Masashi Kishimoto Comments on Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Saiyan Island and thousands of fans around the world are excited for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. We loved the game and many others are sharing their praise.

What about the legendary creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto? What comments did he have to say about CyberConnect2′s latest masterpiece, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3!

This is really exciting! The story mode in this game is extremely abundant in volume… and it seems like you can use all of the Jinchuriki in the battle mode!! Also, the video quality, animation and even all the fine details that have been put into the game look really great… Absolutely amazing!! The author shouldn’t be saying this, but this is more exciting than the manga! I can’t wait… seriously!

You can see his comments in Namco Bandai Games Europe’s latest trailer, which was released in Japanese yesterday:

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in North America and South America on March 5, Europe and Australia on March 8, and Japan on April 18, 2013. The story for the game will begin with the Nine Tailed Fox incident from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden as they air in Japan.

  • Madara Uchiha

    Does he’ll also miss the Edo-Kages in the game?

  • scabab

    It’s a really great game, I’m enjoying it and I’m sure many people aswell. I hope it sells well.

  • Lindon Krasniqi

    Finally someone who appreciates this game! Almost everyone seems to be angry about the absence of edo kages and whatever.

  • aviyos1001

    i love madara!!!
    ONLY a few days until we can play the game vote up if you can’t wait play this game

  • SageOfTheSixPaths69

    edo kages aside…. This game is awesomeee !

  • Jeremy Pelletier

    i’m not worried, they’re fully fleshed out so i expect some minor DLC will unlock them

  • lightdarkgamer

    i got it this morning and I’m enjoying it to the fullest xDD !!!

  • nejiandhinataHYUGA

    3 more days :D Can’t wait to play the war! :)

  • abdulhamian

    lol kishi

  • Reece Blackstock

    Your comment made me laugh so much :’)

  • Francis Solis

    Am I the Only one who wants the Sound Four? in Generations you could mix people from the Hidden Sound and almost every time you would get the title “Curse Mark” it was amazing, please give me my Sakon!!! ps why isn’t there “Hidden Sand Natives”? too OP maybe?

  • ottel12

    See u all in storm 4 announcement

  • Luca Rinacute

    when you see the end of the game then regret it … I already finished it and I was very disappointed! if you want to download go to gamestorrent

  • Professional

    same lol

  • ShukakuThe1Tail

    You just know S3 is going to be awsome if the creator of the series gives it such praise.

  • Douglas Sozinho


  • Ray Smith

    storm 4 should be for ps4 imo and they need to do as much improvement as possible, it it takes them 2 or three years so be it. I rather have to wait for a great game then a rushed game

  • Mauricio Friedrich Burkhard

    yep, the edo kages wouldnt have really made it much better, madara and nagato are beasts.

  • nejiandhinataHYUGA

    I want to say something. We all know that mid-match awakening is awesome right? But have you realized what if masked man just appears in an online match and then he does a mid-match awakening and keeps spamming the heaven and earth explosion and it goes on until he wins. Wouldn’t that be so annoying? I think he should have another jutsu like a fireball jutsu or something that simple. Reply and tell me your thoughts please. :D

  • tgohan

    How are you sure their will be dlc to unlock them? Ive been seeing others say the same thing. I hope thats the case.

  • Ada Petty

    Lol why do you need the popularity?

  • Charles MACZINTL

    YOSH!!! I got the game yesterday its amazing I have played so much that i am on chapter 8 already, hopefully I will finish it by tomorrow!

  • terrance dorsey

    For some reason I too believe they will be DLC simply because of the filler episodes coming up this month

  • abdulhamian

    lol i was playing as him to see how spammy he is however it seems cc2 kinda fixed him he is not as spamable as before. tbh he is actually a pretty good charcter believe it or not i like his combos. but you are right he should have had another jutsu. who actuallt uses a bunch of paper bombs anyways, right

  • abdulhamian

    yo does anyone know why there was a day on patch of 7.2 mb. i downloaded the goku dlc and he was 3 mb what is this does anyon know please answer!!!

  • timanel1

    wait until you see the disappointment in the final…

  • Douglas Sozinho

    Someone can give me the code for DLCs? I don’t have credicard!! )=

  • Bijoy Amran


  • sam

    I don’t see them Adding DLC characters, they’ve never done it before and I don’t see them starting now. They need to save characters for the next game.

  • sam

    It will probably come out on all platforms, and Naruto get’s a yearly release so most likely we might see generations 2 or Storm 4 next year.

  • wesleyconjo99

    can i aks you something,will there only be 3 combos?

  • nellieltu

    kishimoto:this is a great game much better then manga

    (few hours later gets to end)

    kishimoto: wait what the f**k!!!!


  • Seven Swordsman

    How does everybody feel about the game play free battle wise …? I feel like it kinda slowed down some. I can’t just jump outta combos at random and when I do tilt (ie minato ) I can’t move until he settles himself. I don’t feel like jack be nimble jack be quick anymore… any tips ?

  • Vinicius OPN

    yes . . .

  • Javier de Prada

    `Don’t worry, they fixed him

  • Nick Kurdadze

    its not that. they say over 80 characters but let’s face it, almost 60 of them are just copy and paste from generations, which was already copy paste from 2. MAYBE W one new awakening jutsu added

  • Javier de Prada

    Madara part= epicness

  • coltonhammer

    lolz im playing it after this comment hehehe.

  • Mongeekyo

    haha i can’t stand that either. VOTE UP IF YOU BREATH!!!

  • Drewtitan22

    Can someone tell me if you can unlock characters from ryo

  • NSOP

    Not surprising, considering he sucks at story-writing.

  • umbium

    Hey I’m Kishimoto, I’m doing the job of the Namco Bandai CEOE, buy my f****ing game so I can go in holydays to Hawaii.

  • Raiden0-PT


  • Professional

    Waiting till friday is just soo long!!!

  • Ray Smith

    lol stop it it you

  • Ray Smith

    …..okay that I have to say it false he does a way better story then some writers out there. If he suck at writing why is his manga so popular

  • Rahkylus


  • Ray Smith

    ugh I rather it takes them longer but seeing how hungry they are for money I can see that happening. I don’t understand why they rush this, if they take their time with it they will get more money

  • Rahkylus

    1 day :D

  • Rahkylus

    That’s Stupid…

  • Kalil

    money , money and more money xd

  • Master Art

    i was just wondering does the game have survival mode?

  • CoolDude14

    Any body how awesome masked man is now. He isn’t as spammable and the gave him an intangibility jutsu for an awakening action!!!! THATS SICK!!

  • nick88

    EDO KAGE!!!!!!!!

  • Inuzuka28

    Well, if the manga doesn’t come out for a few weeks, we’ll know why. (Then again, who can blame him?)

  • Bruno Patricio


  • Bruno Patricio


  • Bruno Patricio


  • UchihaSensei


  • UchihaSensei

    Played 2hours and almost at the end of chapter 2

  • Tama

    To anyone who played online: fckn ragequitters get their loss or still no improvement on that side?

  • Raiden0-PT

    yes you can

  • Scott Ramen Boy Baker

    they wont put filler into a storm game.

  • darkmatter77

    thats right kishimoto loves it he’s gonna get a lump sum of the money to it’s his story if i was about to get alot of money it’d be exciting to ><

  • Naruto

    That’s good enough for me.

  • disqus_EPb86PSi5F

    They really skimped out on the collectable card! The card isn’t even holo-foil like zabuza and haku were for generations!

  • jason bradley

    it’s a shame kishi won’t be able to play as all of his edo tensei characters in the game.

  • Jonathan Rivera Almodovar

    Kishi I think he should personally do storm 4 and put all characters in it.

  • FlameBlitz21

    haha Maybe he did?

  • UpgradeJ

    how bout this. what does the title “Curse Mark” mean? aside from maybe the assist bar filling a bit faster titles only mean that those characters apparently work well together. This game better fix it to where teams with titles like that hav team up moves to where your char. n the assist char. combine techniques or god forbid they reward you for figuring out obscure team titles (meaning 2 or 3 characters that hav a theme instead of having worked together or being related) by having said team have a unique cinematic team jutsu.

  • UpgradeJ

    thats just it tho, there doesn’t need to be a next game when they can add chapters to the story, add characters, and patch gameplay. Haven’t got the game yet but i know that most japanese companies don’t like to do DLC when they can sell you another physical product.

  • UpgradeJ

    I’d rather they don’t make another game, support this game via DLC, and make a Storm 3 equivalent for another anime/manga series like One Piece or Hunter X Hunter.

  • Vinicius OPN

    i know

  • *Super~Sayian*

    he’s the creator of the manga, no doubt he probably got the game for free. in other words his opinion doesn’t really matter. no one is stupid enough to insult a their own franchise. especially if they get it for free. derp

  • *Super~Sayian*

    and storm 5 and storm 6 and generations 2 and final storm and storm 1 ultimatum.. and storm collection. and another storm.

  • Guest

    LOL right, anyone would say the game is amazing if you’re the one who gets some of the payment.

  • Just wanna know guy

    goooooood question

  • Just wanna know guy

    exacly lol

  • Tommy Faust

    There is no next game. Cc2 has stated that this is the last storm game. The fact at they mentioned their will be dlc for the first time is a pretty good indication for their being character packs..

  • NSOP

    Undeveloped characters, basic plot, unable to decide what kind of mood to give the series, magical power-ups from nowhere, the list goes on.

  • Just wanna know guy

    The new naruto should have plantery rasgan as a uj in the manga it was pretty big and some of these ujs are fast anways. the new narutos uj should be a character all by himself. they probaly could of pulled it off if they would take their time with the game. Im not trying to complain,im sorry if it seems in comming off that way,im sure this will be a good game the author even said it was great……i wonder why LOL but there are to many things missing the battle sasuke and itachi had with kabuto and even madara cant use his strongest susanno the (complete on),the list of missing things could go on forever. As i said this will be a good game but there is room for improvement. plz excuse my spelling im in a hurry VOTE UP IF U AGREE OR IF U JUST DONT FEEL LIKE READING THIS !!!!!

  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis


  • ALMIGHTY Juicemon E. Genesis

    If you don’t like the story, why the hell are you even here?

  • potassium1

    i hope they will keep adding dlc until the war ends (not gonna happen tho):p

  • Darrell Crosby

    to be honest, I would rather wait until the creator of this game could run some new improvements to this game than have it today, what I mean is that you (Masashi Kishimoto) should put the WHOLE story to this game and yes, I know it will take a while for the game to have the whole story (beginning to end) but it’s worth it and I think people will agree with me

  • Darrell Crosby

    I agree with you, hopefully they will improve the new storm game (storm 4) and combine all of the storm series all together and may even put it in the new PS4 platform

  • Luis Espinal

    noobs, i’ve got mine since sunday! lol

  • Sasuke EMS

    If you ever liked that part Kishimoto, wait until you release the edo-kages in free battle …
    oh wait…

  • Titsune

    playing game right now, so much fun!

  • Baryll

    T H A N K Y O U
    Not saying I don’t like Naruto, but Kishimoto has to be by far the most predictable.
    And Ray, popularity doesn’t mean better.

  • MarcoThePhoenix

    Do they show the death of Neji in this game??

  • sonicino

    already got mine, gotta do homework…
    (YEAH RIGHT, Im bout to pop this thing in now)

  • A.Z.

    Kishi-sensei and CC2 both amazing! Love the game! Playing it right now!!! >.<

  • Ray Smith


  • Ray Smith

    So OP anf FT are not consider one of the best manga to date? And where do you get this magical power up? They do not come out of thin air he he train to get where he is now, now Sasuke is th one who gets his power up from other people but it’s not some magical crap

  • Jimmy Avila

    The story mode is so emersive i didn’t know how to stop playing until i was falling asleep in the middle of fighting

  • Baryll

    It’s an expression, he doesn’t mean LITERALLY.
    He means how in some fights the balance of power isn’t there and it is ignored for the sake of plot, which is although at times good for the sake of the story, but also illogical.
    And no, I don’t find Shonen to be the best manga, they stretch way too long out, and are predictable.
    They are, very memorable though. But not the best reads. There will be times where I don’t mind ditching Naruto because it dazes off into flashbacks and dragged out battles that are repetitive, and by the time I come back, I won’t have missed much.
    It’s a matter of opinion, truly.

  • Ray Smith

    Naruto shows that you don’t have to have huge power level to defeat a mountain you just have to have brains, and it is very creative. Yes I will admit it can sometimes (almost all the time) will be predictable, but at the same time it surprises you

  • Ray Smith

    What they need to do it is go back to their roots, bring clash and wall fights, more characters, new elements for the game, longer or new jutsu…hell just redo all the ougis. And I don’t mind them going all the way back as long they do it right

  • LeopoldHzilquihmbumn

    There are many who want the Sound 4 (and a few like myself who also want Team Dosu), and I am one of them :)

  • frest123

    Explain why Utakata asks Naruto if he remembers him during the final battle? :D (From what I know, only in the fillers did Naruto meet Utakata).

  • Jordan Green

    Had to vote up, funny comment. I wonder if he did.

  • Professional

    AHHH Dont rub it innnn!!! 2 days left! :( Then life will be complete. Dedicating the whole weekend to it storm 3 lol

  • Hasaneen Ismaeel Ghazy


  • Randy Salobir

    It doesn’t give you anything. No chakra or anything. It’s just for the looks.

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    this game is amazing and i dont get paid so you are FALSE

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    haters got to hate you wish you can develop games like him

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    when awakened he does have that jutsu that makes things go threw him though

  • marlin

    the game was long lol

  • nejiandhinataHYUGA

    How comes? :( Everyone got it early and I’m HYPING for it! Seriously, if you met me you would be like SHUT UPP!!

  • Žilvinas Kekys

    Maybe he will love Karin as a standalone character…She has so much diversity and skill…

  • Jenssen

    Anyone else disappointed with nagato’s moveset? i mean pain is like 10 times better visually and is more interesting :/ i wouldn’t even mind if they just retextured pain into nagato, cause that would make the combos better

  • Thetrueuchiha

    I got it Already and only played it for an hour & I’m in love just saying that to hype it up more for the eu fans btw neon alley has a 1 week trial if u want the dlc costumes just delete the subscription after u redeem ur code

  • Blazin Chill

    Word up

  • Sid Martin


  • Sid Martin

    I hope that we get the Edo Kages.

  • OtherWorlded

    Hope you guys enjoy your game~



  • James Daiki

    The story goes up to the recent episodes of shippuden, not the manga.

  • James Daiki

    You actually care abou the card? My card is in my game case and will remain there.

  • James Daiki

    I would be excited if my creation is being adapted into a game no matter how many installments I previously owned. LOL its not always about the money!

  • James Daiki

    And I want you to leave.

  • James Daiki

    CC2 will never read this comment so you are wasting your time…….

  • James Daiki

    LOL exactly!!!!!

  • James Daiki

    1.the undeveloped characters are SIDE CHARACTERS
    2. Basic plot? have you read one piece and that is not a negative.
    3. the mood reflects the arcs. Some arcs are serious and some are not and the mood reflects that.
    4. Bijuu = magical, sharingan and rinnegan = magical. Bijuu = implanted to jinchuuriki, sharingan and rinnegan = implanted or awakened through kekkei genkai. so tell which one is from nowhere
    6. Explain why you would follow something you obvious don’t like story-wise?

  • James Daiki

    Naruto is not the most predictable, but it is when it comes to the big stuff.
    Fairy Tail: high popularity = shitty story.

  • ninja687

    Woooooooow what a boss

  • ninja687

    Can’t w
    it to play as Bijuu mode mode in vs mode yessssssss

  • disqus_EPb86PSi5F

    I dont actually play the card game. I’m just pointing out that it shows how much effort they actually put in to the game and merch along with it.

  • SabuHayashi

    I wonder how much they paid Kishi to say that.

  • Freesun4

    The part that really looked superior to the manga was the Naruto vs Sasuke fight after Danzo’s death because they actually fight rather than just exchange one blow. I don’t know if Sasuke could actually have fought in the manga considering he was exhausted after fighting Danzo.

  • Alex Sam Anif

    Got this game today, already in chapter 3! This is so awesome and I feel like I still haven’t gotten to the good stuff! The towns, the qte, the rpg feeling to this story… it’s all so great! I can’t wait to get to the part that I haven’t seen in the anime yet, but it’s still so much fun going through the story I’ve already seen! I was afraid it was just gonna be battle-after-battle, but there’s so much more to it. Especially the hack-and-slash mode is one of my favorites and has a bit of an action game element in it. The dialogue could be better (but still a lot better than Generations), other than that this is epic!! Had to take a break after 6 hours before my brain exploded and eyes popped out…

  • Boomer6574

    Well he seems happy. But I’ve decided not to get Storm 3 at the moment.

  • Philip Huertas

    Add edo kages as DLC make them costumes for the current kages but with different moveset and justu like they did for naruto and ems sasuke, it would be faster then adding more character slots and also add kikgaku and ginkaku :T

  • Edo fan

    so thats why
    naruto is on break this week . kishi is playing uns3 instead of working :P

  • UpgradeJ

    thats the point if it does nothing then it shouldn’t be. unless they went for something like what I said, they should hav removed it all together n focused on adding another mode or more characters because team titles are a waste of space.

  • Randy Salobir

    Well that was before the tutorial. The Tutorial says that each supports have 3 values. How fast the bar charges, how fast they come back and how strong their attacks are. The special teams get a boost to these stats so your supporst are stronger, can be used more often, and you can do team attacks faster. So it DOES have a use.

  • UpgradeJ

    honestly i think the assists system is kinda stupid, it should hav more than 1 way to spend assist meter so that there is added conflict. This goes into what i was saying with having themed teams have something to set them apart from teams with the title ‘Original’, the best way to do that is to reward the player (if at least superficially) for choosing (or for new players/non-fans figuring out) a team that has a theme whether it be Team 7 or team rasengan. even though this will never be put in the game, I would have it so if you pick for example Team 7 then you can spend 1 assist bar to have the 3 combine their skills (Rasengan, Chidori, and Super strength) into 1 jutsu, or spend 2 assist bars to use a cinematic Team up move that shows the 3 working together to pull of a beast combo attack. basically 1 assist bar to do a team move from Ultimate ninja 6 (PSP) or 2 assist bars to do a team move from Ultimate Ninja 5 (PS2).

  • Randy Salobir

    That sounds really good, but i doubt that will be put it. It would be really cool, but it would be a ton of work and they probably won’t do it. It would be cool if Minato and Naruto would team up to do that ultimate rasengan though. Or Madara Sasuke and Itachi using some Team-up Susanoo Attack or something like that. That would be really badass.

  • UpgradeJ

    i know it would be a ton of work but this game had only 1 year of development time, which is stupid. If they had just put in 2 years rather than release generations in half a year we would have all of the awesome ideas in Storm 3, we would have a game that is even better than Ultimate Ninja 5, but instead we have a game that is better than storm 2.

  • Randy Salobir

    they were developing Storm 3 ever since Storm 2 was released. They split up the team to make Generations paralely. They did this to have more time for Storm 3 while people could play Generations.

  • Jirobo

    Only In Manga 0_0

  • nejiandhinataHYUGA

    L0L Konan xD
    But Konan is like awesome though :p