One Piece Returns to Toonami

Posted by Omar Khan
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At MoMoCon 2013, an anime and gaming convention that is being held today in Atlanta, GA (USA), the good people over at Toonami are holding a panel to reveal the latest in regards to anime programming on the North American version of Cartoon Network.

One of the huge reveals is that One Piece will be making it’s return to the Toonami programming block! Yes, One Piece returns to Toonami! The show originally aired on from 2005 to 2008, but was removed shortly before Toonami was cancelled.

Toonami made it’s comeback in May of 2012 with Bleach and brought Naruto back in December in addition to a host of other shows.

We will follow up with additional details in the coming months, when Cartoon Network / Toonami releases them. This includes the time, episode number, and date when One Piece will begin to air.

(Image of Toonami panel at MoMoCon 2013)

Source: Toonami News on Twitter

  • John Ramirez

    THE BIG 3.

  • John Ramirez

    The Big 3.

  • Uh oh, now we have Naruto, Bleach, AND One Piece? My Toonami is officially back :)

  • angry potato

    it might be dumb, whats exactly ‘toonami’

  • JamesMarrshal

  • narutobleachop

    Toonami is an animated programming block on the tv station Cartoon Network in the USA.

  • Hagareno

    Pretty happy this happened. I’m not really a fan of these dubs, but I’m glad the big 3 are back on. Hopefully One Piece will start right after Skypea to avoid boring people out.

  • PB360

    I knew it was bound to happen with how popular the funimation dub has been. I’m glad it’s back on so people in america who saw it as a stupid series thanks to 4kids can now appreciate it a bit more. I actually hope they start from the first episode and work there way up so it doesn’t go on break like bleach ends up doing every other month.

  • EA575

    Hopefully this’ll boost Toonami’s ratings even more :)

  • Blazin Chill

    THE SH!T….jus tune into Cartoon Network on Saturday nights at 12 n be filled with awe, as ur mouth drops from the amazing line up that is TOONAMI…

    Im in the US btw

  • RedDragon10

    Holy crap…I wake up to this!!!! This is great news!!!!!

  • Sam Kennedy

    All they need now is Shippuden :P

  • *Super~Sayian*

    REMOVE the unnessesary censorship then people might actually watch it

  • anthony aspax

    i HOPE Its the funimation version!!!!!!

  • BlackLeopard13


  • Vertti Sinisalo

    I honestly didnt know OP has a english dub.

  • dubaloseven

    No, as a 4kids representitive we struck a deal where Toonami will air all One Piece episodes with both the original voice actors and new, even worse voice actors playing at the same time for each character. Why? Because we are strange, sad little men with a fetish for weeping, and your tears are simply delicious. That’s why.

  • DarkBlade16

    4kids doesnt have the right to it any more as they lost that and yugioh now funimation got both of them look it up

  • Donald Barnett

    I wanna be excited but they will probably be the same ones from the last time toonami was on which I have already seen. They could at least start it off from when they stopped showing english dubbed episodes. hope Im wrong tho.

  • The Red Kitsune

    The gods have answered my prayers! Toonami strikes back, one step closer to world domination. The only thing I could ask for that would make toonami better is Rurōni Kenshin, and Yu Yu Hakusho!

  • Baryll


    Am I mad…or am I happy….

    This Toonami was supposed to be for newer anime, well, at least that’s what the people who worked to revive it wanted. But all I’m seeing is the old Toonami.

    Now, I wouldn’t have had a problem with this if the whole block was literally just Shonen, where do other animes get love? What about animes like Madoka Magica, Tiger and Bunny, Fate/Zero, etc.

    I hope that they can do well enough to extend the time they have on the lineup. Wouldn’t you rather see the Shonens air at an earlier time?
    But yay, they got Evangelion 1.11 for next week.

  • PB360

    Having popular series at the front increases the popularity of the line-up, esspecially as some series end other series will replace them. I’m sure the series you want to see on toonami will find there way there just give it some time. Hell a lot of people wanted to see one piece on toonami as it got poor treatment the first time around and now it’s on there so just be patient.

  • cory hawks

    4Kids doesn’t exist anymore they went out of business

  • cory hawks

    Actually One Piece is an ongoing Anime & will be ongoing for probably 10 more years

  • cory hawks

    This is great OP in the US is finally making a real comeback with Funimation having it licensed up to Enies Lobby & now it’s back on Toonami.

  • Baryll

    I’m aware ^^

  • Baryll

    I do get what you’re saying, but it’s a bit insulting to the other large portion of people.

  • The Red Kitsune

    I actually agree with this, I would love to see fate/zero on toonami. Maybe they could have two blocks, a classic throwback one say on a weekday or something , and then the newer stuff on Saturdays

  • Aldridge517


  • Haoshoku_Haki

    cant get toonami in Australia so i will say something completely unrelated.
    is anyone else super happy for the return of Whose Line Is It Anyway? I cant wait

  • Idy Inyang

    They better use Funimation; I would kill the staff at Toonami if they use that atrocity that is 4Kids.

  • Baryll

    Ideally I’d put it like this~
    9:30 – SYM-Biotic-Titan
    10:00 – One Piece
    10:30 – Naruto
    11: 00 – Bleach
    11:30 – Soul Eater
    12:00 – ThunderCats
    12:30 – Tenchi Muyo! GXP
    1:00 – FMA Brotherhood
    1:30 – Inuyasha
    2:00 – Cowboy Bebop

    To be truthfully honest, If I were in charge I’d take out the following.

    - Cowboy Bebop (Has been airing WAY too long, everyone is tired of it, and Toonami is too stubborn to remove it.)
    -Inuyasha (This has just been on Toonami and AS way too long too, it’s just getting boring, given.)
    - FMA Brotherhood (They have replayed, restarted, and re-aired this series way too much. It is a lovely series, – although I prefer the first anime – but I think it’s time for a break.)
    - ThunderCats (Not fit for Toonami, not because it’s not a “true” anime, but because it would fit better alongside a lineup like Clone Wars, etc.)
    - Naruto (For obvious reasons, I’d rather have Shippuuden. But alas, thanks Disney.)
    - Tenchi Muyo! GXP (It’s not really the best of shows, and can easily be replaced with something worth watching.)
    - Eureka 7 (Honestly, Eureka 7 is cool. But it has been on for a good time during Adult Swim.)

    Shows I’d like to see on Toonami at some point:
    - Baka and Test
    - Code Geass
    - Evangelion
    - Sailor Moon (2013 Rebuild)
    - Madoka Magica
    - Panty and Stocking
    - Death Note
    - Tiger and Bunny
    - Fate/Zero
    - Oreimo
    - Lain
    - Steins; Gate

    - And More.


    naruto lose bleach my favorite anime one piece ok

  • asc kurosaki

    cant wait

  • Ibrahim

    i hate the DUB but i’ll still watch it

  • Curtishon LudaFactor Rozay


  • DavidBowieSamaSenpaiSan

    Where my legendary Dragon Ball at. >_>

  • Uchiha D. Obito

    i kno wat u mean sub is better lol

  • UhmYeahxD

    Anyone know if the UK will be seeing a return of Toonami at any point this year then or..?

  • Jaye J

    4kids are a disgrace and thank god don’t have the rights anymore.

  • Jaye J

    TBH, if they brought back Yu Yu Hakusho, I would actually jizz in my pants lol.

  • Jaye J

    I agree some shows, need to be put on break or something lol Thundercats was already aired on CN in general(I watched it), Inuyasha needs to go(it’s been on for too long), Fma Brotherhood I love but they’ve already shown so it’s just re-runs. Death note absolutely(love it), Fate/Zero, Sailor moon (I’ve wanted a remake for that), there are plenty of options that could fill those spots, so hopefully they go through with it.

  • Jaye J

    This is a new Toonami that’s been started up, but to fully know Toonami just look up it’s galore.

  • Jaye J

    Hell Yes! this is what people been asking for, Big 3 renuited and it feels so good.
    The sad thing is that I didn’t know about this convention, I stay in Atl,Ga………………Dammit.

  • RedDragon10

    It was suppose to be for newer anime? I don’t think so. The people that worked to revive it wanted their classics back. These classics being dbz, yu yu hakusho, ruroni kenshin etc. I’m sure they also wanted to see newer anime being broadcasted as well but not without their classics as well.

  • GameFreak2O12

    I hope they put it back from where it left off, cause it wouldnt make sense to start all over again it would take over 2 years to get back to where it left off since it airs every Saturday. I mean Naruto started from episode 1, but it never got canceled, they had marathons and everything and they showed the last episode.

  • Will Richter

    We just need dragon ball z now and Toonami will be complete again :D

  • Will Richter

    And maybe BO-BO-BOBOOBBOBO

  • Shuran

    it has begun!

  • Shuran

    they cant air 4kids dubs why would they not use funimation… its stupid to even dough that they will use it

  • Bdock3601

    eh “the big 3″ for me were always naruto,onepiece, and dragon ball.

  • Bdock3601

    my god 4 kids dirtied my soul with their dub of one piece, i mean they replaced laboon with a darn iceberg!!!

  • Bdock3601


  • Jaye J

    It wasn’t necessarily supposed to be JUST new anime only as the original Toonami started with it’s older fans. They’ll most likely work there way to new anime shows, but not just throw the older shows to the side. The ones who have been wanting it revived was mainly (not all) older fans of Toonami and have been wanting it ever since it got canceled. In all, I believe they want to bring new & old fans alike, because newer fans who probably haven’t seen these shows, will get to.

  • Pokemon Trainer Red

    Ehhh its alright….

  • angry potato

    oh.. okay thanks.

  • demonsrage

    I started of with the english one but then went on to subbed probs not gonna go back to English but pretty awesome that they will continue making them

  • kwame

    no I don’t like this ideal only because now we have to wait for them to get all the way up to 258 in dub just to get new ep and we just got to the cp9 man F my life

  • Edward Watkins

    if they show uncut naruto it would be utterly stupid to not show uncut one piece

  • GKage

    why you so OP?

  • Femi Adams

    Well not really because DBZ had ended before the term big three was even coined, this was due to the manga. Did you read the manga for Dragonball when it was in Jump. Doubt you did…

    But to each his own…

  • BlackLeopard13


  • Scott Hickinson

    This news actually makes me sad because I can’t watch toonami. PS: I’m from the UK

  • The Red Kitsune

    I think nickelodeon has the rights to DBZ now?

  • PB360

    don’t think so since CW11 also plays DBZ Kai

  • khunglongconduy

    oh,poor you.You are from UK….BUT I’M FROM VIETNAM.wheeeeeeeee,WTF

  • Charlie Blowe

    Yes, Dragonball Z Kai is currently airing on the nicktoons network

  • Antar Brown

    And you don’t want to watch it lol.. unless it’s the newer dub versions anyway.

  • Antar Brown

    Hopefully if this all works out, we’ll get a huge anime fan base from OP’s influence while its aired and then we’ll get more privileges like Eruope. Their fan base is huge.

  • The Red Kitsune

    Ah yeah you are right wow company’s just cant seem to hold on to any of the good animes anymore. Doesn’t cartoon network and Cw work together? I seeing the same shows on both channels when I was younger.

  • Joseph Cregier

    Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Dragon Ball are the old big 3(and the best) haha.

  • Alex Gill

    You are lucky. No anime on TV in the UK!

  • Vertti Sinisalo

    My heart skipped a beat just now lol, I wasnt expecting so many upvotes.

  • Joseph Gonzalez


  • Joseph Gonzalez

    I don’t think it really matters anymore. Anime isn’t on the rise like it used to be back when toonami was good. Cartoon Network and all other channels from the 90s and early 00s will never be the same.

  • sasuke

    all I need is one piece crunchy roll got me hook on subs

  • sasuke

    to bad bleach has ended till the manga ends.

  • sasuke


  • sasuke

    hell yea

  • sasuke

    well i think eye shield 21 is a really good anime that should be on toonami.

  • sasuke

    A good classic is saint seiya

  • sasuke

    PS Death note was on adult swim before

  • sasuke

    lmao what you smokeing its not AH my goddess!

  • Dan Brenkert

    The Funi dub is 100X more accurate then the 4kids dub, I noticed this just from watching a comparison video and remembering back to the mangas i read as a kid…but i hope to god i absolutely hop they some how get the 4kids intro…. YA YO YA YOOOO!

  • Ray Smith

    I hope they op replace thunder cats..I hate that new cats

  • Guest

    i miss zatch bell

  • Killer Popo

    Actually the old big 3 were Pokemon, Yugioh, and Dragonball if you go by views LOL

  • Killer Popo

    Or they could bring Yoshiro Togashi(creator of Yu Yu Hakusho)’s current anime to Toonami called Hunter x Hunter.

  • Killer Popo

    The Funimation dub is much better than the 4kids dub so it won’t be terrible on Toonami

  • Jaye J

    Yea, Hunter x Hunter would be a wonderful addition. Hopefully they would dub the 2011 version, both great works by Togashi.

  • Obitos

    It’s gonna be as uncut as any other show on too nami since its on adult swim it will have all the blood all violence we want

  • Joshua Miller

    It does, originally by 4kids which ruined it’s US chances at first, and then funi took it over. Funi made it take off before cartoon network eliminated anime during the daytime…

  • Joshua Miller

    You think we’d allow your companies murderous hands if it was still alive to touch our precious anime again? You guy screwed up one piece in it’s first redemption, why would it be allowed again? But oh wait your comment gives away the fact your just a troll and know how much we all despised 4kids when they attempted it, screwing up the simplest of facts to make it “kid friendly” you really are dumb

  • Joshua Miller

    that show was just weird, I remember that ha ha

  • Joshua Miller

    Now if only toonami would get more days, and hours :P

  • Joshua Miller

    Wouldn’t make much sense, because it would be a new beginning for it on toonami, thus meaning it would need to start anew, though maybe they’ll get some deal to help get it up to speed such as more toonami time allowing for double episodes of each show

  • Joshua Miller

    That show ended, and from what I heard rather brutally behind the scenes with the anime and manga creators…

  • Joshua Miller

    Yeah they just need like a 3 or 4 episode streak so that they can catch it up each week. But then it wouldn’t truly be caught up because they’d get so many episodes aired and completed in Japan before we can even air one or two in sub/dub

  • Joshua Miller

    To be honest, one piece is still airing episodes so it’s not really old and needs time to catch up. Death Note was on already and aired, reaired, then reaired again for awhile. I need to watch Naruto in it’s fullest but they do need Shippuden, I’m pretty sure it’s not as nice as Disney friendly’s it up to be. That just seems like a 4kids move for them to have it when it’s not even kid appropriate. Sailor Moon however would be great. But all these would have to air from start and play catchup for new fans or potential new fans. Plus it was already said they were getting Evangelion, or as I think they said it “Evangelion1.11″. One piece needed to come back because of the fact it was popular and unfairly ended because of cn’s big “we need money, oh your show doesn’t want to let us make money from it’s toys and merch? well see the door? Go”

  • Joshua Miller

    yeah and aired 10 thousand times ha ha

  • OP? :o

  • Joshua Miller

    If you mean the 4kids dub I understand the pain. But the funi dub was so much better and the voices they used fit so much better

  • John Ramirez

    Me too. But DBZ is apparently too “old” to fit into that category. I still like Bleach but it’s oviously the worse out of the 3.

  • John Ramirez

    You dolt. The 4kids is so bad that it is illegal to watch it. LOL

  • nicholas deo

    Top 3 for me lol
    1. Dbz
    2. Naruto
    3. Bleach

  • Antione Guyton

    Ok, Now I’m not in a bad mood anymore…

  • brazybear


  • dubaloseven

    Wow, sometimes I forget some people don’t get internet humor.

  • Joshua Miller

    We don’t joke around when it comes to One Piece, especially if it means people like 4kids getting their hands on it again…that was huge mistake and a crime against humanity

  • Zaher Al-issa

    all we need is dragon ball z back

  • If we EVER get the back, Toonami will be back on top. But I think Nicktoons has rights DBZ now :/ Not even showing it right like I like it.

  • joshua smith


  • Crayon Blast

    Anyone hear remember Zatch Bell or Gash?

  • disqus_QlupJhuVn8

    4kids had the best opening though haha

  • GameFreak2O12

    I just saw this Toonami commercial saying that One Piece is back on Toonami on May 18th (announced already), BUT its gonna start back where it got cut off from years ago, it’ll start right after they leave Skypiea. Spread the word, and im only posting this cause it hasn’t been updated on Saiyan island yet, but it will be soon i guess.

  • Bryan Duncan

    Yeah…the manga artist–after the series ended–was supposed to get his illustrations back. However, they missed two I think it was, and the author sued Shogakukan(the company). This led to the anime ending abruptly. :/

  • zolo1234

    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Gotham Ninja

    Though I doubt DBZ will return thanks to that awful remake airing on Nicktoons >:(

  • The Gotham Ninja

    Which freakin sucks, I cant stand DBZ Kai!

  • The Gotham Ninja

    Thats true, the Vortex plays DBZ Kai as well. And even worse is the fact that it ends after the Cell Games

  • The Gotham Ninja

    That was long ago, now Cw’s saturday morning block is property of Saban Brands

  • The Gotham Ninja

    I still want Yu Yu Hakusho and Ruroni Kenshin back