One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 – Luffy, Zoro Film Z DLC Costumes in New Scans

Posted by Omar Khan
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Two new One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 scans have been revealed from popular Japanese magazine V-Jump! It confirms Zoro and Luffy will have downloadable content (DLC) costumes from One Piece Film Z! If your saying to yourself Luffy’s Film Z costume was already confirmed, well then your right, it was! But this is another outfit he wore in the movie!

The scans also show screenshots of Nami, Robin, Hancock, and Perona in their DLC costumes. A lot of screenshots and art from the game featuring a variety of characters from the series are shown too.

Click the thumbnail to see the scan in it’s full size
One-Piece-Pirate-Warriors-2-Scan-15.jpg One-Piece-Pirate-Warriors-2-Scan-14.jpg

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is an action/adventure in development by Tecmo Koei’s Omega Force. The game will be published by Namco Bandai Games in Japan (PS3/PSVita) on March 20, 2013 and Europe/North America (PS3 only) sometime in the summer of 2013.

  • Italorr

    See now, these are DLC”s that are actually cool and defiantly wanted. My anticipation for this game keeps going up and up!

  • trolling potato

    me too bro =D

  • jonikon


  • Mohammad Ali

    Is that versus mode that i see in the scano.O? Look at that picture sanji is fighting zoro 1v1 and there is nobody else on the mapo.o plz plz let it be versus cuz if it is…man this game might actually be much better than storm 3. If thats not versus then storm 3 dominates kaizoku musou 2 in my opinion :)

  • BlackLeopard13

    1 word, EPIC (^0^) /

  • Jaber Almarzouqi

    Nice O_O

  • ej

    i hooooooopppe soooo!

  • khunglongconduy

    in the first time.I think this game like sh*t,but now I want to have this game now

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  • Michael

    Boring…Give naked Robin…

  • trolling potato

    well i dont want to disappoint you. but if you watched the latest trailer of this game. some of luffy crew turn bad and they start attacking each other. so i dont think its a vs mode but i hope so. ( in my point of view)

  • Vincent Duong

    Pirate Warriors is great and all but they need to make good One Piece fighting games and good Naruto adventure games.

  • JamesMarrshal

    If it’s all hack and slash like pirate warriors 1, it’s gonna be terrible.

  • KingRuff

    It doesn’t show the evil version of either of them. That’s regular Sanji fighting regular Zoro. Either way I’m not against versus mode, but it won’t bother me if its not there.

  • trolling potato

    well i think the picture of the battle and the picture of them standing together is different. i mean in the trailer sanji was possessed after eating a weird thing and his eye color changed into red ( wich we cant see it in the picture) it wont bother me either if there is a vs mode or not the game is cool the way it is.

  • Thugnificent

    What is with you people bringing Naruto to every fcking One Piece thread?

  • Tonizerna

    ++++ xD

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  • John Ramirez

    Change the poll to ask about Super Saiyan God. I wanna see everyone’s opinion.

  • lightdarkgamer

    veryy looking foward for this gamee …. cant wait to play .it !!!!

  • Rena Blubbibläschen

    HANCOCK-SAMA <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Rena Blubbibläschen

    so unnecessary… i know xD

  • Rena Blubbibläschen

    I`ll give you a pick of your naked mother who was banged by your dog!

  • Rena Blubbibläschen

    Just noticed ..there will be another costume for robin and nami too
    OMG ROBIN IN ARMOR <333333

  • Rena Blubbibläschen

    i think its just a regular Sanji-Zoro-mocking scene…or it could be Dream Log.

  • Rena Blubbibläschen

    Ähhhh OP-PW2 was better then storm 3 since it has been announced :P

  • Cristian Valentin

    so excited for this game

  • Shinobuden

    Those DLC costumes look pretty damn awesome, a lot better than the first game. Now I can’t wait for the game even more. Summer can’t come any faster.

  • Michael

    I don’t think so…

  • Michael

    For OP fans yes.

  • Haoshoku_Haki

    W-Whoa is that 2 new DLC costumes for Nami and Robin? The last ones look so sexy and these ones look incredible too! One Piece dlc is soooo amazing

  • Jaye J

    Are you Sanji by any chance? ha

  • Jaye J

    Nice “DLC costumes”.

  • Jaye J

    Right, but apparently fans of each series can’t get along with one another.

  • cornelius thompson

    there is already gameplay his name is Taichi01

  • ej

    where can i search him?

  • Jordan Green

    Nice, this seems like it won’t disappoint me,unlike storm 3,

  • Jordan Green


  • Michael

    it seems that way

  • Rena Blubbibläschen

    haha 5 fame xDD

  • Rena Blubbibläschen


  • Last Knight

    It’s Narutard Island.

  • Zeke Asakura

    Sooo getting this game.

  • lightdarkgamer

    amazing dlc … this game is a full star game !!!!!

  • Michael


  • Antar Brown

    I cannot wait for the PS4 to release. Game developers will not have any excuses to not dish out an amazing One Piece game. I’m looking for the adventure and the battles!!

  • Daniel De Castro Andrade

    Do you think that will be another Kaizoku Musou ?? like a Pirate Warriors 3?
    Cause I want more playable characters, that’s really not enought..need shanks!
    Do you think it will be?

  • Hasan Hussain

    We need shanks , zetto, moria, cp9, that eugene kidd guy, beckmann, caeser clown, tashigi, don flamingo etc