Dragon Ball Tap Battle – All Special Attacks, 28 Minute Gameplay Video

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Just last week, news broke of the latest Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball: Tap Battle! Namco Bandai quickly followed up on March 26th by releasing the game to Android devices and releasing the first Dragon Ball Tap Battle Trailer. Now, Saiyan Island’s TheGameTagerZ has gotten his hands on the game and recorded a 28 minute gameplay video! This is in addition to a Dragon Ball Tap Battle all special attacks video, check them out below!

So how does Dragon Ball Tap Battle work? Pretty simple – just tap away on the mobile screen! Tap to where you want to go and tap on the opponent to fight. Around the opponents legs is a mark that will be of different colors. At close range, it will be red, which means you can tap for hand-to-hand combat. At a mid-range, the mark will be yellow, so tap for ki blasts. There are two special attacks per character, both of which are activated when at a far distance. There first can be executed by tapping on the opponent when a a purple mark is shown. This depletes one bar of energy for you as the player when pulled off. For the second special attack, tap on your character icon to go into a burst-like mode, and then on the opponent. This depletes two bars of energy.

Dragon Ball Tap Battle is now available for Android 2.3 devices in Japan for a price of 350 Japanese yen (about $3.50 USD). A iOS version is planned for the future.