Naruto Storm 3: Bee, Sasuke, Naruto, Yugito Combos

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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YOSH! The Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show is happening in France and it is bringing brand new Naruto Storm 3 videos! The as the title says, Killer Bee (with Samehada), Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaku, and Yugito Nii show off their combos in the videos that follow!

Yugito Nii Moves

Tailed Beast Chakra Naruto Moves

EMS Sasuke and Final Susanoo Sasuke Moves

Killer Bee Moves

Huge thanks to NSUNStormCommunity and Rob Jones!

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in North America and South America on March 5, Europe and Australia on March 8, and Japan on April 18, 2013. The story for the game will begin with the Nine Tailed Fox incident from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden as they air in Japan.

  • KuroPansa

    Now THIS is really interesting ! Thanks :-D

  • narutobleachop

    damn how I missed you Saiyan Island!! Your back like what 10 minutes and already bring back the WIN!

  • yonbiboy13

    Yagura please lol

  • Menma Uchiha

    Is it just me or is the theme on the first video of yugito nii similar to kabuto’s theme when he fought tsunade and was trying to move his body.

  • ResidentMetroid

    Yugito is might be my new main, loving her quick hits.

  • MuffinVonCupcake1

    I love how in the Sasuke video it says awakening in both French and English, and in French it is dangerously close to… evil.

  • CC2 reccomndations

    They should make hack and slash like horde mode in gun games like add levels more level goes more enemies and it should be 2 playersssssssssssssssssssssss

  • CC2 reccomndations

    i think hack and slash should be 2 player online and offline

  • Sergio Andres Toledo Sepulveda

    i love the combos

  • Dewayne Glass

    two tails is bad a$$

  • KuroPansa

    Me too, like a survival with waves of ennemies !

  • CC2 reccomndations

    exactly but making it 1 or 2 players would be more funnnnnnnnnnnn and cooperative this game is mostly single player in all aspects

  • CC2 reccomndations

    thumbs up for hack and slash to be 2 players vote up*

  • FlameBlitz21

    Like 1 or 2 vs 100! That would be a great thing to do in the game!
    Test your Ninja Skills! :)

  • narutobleachop

    lol i read “hits” as another word first *cough*

  • Therockerninja

    Can’t wait to see the new Tobi in action, and Nagato, and Itachi. Looking foward to a lot of stuff.


    they must show us every thing in the game now , there is still just 20 days, we want to see every thing.

  • André Margarida

    I really want to see Fuu (and Utakata)’s moveset *u*

  • CC2 reccomndations

    is it me or when roaming with naruto in story mode in storm 2 he is so slow at walking and jumping ?

  • CC2 reccomndations

    ik it would be soo legittt

  • CC2 reccomndations

    lmfaooo tit

  • CC2 reccomndations

    its outthere lol kinda

  • CC2 reccomndations

    ik and a demo worldwide

  • CC2 reccomndations

    ikr madara is gonna be playable in story and battle holy fukk lol boss battle against himm so sikk

    hopefuly the 7 swordsment and ginkau are playable

  • Therockerninja

    I’m so glad someone else said that, cause I love the gold an silver brothers Lol, and the swordsmen.

  • CC2 reccomndations

    can anyone here answer a question about eb games here if so say yes

  • SalvadorRamirez

    Damn nice beautiful Movesets!!

  • Hason Peart

    What is Clans War?

  • Tyler Sims

    All these videos are super awesome and Yugito Nii’s ultimate is mega beast. Killer bee’s new jutsu isn’t really new but it’s more like A’s

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    they better not have removed one combo =(

  • CC2 reccomndations

    wats that

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    the side combo. we didn’t see it here for any characters.

  • CC2 reccomndations

    trueeeee lollllllllllllll

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    im gonna be extremely mad if its gone though a video i saw long ago minato vs the masked man im sure it had it….

  • Tyler Sims

    This videos were beast as hell. First Yugito Nii’s moveset is pretty beast I like her tilt, her jutsu, and most definitely her UJ which was so hella beast to look at it blew my mind. Killer bee was okay they changed some things like his moveset and tilt to incorporate Samehada. His jutsu now looks more like A’s does in Generations. Sasuke’s move set is epic and his awakening actions are pretty awesome. Naruto the other hand is WAAAYYY more epic than Sasuke’s with those multiple rasengan combos in his awakening and they even amped up his Odaama Rasengan in normal mode which looked epic. I’m glad SI is back and this is actually good news that we’ve had in a while. Can’t wait for more character reveals

  • tgohan

    Please dont tell me when you win with an ultimate jutsu it SAYS ultimate jutsu finish, we ave a winner AND pausing the screen…thats stupid. or is that just for these videos?

  • Vineet Rajput

    Lol. That means when Naruto awakenings, he turns “Eveil” :D

  • fishinabag

    FUURK they spent time on Naruto and Sasuke. now the kages please, *ehem Onoki.

  • Shazen

    Mini rasen-shuriken *-*

  • John Ramirez

    I don’t know who Naruto Uzumaku is but Ok.

  • FlameBlitz21

    That Is how feel for the few days before a new game comes out. I agree there can’t be too much to hide since it is only 20 days left. But who knows they could be hiding something that will blow your mind at the last second. Lets just wait and see! :)

  • Jaye J

    These combos are sick! Mini Rasen Shuriken and then Naruto was standing on the toad,boss.
    Sasuke using the Susanno and Amaterasu like a pro.
    Two-tails doing her thing,she’s fast. Killer Bee Samehada,I love the grab and yes they gave him the Lariat.
    I’m lovin’ it.

  • Christian Camacho


  • washington19

    we haven’t seen naruto’s awakening yet

  • yonbiboy13

    Woohoo yagura moveset is up on youtube

  • TCh

    I HAVE DONE A CHARACTER LIST :) (my predictions XD) and you will see how many and what characters they will have in this still and still need to add XD not even 88 here XD

    Naruto (1st) (i dont mean PTS >.>)

    Naruto (2nd)

    BM Naruto or KCM Naruto



















    Killer Bee (1st)
    Killer Bee (2nd, kisame sword)

    Raikage A






    Sasuke (1st)

    Sasuke (2nd)

    Sasuke (EMS)




    Kabuto (snake cloak)

    Hanzo (RE)

    Deidara (RE)

    Sasori (RE)

    Kakazu (RE)

    Itachi (RE)

    Nagato (RE)

    Ginkaku (RE)

    Kinkaku (RE)

    Mizukage (RE)

    Tischukage (RE)

    Raikage (RE)

    Kazekage (RE)

    Pakura (RE)
    (7 ninja swordsmen ;D) (dont remember all there names XD)
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Haku (RE)

    (Jinchuriki) (dont remember all there names XD)

    2 tails

    3 tails

    4 tails

    5 tails

    6 tails

    7 tails

    Tobi (masked an purple robe)
    Azuma (RE)
    3rd hokage
    2nd hokage
    1st hokage
    Tobi (akatsuki but NOT FUNNY)
    Masked man
    Chiyo (RE)
    Kimimaru (RE)

  • ottel12


  • ottel12

    I think I had an orgasm

  • Thomas Monkman

    i really want to be able to play as nagato (basically pein with nagato skin)

  • yonbiboy13

    Yagura moveset is up

  • TCh

    right? o.O he’s on the list XD

  • ottel12

    I’m blind sorry lol

  • TCh

    O.O nu nu, its cool dude :D

  • BRAIN677

    the seven swords men arnt going to be playable unfortunatly

  • abcdeee

    please don’t tell me everytime we see a UJ with a character they always has a random pause or flashback picture before the attack -_-

  • Charles Blowe

    Naruto’s awakening is Nine-tails Chakra Mode. Nine-Tailed Fox Chakra Mode with the 6x Menacing Ball is his ultimate jutsu in this awakening form.

  • renjiuchiha

    clan war ?

  • Matsu96

    new kcm moveset is freakin awesome.

  • Daniele Prati

    Bee has the same Ougi -_-

  • Wolvie B

    yea i hear u. really looking forward to edo itachi and nagato. they saving the best for last

  • sayan0

    no,for what i’ve seen it only shows up when you gonna win the match with a UJ. you now what that means to rage quiters -_-

  • disqus_wFFIJSX6md

    me too lol

  • disqus_wFFIJSX6md

    Don’t worry they do that in the demo but there will be 4 combos

  • Hiren KïlLjøy

    Whats up with these PICTURES during UJ ?? ><

  • ObitoRinnegan

    Yes ,it will say Ultimate Jutsu finish and We have a winner , dont be nervous , its just a small thing nothing to worry about lol . And I dont think its stupid ,who else cares for that .

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    i really really hope ur right =(

  • DavidBowieSamaSenpaiSan

    Yeah I dont like them. They’re going to give people plenty of time to rage quit. I cant say this though because I want long ougi like NUNS1 but thats even worse.

  • DavidBowieSamaSenpaiSan

    Excuse me you’re wasting space which no-one will ever read. Can you not do this again or I will blow up your house.
    -Megatron Jr.

  • TCh

    O.O okay dude, i’ll stop posting O.O

  • Tobi

    I hope CC2 put as much effort in the other characters (*cough* like characters that have both sharigan and rinnegan.) as they did with the Sasuke&Jinchuriki(Naruto Included).

  • Tobi

    keep in mind that this is just a demo the game could actually have a different ougi

  • Jesse Torres

    i did not like Bee’s move set, its like they downgraded his complicated swordsmanship.

  • izanamiuchiha

    omg killee bee and sasuke just epic

  • izanamiuchiha

    sasuke and killer bee are bad asses

  • izanamiuchiha

    yeah his right it confirmed

  • izanamiuchiha

    i wonder why they havent show a video of gaara

  • Tyler Casilio

    Yeah like a Free Battle option, 1 v cpu, 1 v 1 , and 2 player Mob Battle

  • A.Z.

    Sooo….. AWESOME!

  • Tyler Casilio

    Me too actually lol quick tits

  • Tyler Casilio

    They technically have til April because of Japans release date. Not that we would look because we’ll have it

  • Tyler Casilio

    It only says that if you pulled off a Ultimate Factor Ultimate Jutsu. I think their health has to be red, maybe yours I’m not quite sure.

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    great =D

  • Tyler Casilio

    I thought his Ultimate was called Tailed Beast Bomb?


    Its funny how you forgot Yamato ;)


    me tooo, hope they keep the old killer bee with the seven swords :)


    I’m pretty sure yugito’s combos are the same as kiba

  • Hiren KïlLjøy

    I like her tilt… I saw it as some thing else ! :P perverted mind !

  • Sasori434

    They are like secret factors or something, and they only happen when an ultimate jutsu will ko an enemy. It’s like the ending moment thing before you kill the enemy. Like they do in the show sometimes haha

  • Alex Marrero

    Well, that’s one week down w/o a SJ scan. Only about 3 more to go with 2 of them being obviously Madara and Rinnegan Obito. Not much time for much else.

    This new Naruto = BM Ultimate Naruto = only new Naruto. Stop with the BM separate character already. If the fact that there’s only 3 weeks of advertising time left is not enough, then tell me what his Ultimate would be? This Naruto already has BM’s Tailed Beast Bomb. So, why would they make another playable BM with a different Ultimate? Why not give that Naruto this Ultimate and this Naruto a KCM Ultimate? Let it all sink in and really think about it.

  • CC2 reccomndations

    exactly there isnt anything in the achievemnts talkin about hack n slash tho :O

  • Charles Blowe

    Yes, but more than 6x as powerful. Remember the one he used in the manga chapter after awakening Nine-tailed Tailed Beast Chakra Mode, when the other 6 Bijuu combined their Talied Beast Bombs into one?

  • p.i.m.p.player47

    now thats how the odama rasengan sholud look !!!!!!

  • MuffinVonCupcake1

    How did I get a vote down for that? It was just an observation people.

  • Ace Johnson

    Kumite in CoN series was like that, though it would be cool to see Storm make it happen

  • Alex Marrero

    Nice movesets though on Sasuke, Naruto, and Bee. Especially love Sasuke’s neutral combo.

  • pjrene

    The why not show it in the actual demo? It´s not like they´re implementing anything to the game anymore. Well, the demo could be based off an earlier build of the game, but why not actually show some progress.

  • Rayson

    Just because he has the same move for the past 3 games doesn’t make him more epic, Sasuke moves will destroy naruto’s because all his justu is rush.

  • Tyler Casilio

    It’s still just called Tailed Beast Bomb though lol

  • Tyler Casilio


  • Tyler Casilio

    don’t stop, just don’t listen to him

  • TCh

    Fair enough, id rather listen to you XD how mean that guy is >.> yikes

  • TCh

    woopsy XD! My bad XD he’s actrually one of my fave as well D: i fail! XD


    hahahaha mine too ecpecially because of how creepy (in a funny way) he can be in the Rock Lee SD series :D

  • TCh

    XD! Totally XD

  • disqus_wFFIJSX6md

    Because a demo is a DEMOnstration of the game, not the full game

  • Vineet Rajput

    It’s because “awakening” is the same word for every character. Thus, if any character “awakens”, in French, it would be called “Eveil”.

  • CC2 reccomndations

    ok so if you preorder naruto storm 3 and pick it up at the same eb games u preorderd it in do u have to pay more money or is it just 60 bux with tax as regualr games

  • jose pagan

    cnt wait to use EMS Sasuke

  • Agamus

    Is it just me or do the combos seems somewhat…shorter. :/