages away!
    I would understand if they had some fillers after Kabuto’s defeat, but this is ridiculous. It makes me wonder if they’re trying to compensate for a lack of story content in Storm 3.

  • James robinson

    I have

  • James robinson

    To be honest the fillers could be worse

  • e.e I was talking about the anime, not the manga. . .

  • And I don’t know why you called me stupid, the manga is far from the anime, since you are saying the manga will end in ’14, the anime will most likely end in late ’14 So you kind of encouraged my point.

  • Link0913

    I said that to myself and was about to post it until I saw your comment XD

  • akira723

    it is. retard

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    Man, you act as thought it’s end of the world. Just because they got fillers next month doesn’t mean, you have to act like one!

  • dor cohen

    AHHHH!!! they fillered madara!!!! damn you anime!!!!!!!

  • Bryan Sanderson

    how does this effect storm 3? this doesn’t effect the game at all since the game features 0 filler characters or content. so i don’t exactly get that at all.

  • sanjai marri

    ahhh fillers fillers why dont they put an episode a day?

  • Ubexa

    You do realize that many people are post time skip right such as, Tsunade,Jiraya,Orochimaru,Minato,3rd hokage and many more.So it would not be surprising if they added Pts characters,ESPECIALLY if some of them are already confirmed.

  • Jordan Green


  • nicholas deo

    This is ok, but for fucks sake. Release the filler, when you get up to kabuto vs sasuke or something

  • Sasuke-Kun

    and ?

  • Alexander Romero

    But why watch the canon episodes of the anime and just read the manga to see what happens next, the manga doesn’t have fillers but the anime does so the fillers in the anime are like . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SECRET FACTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shogunreaper

    Doesn’t matter, even if they didn’t do filler episodes they wouldn’t catch up to the manga for like a year.

  • Shogunreaper

    Uh no mate, the pain arc was way over by the time storm 2 came out, they were already halfway into a filler arc by the time it came out.

  • Shogunreaper

    I watch the anime to see the manga ANIMATED, not some shitty side storys made up by people with bad imaginations.

  • PSX360HD2

    8 More days Guys Add Me BrandNewKush i see you guys on

  • the spoiler

    uchiha madara edo tensei coming after the fillers and then full mode kyubi naruto, i cant wait for the edo tensei of all hokages and the battle between madara and hashirama, and when naruto gai and kakashi fight obito

  • Kira

    The Worst day ever because fillers Really? some fillers are good like Chikara Arc

  • GaaraWins

    I think alot of people are going to be happy to see the sound four again, im actually ok with this.

  • disqus_4gMUm6XIYq

    …….I sense Njihina. >.> ( I hope no Naruhina stuff.) Neji treats her better. ( besides Incest isn’t a issue in Japan….I mean…just look at the Hyuuga clan…they all look alike..I sense enbreeding. lol..)
    Besides that…Nejihina is my OTP when it comes to Hinata….* feels sad now. * T___T

  • Uchiha Madara


  • Sam Kennedy

    Hopefully the sound four come in the middle of the war, cuz I see these guys not in their war outfits ._>

  • Žilvinas Kekys

    Sound Four may be a little more interesting than common filler villains we got before…

  • Steven Nguyen

    yes, that is true, but when they catch up they most likely won’t have another opportunity to put filler in. it will be like bleach fillers that are long and not in continuity. id rather them do it now and have filler related to the war rather than let’s say a flashback during the middle of the obito & madara fight. id say just hold back, and have a little filler here and there until the arc is over in the manga

  • Shogunreaper

    Like i said even if they didn’t do fillers now it would be a very long time before they ever needed them, by the time they caught up to where the manga is now it would be ahead by like 20+ more chapters.

  • TheOrangeSpark

    Doesn’t really matter that there are fillers because in march Ultimate Ninja Storm 3′s gonna make up for those episodes anyway. This shouldn’t be a bad thing. LOL

  • TCh

    no there not, you deal with the logic

  • TCh

    true, its a big fake :)

  • TCh

    The character roster IS fake! :3

  • TCh

    yup, the character screen will look complytly different when the gane is out, i bet you anything

  • David Gomez

    How so? If it’s not fake then there must be at least one more page of characters. They wouldn’t only include a few PTS characters. If you’d believe that then you’re just plain stupid. They already have all of the PTS characters made. So.. If they were to include them, they’d put them ALL in and raise the character count even higher.

  • TCh

    *gets hits by table but dosnt care* YEAHHH! GOD DAMN FILLERS!!!!! XD!

  • James

    Ultimately Kishi runs his own series i believe its well within his position to say what anime should and shouldn’t be made for Naruto Manga, him being the author
    even if that means working with a different company for the animation aspect
    you can’t really shrug off the animation completely and say Kishi has zer0 responsibility for it when he could try to make it better and cut down the amount of filler
    i’m starting to wonder is there more filler then episodes?
    i dont mind fillers i just wish he would cut the amount down to something reasonable

  • James

    how can Kishi have zer0 responsibility for his own Manga being animated?
    what he needs to do is find someone that would make less filler episodes so we can all enjoy the story

  • Bleach12


  • SabuHayashi

    From what NB has stated, the game follows the current anime and only the canon episodes.
    We could assume that because Tobi vs. Naruto/Kakashi/Gai won’t be shown in the anime for at least another few months, this battle may not be included in the final game.

    I’m hoping the game exceeds past where the anime currently is within the story, but it would be insanely underwhelming if the game stops at Madara’s revival and battle with the Kages.

  • Matto-54

    Like I said, people need to realize that there’s gonna be more fillers no matter what. Unless you think the manga will finish before the anime catches up? Seems pretty unlikely, there’s a lot of stuff left to cover in the manga.

  • Amaterasu

    i wonder what’s more of a joke, the filler or the people bitching about the filler…

  • Amaterasu

    Amazing more trash.

  • Anthony Mendez

    Are you serious?

  • Steven Nguyen

    yes, but like i said, by the time they catch up there might not be another chance to add more filler, therefore by adding it now, they can avoid putting filler in the middle of the major events of the arc. would you rather they put a 50 flashback episodes during the middle of a major fight like bleach does? i highly doubt it.

  • ceanight

    anybody tell me why there are only 3 combos in the demo and is it possible CC2 IS planning to show only 3 combos in the game when we get it a week later ?

  • Link0913

    For fun?

  • Steven Nguyen

    do you even understand the point of fillers?

  • ceanight

    yeah why do’t they just cancel the UJ for fun

  • Tony Faison

    knowing naruto is probably going to be all talk, flash backs, no hardly no action like the fight between gaara and

  • Jared Chua

    Itachi is Russian? XD

  • Shen Wan San

    Can’t I just see Uchiha Madara appear? I’m just waiting since November 2012 and then there was a CHIKARA ARC FILLERS……. ( I bear a month and a half to wait for it). and NOW?? Can’t they just show Madara out or something? Did Tokyo TV couldn’t manage to find a voice actor for Madara??!!

  • Shogunreaper

    It doesn’t matter how they do it, any interruption from the canon story is annoying.

    I would rather them go as far as they can instead of stopping right before such an important moment when there is no reason to.

    If they were like 5 chapters from the manga it would be different, but we aren’t anywhere near it.

  • Caique Justino Deodato

    sound four? for a filler is cool.

  • Inuzuka28

    Maybe they should just cancel the whole fighting aspect of the game for fun, that way, people might actually appreciate what we’re being given in the game already. (That last bit wasn’t an attack against you btw, just this community in general as people are always moaning)

  • JustChilln

    Well…During the fight between Naruto and Sasuke you get the option to have a flashback during the fight of PTS Naruto vs sasuke…so the character models are in the game and I wouldn’t be suprised if CC2 added them to the roster.

  • ceanight

    yeah I know, dont worry bro

  • Steven Nguyen

    well, i hate to break it to, there will always be interruptions during the story

    i would rather them interrupt the story before a major event, then during a major event.

    by the time we catch up we might be in the middle of a fight. i would rather have filler in between events rather then stop in the middle of it. at least the filler is more tolerable and more related to the actual plot.

    besides, the filler would be more spread out rather than let’s say 50-100 filler episodes in a row. in the original naruto they went as far as they could then had 2 whole years worth of filler. and that will happen again if they did what you are suggesting

  • Nick Kurdadze


  • Shogunreaper

    I don’t think you read my post, i know there will be interruptions in the story, there always has been. My problem is them doing it at such a critical moment as this. Madara should have been appearing in just a few more episodes and now we have to wait another month 12 when theres was no reason for it.

  • Abđ Ullah

    that’s why one piece anime is batter !!
    i won’t be shocked if thy start adding fillers in naruto’s manga too

  • manoahvdvelde

    I like only a few fillers. I only like the War extension fillers. I hate the one-episode filler crap like the ones when they were traveling on the boat. For the rest, the 3-tails and 6-tails filler-arcs were “ok”. I am glad were getting a little bit more Neji material though :(

  • Francis Solis

    YES!!!! I Love the Sound four!!! want them playable in Storm 3!!!

  • Steven Nguyen

    i don’t think you’ve read what i posted. if they go as far as they can there is high chance that it will interrupt a major event. the filler is only delaying the madara stuff. there are many ‘critical moments’ throughout the arc and they could run out of content at any point during the arc.

    and there are reasons if you’re actually reading anything i write.

    perhaps you need an example. let’s say they go as far as they can and there is nothing left to animate. we are in a middle of a major fight just as big or even bigger than the madara stuff. they have no choice but to delay the rest of it for at least a year for it to pick up where it left off.

    I don’t think you understand the importance of ‘spreading the filler’ in between events. i guarantee you if they went as far as they could there would be an interruption ‘during’ a major event and the filler would last ‘a very long time’, potentially pre-shippuden fillers long.

    if you want another 100 filler episode repeat then that’s your problem

  • Shogunreaper

    They’ve been doing pts flashback fillers for years now.

    and delaying the madara fight is a bad idea considering its pretty much the most important thing thats happened in a long time.

    So yeah there really isn’t any good time to stop the fights to do shitty fillers, it isn’t a good time now and there won’t be one in the future but that still doesn’t matter, the fillers are all garbage regardless of what time they stop the canon storyline.

  • Steven Nguyen

    the only flashback fillers were the ones after the pain arc and the chikara arc. besides those arcs flashback fillers usually only last 2 episodes.

    if they don’t use filler now there will be A LOT later. And i know any interruption is bad, but it would make more sense to put the filler where is a chance to put it than in the middle of important events.

    also these fillers during the war are much more tolerable than flashback fillers, whether you like them or not.

    If they go as far as they could there will be at least 1 year of complete filler. and in this case 50 episodes of flashback fillers sounds much worst than let’s say 4-6 canon-related fillers every 2-3 months.

  • Wayne Golding

    Episode 306 deals with a Hyuga family filler.

    I can’t wait to see what happens 10 episodes after if you know what I mean manga readers XD

  • Shogunreaper

    Doing these fillers during the war are not tolerable, whether you like them or not

    See i can act like my opinion is a fact too.

    And yes it makes perfect sense to not do any fillers right now because madara is about to come up.

  • Steven Nguyen

    for some people like you no fillers in any form are tolerable.

    but for other people 4-6 canon-related fillers very 2-3 months are more tolerable than 50-100 flashback fillers

    it makes more sense to put fillers in between events rather then during them

  • Shogunreaper

    And yet they do that anyway, they just had a 20 episode filler season last year, and another one the year before that.

    And that was all done with filler episodes sprinkled into the main seasons.

  • Steven Nguyen

    last year they it was pretty much canon for the whole year except for the 12 filler episodes at the end of the year & the 4 recap episodes.

    right now this is pretty much one of the last opportunities to put filler in, and we don’t know when the next chance will come. i know that the need for filler at this time isn’t urgent, but when it does become urgent there might not be another opportunity to put filler in.

  • Shogunreaper

    There will always be an opportunity for filler episodes since it doesn’t matter when they do them.

  • Steven Nguyen

    well it actually does matter, because like i said some people actually care if the filler is canon-related.

    canon-related episodes will get better ratings then flashback fillers.

    if it doesn’t matter when they do it you wouldn’t be complaining now cause clearly you’re complaining because they’re doing it after the stuff with madara.

    for some people it does matter because i don’t wanna see 100 flashback fillers in a row.

  • Shogunreaper

    They don’t need to do 100 flashback episodes in a row, and for all we know the manga could end before the anime catches up to it.

  • Steven Nguyen

    they will need at 50 flashback fillers if they continue with canon. kishimoto recently stated the series isn’t ending anytime soon, despite what many fans believe.

    if the series is going to end within the next 2 years im sure kishimoto would have told perriot. it would be silly to assume that kishimoto and perriot haven’t discussed where things will be going with this arc and how much time he may need to wrap up the arc

  • Shogunreaper

    No they won’t, there hasn’t been that long a filler break since the original. 20 or so episodes is the normal amount for shippuuden.

    And he may have told them, but they might want to drag the anime out for as long as they can to try and squeeze money out of it.

  • Steven Nguyen

    well guess how the first long filler break was created? they animated as much as they could until there was only about 5-10 chapters left.

    you apparently want them to do the same thing and animate until there isn’t much left. therefore the situation in the original repeats itself once more.

    do you want to know why it hasn’t happened in shippuden? because they spread the filler every 20-30 episodes. we’ve had about 30 canon episodes (with a few interruptions in between) so they need more filler

  • byron123

    Well I’m a naruhina fan and I do know what you mean but that wasn’t something very important, you can’t really call it a naruhina moment neither at the latest chapters’ case.

  • Mizzijr


  • Shogunreaper

    The reason they made so many fillers is because they wanted the story to get far ahead, and there wasn’t really any reason for them to just stop when they were already doing so many and could let it get that far.

  • Steven Nguyen

    it is important to note that perriot hasn’t really had too many long running series as big as naruto when they first started working on it. their ratings were as high as ever, they were moved into the prime time slot after 25 episodes, and just wanted to keep the ball rolling by trying to go as long as they can without fillers. when fillers came the ratings dropped dramatically for 2 years, therefore since then they have avoided extremely long fillers.

    and i highly doubt they’re just trying to squeeze more money out of naruto. they won’t make much money from filler episodes

  • Shogunreaper

    They still make money (even if its not as much as the canon episodes), which is something the series won’t do much of when its over.

  • Steven Nguyen

    they will still make money, but not anything significant that they would be willing to let ratings to drop. with production cost, television cost, dvd cost, distribution cost etc. they probably won’t be making that much.

    with the amount of complaining on this thread im sure there wouldn’t be many people in a rush to pick up filler dvd’s. they would more likely get it illegally if they wanted it.
    Video games, movies, toys, merchandise, sponsors and other miscellaneous is what makes money not filler episodes

    but like i said the series isn’t ending anytime soon according kishimoto himself, therefore the need for filler still remains

  • Hassan Budebs

    Episode 303 is not a filler guys ^_^

  • soso

    at least they could have made the 4 kages fight for a little bit longer…but no..the have no inventivity..

  • owq

    The fillers sound interesting though. I hope they are! Always love to see Shikamaru and Neji.

  • salonikatasos

    yes it is. if you see how 302 episode ends you’ll easily understand this. let’s hope the fillers won’a last more than a month.

  • Ashraf Hamed Junior

    This is disappointing. Apparently I looked at the new Naruto game for the 360 and Ps3 and its achievements they might finish the series before the manga does…I am not sure…but I am very curious.

  • JimBobJames

    That Sound 4 filler episode actually looks pretty kick ass.

  • tsukuyomiCheed

    Kishimoto should have wrote these as manga chapters cause they look really good episodes

  • These don’t even seem like fillers though e.e They look like they could be great episodes

  • tgohan

    finally!! fillers i know i will like! i love the sound 4!!

  • ramrej

    At least its not a filler that has nothing to do with the current arc.

  • Bored Shitless No Jutsu

    The naruto manga we read now is already very short. you could read a chapter in 2-3 minutes. why cant kishi churn out longer chapters or atleast two chapters a week

  • Guest

    The filler is making no sense at all

  • nicholas deo

    I’d say its pretty average. Would you rather have a lot of spoilers or would you rather have kishimoto set some plot devices that help us understand the story. The way he is doing it now is great, building our interest until next week.

  • shephikratus

    is naruto ep 307 disappearing into the moonlight a filler???

  • John Denzel

    Its only a demo .. not in the real game

  • Jimbo Jones

    Fillers are a disease Mr Anderson

  • timothy

    when will the April 2013 schedule be out and is it filler or not i hope its not plz.

  • Bored Shitless No Jutsu

    i have no problem with what happens in a chapter. my problem is how little happens in a chapter

  • Joe Ramos

    Sound Four is back. YAY!!!

  • ivke93

    road to ninja is online :D with korean audio :’(

  • Chris Mic

    there was only the garlick jr. Filler. Since goku said he had achieved ssj3 and ssj2 in the other world. ANd there is also a scene where goku talks to gohan while he trains with grand kai.