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An Akira Toriyama interview! The world famous creator of Dragon Ball Z recently gave an interview which was featured in popular Japanese magazine V-Jump, answering questions on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the latest movie in the storied franchise. Saiyan Island fan Elizabeth Bonis Murayama was kind enough to take the time to translate what Toriyama-sensei had to say using a scan from the magazine, which you can see at the bottom of this page.

Question: Why did you name the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods?
Akira Toriyama:
Because my idea was that there would be two gods fighting – a god of destruction and a Saiyan god

Could you go into more detail?
Akira Toriyama:
There was no specific, concrete reason. Using gods and space aliens was natural for me. I’ve been using these type of characters since Dr. Slump.

That’s true. Why was Bills made to look like a cat?
Akira Toriyama:
Actually I created a lot of gods. I thought a god like him was more interesting than a humanoid. The cat god is from ancient Egypt, so I got the idea from those gods.

The god is really divine and relentless at the same time, isn’t it?
Akira Toriyama:
Yeah, it’s uncanny and doesn’t look strong at all, but I like it, and actually the characters I make are really strange. For example, I created characters that look very strong, but in actuality they are not so strong. Like Nappa, for example.

What are you talking about, Nappa was strong enough? By the way, Bills has a friend with him, why did you create that character?
Akira Toriyama:
Era (time) made me create it.

Akira Toriyama:
I thought I had to create cool guys under pressure (Saiyan Island: chill and relaxed, but confident), so I created Whis. He’s a cool guy, however, he’s absent-minded, but I like Whiss, and those Gods are my favorite characters now. The tendency in Dragon Ball Z is showing a group of two people or more.

Yeah I know, I remember, like Vegeta and Nappa, Kibito and Supreme Kai, that’s tendency of DBZ, isn’t it?
Akira Toriyama:
Yes, that’s right. If I create a set of two characters, its really easy to explain which position they are. One character explains the other automatically. I don’t want to put a lot of narration into manga, that’s why I create a set of two people. First set of two were Goku and Bulma.

Yeah, thats right.
Akira Toriyama:
When Goku was a small boy, he didn’t know anything. Without Bulma, he could have been a character that didn’t speak at all.

I understand, that’s why you brought that idea to this movie, and the new set of people, which is Bills and Whis took over that connection.
Akira Toriyama:
Bills woke up from a 39 year sleep and Whis explains it.

Why did you chose to make this story after the Majin Buu saga?
Akira Toriyama:
I wanted to use all of the characters, and I wondered which saga was the best, so I decided that it would be several years after Majin Buu showed up, and everyone was in their strongest condition at that time. Do you remember Uub? when I created Uub, Bulma and Krillin were really old, so I thought it would be difficult to adjust the story.

I understand, and I agree with you, because the character status changed after the Majin Buu arc, and I was really surprised at Krillen and Videl’s hair style.
Akira Toriyama:
Usually women change their hair color and hair style dramatically. Actually I didn’t know what Bulma’s real hair color was (laughs).

What?! I thought her hair was blue? (laughs). Which part do you want everyone to focus on?
Akira Toriyama:
My point hasn’t changed at all because Dragon Ball started from a boys Jump comic. So I tried to make the story as simple as I could. So I made this movie so everyone could enjoy it.

You wanted Pilaf and his allies to show up too, right?
Akira Toriyama:
Like I said, I wanted to use all of the characters, that’s why. Some of the characters from Pilaf’s side will fall in love with somebody, so expect it, even though I don’t create a love story.

By the way in this movie, there are many expressions of love and love expression. Did you do this on purpose?
Akira Toriyama:
I’m not good at making a touching story (laughs). I’m good at making a less non-touching story. Honestly, I don’t know why.

Including Dragon Ball manga, there are some scenes that shows the characters care about each other romantically, however, those scenes are really plain and simple, aren’t they?
Akira Toriyama:
That’s right. I’m so ashamed of creating those scenes, that’s why I make those scenes awkward. First, there are touching scenes in this movie, but I changed some scenes because there are good creators who make people cry, so I didn’t want to copy them. That’s why I made this movie simple and entertaining, after all that was my style.

I’m sorry to change the subject, but in this movie, there are a lot of background stories, like in the beginning of this movie, Bills castle is shown and King Kai’s planet was really small. Could you tell me about those things?
Akira Toriyama:
I really enjoyed creating Bills castle and I wanted the story to coincide with the Dragon Ball “world.” It’s really strange that the God of Destruction showed up suddenly, that’s why I sorted the story out. I tried to make the story coincide with the Dragon Ball world.

Does Bulma have a birthday party every year?
Akira Toriyama:
I don’t think so. In this movie Bulma just wanted to have a reason to see everyone. Bulma had a special prize for the Bingo game (laughs). Bulma knew if she had a special prize, everyone would get together.

One of the prizes was a castle.
Akira Toriyama:
The prize is huge, that’s why everyone gets together, however, I didn’t think that the castle was in the warehouse. (laughs).

Do you write things down when you come up with those ideas and background stories?
Akira Toriyama:
No, I don’t, that’s why I forget a lot. If I don’t forget those ideas, then I won’t need to come up with new ideas. Do you remember Super Saiyan 3?

Yes, I remember, Goku grows his hair long.
Akira Toriyama:
That’s right, but actually I forgot about it and I thought that was Super Saiyan 2, even though I created those characters.

OK then, how did you come up with Super Saiyan God?
Akira Toriyama:
Whis also mentions Super Saiyan God, and I had to reread all of the comics again, then I was able to come up with the idea. I made Super Saiyan God look simple because that’s the Saiyan God.

What do you think about the movie after watching it, especially having participated in making it?
Akira Toriyama:
I really, really enjoyed participating in the creation of this movie because I didn’t have to draw everything myself. What I did was create the story. (translation note: what he means is, he didn’t have to draw everything like in the manga, in which case he had to draw every panel. He did, however, create the character models in this movie). When I created the original manga, I had to finish everything alone, but if I leave Battle of the Gods up to the staff, then they could create more than I expect. There are a lot of possibilities that the movie could be better than what I originally imagined. The battle scenes were the best and I don’t care that others added something extra to Dragon Ball. The other way around, I’m really glad that Dragon Ball is getting more and more interesting with other people’s ideas even though some fans don’t like other creators interfering. (laughs).

Thanks so much Elizabeth Bonis Murayama for taking the time and effort to translate the Akira Toriyama Interview!

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the 18th movie in the Dragon Ball anime series. It will take place between Dragon Ball manga chapters 517 and 518, in the 10 year timeskip after Goku defeats Buu, but before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Akira Toriyama along with Toei Animation, Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Bandai, and Namco Bandai Games are all involved. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is set to release in Japanese theaters March 30, 2013. There is no word on a North American or European release date at this time for either.

  • king

    They should have ask him if Dragon Ball GT canon or non-canon hahaha. How come they never do? I mean If they asked Akira Toriyama if Dragon Ball GT is canon or not then that will end all debate.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    LOL how do you forget and confuse super saiyan 3 for 2? that’s like kishimoto forgetting about the kyuubi’s chakra. smh

    I wished the interview was a bit better. I don’t understand how japanese interviews ” CC2, Naruto and now dbz” always ask stupid questions that no ones cares about. like that question about love expressions? seriously? love expressions? when that could’ve been swapped out with, will their be more dbz to come after this movie, what was your motivation behind goku’s god design , or will this show confirm whose stronger goku or gohan? lol the most simple and logical questions are always the ones ignored.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.ramirez.7587370 John Ramirez

    It’s because “Super Saiyan 2″ was never really called Super Saiyan 2 in his manga. The reason why the questions are stupid and simple is because they try to dumb it down for people who don’t know much about Dragon Ball Z.

  • DavidBowieSamaSenpaiSan

    ” they try to dumb it down for people who don’t know much about Dragon Ball Z.”
    This is wrong. Everyone knows about Dragon Ball Z. It was everyones childhood. If you’re going to try say no, let me say this…If DragonBall Z wasnt a part of your childhood. Your childhood goes even beyond failure.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Yeah I know super saiyan 2 was never really called super saiyan 2, because when gohan first unlocked it, it was really his super saiyan form pushed to it’s full limits, that’s why his hair rose upward only then unlike goku who was already at his peak.

    but I could’ve sworn in buu saga ( manga ) it stated the form as a super saiyan 2? maybe I should go re-read it. you’re most likely right thou.

  • edo nagato

    is super saiyan god higher then super saiyan 4
    the world may never know

  • http://www.facebook.com/samuel.glasper Samuel Glasper

    There isn’t a debate he already said it wasn’t canon. He also said that towards the end he took the narrative over which is why the tone changed towards the end.

  • http://www.facebook.com/samuel.glasper Samuel Glasper

    I know plenty of ppl who didn’t come up watching dbz. That doesn’t make their childhood a failure.

  • ichigokun

    this is a good interview. Theres so much I never knew before like about the pairings. Thanks Elizabeth and Saiyan island!!!

  • Jon Lambert

    What he was likely saying is that he’d forgotten that he made a Super Saiyan 2, so when he made Super Saiyan 3 he thought he was making Super Saiyan 2.

  • http://twitter.com/MaddyTheNinja NinjaM

    Awesome interview. Im glad he made SSJ God look simple. I hated that fur and stupid looking hair.

  • ThatGuyWhoLikesWrestling

    Akira Toriyama is a God in his own right! A true legend. The reason I love Dragon Ball so much is because he never turned it into something it wasn’t, it was an all-out action/adventure story. Take it or leave it. No ridiculous romantic subplot and/or contrived friendships, it felt real and genuine, and fans loved it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ping.thk Ping Thanakorn Paophongnguam

    it was almost a decade ago when he wrote the manga. Don’t expect him to remember everything, dragonball is not the only manga/anime he created u knoww

  • king

    When and where did he say that? Really, I would love to see it.

  • narutobleachop

    lol imagine how funny it would be if Toriyama was the God of Destruction! That would be one for the ages!!! Hope he can be the final villain in DBZ. Like a true sequel to the DBZ series where he comes down from space for a final, ultimate conclusion to DBZ forever.

  • http://twitter.com/SpideySwordz Tae Norman

    It’s official. He respects GT.

  • SalvadorRamirez

    Akira it sure has been awhile about you getting back in your work

  • dtrex

    so basically he doesn’t mind gt. someone should of asked are they any plans or thoughts for another movie and where is this so called dragonball online and when does it come out

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.brodie.7 William Brodie

    just lookup toriyama GT interviews and dragon ball online interviews he says it a couple times that he had little to no influence on gt besides a couple of the first episodes and a couple of the character designs
    he even wrote the entire dragon ball online story and put emphasis that gt play no art in its story

  • slicethemadara

    hmm….it feels like akira toriyama is just pooping out ideas now for money….

  • StrawHatRy

    Well Sasuke DID randomly have regular mangekyou sharingan in a recent chap so you never know lol Mangakas DO make mistakes.

  • Jaye J

    He has said that GT was not canon to his story. You just have to look it up, it was some time ago.

  • stewincubus

    when you actually have a think about it, it’s a miracle half of the story in DBZ ever makes sense. He just makes up so much stuff on the spot lmao. Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for all that he has done. It’s actually funny how he said that he doesn’t try to make the show really touching and keeps it more action, because there are some very touching moments in DBZ.

  • Jaye J

    Nice Interview. I like how Akira stays true to what he does. He explained a few questions some might have had, such as about the SSG, which I like that it’s simple,to the point. I’m much more anxious to see Goku in action in this new form, can we say Epic? And a little Egyptian history lesson for those who didn’t know about the Anubis lol. I like that he further explained that in DBZ looks aren’t everything, ex: Ghost Nappa haha

  • BlackLeopard13


  • Joseph Cregier

    It’s actually been over 15 years since he finished Dragon Ball.

  • shephikratus

    Now I’m in a dilemma.. How is stronger?? Super saiyan 4 or super saiyan god??

  • Richard

    I know this is going to sound very weird. It’s the truth, I just find it funny and as a coincidence. When I was little I used to play with all my DBZ figures and I had all Goku’s transformations. My brother’s and me bought other figures that were unrelated to DBZ to make as new enemies. We had made so many different stories. One day I decided for Goku to have a new final transformation that was the true Saiyan form, it was just his base form. In my head though it looked like Kaio-ken and a bunch of sparkles. I was very surprised when I seen the image of what it looked like. It get’s me really excited to see a childhood thought actually come to reality.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sfx.shallow Ryan Shallow

    It is, it’s a God form. Enough said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sfx.shallow Ryan Shallow

    At least somebody understands… red fur after a golden ape transformation never made sense. Looked nice, but in bad shape…

  • http://www.facebook.com/sfx.shallow Ryan Shallow

    Whoever says this God form is another Kaioken be thankful I know none of you in person, just saying…

  • http://www.facebook.com/randy.salobir Randy Salobir

    No but it does make them much less interested about a DBZ Interview right? I don’t usually read interviews about things i don’t care for anyway. And if i care about these things i usually know enough to understand a few “undumbed” questions.

  • http://twitter.com/johnytits Johny Tits

    Terrible interview, none of the questions and answers were actually interesting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001285930400 Nigel Davis

    “I’m really glad that Dragon Ball is getting more and more interesting with other people’s ideas even though some fans don’t like other creators interfering.”
    I wonder how he feels about Dragon Ball Absalon.

  • Yonathen Habte

    I really hope that Akira Toriyama makes another movie about the first Super Saiyan God that appeared on the Saiyan home world 1000+ years ago. That would be interesting…

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.mic.161 Chris Mic

    with the pilaf gang turning into kids you know GT is non canon. The other might ahve been plot holes but this confirms it

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.mic.161 Chris Mic

    i have seen pan’s and giru’s design by toryiama. So… he was only involved in this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.mic.161 Chris Mic

    but the relationships he did where ummmm you know. I mean vegeat and bulma that was really unexpected

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.mic.161 Chris Mic

    all of us! Duh!

  • BlackLeopard13


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1268479427 Joshua Coy

    The SSG transformation may be simple and down to the point, but it sure makes a hell of a lot more sense than the Super Saiyan 4 Transformation. How do you go from “Giant Golden Great Ape” to a smaller, red furry bodied, long bushy haired individual who wears red guyliner and magically grows pants that were ripped off during the monkey transformation? Makes no sense whatsoever. I’m curious to see what kind of power this Super Saiyan God transformation has to offer.

  • DavidBowieSamaSenpaiSan

    Read my comment again and again until you get the point.

  • RoeDatBoss

    so dissapointed in this movie.

  • http://twitter.com/HeatForce Jay Brown

    Poor Nappa :(
    And LOL @ Toriyama confusing SS3 with SS2.

  • Brayan Carvalho

    SSG of course. IT’S A GOD

  • http://twitter.com/NicoHarvey1 Nico JoJo

    OH MY GOD. It’s because Akira Toriyama it’s a comedian mangaka!

    Also there’s a lot of manga so much better and different from the mainstreams: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for example. And you know why? Because Tsunade is a copy of Lisa Lisa :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.brodie.7 William Brodie

    no he designed the logo the main cast and i’m thinking SSJ4 but he didnt come up with the concept. as he’s stated he fell out of love with it and didnt want to be bothered you cant much blame him in alot of the movies he never really got creative choice more or less it was what toei told him to create with a little creative freedom

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.brodie.7 William Brodie

    both of gokus death, vegetas final explosion, gokus first super saiyan, krillins first death, when goku met goten, and the list goes on

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.brodie.7 William Brodie

    that and multiverse popped in my head and i had an anurism when i thought of gt

  • Guest

    dbz is not fair i mean the

  • Guest

    I don’t think kishimoto forgot sasuke sharingan. Madara was able to flip from ems to rinnegan. So sasuke can probably do the same with ms and ems

  • nicholas deo

    Kishimoto showed sasuke with ms, do what. It’s like madara switching from ems to rinnegan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vincent.duong.505 Vincent Duong

    They should have Toriyama as a special guest in a dragonball movie.

  • http://twitter.com/sagesasukesama sasuke

    dont watch then.

  • Shaquille Jackson

    Didn’t launch ever fancy Tienshinhan?

  • TheEvangelionSaiyan

    I think most of these people ask idiotic questions, and not really fan questions. Seriously, when will Toriyama give us calculations telling us exactly how strong his characters are? All of the fans want to know.

  • shephikratus

    I see your point but the new transformation is similar to kaioken, I aspected to be a bit more amazing, and considering that chronologically SSG(after majin buu saga and before Gt) appears first han SSj4 and wikia only metions SSG to be superior to SSj3 it created some doubts

  • KingOfPirates

    Can’t wait for TeamFourStar to make a abridged version of DBZ Battle of Gods.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexandermedinaozuna Alexander Medina

    they should continue the series after the new movie, it is going to be epic ;)

  • RoeDatBoss

    i wont

  • abdulhamian

    its basically a new body and a fusion of the ape and humanoid form. thats what i think anyways.

  • PushXShove

    But ss4 nullified the work of greater beings, Shenron included. Ss4 was the pinnacle in GT. I really doubt ss4 would be bested by ssg.

  • PushXShove

    So called Dragonball Online? Dragonball online has been available in Taiwan and Korea for quite a long while. If you really wanted, you could start playing DB online tonight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.castline Michael Castline

    i agree with you the guy asked some really stupid questions. and as for who’s stronger between goku and gohan? it’s obvious it’s goku b/c gohan stopped training after the cell saga to study then after buu he becomes a father and a teacher. if you recall gohan never liked fighting.

  • PushXShove

    Lisa Lisa and cult jam?

  • dtrex

    Yeah I’ve seen it in Korean but unable to download it tried and should of put release for all y doesn’t Japan,USA or Europe have it yet

  • http://www.facebook.com/dirceu.santos.7798 Dirceu Santos

    So sweet may and trunks!
    if you din’t figure out just see the trailer and use ur brains or imagination like i did!
    but now i can confirm my thought

  • http://www.facebook.com/dirceu.santos.7798 Dirceu Santos

    they already have a cure for aids apparently!!
    check on google!
    what the hell he did to Goten when he got him hooked on chicks?
    ok is good for any young man be interested in females but degrade him like that it’s just sad. where all that amazing potential that could even surpass goku and gohan went?
    but having your questions and mine answered like u said maybe we can just forget !

  • Vash bane

    yeah like that lady did in the card game

  • Vash bane

    looks like your idea was stolen….sure you don’t have a chip in your head?

  • Vash bane

    I that videl in the red?

  • 1enton_style1

    Kishi has forgotten sasuke’s Sharingan forms.., considering how the last two times we’ve seen him in the manga he has MS and not EMS, soooooooooo………

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1268479427 Joshua Coy

    I bet they’ll end up making their abridged version before Funi makes their English dub lol.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    till their is proof he forgot it, lets keep that under the rug

  • KingOfPirates


  • thecrows2332

    Yes i think it is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rai.thenoblesse.5 Rai TheNoblesse

    this movie has to hit big in Japan.. so big, .that they’ll start a DB new series… (or is this a prolog for the new online game??…, hope not, ..a new DB series with great animation techniques and Akira fully involved would be cool…, otherwise why do they mention “12 gods”??…)

  • Anthony_weaver86

    So is Bra in this? And how did he get confuse with ssj2 and 3

  • A.A J

    GT was not made by him

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyai-Baginda/100000574276714 Kyai Baginda

    making birusu as frieza’s teacher is irrelevant………… comparing ssj3 to frieza’s power level is like comparing a dinosaur to a fly power level…….. he didn’t even had a chance against trunks ssj form and that time, trunks wasn’t even very strong he couldn’t even beat no. 18……
    so, if birusu really is frieza’s teacher, at least frieza should have half of birusu’s power level…. and birusu shouldn’ even had a chance against ssj2……
    just sayin’…….

  • billy

    We want this movie in america,do yo have eny news on that?

  • sasori93__93

    Why wouldnt he? GT is awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/A5J4DX A5J4DX

    haha this man is a legend(-ary super saiyan)!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dillykins Dylan Edwards

    It’s possible he can change between EMS and normal Mangekyo in order to conserve chakra.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dillykins Dylan Edwards

    Actually at the end of Z, Gohan is stronger than Goku.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dillykins Dylan Edwards

    Super Saiyan 4 isn’t Canon, so yes, it is by default, but even if it was Canon, I would assume yes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dillykins Dylan Edwards

    So true LOL. Every saga of Z was intended to be the last, so theoretically, the entire Cell and Buu sagas were pulled from nowhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dillykins Dylan Edwards

    GT is not Canon, though Toriyama DID approve the SSJ4 design, he also said it was not an actual transformation.

  • bob

    Basically what I get from this is that SSJ god is SSJ3. He probably sat down and was like ~ oh I’ll have him go SSJ3 ! and then was like oh I already did that oops. Man how can you not be a fan of your own work. >:(

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ray-Smith/651532002 Ray Smith


  • KingTuba

    Why is Toriyama not doing a Dragonball serial again :/ ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jarius.janvier Jarius Janvier

    dam, they should asked him if he was going to put it in english

  • Arman

    Does anyone have an idea why the heck did Akira choose Frieza as the galactic overlord and not Cooler 5th form or Buu?

  • Beejaywar

    He did this because dragon ball z was meant to end after the cell saga but because of how successful it had become funimation made him do another saga and to continue a series with gohan so over powered like that would be stupid

  • http://www.facebook.com/selypa Heather Swing

    gotta love this while the fan boys(and girls) are all arguing about whos stronger of the forms hes like eh that looks like ssj2 XD, heres the question tho i heard alot of hear say on the fact gt is no longer cannon as well as hearsay of how akira thinks on gt as a alternate.

    Yes, I remember, Goku grows his hair long.

    Akira Toriyama: That’s right, but actually I forgot about it and I thought that was Super Saiyan 2, even though I created those characters.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AmericanDeathMachine Craig A Jones

    My only question is I’ve heard people say that since B.O.G. was such a good movie and is raking in the money that another Dbz series is coming out. Is there going to be more Dbz or not?

  • http://www.facebook.com/AmericanDeathMachine Craig A Jones

    My only question is since everyone is saying B.O.G is a great movie and raking on the money, people say there is going to be another Dbz series. Is there going to be more Dbz or not?

  • http://www.facebook.com/rai.thenoblesse.5 Rai TheNoblesse

    yes, the interviewer is a retard..

    he just needed to make sure he asked one thing that the fans really wante to know:
    “what are the chances, that there will be a new DBZ series after the movie?”..

    and not ask such BS like “Does Bulma have a birthday party every year?”.. LOL..
    (but then again…, maybe the interviewer was not allowed to ask about a new series, since it maybe depends on the success of the movie or it’s like “top secret” for the moment..)

  • http://www.facebook.com/joeseph.williams Joeseph Higashi Williams

    The EMS replaces the MS as it’s superior/complete form. There are only basic 2 tomed sharingan, the superior three tomed sharingan (which replaces the 2); and Mangekyo which is replaced by the complete EMS. Switching back and forth would only be a 3 tome to a EMS. That’s what every issue points to thus far. EMS being the completion of MS has been explained a couple times way back when.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joeseph.williams Joeseph Higashi Williams

    Last chapter he activated sharingan at all in was 619. And that was EMS… just sayin…
    (edit) nvm… yeah… mangaka mistake.


    Gohan, in the hyperbolic time chamber, looked like a Super Saiyan 3, when he was only a super saiyan 1? I’ve always found that confusing, and Gohan had a nightmare about Cell in his perfect form when he was only in his second form! Nappa had no hair, so I don’t know how he would become a super saiyan or a super saiyan 3 for that matter, same for Raditz. I only wish they’d think about the show for once. There are so many mistakes in the script too. These are just from the top of my head, if I’d dug deeper, there would be millions.

    I love how badass super saiyan looks, though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tavone-Gu-Fansakiri/100002211773351 Tavone Gu Fansakiri

    hola amigo Akira Toriyama mira yo Tavone Gu Fansakiri quiero ser un Dibujante más de la serie de Dragón Ball oye Akira y dice que planeas hacer una continuación de la serie de Dragón Ball z verdad mira yo Tavone Gu Fansakiri me Gustaria hacer esta continuacion de la serie de Dragón Ball z junto con Ustedes dos contigo Akira Toriyama y con el director de la pelicula de Dragón Ball z la Batalla de los Dioses Masahiro Hosoda desde Nuestros respertivos paises ustedes en Japon y o en México pues bién dime Akira para saber que les puedo yo aportar Akira acá en México alla su pais Japon Sobre la creación de esta Continuación de la serie de Dragón Ball z que tu planeas hacer Akira Toriyama
    porqué mira lo que quiero hacer es que sea la primera vez de que mi pais México hacer de manera conjunta con Japón que esta continuación de la serie de Dragón Ball Z que tu Akira Toriyama planeas hacer en tu pais Japon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jy1994 John Reeves

    Well the thing is the movie is cannon because Toriyama wrote the story of the movie meaning he wrote the scriped. And the gods were made by him. But I want to ask Toriyama this is Goku stronger than Superman? Now don’t answer because I want to hear it from Toriyama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jy1994 John Reeves

    Goku SSJG looks powerful enough to beat the hell out of Pre Crisis Superman. SSJG can absorb energy, stop time, and Sense godly energy. And Goku SSJ1 can access his god powers which makes him at SSJG level but with no time limit. So don’t use that time limit crap.

  • Vecks

    Buu was obviously way too stupid to be the galactic overlord….

  • TheFunketero .

    hahaha RaiTheTrollest..the debunked gokufanboy..lol you got you ass kicked badly in youtube…lol..keep trolling

  • http://www.facebook.com/micheal.anderson.754 Micheal Anderson

    i just want to tell u Akira Toriyama thank you very much for makeing dbbattleofthegod

    i really cant wait to see it ive been a dbz fan for many years i even play dragon ball online and all my friends cant wait to see it it looks very amazing ssjgod goku its to awesome and nice job a ancient cat thanks Akira Akira Toriyama :D

  • Nathan

    i extremely love dragon ball z, it has been my favourite show ever since i was little, i woke up ever morning to it on TV, im much older now and i have gone out and bought all the dragon ball z series and even the Dragon Ball Kai series :) thank you so much it has helped me through life so much and i will be deffenetly be showing my kids this anime, well ill be watching it with them :)

  • Raghuram KV

    The movie is excellent I think, but I didn’t see it yet.When is it going upload in internet i mean DBZ Battle Of Gods Japanese English Sub titles.I figured out two mistake in the movie that is
    1]King Kai’s Planet is back,I tought cell blew it up and in DBGT King Kai still lives in Grand Kai’s Planet.
    2]Agent Mai is small.Why is it so?

    But any way the story is nice thank you Akira Toriyama.

  • Raghuram KV

    Akira Toriyama is Bra elder Pan or Pan elder than Bra



  • Ricardo Lopez

    So where is bulla in the movie and why did Marron never talk to anybody and why Is she still small

  • Blackdoom

    If you go by the last Episodes of DBZ(And DBGT but DBZ mainly)Bra looks & seems to be alil older than pan.

  • Blackdoom

    It seems like Frieza’s immediate family were all affiliated with/were overloads of different parts of space with King Cold being the head of it all(Or one would assume as much logically)and it’d make sense as Cooler says “Frieza’s the one in charge of this quadrant. Let him clean up his own mess. I’ve got seven planets to destroy by the end of the day. Why should I allow myself to get behind schedule just to cover his mistake?”.As far as the Cooler 5th form thing?According to Cooler,Goku was the first to see that form if I remember right so who really knows when he discovered that form,The original Majin Buu(or Kid Buu) destroyed planets for enjoyment and was insane so I doubt he’d care to rule over anything.

  • Blackdoom

    If fancy you mean take a liking to then yes

  • Yuki Izumi

    Agent Mai got transformed to a kid along with Pilaf and the dog like creature (Forgot the name).

  • jossue

    I wonder if the dragon ball series will ever be continued…. I sure would like so

  • Lord Haitaku

    Shu (or Chuu, i dunno how to spell it)

  • Cain Shin

    same thoughts exactly.. ill give you a thumbs up for noticing these loopholes… ive been noting down animation errors as well.. the most recent i could cite out are; During the majin buu saga, majin vegeta and goku clashed. in one scene, they traded blows to the face at once simultaneously. It was downright ridiculous to see vegeta’s arms stretched like to that extent ; another one is, when Mighty Mask’s cover in participating the tournament was blown. Before scramming from the scene, they threw the remains of the disguise clothing away. In a latter scene, it was shown that they were just taking the disguise off.. I love DBZ more than any show on earth, so I could just laugh the matter off.. but sadly, I could tell that Toriyama was just done by this point..

  • Cain Shin

    noooo.. dont give them any idea..

  • Cain Shin

    anyway, its GT.. and GT sucks so hard I just pretend that it never was made.. Toriyama was not so involved in it making GT, so no point in watching it.. I was so underwhelmed especially that scene in hell where Goku deflected Cell’s kamehame with a stalagmite, and toyed with Frieza’s destructo disk like a skateboard.. damn, how much insult could they do to the the concept of Ki manipulation?

  • Sam

    I love how he is so relaxed about his own story.

  • Alex

    Everyone is talking about DBGT as though it is canon, but Akira Toriyama didn’t have anything to do with the story of DBGT; he doesn’t even acknowledge it as part of the series. Therefore, any information taken from DBGT should be looked at as little more than information from an AF series. Nothing against DBGT of course; it’s actually some of my favorite Dragon Ball material.

  • Alex

    Bulla is from GT; GT is not canon.

  • Zuri A.

    Bulla is in Z as well.

  • Son Goku

    DBZ was meant to end after Freeza saga.

  • Ryan Ian Speirs

    Because gohans hair grows unlike his dads. Thats why when he turned super saiyan for the first time he looked like ss3

  • JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!

    shut up

  • winter

    Actually, Akira Toriyama advised GT and did basic character designs. I am glad GT isn’t really canon though. Goten was one of my favorites, and he and many other characters were really weak in GT. It did have some amazing fights though!! I hope Akira makes a new series though. One that would continue from where BoG ends.

  • winter

    Well GT isn’t really canon so there’s that. Yuki answered the other part.

  • Metall Storm

    10 years skip!! thats allott!!! why is he Always skipping so many years it is just waste, how many enemys could have come is those years and imagine how many cool sagas/movies we could get by that

  • jaime miramontes

    would you ever create another dragon ball z series?

  • Angel Lucas

    K awnser me this toriyama when vegeta lost control of babadi were the flying balls flying away from vegeta babadi control over him and did the increase power not come from his control it would be helpful for all the people if u awnser this

  • Angel Lucas

    And what does canon mean

  • Angel Lucas

    Not from you guys just from toriyama cuz I know that vegeta didn’t get the power increase from babadi when those flying aura balls flew away from him that was his control over vegeta

  • Ahmed

    It’s a term to describe if something actually happened within the real story or not.

  • eduardo moran

    nesecito que llegue a ecuador dragon ball absalon porque es lo mas chevere que hay

  • sebastiano luciano

    the should bring back piccolo from the dead and his dad demon piccolo and fuse them together creating a namic god or something like that

  • CiofiPlay

    that’s why i think it’s a good idea the movie takes place in that period.maybe akira knew something or not

  • CiofiPlay

    you mean bog?db absalon is on youtube

  • CiofiPlay

    piccolo is alive.i don’t think they’ll continue from gt,probably they’ll change the story!

  • Starkiller

    Honestly I expected the Super Saiya-jin God to look much more cooler. “I made Super Saiyan God look simple because that’s the Saiyan God.” Really? As far as I know the saiyans never had a “God”, they only had the legend of Super Saiyan. In my opinion it he was just very lazy into creating something different, and just wanted to do it the easy way.

  • dbz

    someone should ask him if he did a movie why couldt he continue with the anime?

  • Ra1d

    How is that an easy way ?If he wanted it easy way he could do,ssj 4,ssj5,ssj6,etc etc etc…

    Also it was clearly explained in the movie a Saiyan God was created long long ago,and was deleted from history of saiyans.

  • KiLLeR

    Becouse nobody had this idea

  • Beau Bryant Powell Jr.

    this is what i think about Akira Toriyama in the old days before dragon ball gt ended. dragon ball was number one and naruto was number two but it’s naruto. my point is if he want to get back on top he batter be making a series i’m going to give ya example it’s just like marvel and DC people in my county wonder why marvel is batter even when DC has batter action but don’t keep me wrong marvel does has good action but it don’t come close to Dc but any this why marvel is BECAUSE THEY DON’T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH guess how many times DC comes out with a movie like one movie a year and sometimes one movie 2 years because marvel makes movies back to back and they don’t beat around the bush Like DC and guess is beating around the yours truly Akira Toriyama

  • Beau Bryant Powell Jr.

    i get it i understand he retired from making show as soon as dragon ball gt ended but i know people older than that stills makes movie for example stanley the creator of marvel shoot his even in for a couple of seconds

    but he didn’t retired did not because his smart i think Mr. akira just made all those series and movies just to earn some cash i mean really any smart businessmen knows but some people can do that but he can’t for example charlie sheen he plays comedy in my county he is so well know that he can get a contract with any one he used to be on two and half men played 10 season got fired for cursing out the director and this guy i mean talk about well know pop singer other movie director comes to this guy for some advice he is worth 200 million or more. my all point is when charie sheen did that he can back it up charlie sheen made 1 million dollars every episode charlie sheen is the first person in history that ever made that much so he know that he is funny and he is so well know he can get a contact with any because he can talk trash and know that he can back it up and akira is not charlie sheen

  • Beau Bryant Powell Jr.

    and this why because naruto that show is badass i mean i love that show and every time i look back on dragon ball i makes me sick he is a crappy director

  • dbz battle of the gods

    who wins whiss or vegito ssjgod ? (If he was made)

  • Agahnim

    Vegito already has the power to to destroy galaxies when using the full extent of his strength. If he were super ssj god, then it would surely be no contest. However there would not be enough of them to create a ssj god if that were the case :)

  • Craig A Jones

    I’ve heard that at the end when Bills gets knocked out that he is going to reawaken in 3 years. What happens in the meantime? I’m sure they don’t all just sit there and wait. Plenty of things can happen between now and then…. Maybe enough for new villains. A new series hint hint!

  • Denzel

    Will there be a new dbz series this year or 2014

  • Denzel

    Please answer

  • Shane Morrow

    So is the Super Saiyan god transformation a new attainable form. Like if Goku reduces his power to base form, could he power back up to super Saiyan god on his own? If that were the case then Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks and Goten could all become Super Saiyan Gods, using the same way Goku did. Also Piccolo needs to get his ass moving and get to Namek. Using the idea of SSG, Piccolo can become a Namekian God.

  • Matt Morris

    I don’t hope for a new series. I would, however, like to see one-shots into side stories to explain and add more depth to the comic. There are so many posibilities with the Oozaru form. Finding a new way to transform into this.

    There could be lots of movies on that. Heck, they even made Whis exponentially more powerful than Bills. Makes you wonder. And another thing they used again this movie – he can still make friends and doesn’t need to kill every enemy he comes against. We haven’t seen this since Vegeta (Buu Doesn’t count to me, because they changed him through things)

    But yeah, Oozaru God Mode. Fusion Oozaru. Hell i know that Akira hates Vegeta (Nobody likes their VEGETAbles) maybe let him take the reigns and save the world while Goku sits shocked somewhere. Or Piccolo even.

    But, the show broke 400 episodes. It’s time for something new, and im sure he’s tired of the same characters. It has almost been 30 years, guys.

  • uknow

    noob said comic and not manga

  • uknow

    eso no existe..

  • Christopher Duncan

    I think it’s his way of negating GT. So instead of Pilaf wishing Goku was a child, he ends up wishing his gang were children instead by wasting it on being young again like King Piccolo did, only to have it backfire.

  • Kadir Olav

    Please make a new series! I dont care when it takes places or how its going to have to fit in with the story line becuause I know as long as u make a new series it will be awesome! Just like u were able to make the movie and it came out awesome!

  • russ

    why does it have to take 2 years for the eng-dub to come and i want dbz kai to go into the majin buu saga quick

  • songohan

    i hope theres a second movie! ^^

  • DBZ Fan

    Maybe all the DBZ fan all over the world must participate to let Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Bandai, and Namco Bandai Games to make a new movie it will be worth it maybe O.O’

  • Joakim Rinne

    yeah he needs to do more dbz or db gt coz it was the best sereis ever made! and it all ended so sadly and i realy hope he makes more of it dbz or gt but the db kai wasnt so good :/ but z and gt were and i want to see more of that :) hope there will come more of that soon! :)

  • DeathReaper

    I would pre-fer though if he made a new series to be more like dragon ball or dragon ball z because GT was kinda a dissapointment for me. Well,atleast the beggining was where they went to search for the dark dragon balls or whatever. BUT if he were to make a new series i would wanna see how that would turn out. By that time everyone would be dead except Goku because he went with Shenron. So i kinda wanna see how he would start it back up.

  • Tsurugi Ae

    Guys Please answer my Question:Will there come new episodes from Dbz I hope so Becouse I like Dbz very much :P lol

  • Joseph Yaguda

    Guys I don’t think any new series will come if it’s after the time period of DB GT. Remember the movie that came from DB GT? In the end of that movie it skips forward 100 years and there is Goku Jr and Vegeta jr. Pan is like 100 years old and I don’t know if anything happened in between that time. Maybe it was canon. Still he might do it after that 100 year period where pan is really old and he can add new characters, but the current ones are still kind of cool. CONTINUE DBZ KAI ALREADY!

  • Gust

    I wonder if they will make a second movie. Although I can’t say that cause I have not seen the first one yet. Waiting for English dub

  • Risewing

    Manga literally translates as comic. Don’t be an ass.

  • Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Khan

    well i think he should continue after the Buu saga coz if he starts after gt every1 would be dead exept Goku (GT wasn’t created by Akira Toriyama)so thats y i think he should start after Buu saga……. does anybody agree

  • Hector Gonzalez

    i agree it would make no sense if he makes the new saga in dragon ball gt since it was created by his son but about super saiyan 4 full power was similar to super saiyan god transformation everyone giving energy to goku i really hope akira makes this new series of dragon ball im really glad that he will make new characters for the series

  • seydou

    I agree its been said by many people that other animes were inspired by dragonball z

  • cortouis

    i wana see more now that bills says there are more lords of destruction this should be interesting and something to look up to

  • Luis Cereceres


  • Chintan Rawat

    sir r u gona make more movies or no cose i love your movies so much DBZ rocks..^_^!!

  • Chintan Rawat

    what is the diffrence in DBZ and DBZ kai ?

  • Chintan Rawat

    what’s the diffrence btween DBZ and DBZ kai ?

  • franciscoflorimon@gamil.com

    GT did not necessarily happen. It’s not official canon.

  • boss man

    remastered with no blood for little kids i think

  • boss man

    The DBZ god movie left a lot of open opportunities for a new GOD SAGA carrying on after the buu saga, personally i really disliked dbzgt so i think you should start like gt never happened but then can also take some ideas like ubbs fusion also i think their should be a second stage to super sayian god because the first state looks a bit weird how they made goku skinny in addition you could bring back a old foe like frizza;it would fit percfectly considering frizza worked for bills. Fans like me would love to see more of dragonball z

  • Guest

    Dragon Ball Kai is an abridged series that leaves out the filler of Dragon Ball Z and sticks closer to the original manga. It has remastered animation. It is not the “little kid” version that people spice it up to be while hopping on the hate bandwagon. There is a censored and uncensored version just like with DBZ (although DBZ’s cut release didn’t last until the end of the series).

  • Zach

    Dragon Ball Kai is an abridged series that leaves out the filler of Dragon Ball Z and sticks closer to the original manga. It has remastered animation, but it is not the “little kid” version that people spice it up to be while hopping on the hate bandwagon. There is a censored and uncensored version just like with DBZ (although DBZ’s cut release didn’t last until the end of the series).

  • Zach

    Super Saiyan God is an ability in the same way that kaioken is.

  • Brandon Abney

    Dragon Ball Z when are they going to bring the next God out after bills

  • Brandon Abney

    Dragon Ball Z when are they going to bring the next God out after bills fights all of the different gods

  • Fan

    Interesting. Akira actually is not too good in the threads of love. But I think I would be able to devote some of their time on Dragon Ball Z. For example, for me it is unfinished thread about coaching a new born with Bu, such a cool black woman. The story unfinished. His family is starving. I wanted to see how it trains Songo it in Z. To the right as established as of 30 episodes about it. Such as in Z. That would be an interesting topic and introducing mid thread to share.

    2 is a father Bardock. What is the meaning of this journey in time? OVA. What is the meaning of this curse? Do you take off the curse, can be forgiven and change the future. Sayani are ruthless, destroy and kill, and they are unable to resist the whims Mills. Can he change the future in time? Does Bardock meet his son Song?

    3 gods – a new stage of movies. More humor than fight. This more comedy.

    GT is a little messed up. So a little different from Z. too complicated. Dragonballs black. Two junior Songo and Vegeta. Old Lord. Yes deviates from the norm. They could refresh this version. I think that there are too many of these changes Sayian. The three that did the trick. For these three do not match the fourth transformation. Able to raise only powers. Too much is so modernized.

    There is also the unfinished thread, I paid attention. After killing all Freza Sayian, others still alive Vegeta Song’s brother and another. No message exactly how many there were. Even Broly, who fled with her father at the time of the explosion Vegeta. Because there was another brother of Vegeta, who in the movie cinema back on the ground. When Vegeta had already Trunka son of Bulma. Together with friends pull parsley with root. Cool was the movie. How Sayian lived there?

  • Fan

    In fact, created a series of coaching Song in the afterlife.
    She could arise about coaching this black boy by Song. However, with such a line.

  • khalid

    if there would be a new series this year and i hope there will akira should make the sagas about the other gods and goku and the other z fighters fighting etc

  • Mark Wilson

    Loved Reading this and I can not wait for the new Saga…. If there’s gonna be one. “I REALLY hope there is though.”

  • demetrius adams

    Do not make vageta the main chacter on dbz battle of gods 2 make goku again but if u do make it vageta then on dbz battle of gods 3 make goku the main chacter again

  • Annus Faisal

    when will it come

  • John Alexander

    Since he barely made black characters make Goten have a beautiful black girlfriend

  • Justin Greer

    seriously man grow up Vegeta has been undermined this entire series, He is the prince after all and it shows your not a true fan of the show for saying that your just a thumb sucking Goku fan boy, do your research then start talking Vegeta trains the hardest and is physically stronger then every character in the show. He might not discover the saiyan transformations first that’s the only edge Goku has over him, Vegeta trains physically harder then every character emphasized by Akira Toriyama having him train in 450x gravity. Nuff said

  • goodideas

    or bring back Launch…I know you forgot her but her design is really simple and her blonde her is a different shade from super saiyan modes….She was a great asset to the story line, I wish we ould see more of her again, even if it’s just for comic relief or something….

  • goodideas

    hair I mean…cough cough

  • Jake Element

    Dude you are just plain wrong the strongest character in the series is actually gohan thats an actual fact so perhaps you should do your research and don’t criticize someone because of who their favourite character is like who are you to decide who is a real fan or not.

  • Kenny Duvall

    Why are u not doing a English version to the us of battle of gods do u not realize how many kids and grown ups alike are waiting for these dam u dam u

  • Kenny Duvall

    Be men and send it too american theaters with the series voices u would make just as much as if in Japanese theaters

  • Volomon

    Did he really make Asian looking characters either??? They all turn blonde with green eyes. Complete opposite of the native Japanese.

  • Volomon

    Jake, Justin is just implying Vegeta works the hardest out f all the DBZ characters.

  • Volomon

    Too true. Vegeta had the best speeches in the entire series. Besides Piccolo, Vegeta is a well educated character.

  • Volomon

    Well, this proves DBGT does not count and is just nonsense….thank goodness.

  • Volomon

    Makes it more realistic. Goku has to train.

  • Volomon

    Now you’re talking. Like he did with History of Trunks and Bardock.

  • Volomon

    DBZ kai is a HD/ version that is edited. Trust me, watch the original English version. Kai was just created to get a new generation interested into the show.

  • John Alexander

    Still he should replace Valese with a beautiful black girl named Katelle

  • Kang Maru

    DBZ Battle of the gods lack movie for me.. because just goku can be more powerful.. why another cannot be SS 2 or SS 3.. like vegeta n gohan. And how strong Broly SSJ n SSJ Gods.. and God name bills or birus sama in japanese.. making trouble to people to create SSJ God.. in my opinion 39years the strong figther her find is majin buu..

  • New Kid

    There aren’t anymore Lords of destruction. Bills is the only one, at least that’s what I got from the movie. There are, however, more God’s out there. Bills just happens to be the God of destruction. Some God’s may be peaceful, while others ma be pure evil.

  • Jake Element

    “Is physically stronger than any other character in the show” ” He might not discover the saiyan transformations first that’s the only edge Goku has over him” Again gohan is physically the strongest character in the whole show and as I already said having ago at some one because of there favourite character is pretty pathetic. And actually what people seem to forget is that goku is constantly training in the other world.

  • rip LunarBird CLH

    Well, maybe they don’t want to see this movie CENSORED like many other anime in US…

  • Bilal Rafiq

    Akira sir,
    We all are very very big fans of dragonball.We want new series and movies of DB.You can take jr Goku the main character,We can’t wait any longer.Please in 2014.Please Please Please Please Please Please

  • bob

    Akira seems a bit detached from his work after all these years..
    A bit like George Lucas.

  • knowledge101

    Gohan is not the strongest character. Biggest disappointment? Yes. After the cell saga he stops training and becomes the Great Saiyaman. Wtf? During the cell and buu saga he peaks but SS3 Goku could still beat him. But I agree with the person who stated Vegeta as the most hardworking. I wished he was thrust in the winning limelight more often.

  • jay badillo

    why wasnt super saiyan 4 in this movie??? i would have love to see that transformation in some more fighting action, yet that was goku’s strongest from. did akira forget about him :(

  • ZACAttck

    it’s simply non canon that’s why Super Saiyan Four NEVER happened hell he didn’t even make GT (that’s what non canon means)

  • ZACAttck

    the show didn’t even break 300 episodes -_-

  • dbzfan

    u made dragon ball z so wack now its a shame .it used o be my favorite tv when i was going up .iseen people on youtube with better series after GT .now thaat im olderand i think about some things u should at least made vegeta beat some people of his own . Vegeta never beat any body and u always made goku so much stronger then him .

  • dbzfan

    The thing about dbz . every series was good GT was ok but could had went much better;
    .The reason why is vetgeta was still so much weaker then goku .goku became super sayain 3 in other world i can understand that but keeping vegeta on super sayain 2 while goku is going super sayain 4 all by himself not cool. u made vegeta use a machine stupid .IF u pulled out goku tail so he can get stronger vegeta can do the same plus create the moon him slf using that move creating a moon him self as seen when him and goku first fought

  • dbzfan

    and if u cant remember your own stories u should at least have a fan around somebody that knows your work

  • dbzfan

    if u do make another series ..witch i think u should not ..lol .continue from GT …and dont forget mjuub he should had have kids so they should also be in the picture ………………..just rambbuling just this comment tho

  • OFFICIALBigOwlal .

    People the english dub version has been confirmed and als a seco dbz battle of gods movie with goku mom and vegeta as the main character of the movie

  • Jake Element

    How is gohan a disappointment? What he does is smart, he still helps people just without drawing attention to the fact they are saiyans. Also he doesn’t stop training as you see him train with both videl and goten.

  • knowledge101

    Hahah so training with Videl(power level of like 15,000) and Goten(a 6 year old) both on occasions probably, means nothing. He was probably training them anyways as opposed to training himself. If you watched the Deborah fight Vegeta even makes the comment to Gohan that he got soft and has been slacking around. He says he could’ve beat him if be was as strong as he was when he fought cell so yeah he pretty much does stop training. And his whole Saiyaman skit is just ridiculous. Besides the fact that it’s dorky beyond comprehension, it’s also not needed seeing as all of his loved ones could F up any normal person so it’s not like he’s needs to “protect” his loved ones.

  • Jake Element

    It was more about protecting the earth not his family, even you have to realise that the earth is always in trouble in z because of the saiyans he wanted to hide there existence and still help out. True about gohan being weaker but it was supposed to end at cell saga originally. Also mystic gohan Is actually stronger than a ssj3 so again he is the strongest character even Toriyama himself confirmed that he is the strongest non fused character in the series.

  • Jake Element

    Obviously this is not counting the battle of gods.

  • knowledge101

    I don’t care what Toriyama says because the only way Gohan ever peaked or got explicitly stronger was when someone helped him in some way shape or form. Plus, he never really knew how to channel his power wich is why he needed Goku to finish cell off and he wasn’t able to finish off buu. And I would bet that SS3 Goku who isn’t messing around would stomp mystic Gohan. Goku even said himself he could’ve beat Buu if he was serious. Based off of experience and tactics he could get the job done. I’m willing to meet half way with you and agree that Gohan has the most hidden potential but Goku is the strongest seeing as he beat pretty much every strong villain.

  • Dood

    Yes there are. He CLEARLY states that he is the 7th God Of Destruction towards the end, and that there are 12 universes in total.

  • Dood

    Akira Toriyama CLEARLY states in an interview that Gohan is the strongest non-fused fighter. Google it. When he went mystical, he easily surpassed his father’s SSJ3 with Super Buu. Do some research before you go laughing in peoples faces.

  • Dood

    …this entire paragraph is in one sentence!

  • Joe Akers

    yall are forgetting that the more beat down a sayen gets the more they gain in power so going of who has had there ass handed to them the most it would be goku but he is right vegeta is the hardest training there is almost every time we see him where is he training on the moon or in the time chamber almost every time he comes in hes training and the gohan thing he may be the most powerful single standing fighter in some eyes but look at his child hood just like his dad ass wooped all the time so hes a bad ass to

  • Tragic Rls

    this movie suck king kai planet was destroyed by cell this movie ruins dbz in many ways even worse than bardock turn in to a super sayain movie special. i think he should of continue dbgt goku jr and vegita jr i would love to see them again that would of made hits. even though i didnt like goku turning into a kid but the fights were good. I also think that everone who watch gt in 2001-05 wanted another series any way like dbaf or something.

  • Tragic Rls

    actually akira probable forgot about it any way. if you watch the end of the fight with kid buu goku was even stronger he hold back so vegeta can fight even though he new vegeta was to week. he just ran out of energy. i think jamaba was stronger than buu even though its a spin off like this movie.

  • Tragic Rls

    ultimate gohan is really super sayian 3 without the hair. gohan pobable couldnt handle super sayian 3 without training dont forget that goku learn ssj3 when he was dead from cell’s kamikaze that destroyed king kai planet

  • Tragic Rls

    “Gohan gotten weaker during these peaceful times ” vegeta says

  • Tragic Rls

    dbz battle of Gods is a spin off like bardock turning in to a super sayian it has nothing to do with dbz akira even says he forgets sometime about the story thats why he chose 7 years after the buu saga as you can see teen trunks look different from future teen trunks its like he didnt age at all.

  • Tragic Rls

    i think they should keep gt and start off where pan was old and goku jr was fighting vegeta jr b/c dbz battle of God’s didnt make sense b/c trunk and goten are still 8 year old boys lol. akira even said that all the movies he created was a spin off this one as well. b/c king kai planet was destroyed by cell not bill lol.

  • Tragic Rls

    dbz kai is just kid version for tv. like pg. dbz is for hardcore db fans. i really like gt i dont think battle of Gods would off made sense even if akira tell me dbz is not the story of db. king kai’s planet was detroyed during the cell saga and in the movie it was there in the trailers .its like jamaba movie when vegeta and goku fuse for the first time dont add up.

  • Tragic Rls

    i think he keep making db movies but not make dbz battle gods a canon. b/c some movie in dbz was just like this one so battle of gods to me look like the special where bardock turns to a super sayian. you need to watch dbz again and see what i mean then watch all of the movies then this one then you;ll see battle of gods dont make sense at all. goten supose to be 13 years old like trunks 14 years old future trunks were taller than that????? the creator probably hit his head like goku b/c he could of did the right thing and continue with dbgt movie where its 100 years after goku fought with omega Shinron.

  • Tragic Rls

    i think he should start after gt b/c dbz battle of Gods blows b/c king kai’s planet was destroyed by cell so this movie is like the others. i think its even worse than jamaba movie or bardock ssj form against chill. look at all dbz season and then watch the movies. youll see that they dont add up. does trunks suppose to be taller sense its 5 years after buu saga b/c future trunks is taller at the same age.

  • Tragic Rls

    dbgt would be great if he would star off with goku jr and vegeta jr. you all would watch it any way he does it. this movie is not after buu even though he says that it is it really a spin off because the kids are still kids no age.

  • Tragic Rls

    to be real i dont think non off yall watch dbz front to back more than enough to understand this movie is not a canon. most of yall were kids when this was out dbz. its just all of these dbz movies didnt make sense yall just think this one would. i think its a good movie but not a canon. its like the fusion movie jamaba vs gogeta. to be real vegeto was stronger than gogeta b/c it was a kai fusion…

  • Michael Taylor

    cant really agree with vegeto being stronger than gogeta. remember the earings are a forced fusion…meaning anyone could fuse with anyone and whatever happens… happens. With the Fusion dance each person must be close in powerlevel and technicallly be able to act as one while doing the ritual. with the earrings its smash together. Imagine krillen fusing with vegeta and fighting jamaba….that would be embarrassing. Fusion has its purpose and if the earrings would have been a better option then it wouldnt have been so easily destroyed never to resurface. Just an opinion though.