Naruto Storm 3: Demo Impressions, Full Video

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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The Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Nina Storm 3 demo is now available for download on the Japanese PlayStation Network and American Xbox Marketplace! Saiyan Island downloaded the demo and as reported before, it consisted of the Third Hokage vs Nine Tails giant boss battle and Minato vs Masked Man story mode battle. It was a 1.4 GB download!

This same demo has been confirmed for release in North America sometime Tuesday, February 19th on PSN for PS3 and in Europe on Xbox 360. No exact time has been revealed, just sometime on Tuesday. Europe will get a PS3 version on Wednesday the 20th.

Anyways, this demo was shown at Comic Con and Japan Expo back in July 2012 and despite the fact that we saw footage of it several months ago, the experience was amazing! The Third Hokage vs Nine Tails boss battle was larger than life! The music resonated danger as the Nine Tails unleashed it’s fury with desperation by the Leaf Village to defeat it as quickly as possible. The graphics were gorgeous! We didn’t have a 3D TV, but even still couldn’t help fall in love with the cinematics and fluidity.

The difficulty was pretty easier, at least for the demo, in Saiyan Island’s opinion! If you as the player miss a button as part of the quick time sequences, the Nine Tails fires a Tailed Beast Bomb and the scene repeats until you can hit the right buttons. Also, the Third Hokage jumps building to building, but there is no way to fall onto the ground. If the Nine Tails hits the Third Hokage, he simply falls back onto the rooftop of a building.

The Minato vs Masked Man was just as easy as the Third Hokage vs Nine Tails battle. We jumped around and tested the controls, taking in all of it’s greatness! The new instant awakening was gratifying and so was the awakening action! Minato throws his kunai and jumps over the Masked Man and hits him with a Rasengan!

One thing that seemed a bit off was the side-to-side jumping. As Minato, Saiyan Island was unable to continually hit “X” and the left stick to jump around left or right. Instead, after one jump to the left (or right) is completed, Minato jumps forward. This may be a side effect of the demo or our inexperience with Storm 3, so we’ll have to see how it all works out in the final version. But we certainly hope it’s in the final version because it was a great way to tease opponents as Minato in Naruto Storm Generations!

The graphics for the story mode battle, which took the form of a free battle, looked much improved over Naruto Storm Generations. The character models, the transitions, and Rasengan cinimatic all looked much more polished! All in all it was an amazing experience and we certainly look forward to Naruto Storm 3 when it releases!

Check out footage from Saiyan Island’s THE BASEDGOD (TheGameTagerZ on YouTube) below!

Also from SI’s HystericalGamez (HystericalGamez on YouTube) the English dub demo and quick time event (QTE) success and failure video!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in North America and South America on March 5, Europe and Australia on March 8, and Japan on April 18, 2013. The story for the game will begin with the Nine Tailed Fox incident from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden as they air in Japan.