Super Saiyan God Silhouette, New Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Scan

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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A new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods scan has been released! It focuses on the Super Saiyan God mentioned in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Trailer 3 and a scan from February. The image shown is of the Super Saiyan God’s silhouette.


There has been speculation that Goku is the Super Saiyan God based on an image posted in Toei Animation’s office, shown as part of a Japanese news television show. It looks similar to the False Super Saiyan shown in Dragon Ball Z Movie 4 (Lord Slug). It’s just purely speculation if the image at Toei is of a Super Saiyan God at this point in time, although it does seem to match the silhouette in the scan. Additionally, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Trailer 3 shows Goku with a blue aura, it’s speculated this is how he charges to get to Super Saiyan God.

Thanks michaels!

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the 18th movie in the Dragon Ball anime series. It will take place between Dragon Ball manga chapters 517 and 518, in the 10 year timeskip after Goku defeats Buu, but before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Akira Toriyama along with Toei Animation, Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Bandai, and Namco Bandai Games are all involved. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is set to release in Japanese theaters March 30, 2013. There is no word on a North American or European release date at this time for either.

  • SalvadorRamirez

    Oh cool

  • Jaber Almarzouqi

    Awesome XD

  • Chris Mic

    i’ll be very dissapointed if this is ssjg. A golden ssj4 would be much better

  • dtrex

    nice how long will it take for silhouette to be filled

  • jonikon

    Goku will be crazy! :o

  • narutobleachop

    lol if Goku is the SSG then that was too predictable! I was thinking it might be Gohan or Vegeta this time.

  • RedDragon10

    I doubt it will just be Goku as a false super saiyan. My bet is Super saiyan 1 hairstyle with blue hair.

  • Aaron Mahoney

    Couldn’t be more excited to see what the SSG looks likes. So many possibilities, I need to grab rosetta stone soon and learn Japanese before the movie premiere lol.

  • ichigokun

    i was thinking of doing that too! if only i had $400 and a lot of time. i really want to learn japanese.

  • JamesMarrshal

    Incredible, this movie is going to be so sick.

  • Randy Salobir

    wont happen. Goku is the main char. Might as well make hercule ssg then.

  • disqus_7YsqQoqx8a

    Any bets Vegeta won’t make ss3 ?!

  • narutonatsu

    blueyellowish light and blackredishyellowesh hair lol

  • narutonatsu

    i really hope his come to NA theaters, it will be so awesome!

  • eric

    did anyone notice the tail on the silhouette, SSG is going to be awesome

  • *Super~Sayian*

    lol he’s lucky he even got a super saiyan form

  • *Super~Sayian*

    what? screw gohan lol

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I don’t wanna see it till the movie comes out

  • Tini Gbeblewou

    lol guys just do the free trail i no frenh now

  • Kaiser

    If that is a tail then as I posted a while ago. In trailer 3 Goku transforms into SSJG exactly the same as he transformed into SSJ4 in DBGT bypassing all the other Super Saiyan stages.

    I really can’t wait to see what SSJG looks like now. I hope as some people have mentioned I hope it’s Blue rather then Gold. Blue intends to give a mystical feel compared to Gold

  • Jaye J

    You have to ask yourself who else is gonna be the Super-Saiyan God? (Battle of Gods)
    It makes since Goku would.
    Unless a random guy pops up like “Hey, Goku, I heard you were having trouble with this Anubis guy”, well now I’m here the Super Saiyan God here ready to save the world even though I haven’t been in the series at all” lol.

  • Jaye J

    I think it would be awesome to have Goku with red hair and a blue aura. Either way this Super Saiyan God is gonna be epic!
    Can’t wait to see the design.

  • Tae Norman

    I agree,since a SSJ4 style transformation actually makes sense.Remember Vegeta said about the “Legend”,which shows a Golden Great Ape silhouette.This transformation could be a ancestory thing.

  • Tempest

    Maybe its another fusion? new vegeta + goku fusion? or a completely different fusion…

  • Chris Mic

    it’s sillouette has pointy hair so it’s unlikely that flase ssj thing alike

  • Chris Mic

    the soundtrack sais he gets enrages and then maybe he goes ssj3

  • Marlon Winford

    looks like a penis to me

  • Ray Smith

    I hope that ssjg does not look like the false ssj that would be lame

  • abdulhamian

    lol same

  • disqus_2ccFdB2pab

    guys if u look closly at the picture u can see that its not a ape form and that hes wearing a unifrom and the fact that at the bottom of the picture it looks like a finger thats in a position for the kamehameha,there fore this ssg form will be one after ss3 and most likely common to the ss1 or 2 form but with diffrent colour hair

  • Goku ssj3

    ya espero la battalla de los dioses para pelear contra birusu jjajjjajaj

  • Goku ssj3

    guerreros sayayines preparece cuando venga birusu lo acabare a ese inutil coment si quieres que lo mate

  • Charlie Blowe

    Yes, it looks like Goku when he does his signature Kamehameha wave stance. Outfit, hair, and everything.

  • Kaiser

    It be cool to see Goku with light blue hair (Super Saiyan 1 Style), White Aura, Gold eyes.

  • GokuForever24

    Why are you describing Brody, I doubt it will be that

  • GokuForever24

    Lmao guys look at it closely put a pic of super Saiyan gogeta in black…..exactly the same but without the tail shown here

  • Omnipotent

    Toriyama will not will not make it golden since it isn’t his design

  • Portgas D Ace

    Isn’t this movie takes place between Cell arc and Buu arc, or Buu Arc and GT arc?? Goku can’t even transform in SSJ4 u.u

  • Omnipotent

    GT aint cannon -_-

  • Tini Gbeblewou

    Troll 1st Picture is Gotenks not SSJG lol

  • RedDragon10

    Broly? You think Broly has blue hair?

  • SSJSuperVegeta

    It isn’t a tail, it’s actually his thumb most likely. If you look at his arms you can clearly see he is doing a kamehameha, and that is one of his fingers.

  • king

    No, thant not what many other fans think.

  • Zan- Datsu

    Broly’s ss form has blue hair, his lssj form is greenish yellow

  • Enraged Sage

    they already showed it from the movie its just a golden SSJ4 which sucks…. sorry I wanted something new.

  • Enraged Sage

    already did they showed movie screenshots already of him fighting bills

  • Donald Barnett

    This better look cool as f word. This is supposed to be the true ss3 successor so it better be worth it

  • RedDragon10

    I would describe that as a light green color. Turquoise at best. I was referring to a darker blue color.

  • Richard Neris

    It’s impossible, this is Akira Toriyama’s work, Ssj 4 is not part of his work…It’ll make no sense if it was a golden SSJ 4 if this is between the end of Buu and the start of GT..

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    Broly, those have blue hair, in his Super Saiyan 1.

  • disqus_ak3RJZ73Pe

    why would it be SSJ4 when the movie is set just after the buu saga and
    between the world tournament, goku only went SSJ4 when he pushed himself
    in GT

  • Rick Lee

    GT is filler you guys. They’re not going to put SSJ4.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    Storm 3 came out, I am picking it up after work, then I am going to get maself a game chair & 5 layers chest drawers XD

  • Jaber Almarzouqi

    Thats my bro XD

  • cuonglam

    the silhouette gives us no fricken clue it just looks like normal ssj

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    I GOT NARUTO STORM 3, I SWEAR TO GOD I AM NOT LYING, add me and see for yourself Goku-SSJGod.

  • RedDragon10

    It’s more of a light green-turquoise color.

  • Miles Greb

    actually, you wrong! although GT was not written by him, you can tell cause of the quilty drop, he did do the sketch for SSJ4. Also “impossible, is a silly thing to say as he owns the rights to it regardless. So Thanks!

  • selypa

    dudes do u not even know akira didnt have anything to do with gt. gt was bs because it was all over the map.the only thing he did was char design sketches before leaving the company. the way they have ssj4 is total bs. akira is working on the script himself for this movie. and hes not putting gt items in the movie. also broly had blue hair because he was restraint ssj. those bracers he wore along with the belt and headband were to keep him under control for his father because he was to powerful. once he got those off and went to the same lvl his hair was green/yellow tint for his power. then not only that brolys gems changed color depending on his mood. akira did the sketch’s fpr the chars yes but then he stepped down and left the company because he had wanted to end the series long b4 gt. he wanted to step down prior to the buu saga.

  • john

    no its blue wanna tell us your opinion again please!

  • Uchiha D. Obito

    GT isny filler it was just created by someone else

  • Uchiha D. Obito

    YES it is just created by someone else

  • Devin Ramos

    I am a die hard dbz fan. and i know ppl wont agree with me, but I think GT got the next stage right, with super saiyan 4. dont get me wrong, i cant wait to see super saiyan god form but i truly believe super saiyan 4 is the true super saiyan state. In DBZ, vegeta talks about the last super saiyan being the golden great ape but could not control the primitive mind and ended up destroy himself and their home planet. To achieve the true super saiyan form (super saiyan 4) you had to unlock the golden great ape, which was not achievable until you reach super saiyan 3, which is why when goku first transformed into super saiyan 3, they showed in his mind, the great ape, letting him know he has reached his goal. the way i see it is super saiyan 3 is equal to an ascended great ape (golden great ape). Now the real challenge was to over come the primitive mind of the great ape which had great difficulty. If I was to put myself back with the last super saiyan home planet where they found out to achieve the true super saiyan form (super saiyan 4) but realized the primitive mind must be controlled first, because the golden great ape is destroying their home planet, i would send a message to the saiyans as they are fleeing the planet to not focus on getting powerful but to learn to control the great ape, which after centuries pass when vegeta attacked goku on earth, he could not become the super saiyan 1 that we were introduced during the frieza, but he was able to control the great ape. give me your comments, what do you think? do youl ike my idea and why? do you hate my idea and why? im open for discussion

  • Rick Lee

    That’s what i ment sorry

  • QwietStorm

    Except based on his own previous statement, this is based on a true continuation of Z, not the imagination of GT.

  • RedDragon10

    Sure. Light green=green aura.

  • Killer Popo

    No considering that Akira Toriyama hates Vegeta for the fact that his fanbase pretty much forced him to keep him in the series or they were going to stop reading DBZ. Back then Akira Toriyama had to deal with the same ignorant and idiotic fanbase that Masashi Kishimoto has to deal with today with Naruto, which is why he had to do the same exact thing and make some decisions that he didn’t make. Vegeta wasn’t suppose to even make it to Cell saga, which is why it’s lucky that he was even able to learn SSJ2 and even become a top tier villain again during Buu Saga as Majin Vegeta.

  • Killer Popo

    Well since the movie comes out in 3 weeks I’m guessing not much longer from now

  • Zach

    I think the picture looks just like the normal SSJ Goku. I think instead of fully redesigning a SSJ level they will probably just do what SSJ2 did for SSJ1; Slight change in hair, a different Aura (instead of sparks it would be something like Gold aura mixed with blue “flames”) and a massive power boost. Changing completely from Gold hair/aura to another color doesn’t feel “Super Saiyan” to me. I think the God just refers to his new found power and his role in the Universe. Honestly the picture just looks like a kaioken form (maybe a final point in the kaioken tree before transforming?)…Oh well,the wait will just make seeing the movie that much better.

  • samuel beswick


  • GokuForever24

    See instead of making me look ignorant think befo re You type

  • Fernando Silva

    Super saiyan god = SSJ 4

  • Chris Mic

    broly’s hair is like that when he has his power controled by paragus (that thing on his head.) then it broke and he becam a lssj. in the next movie he goes ssj without that thing on his head and he has golden hair.

  • Philip Eissler

    Here is why (and many need to remember this) it will not be a SSJ4 form: The form is a Toei Animation exclusive, and has nothing to do with the manga continuity. So all events that have happened in GT are not tied to this. And pretty much, Akira Toriyama may not have a favorable view of the series – And anything tied to it. So seeing how it is his franchise, a Super Saiyan God form is far more plausible.

    Especially since he was involved when it comes to the script, and that this is not a permanent form. So even if he wanted to make SSJ4 canon… He would not waste it in a single movie, but rather a new series that replaces GT.

  • Philip Eissler

    Actually Miles, you are the one wrong here. Two reasons why:

    1) Akira Toriyama did not create the SSJ4 form. It was created by a staff member at Toei, and only exists because Toriyama gave them permission to create it. As for his contributions, it was minimal (on account that he did nothing more than a few updated looks for some of his characters).

    2) Toei Animation owned the rights to the animated series. So everything done by Toei, prior to the more recent special, is their property. Akira Toriyama owns the rights to the manga, anything tied to the manga, and partial rights to the animated stuff.

    In other words: The previous special and this movie are the only things tied to his manga series. Everything else, especially GT, are considered properties owned by Toei… With stories, characters, and elements used with permission.

  • MattDBZ

    Pretty sure thats a finger

  • kharu

    goku the all saiyan best of history

  • Yeah, about this arguement…

    Let me end this replying crap, when Broly was controlled and turned Super Saiyan, his hair was blue with some purplish shading; that is Restricted Super Saiyan (similar to False Super Saiyan obtained by Goku). Without the control, according to ‘his second coming”, he can normally turn Super Saiyan with the normal golden hair. Even when his is in those forms (and for Bio-Broly, if you look at his left-overed hair) he can still go LSSJ which will turn light green, including for his 3rd legendary ascension (which is typically non-canon for now). So yeah, let stop talking about the Broly stuff and get back to the Super Saiyan Kami stuff, alright?

  • Husky Davies

    I would love for him to look normal. That would actually explain Gohan’s Ultimate form since it was a power given to him by a god. I surely hope that this is a one time only thing and not a natural phase in a saiyan though. Enough with SS2. If they make him look like a golden SS4 I will be very disappointed since they will be fan-servicing those Dragon Ball AF people.

  • RyanBritishSteelWhitelaw

    The Super Saiyan God form has long hair, not short. He looks identical to SSJ4 Goku, minus with Z Goku’s attire, gold instead of black hair, and gold fur instead of red fur. There is a legitimate image of this floating around the web.

  • Yeah, about this arguement…

    Majin Buu arc to End of DBZ arc (GT is non-canon and never canon to the original DBDBZ manga)

  • Kaiser

    Every time I watch the trailer im beginning to convince myself that this is not actually Goku powering himself up to the Super Saiyan God form. I think the trailer now is just snipped and pasted parts of the movie to make it look like the actual movie just to throw fans off the right scent.
    On top of all of that it’s Akira Toriyama he wouldn’t allow a new level transformation scene to be so weak (wow Goku powers up we see the oozar then after Super Saiyan God please) for example again I refer everyone to the like of SSJ1 Goku transformation (Raging seas, lightning strikes) and defently SSJ3 Goku (Raging seas, Earth quakes).
    Another comment what I read was also interesting Super Saiyan 3 Goku gets beat with one finger but holds his own later against bills as a Super Saiyan 1 (I thought Super Saiyan 3 was stronger the a Super Saiyan 1 well according to this movie trailer it appears not)
    On top of that I’m also actually think there is also a new (well not new) transformation. I personally believe that we might see the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation within the film but I stress that it will not be Broly but being Gohan (as everyone remembers that Broly is not cannon to the story). Gohan would be the most logical choice because Goku is THE SSJG

  • Rob Matosky

    actually your all wrong. broly’s ssj1 form in movie 8 was blue due to the lighting scenery. if you saw the return of broly. his ssj1 form was normal and not blue. it was also that was in bio broly the few seconds before he was mutated. he was transforming into lssj from ssj and his hair was gold

  • ima goku

    just go with the flow duma$$es its still dragon ballz

  • Joey Fassett

    It will most likely not have blue hair or be anything like SSJ4… if any hair color change, it will probably have white hair. It may even just be a re-coloring of the original Super Saiyan form, but I highly doubt it. It will probably be like nothing we’ve seen before, considering the fanbase was also quite surprised with SSJ3 and with GT’s SSJ4… Seriously guys… no point in arguing about what it may look like.


    super sayan 5


    please confirmed dragon ball raging blast 3 playable bills and goku super saiyan 5 and broly super saiyan 5

  • Malik Bob Jackson

    its gogeta in the blank poster…

  • Leo Snder

    no ssj god wont be epci it rally fake ssj it ben canformed at was jus tot lazy used toie fake ssj so to every hwo say at dos not use toie work then way did he use toie fake ssj rename ssj god it wood ben ebtter if at did took toie ssj4 turn it gold fake ssj sucks for sjs god

  • Leo Snder

    dude fake ssj was filler to guss what arika put fake ssj in battle if the gods he jsut renamed it ssj god it ben canformed so fi at put fake sjs witch is filelr then he put ssj4 in anther movie

  • Kerberos

    Learn how to spell, I have no idea what in gods name you are trying to say.

  • James Pettiford

    You don’t even know his moves or true power so how can you say you wanted something new? Stop worrying about the looks so much. He stated he was going for something simple. Give your opinions when you actually see his power.

  • James Pettiford

    You’re an idiot.

  • James Pettiford

    You’re talking about a look here. What you wanna just sit around and stare at him all day. DBZ isn’t about the look motherfucker, it’s about the moves. Get a grip.

  • poya

    broly and goku should of been fusioned together to make super saiyan god. i’m not that disapointed doe

  • Noah Aregbesola

    if you guy do see vegeta will not make it to a full ss3 he make it half way he air need to get longer

  • Amanda Brooks

    nothing like a bunch of nerds fightin over whos right and whos wrong, its funny, if dragon ball were a religion yall would worship it, its proof that no matter how whacked out things may appear, its cause someone wanted it that way, making you want to scratch your head, i personally think its too late to put a series after buu saga, gt would counter any upgrade made, it should come after gt, any level reached before what we saw in gt would keep ppl wondering why they would put something like this in and never see it in gt


    the false super saiyan form has nothin to do with the super saiyan god form, they just look similar. and dragonball z bttle of gods movie 18# will be released in english in two years.

  • Harry Booth

    problem is i dont think GT was akira’s ” brain child” so it really doesnt matter, and the series is his to do whatever he wants with it. For most of the people that have followed the series the Buu saga was pretty much the end of the series. Implus Gt was some straight trash. and hey whatever you need to take the stress out of your day right? even if it makes lil girls call you a nerd.