One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Commercial 2

Posted by Omar Khan
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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Commercial 2 has been released! In a brief 15 seconds, a bit of game play with Law and then separately Luffy. Glimpses of Blackbeard, Kuzan, and Smoker’s character models are included!

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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is an action/adventure in development by Tecmo Koei’s Omega Force. The game will be published by Namco Bandai Games in Japan (PS3/PSVita) on March 20, 2013 and Europe/North America (PS3 only) sometime in the summer of 2013.

  • Xeinezes

    Awesome! cant wait to play with Law and Smoker!hope Aokiji playable too!!!!amazing game

  • sniklo


  • timanel1

    will this have story mode ? or is just ” What If ” ?

  • dodo poko

    this game is pure epicness!!!!!
    i really hope for pvp

  • narutopiece1

    Am i the only one who thinks this 15 seconds commercial was MUCH MUCH more epic than the last previous trailers we’ve had. LAW FTW XD

  • unleashrage

    Amazing! i get the feeling BB and Aokiji will be playable :)

  • Idy Inyang

    I can’t wait to play Law, he’s going to be SO hax! XD

  • Dani Hasson

    Aokiji IS playable

  • ichigokun

    probably just What if’s for everything except Fishmen Island…whenever that is confirmed

  • Jaber Almarzouqi

    BB and kuzan WoW O_O

  • Damian Uchiha

  • Alex Ndabananiye

    This website suck’s naruto’s arse so much it’s disgraceful

  • Thugnificent

    I always wonder why they still call themselves saiyanisland

    They provide more Naruto news in a week than dbz in a year

    For fck sake, change it to Narutoisland already…

  • kakashi117

    dam I wish I had a ps3

  • BrainYZ

    my wishlist

  • izanamiuchiha

    why are hou here then

  • izanamiuchiha

    where can you preorder this epic game

  • shatti

    How the F*CK do you suck an ASS??!!! O_o

  • Jez

    My wishlist

  • Alex Ndabananiye

    For one piece pirate warriors commercial 2…. Answer your question ??

  • Alex Ndabananiye

    Do you genuinely not no…. Mouth around the anus, and then proceed to suck

  • EA575

    Saw that during the One Piece stream :D

  • Yohann Piga

    Apparently, someone at Gamefaqs asked on the producer’s twitter if the main log would be in and he answered that there won’t be any main log, only what ifs! I didn’t play the first one as I only own a Vita and I’m really disappointed at this news…

  • Raul Stegaru

    My wish is a story mode with all East Blue Saga and Baroque Works Saga and costume of this saga

  • Dylan Mckay

    if i can mantain gear second i will buy this game otherwise no

  • ibster

    cannot contain erection

  • Tortoso4325

    Aokiji is coming too god bless bandai

  • Andeo C Jaime

    damn i hope mihawk is also playable.. -_- and whats bad is.. they removed the last previous characters like ace jinbei hancock and whitebeard.. -_- since this is the part 2 of pirate warriors 1.. they supposed to add something not. removing!! dumb asses tecmo.!

  • Said Karout

    Aokiji and Black Beard are probably in the game as bosses or their playable or both because there on the cover

  • Isaiah Puchtler

    lets be honest guys am i the only one waiting for kizaru to be a confirmed player or what