FUNimation: Buy Existing DBZ Titles to Get Battle of Gods

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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FUNimation, the company behind the fantastic English dub of Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) knows we want the latest movie in the franchise, Battle of Gods. Toei, the company behind the original Japanese version knows we want Battle of Gods. So will we get Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods? Most likely, the question is just a matter of when.

Today, on their Twitter and Facebook pages FUNimation mentioned in order to get the latest movie, we have to buy existing titles so they have the capital to get the rights to it. At least that’s what they implied from our understanding. Here is the exact quote from their Facebook page:

You wanna know the best way to support a franchise and help us get the acquisitions you want? Buy existing titles in the market so we have the funds to do it.

So as fans, what should we do? Purchase the latest DBZ titles! From where? FUNimation recommends Amazon. They currently have a sale going on, discounting all Dragon Ball Z Kai DVDs to $21.49 (originally $49.98) each and all Dragon Ball Z Kai Blu-ray to $23.49 (originally $54.98) each. All the DVDs/Blu-rays have English and Japanese voices with the option for English subtitles. The sale lasts until March 30, 2013 so purchase quick!

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods hits Japanese theaters March 30, 2013. We at Saiyan Island are hoping it gets released in North America and other non-Japanese territories in theaters before it hits Japanese DVD, which our guess would be around the November-December 2013 timeframe. That way fans fan enjoy it in the biggest stages in the highest of qualities! Of course that’s just our hope, our wish. Nothing other than the Japanese theatrical release has been officially announced at this time!

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  • Vongola-Boss-X

    That’s actually smart, someone should ask if we do the same for One Piece will we get Film Z?

  • Junaid Ansari

    Look that’s a good marketing strategy and all. I already own all the Blu-ray’s for DBZ Kai and DBZ Boxsets. I don’t wanna spend more money on it, reason being I barely watch them anymore and its just shelving for show.

    Another thing they can do is a kickstarter!

  • ichigokun

    consider all those DVDs purchased by me. I want that Battle of Gods! I don’t think it will ever get released in theaters in the US, but that would be the dream if it was!! they could make a hell lot of money, like over $100 million, if they do it right. Everybody I know loves DBZ.

  • Goken

    I already have most of the episodes on DVD though. Although I am missing the last three DBZ Kai box sets so I might as well get those.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    This isn’t like some new marketing strategy or anything like that. This is just how the market works. When franchises are popular, they can and will spend more on properties within that franchise. If they release something and no one buys it the first time, they’re not going to spend the money and effort to release its sequel, you see?

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    Like I said below, this isn’t a marketing strategy. This is just how capitalism works. For them to put new money into an existing franchise, they need to see capital gain from the properties that already exist within the franchise.

  • EA575

    Kickstarters are mainly for independent groups that don’t have investors or publishers funding them. Funimation has that, so making a kickstarter is pretty much illegal for them.
    You don’t have to spend more money since you already bought the DVD sets lol

  • awesomepotato

    Imo dbz dub sucks. weird.

  • Vongola-Boss-X

    Yeah, makes sense.

  • Vongola-Boss-X

    Or they could do what the developers of SkullGirls did and ask for a donation

  • GamerKT


  • Vincent Duong

    fool dbz inspired many series like naruto and one piece

  • YourDad

    Pretty stupid for being on this site then. There wouldn’t be a One Piece or Naruto for you if there wasn’t DBZ.

  • Cortez Beckham

    Jake:Sit in the corner in think about your actions

  • *Super~Sayian*

    is it just kai? The original is just to nostalgic. thou I wish funimation can make a short edited version for naruto. now that is worth buying. far too many fillers in naruto.

  • Joseph Cregier

    He said the dub sucks. Not the series.

  • Joseph Cregier

    I don’t own all the Dragon Ball/Z movies, I’m gonna go buy the rest of the movie packs now. You guys should too if you haven’t already!

  • Jaye J

    Seriously, you think the DUB sucks?! you’re probably the only person that thinks that haha

  • John Ramirez

    They might already have the rights to Film Z

  • John Ramirez

    I think it was on Thursday FUNimation posted one of those Fry(from Futurama) memes on Facebook where it said “Hmm I wonder f they know….. Yes, FUNimation knows about the existence of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods”. They took the picture down. And they have been telling people on Facebook these things when they ask about it: “We appreciate your input. Acquiring a title is a lengthy process. We are constantly researching new acquisitions, but do not have any information at this time about which titles. The best way you can support a franchise is to purchase existing titles in the market which help fund future acquisitions.” and “FUNimation is well aware of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. Thank you for your passion and input, but please refrain from personal attacks and respect each others opinions.
    The best way to encourage licensing of new content is to support currently existing releases of the property.” As in, please be happy with what DVD/BD release that are now available to get. So, please be patient.”

  • John Ramirez

    Ya fool, Ya fool!

  • KingOfPirates

    Makes since.

  • Uchihastrife

    Or since funimation already has plenty of money. the community can stop being idiots and realize thats a waste of money?

  • Shogunreaper

    No one be stupid enough to do this, they aren’t going to pass up the opportunity to make money off this movie, they will be dubbing it regardless whether not anyone goes and buys old movies or box sets.

  • OPNamiXMe

    i love DBZ but im not gonna buy these i saw the entire series :/

  • SSJG

    well this isnt for u den. this is for kids who watch dbz free and dont support it. i own every db,dbz,dbgt episode and every db,dbz,dbgt movie.

  • SSJG

    ………………..dbz dub is WHY i love dbz…

  • SSJG

    man comeon buy 1 ,3

  • Vince Joy

    AMEN. I was thinking the same thing. This is classic FUNi bullsh!t. They love milking the DBZ fans for more money.

  • nicholas deo

    I’m gonna buy it! My childhood depends on it

  • BlackLeopard13

    EPIC (^0^) /

  • Junaid Ansari

    True that but it would never happen that those people would go and buy the damn copies. Trust me people are stingy. Some say that 6.99 a month is a lot for watching simulcasts I think its a great deal! Hopefully we can see my comments get corrected and people start buying them.

  • Matthew Michael Modica

    Just bought season 1-9 and the movie box set will that be enough :p

  • sasuke

    spend money to make money! Come on guys! I rather her the manly goku then woman goku! Steven blum ftw! I am going to pick up two.

  • sasuke

    exactly dude. DBZ is pretty properly even people who do not watch anime watch dbz atleast once or became a fan.

  • sasuke

    Ok, go watch your school days and calm down.

  • sasuke

    not sure atleast buy one set because with out that support no dub goku.

  • Matthew Michael Modica

    Super sayian god? Vegeta is gonna be pissed lmao

  • MD Punk

    Viz has the rights to Naruto, not Funimation.

  • BlackLeopard13

    I have all the Z Kai DVD except the last part.

  • BlackLeopard13

    I have all of them except the last part.

  • Atarada

    Just FYI almost the whole world hates the English dub. Probably cause it got dbz ten years earlier than the US.

    It removed orchestral pieces, altered dialogs to make everything sound cheesy, the cast is completely irrelevant to what the author wanted ( wether you prefer it or not, its still quite a lack of respect ).

    If you had grown up with the original “mood” you wouldn’t hate it. Just respect it and stop saying it’s crap.

  • Guest

    Great story bro, no one cares :P

  • BlackLeopard13

    I enjoy watching both, but I am starting to like the Japanese voices a little more imo (^0^) /

  • BlackLeopard13

    I enjoying watching both, but the best way to watch DBZ imo, is English, voices with Japanese BGM= EPIC (^0^) /

  • BlackLeopard13

    Me too (^0^) /

  • BlackLeopard13

    At least support them by buying one or a few.

  • Sky

    Yeah, not in this economy.

  • abdulhamian

    lol the Japanese gokus voice is just to screechy i hate it. i prefer eng dub. plus i dont get why ppl hate eng dub, we all started watching anime in eng dub so why hate on it so much.=?

  • abdulhamian

    it contributes :D

  • awesomepotato

    Herp Derp I’m allowed to say my opinion.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    really? wow, that explains so much. thanks lol

  • RoeDatBoss

    so they got money to voice the half assed games they deliver to us every year but dont for a movie that could bring change?

  • Joshua Coy

    That would be the simpler thing to do, but then Funi would be getting all the profits and not Toei or Toriyama. Funi would rather stick with people buying everything Dragonball related so they can stay on Toei and Toriyama’s good side, which would give them a better chance of getting the rights to dub the film.

  • Joshua Coy

    Funi probably has the money to buy the rights for the film, but they would rather the fans use their money since they are the ones that are technically interested in the film. Instead of the fans using all their money, Funi should make a compromise and use half of what they already have and have the fans pay them the other half. It just seems fair.

  • Joshua Coy

    Just buy the entire series to give Funi their money, then sell it to get your money back. Theres always a way to cheat the system lol.

  • KingSora1991

    I’m not falling for this crap. They’ll come with Battle of the Gods regardless if anyone buys or not. Its DBZ. Their main milking series they have. Besides I don’t want Kai I want Dragon Boxes from the other sagas. They even did surveys and NOTHING. No updates at all. They have money. They gotta stop acting like they don’t -_-

  • JTShiro

    It’s hard to believe this since Dragonball Z has been their cash cow, but considering they never dubbed the last two OVAs it’s not out of the possibility that funds are low

  • Kevin Allen

    I been wanting to get DBZ Kai for a while now that its half off why not?

  • Jane Wright

    I hope they extend this sale until the 6th because I certainly can’t buy until then. =(

  • Corey Underwood

    here’s the thing about that though….i own all the movies and the series box sets (the 1st runs) of both db and dbz (screw gt). so, why should i buy it again when i know the raw and then eventual fan made sub for this movie will be out?

  • Robert Edward Fernandez

    Dragon Ball Z fans are much older today so unless they are ridiculously poor or a complete deadbeat there should be no reason they cannot contribute.

  • Jordan Landis

    Look, I know this is how business works, but I have a really hard time believing that after so many years of fans buying all the seasons and movies that are already out there, that FUNimation would have any trouble financially with Battle of The Gods.

  • Kerberos

    <3 the original voices/music

  • Dom

    Oh, I’ll be buying more DBZ, but it’ll be with the same money that bought my DBZ stuff the last time. I’m selling off my orange bricks before I move onto…something. Haven’t made up my mind yet. It’ll probably be the Kai blu-rays.

  • Michael Scott

    I own all the movies and orignial dbz on the first “orange box sets”…. ive done my part lol

  • Zello

    Dragon Ball Z
    about an hour ago
    Dear Z Warriors, when we have the release date for BATTLE OF GODS for AMERICA, LATIN AMERICA, EUROPE and OTHER COUNTRIES we informed through this page. Thank You!
    336Unlike · · Share

    official dbz facebook page, we’re getting it :D when? i dunno, who’ll dub it? i dunno ._.

  • A5J4DX

    yeah more milking when they release better versions later…and who says we dont support them

  • Taijutsu-Joshua

    Agreed. I just bought Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to support the localization of 4. Then I sold it for Fire Emblem.

  • Doba DeVader

    Ha. Haha. Hahaha. You don’t have enough money to dub the newest movie in what is literally still your biggest franchise, Funimation? I have rent and bills to pay, and I can’t afford your overpriced DVD sets. I CAN afford a movie ticket. And I find it hard to believe that you don’t have enough money lying around to dub Dragonball Z.

  • Joshua Coy

    Why did your parents give you internet privileges again?

  • awesomepotato

    Oh god… Listen, I simply said my opinion. Just because many, many people disagree with me doesn’t mean that I’m an idiot.

  • Zach Boyd

    trying not to be a huge nerd but if funimation is gonna be this stingy (especially considering the mint producing the movie in english itself would produce) then screw the existing titles crap, just post on their site a donation bar of how much sales/donations they need to make this thing happen….and hurry or well just ask Team Four Star to do a “Parody” of it and buy a crap ton of their T-shirts or some other work around haha…non profit…lol

  • disqus_uZ6WNwleZ1

    I don’t blame the guy who hates English dub dbz (unless he means kai) because funimation made different lines “mondo cool” “pop goes a weasel” tao was a general for red ribbon army DAFUQ? Dr.Gero leader of the red ribbon army “i think i got it in another hand pocket” “the balls are inert” trunks tells goku he shouldn’t had sparred Dr.Gero’s life when goku didn’t even know him android saga was actually terrible same with frieza saga buu saga was decent but it still had some added line like yajirobe saying he wants a tv and how he is bored and krillin told him he should get a tv when in the original it wasn’t like that the thing is funimation did change alot of stuff that it wasn’t like dbz i grew up with it but when i read the manga that was the time i started to hate funimation good thing kai came though and since they don’t change lot of stuff these days i know it won’t be disappointing but man funimation was terrible back then.

  • disqus_uZ6WNwleZ1

    Just my opinion though.

  • disqus_uZ6WNwleZ1

    Oh and sorry for terrible grammar.

  • Young Wamsutta

    **(Thinking to myself) So what’s today, Thursday here in the US? Friday night is my stay-home-movie-night; got enough money in my wallet for an occasion like this (to buy all of DBZ Kai on a moment’s notice); I’ll need to get my lounge chair from the storage closet; oh, yeah, and I’ll need a big tub of popcorn!**

    Boys … it’s begun!

  • Zac Hansen

    They know how popular it is and definitely know full well that releasing the movie in English would be very profitable. They could just look at how well it does in Japan, for a good idea, too. This is just to get people to give them even more money. Not that they don’t deserve it but it’s pretty pathetic to make out that they wont know it will make millions of dollars unless people buy even more of the show that most fans would have at least one of the 3 released versions of Dragon Ball Z. Or is it 4 now? I think I heard about some other re-release.
    If a show can get away with releasing the same thing 3 or 4 times, there’s no chance a movie would. Even Dragon Ball Evolution didn’t flop and it was terrible.

  • PGies Chan

    There’s a reason why funimation is asking for money instead of just producing a valuable product that’s popular: they aren’t popular.

    If Battle of Gods = popular, somebody will pay money for distribution rights. It doesn’t have to be Funimation

  • Chris Tenney

    I think I might have an explanation to this…
    I noticed that 20th Century FOX was also involved in releasing/distributing the film due to them wanting to acquire the movie rights in 2002, and making the dreaded Dragonball Evolution in 2009. Therefore, Funimation would have to pay royalties to not just Toei Animation, but also to 20th Century FOX if they ever want to get the rights to the film, because in a way, the film is owned by Toei Animation and 20th Century FOX simultaneously.