Super Saiyan God Pictures (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods)

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How about he takes it up to the next level! Goku is the Super Saiyan God, a power beyond that of the Super Saiyan 3! He has red hair, red eyes, and what looks to be an even more sparkly gold aura. The Super Saiyan God pictures, or rather scans, come from the latest issue of V-Jump. There is also an interview with Akira Toriyama. Please visit the Akira Toriyama Interview (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods) page for an English translation.

The screenshot below is of Super Saiyan God Goku in the Japanese arcade game, Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale.

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the 18th movie in the Dragon Ball anime series. It will take place between Dragon Ball manga chapters 517 and 518, in the 10 year timeskip after Goku defeats Buu, but before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Akira Toriyama along with Toei Animation, Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Bandai, and Namco Bandai Games are all involved. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is set to release in Japanese theaters March 30, 2013. There is no word on a North American or European release date at this time for either.

  • Jonathan Rivera Almodovar

    I wonder why dident goku use Ssjg in other dbz episodes in GT

  • uchihalord1994

    Hmm kinda disappointed lol :/ i thought it was kaioken lmao

  • Shiro

    Yeah, me too…

  • planetarychidori

    Like if you think you expected a better look of Super Saiyan God Mode!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaber Almarzouqi

    It’ll be better is SSJ God form is the same as others … I mean golden hair will be better :/

  • uchihalord1994

    Ikr! :/ from an EPIC HAIR WITH NO EYEBROWS DUDE! to a regular from with some red color JUST LIKE KAIOKEN! -.- wow they really didn’t take their time thinking it over ha…

  • Scott Ramen Boy Baker

    in other dbz episodes in gt.. lol because DBZ is a diffrent series compared to GT, dragonball gt is considerd non canon since there was no Manga writting from it, and so like most dbz movies that never fit the time line its non canon, only movies that fit a timeline is episode of bardock, histroy trunks, battle of the gods, 40 year aniversey son goku and friends return,

  • Jaber Almarzouqi

    I agree

  • Hurtnaruto15

    Eh… I expected better but this is pretty cool. Red eyes and red hair = EVIL GOKU BWAHAHAH. lol jk. Still.. it sorta looks like kaioken with golden aura. OHH it also looks like that false super saiyan where his aura is golden,hair is red but instead of eyes fully white its red. Actually now that i think about it… this was to be expected. in the scan above where it says super saiyan god silhouette it shows this goku in the toei animation office.

  • Shogunreaper

    So he just goes kaioken…

    Hell even SS4 made more sense than that.

  • Hurtnaruto15

    I just re-evaluated the silhouette and this looks nothing like it. In the silhouette it shows him having spiky hair like a super saiyan but in this it shows goku’s normal hair.

  • cathie smith

    this jus end better news than super saiyan god budokai 4 plus raging blast 3 with major dlc coming soon lol

  • Cristian Valentin

    got a good feeling about this movie

  • Sergio Andres Toledo Sepulveda

    redhead ftw

  • SalvadorRamirez

    He’ll be good in action though

  • Danny BelieveIt Duncan

    His hair doesn’t even stand up, this looks exactly like kaioken but with red eyes

  • Tae Norman

    I’m a bit disappointed,but this is Goku.Lol it will grow on to us when we watch it guys!

  • JamesMarrshal

    Looks wicked as hell.

  •ózsef-Pálos/100001576711815 József Pálos

    Amm guys. It’s super saiya-jin god, not Super Saiya-jin 4, of course it looks similar to SSj1. It’s kind of the same thing as legendary super saiya-jin, it’s a special ssj1 level, that is happens to be super strong, just as Broly’s LSSJ. Of course it’s not too special looking. Still that red eyes are giving some really creepy looks to Goku.

  • SalvadorRamirez

    to me it looks like they’ll be more levels of super saiyan god this is just his base form anyone else agree?

  • uchihalord1994


  • uchihalord1994

    I hope ur right !

  • king

    I really thought Akira Toriyama was going to make Super Saiyan G look so much alsome then even super saiyan 4. But Goku looks like a false super saiyan mix with kaioken. I don’t know if it lazyness or not but I was really hoping for a very cool appearance. I am proud to say that even super saiyan 4 looks better looking then super saiyan g. (Wish it ssg had more creativity to it but I just have to get use to it.)

  • hafiz ikhwan

    son goku fight in battle of god

  • BlackLeopard13

    What, that is Super saiyan god. I am bit disappointed, but I am still going to watch this movie XD

  • Daj7237

    The pic in the top left of the scan looks kinda cool…

  • a dlc costume character

    finally goku became redhead >_>

  • disqus_9MzOOoRthn

    Wait . But in older scans it saiys blue aura wt ??

  • a dlc costume character

    i think that’s before he become a ssg

  • John Ramirez

    Looks like Hyper Dying Will Mode.

  • faivel

    I expected him to be ssj4 style :(

  • pervysage1608

    I expected Toriyama to be original and he succeeded. Better than SSJ4 in my opinion lol

  • pervysage1608

    He looks a lot younger and slender, nothing like kaioken. Very interesting. I wonder how long he can stay like that (not very long) duh and how powerful he is

  • pervysage1608

    I expected to be Toriyama and not follow non canon stuff.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    This is kinda shocking.. toriyama is usually known for making outrages transformation designs. but this looks like his kid just drew goku with a red crayon. and decided to make this god mode. I refuse to believe that after so many years, toriyama would think this would be the perfect design. lol. there must be more to it.

  • pervysage1608

    yeah, my guess is this is just the outter shell of god mode and hopefully we’ll see more of it when the saga comes lol

  • D Collins

    This is freaking EPIC im satisfied with this. cant wait to see it in action

  • DesiGamer2005

    A little disappointed by his appearance, but not bad. I don’t know about you guys, but I get the feeling that even though this form surpasses SSJ3, that it will be a transformation exclusively from his base form as shown in the picture. I feel like it might be a similar case as that time Elder Kai unlocked Gohan’s powers but I could be wrong as we have seen SSJ Goku fight Bills in space. I’m not 100% sure. What do you guys think?

  • anthonydenizard23

    No it isn’t.

  • anthonydenizard23

    Is THIS really Super Saiyan God?

  • *Super~Sayian*

    oh really? so through out your imaginations of what super saiyan god would look like, you thought god mode would be regular goku? lol kids these days

  • Sawada Tsunayoshi

    Damn, Zenkai Battle Royale is getting the best kinda treatment. Getting new characters as soon as they’re shown. Damn I can’t wait ’till this game is finished

  • Raoh shiro

    i’ll be honest i’m disappointed! and I know a few of you are too..” I would have expected something similar to SSj4 but with some changes like golden fur, and hair that’s a mix with ssj3 and ssj4 and vivid golden eyes with no pupils (no red lining around the eyes nether!), with a golden aurora with golden lightning bolts and glistening sparks as if from a burning flame!! “that’s how I imagine a ssj god to look like not the very inefficient kaioken!

  • Monkey D. Ace

    So, is this canon or what? I mean, does this mean he can beat Supes now?

  • Kaiser

    im LMAO now. Ok we got a very bad looking Super Saiyan God and also the trigger for the transformation is extremely, extremely disappointing (Even to a point I might say gay). Even without watching the film it’s going to be useless. I say hold the film release and put Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta in it might be able to savage the films dignity

  • Vincent Duong

    Kaioken with red eyes? I was kinda expecting Blue hair or SSJ with blue aura

  • Vincent Duong

    Is it just me or has this month been full of disapointments? No Bijuu mode playable, no edo kage, this month Shippuden is all filler, PTS Characters, and now Kaioken with red eyes. Super Saiyan God is awesome but the design could have been better.

  • yoUNg_grOUp568

    Bijuu mode is playable… story mode

  • Dylan M. Rule

    now goku looks like Chrono

  • Scott Ramen Boy Baker

    you all complaining for? Oh its kaioken its kaioken go watch dbz again, Kaioken ungolfs goku in a RED AURA, his eyes and hair are BLACK but the hair reflects some RED, other then that GOKU , THIS super saiyan god, is diffrent then Kaioken. even the red colour is diffrent. google it and stop crying

  • sam

    Same they could have at least made the hair different.

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    wow lol looks strange to me =(

  • Hurtnaruto15

    Gahhh I wanna see what akira says in the interview but they have to translate it!!! God damn it. Why can’t I be japanese…

  • Sting Eucliffe

    The first movie with broly also fit right onto the ten days befor the cell games

  • Alessandro

    hmm..i expected something better :/ but still i have to watch him in the movie, maybe in there ill like it more..his power and all of that stuff

  • Spazmanian Devil

    I think Goku’s Super Saiyan God Mode looks friggin’ awesome. My only complaint is that I wish his hair would stick up. It looks kinda weird with his hair being the same shape as his base form.

  • marfox

    Actually his hair is red instead of yellow/golden, so it’s not his aura that makes his hair red. I actually like it, it’s different and I’m sure all you hoped it would look like some fanart :-/.

  • DavidBowieSamaSenpaiSan

    It’s just Super Kaoiken? When Goku vs Pikkon ._.

  • Markell Davis

    Creative? SSj 1 and 2 were the exact same, I actually like it, it seems like it’s a reference to chrono trigger.

  • Markell Davis

    I thought he approved it not designed it.

  • blurgz

    I really hope this magazine tricks us all and in the movie, his hair design will be like Mystic.

  • Matt Arnold

    I know some people are disappointed by the news of the super saiyan god. I actually kinda like it. It’s kinda like, he’s gone so far that it’s no longer a flashy transformation. It’s simple, clean, and the eyes look intimidating. Plus I’m sure once we see it in motion it’ll look a lot cooler.

  • Atarada

    You’re all mistaking. This is not “the” transformation, this is Goku becoming a god. His base form. He can still transform within that form. (It’s most likely gonna happen in the sequel, given the ending)

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I disagree, ssj2 was originally suppose to belong to just gohan. which is why his hair raised upward only then. so their was a “difference” at the time. but akira decided to make buu saga. and of course goku/vegeta’s hair were already raised up ward which is what made it seem exactly the same. not that it’s a big deal or anything. lol

  • Johny Tits

    I hope the power up scene won’t take half of the movie’s time.

  • John Ramirez

    Change the poll to ask about this form. I wanna see people’s opinion.

  • ZaNeCuDi

    its basically kaioken x god

  • Joseph Cregier

    This isn’t what I expected, but I’d rather have this cool form than a furry(cough SSJ4).

  • ZaNeCuDi

    akira is not the one making the movie…he is just giving advice

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    TBH I thought that SSJ God would look way more badass than any other transformation, but it looks even worst than Kaioken… -.-

  • *Super~Sayian*

    the movie’s canon, I’m pretty darn sure he’s giving more than just advice

  • Christopher James-Mason Paul

    Actually… I think this just RETCONNED Goku’s “Fake Super Saiyan” mode from the Lord Slug movie as Super Saiyan God. Back then, he had reddish hair with gold aura, too. And it wasn’t supposed to be Kaioken. O_O’

  • lenix anderson

    looks just like kaioken,not even that he looks just like he normally would.

  • sasuke

    I like this form he did the unexpected.

  • sasuke

    it could be goku base form fyi that mean the orig ssj was a redhead lol

  • sasuke

    shut up he looks boss

  • Adam Grider

    Akira is making it. You didn’t read his official statement a few months ago? This is picking up where the buu era left off. This is 100% Akira storyline.

  • Red Poison

    Underwhelming, maybe it ramps up into something else?

  • Chuchoman

    Don’t get me wrong but I prefer the SSJ4 than “this”. At least the SSJ4 was something new.

    May be in the next films or possible series Toriyama would make a new SSJ4.

  • QRL of the Saiyans

    This looks like… Hey, I wonder if this means that, when Goku became a ‘False Super Saiyan’, he somehow tapped into the power of the Super Saiyan God and the False Super Saiyan is nothing more than a rage-powered SSJG. There is a time limit involved in both, it seems. I mean Lord Slug isn’t canon, but this sure suggests something like that.

  • Gerardo Leon

    I think you guys are not really paying attention to the image.. Look at the top left corner you see his hair spiked up.. it kinda has a resemblance to Ssj4 Gogetas hair.. I don’t know about you guys but I like how he looks I’m satisfied… He looks pretty bad ass to me. :) The reason you guys are disappointed is because you had too much high hopes.

  • xDarksoul

    Ultimate Gohan would look much more Badass in this form though..i hope Gohan reaches this form in the future


    It not Kaio-Ken, its not the red aura making his hair red, it actually is red. plus its like 10000x stronger.

  • Adam I.

    Seems like they’re going for a “less is more” approach to it. Kinda surprising considering how over-the-top the series is by this point. I…kinda like it. Was expecting something ridiculous, I’m pleasantly surprised.

    The only thing bothering me about it is the fact that it looks VERY similar to “false super saiyan” from the Lord Slug movie

  • Ray Smith

    and mystic gohan if you think about it

  • Adam I.

    It’s a similar sorta thing in principle, yeah.

    Come to think of it, this would’ve been Toriyama’s chance to make Gohan suceed Goku as originally intended and have him do this instead. SSG could’ve instead been the form following Mystic Gohan or something, I dunno. Ah well, hopefully the movie is good regardless

  • NamekianJoker

    Picky picky picky… at least its not like a slightly altered Super Saiyan 3.

  • Uchiha Madara

    Didn’t expect anyone except GOKU!!!!!!

  • Spendamoneyquick

    SSJG2 is gunna look like a supersaiyan but with red hair. well played toriyama…well played.

  • DJ Track

    İt just looks like there will be god transformations for each SSJ transformation. SSJG, SSJG2, SSJG3.

  • William Brodie

    alot of people have forgotten one of the main mistakes villains make in dbz that AT has taught us never to do, Judge by appearances. Gohan regular hair untransformed stronger then a SSJ3, kid buu kid like piece of bubblegum, can DESTROY PLANETS, chichi and bulma, housewives and are the most fear women in dragonball you feel me

  • Jaye J

    I agree.

  • Jaye J

    Toriyama did not per say “design” SS4.

  • Jaye J

    Very very good point.

  • guest

    anyone noticed gogeta ssj4 has red hair ?

  • Jaye J

    Lol where have you been? when it was first announced it was said this movie is canon and is fully made by Akira. Akira stated himself.

  • Jaye J

    Looks pretty nice to me. He actually surprisingly looks a tad bit younger(upper left corner). Red hair = Don’t care haha Gold aura nice…seeing it is one thing but seeing it in action is another.

  • Alex Sam Anif

    So he reached his full potential in the movie Lord Slug (yes, I know that was semi-SSJ, but go check it out, it looks exactly like this). First of all, points for originality to Toriyama. I bet they bitched at him to no end to make a new Goku form so this is what he came up with just so they’d leave him alone. Damn corporate heads. Second, if you wanted something spectacular, why not have Vegeta go SSJ3 and make them do Fusion? That would beat any dumbass red-hair anyday of the week! Plus it’s been proven to work since Gotenks did it. Anyway, this is just gonna air in Japan. I don’t get why they don’t bring these movies to cinemas across the world. Dragonball, Naruto, OnePiece… There’s a worldwide fanbase that would gladly pay for a ticket to go and watch their movies at a local cinema!

  • Devin Ramos

    I am a die hard dbz fan. and i know ppl wont agree with me, but I think GT got the next stage right, from super saiyan 3, with super saiyan 4. I truly believe super saiyan 4 is the true super saiyan state. In DBZ, vegeta talks about the last super saiyan being the golden great ape but could not control the primitive mind and ended up destroy himself and their home planet. To achieve the true super saiyan form (super saiyan 4) you had to unlock the golden great ape, which was not achievable until you reach super saiyan 3, which is why when goku first transformed into super saiyan 3, they showed in his mind, the great ape, letting him know he has reached his goal. the way i see it is super saiyan 3 is equal to an ascended great ape (golden great ape). Now the real challenge was to over come the primitive mind of the great ape which had great difficulty. If I was to put myself back with the last super saiyan home planet where they found out to achieve the true super saiyan form (super saiyan 4) but realized the primitive mind must be controlled first, because the golden great ape is destroying their home planet, i would send a message to the saiyans as they are fleeing the planet to not focus on getting powerful but to learn to control the great ape, which after centuries pass when vegeta attacked goku on earth, he could not become the super saiyan 1 that we were introduced during the frieza, but he was able to control the great ape. give me your comments, what do you think? do youl ike my idea and why? do you hate my idea and why? im open for discussion

  • callum wharton

    i donno… sometimes simple is best


    No just f’n no


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    Who in the right mind would pass up free gold?


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  • Seph54

    Wrong all the movies are canon, they all fit in the timeline nothing new is ever presented and shows what has been going on between time jumps. The new movie will be the first movie to introduce a actual form that doesn’t get a fan-made name for a main character. The only thing not connected to DB series not canon is GT.

  • TsunaSawada- (Vongola Clan)

    false ssjg

  • banditxchief

    what do you mean by finished? I know the arcade version is already out and they just update it. Are they planning to release it on consoles?

  • Ray Smith

    ssjg3 will look like ssj2 and ssjg4 will look like ssj3

  • Ray Smith

    Yes indeed it has to be

  • Ray Smith

    there will be a part 2 of the movie

  • Nardzkie S GM

    thats look like goten. Using kaioken

  • Devin Ramos

    no, why?

  • BlackLeopard13

    I feel the same ^_^

  • BlackLeopard13

    Same feeling bro.

  • BlackLeopard13

    Hm, can’t say really, we have to wait till movie comes it.

  • BlackLeopard13

    Same here ^_^

  • BlackLeopard13

    Lol, I said the same thing O_O

  • BlackLeopard13

    Actually, only 3 movies are canon, while the rest are not,

    1. History of Trunks

    2. Bardock: The Father of Goku

    3. The Upcoming Battle of Gods.

  • Vash bane

    wait…basiclly he just brought false super saiyan back?

  • Ssj3Trunx97

    I just took a close look at these pictures and I think I might be on to something here…
    Ok. So first off (and probably most obvious) is the picture on the Magazine page (the one that vaguelyresembles the pose of the silhouette) doesn’t quite match up with the actual silhouette. For instance the hair. It’s not nearly so spiky as it appears in the silhouette. And another thing is in the trailer. Goku was seen transforming into god mode in SPACE. That That would imply that Goku and Bills would have their “Battle of Gods” exclusively in space correct? Well if this is the case then isn’t it kinda weird that the picture of Goku in God Form in the upper right hand corner of the magazine scan has God Goku standing on EARTH. Not up in space on some asteroid or something but on EARTH. So why would he be back on earth? I mean if they fought the whole fight and finished up in space why wouldn’t he transform back into his regular form when he returned to earth? Why continue wasting all the energy it must take to maintain such an extreme form? Well if Goku is as tired as he probably would after that sort of fight he wouldn’t. He’d be transforming right back ASAP. But he did fight Bills in earth earlier didn’t he? And he must have realized he’d need some form of power boost to fight Bills. So who’s to say he wouldn’t have used Kaioken? Maybe that’s what we’re looking at. We have some theoretical evidence supporting it. So why can’t that be the case? Any thoughts?

  • BlackLeopard13

    Ikr O_O

  • Thetrueuchiha

    He just unlocked the ssjg mode maybe there is more to it like a fully powered up version this is actually similar to gogeta ssj4 idea since his hair is red w/ gold aura

  • Thetrueuchiha

    Bojack unbound fits perfectl right after gohan turn ssj2

  • BlackLeopard13

    I know, but still it’s a filler.

  • BlackLeopard13

    That’s true, but I wouldn’t judge now we have to wait and see the movie.

  • sasuke


  • sasuke

    you kids thought you will see a yellow ssj4 and got something else. You mad bro?

  • Jordan Green

    So hang on a second…he gets a red hair, eyebrows… Am I missing something, besides how much stronger he probably will be.

  • Jordan Green

    Makes sense, never knew about that.

  • Hurtnaruto15

    True. Yeah i’ve seen people saying that this is probably just the base form of ssjg.

  • Anonymous

    Well the fan pics look way better.This looks kinda lame,Goku just looks like hes in Kaioken form mixed with a little SSJ.

  • RoeDatBoss

    shut up.stop bein a yes man cous you kno that it looks like shiit and is dissapointed

  • Sawada Tsunayoshi

    I just figured they would, my bad xD I’m getting over hyped and what not.
    Since Gundam Extreme VS. got a console port, I figured they’d do the same for ZBR

  • Yeah, about this arguement…

    This has nothing to do with Super Saiyan God Goku or DBZ, if you are going to keep on talking about some man-maded statues and idolatry here, GTFO.

  • Yeah, about this arguement…

    Get out

  • Blazin Chill

    …-___-….. dweeb….

  • Yeah, about this arguement…

    Complete your false opinion next time……

  • Blazin Chill

    Dafuq…I hope this is him going from Kaioken to Super Saiyan God, his hair could at least change a little n glow or make it a glowing blue, anything besides a Kaioken wit a Super Saiyan aura…I want Super Sayan 4 back, dis some ol bullspit..cmon he doesnt even hav a tail

  • Luis Aguilera

    WTF, are you a dumbass of somethin?


    It isn’t right


    When your implants make your boobs twice as thick as the rest of your body you made a mistake somewhere.

  • TheYo

    Well, I assume it’s a whole different tier than super saiyan… so this is like the ssj1 of god mode so there is potential for more intense looks. what’s most important though is the power boost *.*

  • Jalen Savoy

    Yea i think this is a new type of super saiyan level

    like in the anime you have the three forms of super saiyan (Not including ssj4)

    Super saiyan

    Super Saiyan 2

    Super saiyan 3

    Then in this movie they introduce super saiyan god

    So they must be saving up bout three more levels of super saiyan god

    so maybe thats why when he transforms into super saiyan god he resembles more of his ssj1 state because it’s like the earlier ssj forms but with WAY MORE POWER AND A SLIGHT DIFFERENCES IN APPEARANCE Who else agrees?

  • Ray Smith

    Dude I said the same thing, and I would love to see ssjg 1-3 but I hope it has more features like marks or something

  • Ray Smith

    If Vegeta goes ssjg would his hair turn red purplish or blue purplish

  • Fenrir_13

    So SSG form is pretty much Chrono from Chrono Trigger inside a DBZ movie.. lool not too sure how to react to that haha

  • Dean Williams

    more repetitiveness… oh joy

  • Adam Curtis

    What that ss god

  • Fenrir_13

    The only possible way for me to accept this is to subconsciously accept it as some sort of Chrono Trigger/DBZ crossover lol

    I think they should have stuck with some sort of Gold hair, or even just spike up his normal black hair, but with
    some different coloured aura like blue, gold or white with the typical electric effect to it

    This current SSG form from the scans is garbage. It hurt my opinion on this movie harshly

  • NinjaM

    Finally something different, glad its not just gold fur or weird looking hair.

  • Jason Carr

    I hope it does… It wouldn’t be DBZ if it didn’t take at least 10 minutes…

  • Hercules Vang

    Stop being disappointed. You guys are disappointed at everything. So, it’s not what you guys thought it would look like but you guys are the ones who jumped to conclusion too early and this is what happens. Just be happy that he is stronger then ever now. I mean, hey, look at Super Saiya-jin 2. It doesn’t look that much different from Super Saiya-jin 1 but it’s powerful as fook. And isn’t that what you guys wanted, for Goku to become stronger then ever.

  • shafiq95

    chrono has a full on red hair….he’s design is better as ss god than this

  • LeopoldHzilquihmbumn

    Does anyone else think this would be a lot more epic if Goku achieved Super Saiyan BasedGod form? He could basically be black, have a shaved hairstyle, a beard, and look exactly like Lil B, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Mel Gibson, Ellen Degeneres, God and Satan all at once.

  • LeopoldHzilquihmbumn

    If you honestly expected to be Toriyama, you got your hopes up too high. You’re not BasedGod. Learn to accept that like I did.

  • LeopoldHzilquihmbumn

    Said PTS characters are awesome. Should have been resurrected in canon :/ .

  • Ryan Shallow

    Look at SSJ3 it was overrated.
    Nobody understands that LESS is MORE.

  • Richard

    I thought up this form when I was little as a kid with my DBZ figures, it was Goku’s true Saiyan form. Except in my head there were more sparkles.

  • Randy Salobir

    BUt it doesn’t look like ssj1 at all. It’sjust Kaioken with golden aura really.

  • Joshua Coy

    Besides just all assuming that the new SSG form is some cheap ass knock off of the Kaioken technique, just wait till the movie comes out and see for yourselves besides crying about it now, sheesh…there might be more to the transformation than what we know about its appearance so far. Maybe there will be a new scan showing more of the transformation in action before the movie comes out for all you know. Don’t you ever stop to think about that? I’m not saying that the transformation won’t be disappointing, but get more info on it before you judge it. Four little pictures mean nothing so far.

  • Naruto_Sasuke77

    I thought he would be gold strips with blue aura

  • SincerelyCS

    RoeDatBoss pls.

  • SincerelyCS

    I don’t see why people are disappointed.

    Once you watch the movie, everyone will think it’s amazing, trust.

  • ED4WG

    Are you sure he just isnt False Super Saiyan? Lol

  • Kenny Lee

    hey man are u dumb? his hair is red cant u understand how awesome that is, u dont expect goku to transform into a hairy monkey, this acctually makes more sence, geez

  • Thetrueuchiha


  • disqus_5dySV2JDcZ

    its super kaioken god trolololo

  • The Anti-Carnage

    I remember long time ago back in 2002 I created the super saiyan 4 goku this is b4 gt aired in the US. He looked like a normal super saiyan except with red hair and orange eyes. God mode looks especially like it :)

  • Aldair

    No me digan que solo lo hicieron pelirrojo ¬¬ ¿O que onda? ¿cual es la imagen? D= Ahhhhh no la caguen!!!!

  • antie-vegeta


  • antie-vegeta

    Fuuuuuuuussssssiiiiooonnnn HA! Gogeta super saiyan god mode!

  • Scott Ramen Boy Baker

    actualy incorrect such as the world strongest had goku use Spirt bomb, with piccolo alive? when gohan was the age he was before going to Namek the fact piccolo was alive during that movie didnt fit, then the other movies with gohans bowl haircut, he had that haircut for the day he went to namek, and goku was still recovering and he kept it even after goku beat frieza and goku had not returned such as coolers revenge, gohan taller when goku returned and his hair was longer yet gohan in that movie was namek age gohan. so no they dont fit only the ones i mentioned,

  • p.i.m.p.player47

    I expected more but I guess this is ok.

  • swoove773

    i’m cool with it actually…i think it’s better than a another transformation form…it looks badass

  • Aldair

    Yo insisto en que esto debe ser una broma =( no puede ser que el super saiyajin Dios sea solo Goku con cabello rojo!!!!!!!!!! =( =( =( =(

  • Richard Hernandez

    Why can’t I read Japanese!!! DBZ ftw!

  • Guest

    I Think this is A Form before SSJ4 THose Red Hair and Eyes kinda Like ssj4 ….its like an incomplete transformation for ssj4. or maybe goku going kaio ken in ssj form i always thought why goku didnt used kaio-ken in ssj form as it was a power multiplyer……

  • GokUSSj

    I think this a incomplete ssj4 form those red hair and eyes kinda look like ssj4…….or maybe its just goku using kaio-ken in ssj form i always thought why goku didnt used kaio-ken in ssj form cu’z its a power multiplyer ..So lets just wait to see what the movie has to offer..

  • anthony rowan

    yeah why can they put on tv

  • Goku

    Nice! I hope it will turn out red.

  • A5J4DX



    Man he achieved this form in Lord slug

  • Eternalkaze

    Tree of Might was strictly imaginary and a “what if” scenario. Like, “what if Goku was evil” And I mean obviosly the story was far different, Gohan had icarus, All the z fighters were together, and goku knew Kaio ken and spirit bomb, not to mention the entire planet had shriveled up and had gone to hell thanks to the Tree. By the end of the movie, all that remained were the aftermath of the tree, a post-apocolyptic world,

  • Eternalkaze

    did you ever notice that Goku was the main character? -__-

  • Eternalkaze

    tha heck did u just say?

  • Dylan Valenzuela

    Like if u want the series of THE BATTLE IF GODS to happen in ENGLISH DUB

  • twodown

    His hair could of at least stood up…

  • eduardo

    pequisem chrono trigger q é um dos jogos onde o akira faz os personagens olhem o crono é quase igual ao super sayan god

  • Brollik White

    I agree. It might just be the base form of ssjg. Especially since there are other Gods like Bills that are STRONGER. 12 other universes (or was it 12 total?) I aint going to lie its not what I expected but then again all this false ass fan art had everyone gassed up! I like it thought. The red eyes look serious. It doesn’t look anything like a kaioken idk why ppl are saying that. Kaioken was just had a red aura which gave Gokus black hair a red tint. Hear his hair is clearly red. Either way, we will see when the movie comes out for sure.

  • LSSJBroly87

    Very disappointed…it’s the same Sh*# different story. Bad guy come, goku teaches a new level and defeats him…it’s old and repetitive…they should have Vegeta reclaim his pride and become SSJ3…very disappointed

  • Cordell Wooten

    kind of reminds me of ss4 gogeta with the scarlett hair a lil bit

  • kddgenius1

    Watch the movie Goku wasn’t done transforming!

  • kddgenius1

    Watch Gamer Madness:Battle of the Gods Edition you will learn a lot about Battle of the Gods!

  • kddgenius1

    SSJ4 wasn’t Akira Toriyama’s design it was Funimation’s.

  • disqus_JRlqF5Zp2l

    Japanese people can lead the world in technology, but they can’t leak a torrent of this movie?

  • Beejaywar

    I’ve heard that there are 12 more gods and that bills is the weakest of all of them so with that in mind there could be either more transforms of god mode (like1,2, or 3) or in the movie battle of gods maybe goku only partially transforms into god mode and doesn’t complete the transformation like what he did with the false super saiyan transformation in the lord slug movie

  • hitman

    So used to thw idea that goku is the strongest beeing in all thw universes that thia movie makes me sad “/ the fact he loses has ruined the movie already for me

  • godgoku

    its a fake pic i see the movie goku turns all gold in god mode its unreal

  • godgoku

    and theres 3 levels of super sayain god u willl alll see

  • godgoku

    and i wont ruin it but sum 1 else turns ssj3

  • Micah

    Yeah better than SSJ4, I agree

  • pervysage1608

    He is a god lol

  • Daniel.

    Deff not JUST Kaioken.

    i actually like the fact Goku is slimmer, and not over exaggerated.

    This is subtle and BAD ASS.

    The GOD transformation is not accessible without doing the saiyan ritual, with that being said, would it truly be necessary to over exaggerate the transformation, like SSJ4?
    i think not… it needs to be uncharacteristically deadly and i think Akira and friends did a great job creating the SSJG form. no over the top clothing transformation, still in his original GI.

    Don’t get me wrong, i like SSJ4, its freaking nutts, but i think that the GOD needs to be subtle and DEADLY.

  • Daniel.

    Go watch Naruto or w.e, please.

  • kddgenius1

    Watch Gamer Madness:Battle of the Gods!It will teach you guys something!

  • Beba N Geral

    Can someone tell where i can see the movie im desperate :-) .

  • sebaszk

    How its like kaioken exactly? Red hair and red eyes in SSG, Black hair and black eyes in kaioken. The only thing in common is the aura and its not even the same.

  • joenard

    looks beast agree

  • DrakeZ

    SInce bills look like a Anubis i think SSj god represents Ra fire aura could be wrong still a little dissapointed but it’s not that bad

  • Shades

    wanted so much moor

  • Danilo Portal

    oh sure lets speculaate

  • drakez

    your mom hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahaahaahahahahahaaahahahhahahahhaahhaha

  • king

    Wait they will. But how do you know?

  • Ray Smith

    I saw the movie

  • king

    Do you live in Japan?

  • Ray Smith

    No but I saw it on the internet

  • king

    Oh ok.

  • Chōmei

    I’d have liked if they just did Super Saiyan 5 Goku. Ahh, silvery white saiyan goodness.

  • John Alexander

    Vegeta and Goku had to turn into a Golden ape to reach Super Saiyan 4(DBGT) Goku had a tail and Vegeta didnt. Bulma used the Blutz Wave generator to grow him a tail without having to wait for it to grow naturally. With a tail Vegeta was able to become a Golden Ape like Goku. I believe the Super Saiyan 4 form is the true form of the Original Super Sayian, first spoke of by Vegeta in the Namek Saga. Vegeta states in his monologue, that The Super Sayian could only maintain his maximum power in the transformed state. Also, Elder Supreme Kai appears to know of the Super Saiyan 4 form, cementing the thought that Super Saiyan 4 has existed before Goku attained it. I think this new Super Sayian form has nothing to do with SSJ4 but I do believe it requires the utilization of Ki, just hope this new form does not require as much energy consumption as Super Sayian 3. I heard more than 4 people fuse in this movie. Who knows.

  • Clayton Norwood

    Your hair is still black in kaioken, you just bulk up and and gain a red
    aura. SSJ god made Goku slender, his hair reddish purple, his iris’ red
    and bigger, and has flame-like aura. Nothing like Kaioken. Why does
    everyone focus on color and his hair being the same way. It’s a
    different form than the others before it.

  • Clayton Norwood

    I like the color of the hair and eye. Plus the aura’s is badass!

  • Clayton Norwood

    It’s not Kaioken. Kaioken just shrouded his body in a red aura as well as pumped up his muscle a bit . he also was in high intensity of tension which made the it dangerous. Plus he haven’t used Kaioken since namek/frieza saga. SSj god make him slimmer, changes his eye and hair color, and flame aura. also unlike kaioken he looks a lot calmer too. Ssj god is nothing like kaioken

  • dharyllskie

    goku is the best

  • dharyllskie

    bahoog mga bilat amg artista

  • jiehon

    hhahahahaha red saiyan and a gold saiyan wo!!!

  • songohan

    when i saw the movie i was suprised….i thought it was a golden ape but its not its normal goku only skiny and whit redish pinkish hair and red eyes……

  • Nathan Costello

    the god mode only last for so long but goku being as strong as he is still retains the power just normal lookin and red’ish hair

  • Nathan Costello

    also since the movie did so well the creator of the movie will be creating and all new series with hints at using the god mode in it

  • Scott Pierce

    I know right? All I asked was for ss5 and I was done just one more super saiyan form. Another season after GT I mean GT wasnt great but it wasnt bad and also the fan fiction Ideas were great like Majuub drinking Goku’s blood to become saiyan and then super saiyan Gohan going ss4 Vegeta growing his tail back the right way so he could go ss5…sigh if only bro

  • amanda

    revember goku said that he could barely keep hes power up once he masters sjj god that means its that powerfull goku cant stand its power look at bills hes skiny and he looks bad ass

  • amanda

    goku said that sjj gods was that powerfull that he could barely keep hes power unther controlle

    imagen wen goku can master sjj god, and bills is skiny and he looks bad ass