One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Alternate Ending, All Cutscenes

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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We thought it was over with part 6, but nope! Saiyan Island’s Kaitou (GameEmpireHD on YouTube) kept playing the Straw Hats’ latest adventure to find an alternate ending for the game! The “true ending” for the game.

Also, here are all cutscenes from the game. Almost 60 minutes worth of high quality One Piece goodness!

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Walkthrough Table of Contents
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Walkthrough Part 1
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Walkthrough Part 2
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Walkthrough Part 3
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Walkthrough Part 4
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Walkthrough Part 5
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Walkthrough Part 6

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 is an action/adventure in development by Tecmo Koei’s Omega Force. The game was published by Namco Bandai Games in Japan (PS3/PSVita) on March 20, 2013. Europe (PS3 Only) is scheduled for an August 2013 release date, while North America (PS3 only) for sometime in the summer of 2013.

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    Not going to spoil myself. Nope. Nope. NOPE. FREAKIN’ NOP-dangit :(

  • Cristian Valentin

    this is non canon it’s just a bunch of what if scenarios the worst that it will do is show some characters you might not know and show some places you might not know

  • Zero anime

    Love all the work they did wanna said CONGRATULATION GUY SEE THAT U REALLY ADVANCED

    in the game really happy now because more people to kick ass large maps with good time of playing u can enjoy ur self u did lot better then naruto storm 3 to said a love anime and games but and naruto when u done story mode is kind boring but they did good job doing boss battle and decision when u use ultimate justu that show lil flash back but is too quickly think they need to add more hp bar like put different color or more defence and more ways to block any attack u can only use sub and guard and they really need to work making game more hard was too easy will said the last battle was the only think hard for me and need to fix rank battle math make rematch no looking again for other player but still is so so game for me now. for one piece just love the hard work this guy make a love when people work hard for something because they know people going to see it they wanna give all only think a hope this game have 1vs1 versus when u fight with people going to be just epic saw other videos with mission is amazing u take more time playing in mission and haki mode and chopper is badass now no like before was a pain in the ass to use him a just hope this game became a hit and lot people buy and they keep making game and even better. Ps4 Gum gum pirate warrior 3 :P

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    stop being a comment nazi

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    Wow this game sucks. Gotta return it. I’d settle for the naruto epicness

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    Then stop wasting your time commenting and actually give it to someone that knows a good quality game when he sees one.

  • PB360

    I’m sure you naruto and sasuke will have a beautiful threesome.

  • nicholas deo

    Not even a good quality game. I don’t think anyone I know wants it. So il just return back to be games

  • nicholas deo

    Not my fault that storm 3 is better then this.

  • PB360

    Yet you still bought it. So who ends up looking stupid? maybe the two people you know don’t want it but over 500,000 people do and while you wasted money on something you were clearly biased on from the start everyone else has bought a product they are getting entertainment from. You just sound sad and stupid when you make an unnecessary comment

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    Only an idiot would import a game without being sure they’d like it. This guy, nicholas is lying obviously, being a typical narutard.

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    You should study a little more punctuation… =P Its lack compromises the understanding

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    bartholemew kuma my main characters ..+ Robin ,hancock And Marco. :D DDD

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    Mihawk , Zoro , Usopp and Robin for me :D

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    I was stating my opinion. I could care less what you think. Have you even played the game yet, there are characters still missing, even more if compared to storm 3. Haki is always spammed and the storymode sucks. If you don’t respect my opinion then gtfo, nobody forced you to reply you know…-_-

  • nicholas deo

    Well I got it from a mate who came from Japan. Mainly he gave it to me and he intends to go back to watch Dbz. I guess iam a narutard lol, ain’t gonna lie about that, but I don’t think it’s perfect.

  • darkhero3500

    37 characters in total (9 are the PTS Characters from Luffy grup)
    plus 2 blackbeards so in this game you have 26 new characters =) its still good…you got alot of interesting characters by the way sorry for spoiler!

  • Italorr

    Give an actual argument with cited reasons please? Oh I’m sorry, that’s obviously out of your abilities considering you’re a cute little kid who likes to rage on websites just for the sake of attention.

  • Italorr

    I don’t respect your opinion at all. “there are characters still missing, even more if compared to storm 3″. Well Storm 3 has about 50 characters that no one is even going to bother playing, plus there was a huge fanboy riot on four characters not being playable. OP PW2 actually gives characters that are wanted to play, and still has more to add for PW3, so think of the possibilities before you state your not so respectable opinion on a One Piece article.

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    A good amount of characters were added considering the first game only came out last year, don’t think i can say the same for storm 3 for the time it was in dev.

  • Robert Peterson

    I like Mac and cheese

  • BrainYZ

    Actually the improvement from PW1 to PW2 is way bigger than from NUNSG to NUNS3 because in PW2 there is more than twice the characters in PW1 (36-13=23) each of them is having a big moveset and completely new story mode (dream story) a massive improvement in the fighting style (haki) and longer combo for returning characters and bigger stages (including new ones) and awesome supports that you can play with them while in NUNS3 only 10 new characters all of them are having short and broken moveset and short combos for returning characters also removing one combo and unnecessary anime picture to make the ultimate jutsu longer and not putting characters the fans wanted and a story mode made of only talking all the time and few matches in between (LOL) and many of glitches and ring out (special for spammers) and no new moveset for the people deserves it (Tsunade).

    and if you don’t like the story of PW2, they didn’t have enough story to put in it, and I have to remind you of the dumb ending of NUNS3 (the villains escaping like cowards).

  • PB360

    you didn’t state an opinion you said and I quote “Wow this game sucks.” That’s a statement. My guess is you just suck at the game and are butthurt. Stop trying to make everyone feel the way you do because it won’t work. You wasted time and money no one else did.

  • Davide Salvadori

    Why, just why? I don’t care what you think about Storm 3 or any other game, if you don’t give an explanation about your opinion you’re just wasting time!

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    You could have tried the demo before buying it idiot

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    But he “stated” an “opinion”. -_- facepalm*
    But he did it the wrong way.

  • KingSora1991

    You don’t have to respect it. But you have to accept it. It’s his opinion and he’s not going to change it because fanboys like you are pissed that a person who supported the game by buying the game with their own money and disliked it,. So everybody on here has to talk all good stuff of this game? LOL. You’re kidding right?

  • KingSora1991

    You’re right its not perfect. But its not bad either. Though Pirate Warriors 1 was kind of better. Even though this has more characters the other was a bit longer.

  • Wonderful

    Mihawk, Franky(Time skip), Marco, and Akainu for me!!

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    …really? You are confusing the verb “to state” with the noun “a statement”. To state something is simply to speak, a statement is a definite expression of something. Every opinion is a statement but not every statement is an opinion. Both “This game sucks” and “I think this game sucks” are statements but only the later is an opinion. 2 words would have made the difference so no need to facepalm.

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    He doesn’t have to respect it or accept it, but the opinion does not have to change either. It would be one thing if he supported it but even before the game was released he was not impressed by it so making a comment about it after buying it is just silly. A lot of people have shared constructive criticism hell even I as a strong supporter of the game have, but to bash something you didn’t want from the start after buying it in a field where you know everyone else already enjoys it and would be upset is also ridiculous. If Italorr has to accept that dumb***es opinion than he has to accept the over 500,000 people who bought the games opinion.

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    lol too bad the majority don’t think that.

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    I’m not confused. You’re the only confused one here.

  • KingSora1991

    The statement he made was an opinion. Deal with it. He doesn’t have to go all out in details.

  • KingSora1991

    Yes you do have to accept it LOL. Its the same thing as “deal with it”. You either don’t reply to him or you do but you hurt fanboys reply to him acting like there’s nothing wrong with the game. He didn’t even buy it i think. He got it from a friend. Read the comments. Even if he didn’t want the game in the beginning why can’t he get the game and try it out to see if his view is different when playing it? Anyone can do that. People do all the time. How is he bashing something when he already played it? LOL. I can understand if he never played it but HE DID! So much hurt in your comment.

  • PB360

    …Again really? I’ll never understand what is so hard about admitting you made a mistake. Even after I explained it to you, you want to insist he was just in his statement. There is no “go all out in details” about anything, all he had to do was say “I think this game sucks.” two words and even then it doesn’t change the fact that he pointlessly shared an opinion in a space he knew it would not sway any opinions. What is the point of sharing an opinion if you know it’s not going to change anyone’s mind? I don’t understand your frustration at all you’re not even the target of any criticism or flaming so why involve yourself?

  • PB360

    Where did I say there was nothing wrong with the game and where did he say what was wrong with the game? He made a random statement so I made an equally random reply. Every game has flaws and if you asked me I would tell you there are flaws in the game, but that doesn’t mean the game sucks. If he shared his opinions no one would be upset right now The problem wasn’t him trying it out it was that he felt the need to make a comment he knew would not affect anyone’s opinion’s or purchase of the game and would only upset people. I read that comment and honestly it makes less sense now that he’d comment the way he did if he spent no money, could just as easily return the game, and no one asked for his opinion why post this game sucks and then add further insult to injury by referring to a game that has nothing to do with this article. That is the core issue I think you and him are ignoring and it’s common on the internet. Someone bashes something without explanation then when people reply he says “it’s my opinion fanboy”. I’m not hurting at all in fact if anything I’m laughing at how upset you are about something that has nothing to do with you really.

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    You said you’ll return it back to eb games… yet you then state that you got it from a friend who came from Japan… Your story is off. Clearly just a troll

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    Thats cuz you all fanboys. One piece, I dont mind it but their games are terrible. Even a underdeveloped sh1tty game like Storm 3 is better then this.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    Just because I like OP doesn’t mean I’m a fanboy, you’re overrating and abusing the meaning of that term you ignorant monkey. my turd is better developed than storm 3. and even if this OP game is lamer than storm 3, AT LEAST the developers cared enough to finish the game and not rip us off for just greed. OP games will always be better than storm 3. DEAL WITH IT.

  • DavidBowieSamaSenpaiSan

    OP games will never be better. OP game developers care but CC2 couldn’t give a sh!t and still do better. Just stating facts. It’s not about the developers is about the game btw.

  • KingSora1991

    all he had to do was say “I think this game sucks.”

    He doesn’t have to say it all nice the way you want it. He apparently didn’t like it. And apparently you have a problem with his opinion because he is saying something negative about the game? I involved myself because people like you should be told to just deal with it. And why can’t i? I was also thinking of getting this game. You don’t like his opinion? Too bad! No one is forcing you to reply.

  • KingSora1991

    “Every game has flaws and if you asked me I would tell you there are flaws in the game, but that doesn’t mean the game sucks.”

    Are you still on this? He thinks it sucks! Move on amigo! This is the problem you are having. And its really annoying. The guy just thinks outloud and he has to be forced to say things in a nice manner about the game that he hated?

    “If he shared his opinions no one would be upset right now”

    He did share his opinion! Wow. I don’t think there’s a point in arguing with you. You’re just a biased Piecetard just like the others on here.

    Person A: Well what’s your opinion on Pirates 2?

    Person B: “Wow this game sucks. Gotta return it. I’d settle for the naruto epicness”

    “I’m not hurting at all in fact if anything I’m laughing at how upset you
    are about something that has nothing to do with you really.”

    Yeah people always say that. You’re def persistent that he didn’t make a opinion which technically he DID. Um it has nothing to do with me but it has nothing to do with you either. He just commented here. You replied to him. So have I.

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    I’m just waiting for him to make a character roster vid. Want to know all of the characters

  • PB360

    You really are ruining your case and helping mine. That little example you whipped out proves my point, no one asked him for his opinion so his statement was not a reply thus it can only be a statement ad though it was fact. I’d ask how what I said makes me a piece tard but I’m so used to idiots like you that it’s not worth it. The only reason I stated that I can admit the games flaws is to use as proof that I am not just a piece tard but your so ignorant that it went right over your head. You’re a bigger dumbass than the guy who was looking for attention in this forum for posting an opinion no one asked.

  • KingSora1991

    “That little example you whipped out proves my point, no one asked him
    for his opinion so his statement was not a reply to an inquiry about his
    opinion, thus it can only be a statement represented as though it was

    Why does someone HAVE TO ASK FOR HIS FKING OPINION? ARE YOU SLOW? This is the comments section. Like no one asked you to reply to him and get offended like you did. Here maybe I should refresh your memory.

    “I’m sure you naruto and sasuke will have a beautiful threesome.”

    Are you kidding me? LOL. You act like a little punk because you weren’t satisfied with someone’s opinion? I see FAIL written all over you. And your little comment about D***rider is invalid. How am I one I’m just trying to say this guy is making an opinion on a game he fking played. And you’re in-denial. You are hurt fanboy who can’t accept their wrong. I lost this argument? Yeah ok bud. I’m not the one who can’t accept others opinions when they already tried something out already. And lose the fake smile. You know you’re a sad case xD.

  • PB360

    I don’t think there is any reason to continue trying to educate you so I’ll just say this, it’s been fun I hope everyone who’s read our little spat will have a good laugh as they continue to play the games they enjoy. Maybe one day you’ll come back and read this and realize how stupid you sound, or not it really doesn’t matter to me. I’m sure you Naruto Sasuke and Nicholas will have a wonderful foursome and share all of your opinions with the world. I’m sure you’ll still reply to this comment with more of your “opinions” but no one will care. My only advice for you is to just deal with it =P

  • PB360

    btw down voting my argument doesn’t make you any more correct, but iI guess if it makes you feel better be my guest =)

  • KingSora1991

    Clap Clap Clap Clap* Way to run away from an argument that you can’t win kid. That’s right run along and play your rubber game.

    PS. I never made any opinions.

  • KingSora1991

    btw you have your biased fangirls down voting my comments and you as well. Hypocritical much?

  • Italorr

    I haven’t purchased the game yet, so I would suggest you stop assuming things you do not know. I never said I didn’t accept it either, I just don’t respect it. Assumptions and assumptions, one after the other. Try making an argument with actual logical reasons before you ramble on in an assumptive paragraph claiming that I have already bought the game and have experienced it.

  • Italorr

    Yeah, you really just proved PB360′s point in that comment. The only thing you’re really doing now is insulting for no good reason, except you can.

  • KingSora1991

    And since when did i say or assumed you bought the game? And how do you know I do NOT know? And since when did in my comment did I tell you that you didn’t accept his opinion? Boy you just keep putting words in my mouth do you? Your logic is broken. Come at me when you have a better argument and when its on topic. You’re definitely sidetracked.

  • KingSora1991

    Oh and PB360 didn’t insult anybody? He was the one who started it all. You’re biased just like the rest. Just leave. The argument he gave was false. Anyone who isn’t biased can see that. But wait there’s no such thing in the One Piece community! smh*

  • Amaterasu

    This game sucks!
    Where is the fishman island arc where is punk hazard? -.-
    Just random dream Storys lol…
    Its exactly like PW1 with more characteres + Thriller Bark and Skypia O.o really cool…

  • Michael Sneddon

    theres just one mistake though….u only get one blackbeard, before he absorbs whitebeards devil fruit ability…I got all the characters yesterday finally and the last few are the old strawhats like hero says… but sadly there isn’t any blackbeard with the tremor fruit skill

  • Kiera

    What did I have to do to unlock the True Ending? Can I miss this?

  • Kira

    Another stupid comment —.—