FUNimation: Buy Existing DBZ Titles to Get Battle of Gods

FUNimation, the company behind the fantastic English dub of Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) knows we want the latest movie in the franchise, Battle of Gods. Toei, the company behind the original Japanese version knows we want Battle of Gods. So will we get Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods? Most likely, the question is just a matter of when.

Today, on their Twitter and Facebook pages FUNimation mentioned in order to get the latest movie, we have to buy existing titles so they have the capital to get the rights to it. At least that’s what they implied from our understanding. Here is the exact quote from their Facebook page:

You wanna know the best way to support a franchise and help us get the acquisitions you want? Buy existing titles in the market so we have the funds to do it.

So as fans, what should we do? Purchase the latest DBZ titles! From where? FUNimation recommends Amazon. They currently have a sale going on, discounting all Dragon Ball Z Kai DVDs to $21.49 (originally $49.98) each and all Dragon Ball Z Kai Blu-ray to $23.49 (originally $54.98) each. All the DVDs/Blu-rays have English and Japanese voices with the option for English subtitles. The sale lasts until March 30, 2013 so purchase quick!

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods hits Japanese theaters March 30, 2013. We at Saiyan Island are hoping it gets released in North America and other non-Japanese territories in theaters before it hits Japanese DVD, which our guess would be around the November-December 2013 timeframe. That way fans fan enjoy it in the biggest stages in the highest of qualities! Of course that’s just our hope, our wish. Nothing other than the Japanese theatrical release has been officially announced at this time!

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  • RyGuy

    Or maybe it’s because Fox International Productions co-produced it.

  • RyGuy

    Funimation is just a licensing and distribution company. I don’t think they can produce their own products other than English dubs.

    Completely unpopular. So, when they co-release a movie with the more popular like 20th Century Fox, people will get the wrong idea and assume Fox released it.