Footage of Transformation to Super Saiyan God – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Movie spoilers SUPER SAIYAN GOD, the highest level in Dragon Ball Z a Saiyan can obtain. In order to reach such a level, it requires the power of six pure hearted Saiyans infused into one. Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, Trunks, Goku, and Videl/Gohan’s unborn child (who we all know as Pan) make up those six in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Check out footage of Goku’s transformation to Super Saiyan God below! If you want to see it in action, check out a prior post on Saiyan Island, Super Saiyan God Goku vs Bills

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the 18th movie in the Dragon Ball anime series. It will take place between Dragon Ball manga chapters 517 and 518, in the 10 year timeskip after Goku defeats Buu, but before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Akira Toriyama along with Toei Animation, Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Bandai, and Namco Bandai Games are all involved. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods was released in Japanese theaters on March 30, 2013. There is no word on a North American or European release date at this time, however, Toei has acknowledged a huge international response and has received government funding for a potential release.

  • Guest

    the first “peaceful” type of form I’ve seen in this show. usually transformations require anger

  • Jose Armando Mando

    pretty aswesome but i like ssj4 better

  • Hamlet Villa Hernandez

    I find it ok only because it’s simple and not some super exaggerated thing.

  • Daniel Williams

    I call shenanigans this is Kaio ken , i refuse to believe this is “super saiyan”

  • Dominic Brown

    It looks too much like Kaioken, beside Super Saiyan 4 makes more sense(logically) than SSG

  • narutobleachop

    April Fools!

  • Tae Norman

    Makes me want a Raging Blast 3 even more!!!!

  • Heero Uchiha

    i think ssj4 should of been god mode

  • famu212

    this nigga bils sipping on his drink like ” yeah ima beat this fools ass still”


    name friend bills


    dragon ball raging blast 3 playable bills and saiyan god goku mode


    dragon ball raging blast 3

  • Norberto Gonzales

    Its like Super Kaioken

  • SalvadorRamirez

    It’s cool though the transformation is not like in Dragonball heroes

  • Dewayne Glass

    Do you know when raging blast 3 comes out.

  • Matt Green

    SSG is at least Semi-Canon. SSJ4 is complete Filler.

  • king

    I find it hard for this to be part of the SSJ transformation. It doesn’t even look like Goku change, no for real he look the same. But it still ok I guess.

  • king

    Yeah you are right it is the most peaceful type of transformation. But there are some times when saiyans transform into a super saiyan in a instant second without any anger when they master the transformation.

  • jake

    wow. i was excited for literally NOTHING…. its just goku… it was like a 2 day early april fools joke… didnt i see this in lord slug like 20 years ago

  • Naruto

    The transformation was pretty calm. I was expecting the planet to split in half.

  • arrizz

    When Saiyan transformed bcoz of anger, it’s called ‘Angry Saiyan’. When one transformed peacefully, ‘Peaceful Saiyan’ perhaps??

  • Jerry

    Haha I know right?
    But i guess thats what happens when you use 6 pure blooded saiyans.

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    The guy is back. the guy who said bullshit in the naruto storm 3 forum and now you come to the dbz forum to prove you trolling

  • Rick Lee

    Lame transformation IMO

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    So does this mean if they infused all the saiyan power into videl she would had become SS God and kicked bill’s ass? (it does say it takes 6 purehearted saiyans to infused the power into one so instead of goku why not videl lol).

  • daniel

    Thanks for having suck awesome site man, but why is it written in spanish? Can you share the movie in spanish ?When can we get watch or buy the movie?

  • Eliyah Zach Yeshe

    totally right!

  • Eliyah Zach Yeshe


  • xDarksoul

    wait a second..okay so they used an unborn Pan within Videl to help awaken Goku’s Super Saiyan God Form, okay cool i understand..but what i don’t get is..where is Vegeta’s Daughter Bulla? she is older than Pan and she is not seen in this movie. nor is Bulma pregnant

  • Idy Inyang

    I’m surprised this transformation only lasted 2 minutes at most; I was expecting at least 20 minutes of Goku screaming.

  • Ray Smith

    I think I know why ssjg does not look so much as a transformation, due to then having 5 saiyians and a new born probably made the transformation premature

  • Ray Smith

    It’s in japanese

  • Ray Smith

    I think the creator forgot about her, he did forget ssj2 so yeah I hope he fix that and say Bulma forgot to tell them

  • Ray Smith

    How does it make sense? You need to have your tail and look at the earth….da F**k, and how does it go to gold to red fur that makes no sense

  • Ray Smith

    I see everyone is complaining about ssjg but seriously there will be a new movie for dbz and that is something we should look forward to, and it is possible very possible that there will be a ssjg2

  • Vash bane


  • Vash bane

    lol I see what you did there

  • Vash bane

    I was waiting for someone else to say that

  • Pat Thomson

    ….. You need your tail to convert blutz waves which are usually reflected off the moon, but in the first case the earth was a substitute. Once you turn super saiyan great ape, it took controlling your emotions in the primal form, which turns you into a more ape like saiyan, and the red fur is actually a nod to vegeta, goku and raditz’s hair in the first cut of z which had a red tinge. plus akira toryama drew and choose the colours of ss4 so, it was his choice for it to be red

  • Pat Thomson

    SSG is complete cannon, and toriyama stated ss4 is aswell. He said it was a part of his works and its canon in the same way F.trunks altenate timeline is canon

  • DBZSMh

    im not even gonna take this serious anymore…no fkn bulla( who would be a huge help in this situation) gohan is going super sayian and recieved a power drop…NO GOGETA

  • Tarik Mahmoud

    Idiot. They Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Pan aren’t pure blooded saiyans. They’re a hybrid of saiyans and human. Pan is even worse off since she is the daughter of a half saiyan and a human.

  • Tarik Mahmoud

    Wasn’t Goku just in a golden for of Super Saiyan 4 in the sneak peaks?? Why does he look the same but with a shade of red?

  • Theodore James Baker

    I’m actually glad its something simple instead of another stupid over-the-top hairstyle change.

  • Scardro

    lol it looks like your struggling to make sense of it lol it sucks just accept it

  • Kerry Cargo

    Since when is Vegeta classified as “Pure Hearted”?

  • Andrei Castañeda Romero

    it doesn’t require pure blooded saiyans, but rather pure of heart!

  • Nox Cura

    it looks like it’s not a transformation at all, even goku face tell that ” that’s it? am i really a saiyan God? very similar to Gohan when power ups to mystic mode, but atleast goku turns red eyes red burning aura mode. don’t think of it as transformation and you’ll get over it morons and idiots. :) it’s simply cool for me.

  • uchihalord1994


  • Blazin Chill

    I was expecting something waay cooler than Goku n company holding hands in a kumbaya circle
    Im leaning towards the sides that say SS4 was better n cooler, it should be called SSG mode but its stronger than in GT cuz Goku has his regular adult body instead of a childs body…jus saiyin…woulda made more sense
    They could be making it so that it makes sense y Goku did not go this SSG in GT since it requires 6 saiyans but still, theys couldve made it cooler, like Goku having to achieve n endure a level of Kaioken first before he could attempt his transformation or he couldve had silver/platinum hair instead of golden n changed his hair just a little, like a little spikier, if not that it couldve been like red energy kinda like a flowing red fire n altering his physical body n/or attire a little

    This approach makes me remember how Goku defeated Broly the first time, not much to it, just everyone agreeing to giv Goku theyre energy…now that I think about it,y wont Piccolo go Super Namekian 2, everybody seems to hav been passed his skill level loong ago

  • Blazin Chill

    I was expecting something waay cooler than Goku n company holding hands in a kumbaya circle
    Im leaning towards the sides that say SS4 was better n cooler, it should be called SSG mode but its stronger than in GT cuz Goku has his regular adult body instead of a childs body…jus saiyin…woulda made more sense
    They could be making it so that it makes sense y Goku did not go this SSG in GT since it requires 6 saiyans but still, theys couldve made it cooler, like Goku having to achieve n endure a level of Kaioken first before he could attempt his transformation or he couldve had silver/platinum hair instead of golden n changed his hair just a little, like a little spikier, if not that it couldve been like red energy kinda like a flowing red fire n altering his physical body n/or attire a little into a more diety look

    This approach makes me remember how Goku defeated Broly the first time, not much to it, just everyone agreeing to giv Goku theyre energy…now that I think about it,y wont Piccolo go Super Namekian 2, everybody seems to hav been passed his skill level loong ago

  • Sean Paul Schumacher

    This is really beautiful!!! I’m surprised that Vegeta was one of the pure hearted saiyans.

  • Nox Cura

    everyone was talking about bra/bulla, I think the non-canon GT has been trash by Toriyama sensei completely. Much better if a new canon series would take it over, re-write everything after the Buu saga and that would be the real canon story. GT’s plot is not that good. The revelation of 12 universe and 12 God of DEstruction is the real deal

  • William Brodie

    i wonder what he sippin on

  • William Brodie

    that doesnt explain how the transformation is better nor stronger. logically speaking the great ape transformation gives a 10x power boost along with the 50x power boost from the ssj then the fact that its power is surpressed. logically speaking super saiyan 4 makes no sense. besides never once has this been stated to be a form or transformation people took it that way. it was a power up from 6 saiyans to one. toriyama even stated that “god” was a bit of an exageration but the forms power was godlike

  • William Brodie

    theres a bit of contradictions and most of this is gt’s fault. originally bra was supposed to be younger than pan but the creators of gt being the creators of gt didnt do their research and made her older. bra was originally supposed to be 2 yrs younger than pan

  • William Brodie

    no the transformation only works on full blooded saiyans

  • Kebure Assefa

    since he self-destructed in the Buu saga (when he was Majin)… That symbolized all the anger, hate and sins he had accumulated over his whole life, leaving his body. In a sense, he was reborn when they brought him back and therefore became Pure Hearted.

  • Kebure Assefa

    We’re such nerds hahaha

  • shafiq95

    Vegeta =Pure hearted LOL

  • w 1

    what you mean “just goku” it’s mother fing Goku for kami’s sake! no matter the form, he is awesome.

  • Ray Smith

    Pure prick lol or pure badass

  • Ray Smith

    She was in dbz did you not see the end of dbz where goku said he was going to train Uub

  • Ray Smith

    …im sorry how so? please explain to me cause the movie pretty much explain there is more then 12 univ and 12 different gods. And if it sucked why did it get over 600 million explain

  • Ray Smith

    Actually she seem a lot older in then Pan in Z

  • Ray Smith

    Okay wasn’t the blutz wave a substitute for someone who either did not have a tail or had half of both saiyian and something else, also what if he look at the moon he wold just turn regular ape not super ape. The fact they use the earth was just an insulting way to make him reach a new level and to the viewers, and Toriyama stated GT was not cannon o that means ssj4 was false and most like golden ape was ssj4. He may have color it that way but he clearly did not knowledge it as the next level

  • Immanuel Mantico H.M

    No you are wrong. Goku transformed into golden oozaru idiot. Not normal ozaru. And its the legendary super saiyan that happened years ago. When vegeta tell frieza in planet namek. Its the golden ozaru appeared in the flashback. So it related on gt. super saiyan 4 is created by golden ozaru and its related on what vegeta saying in namek. So super saiyan God is just a sensation from toriyama to make dbz always live

  • sasukescott

    Huh Is this Kaio-Ken Lvl 2 or something?

  • A5J4DX

    not bad but could have been better!

  • hanko

    lol…already been done…

  • sasuke

    your back with the bad taste in your mouth? This is the orig saiyan power up, cry me a river.

  • sasuke

    you guys don’t watch the anime? remember he blew up and when he came back he became good. -_-

  • Tomas

    Remember Friends, SSJ4 Goku was Many Years after majin buu , It was GT , Goku was transformed to kid goku , and this action is not far after killing Kid Buu , That’s why there’s no super saya-jin 4 , Now it’s clearly . :)

  • sasuke

    yeah like goku with eyebrow hair going down to his legs or stupid fur.

  • sasuke

    its a powerup, possibly when the movie is sub or dub we will know if it is a form or a powerup. I think its a power up since he needs help to transform while other ssj he can do by him self.

  • gogeta207

    guys remember thats happen in gt too when goku ssj4 fight with shenron in last episodes

  • shafiq95

    pure hearted =100% good,0% bad…im pretty sure Vegeta acts like an ass every chance he gets.Compared to Goku,who is a one dimensional character,hes definitely not pure hearted,
    Sure,Vegeta is a pure badass but thats a whole different story

  • William Brodie

    as stated idiot the golden oozaru is nothing but the regular oozaru in super saiyan form and besides that flashback was filler for that anime and just like the baby saga and plan to eradicate the super saiyan the creators of gt took inspiration from that idea and all the fanboys flocked to it

  • JustinQueefer

    That was fanart

  • JustinQueefer

    dude…SSG = badass. 4 used to be my favorite form, but this one is now. The simplicity of it, just makes it look so much better. And, you do know what they say about red-heads, don’t you?

  • JustinQueefer

    She was in school

  • JustinQueefer

    if Super Saiyan 4 isn’t canon, why is it in so many video games? Toriyama even drew the form himself.

  • JustinQueefer

    Easy. His heart is pure evil, as stated in the Cell Saga

  • JustinQueefer

    This form is different from the false SS form. It’s badass! Look at his eyes

  • WakeUp

    They be trolling….

  • darkhero3500

    how goku Super Saiyan God Form loocks like Kaioken? o.O

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    ssj god the most peaceful transformation, the only transformation that does not require anger or scream lol

  • Scardro

    I’m not saying the movie sucks I’m saying that Super Saiyan God’s appearance is what sucks and you saying there could be a Super Saiyan God 2 would just be milky of a new form and it’s not like it’s a whole transformation Goku can’t achieve it without the powers of six other so he can’t just transform into it in the middle of a fight it may not ever be in anything other than this movie who knows

  • Killer Popo

    So just because it’s in a lot of video games and Akira Toriyama drew it, it automatically makes SSJ4 canon? I suppose Broly, LSSJ3 Broly, Cooler, Janemba, SSJ3 Vegeta, Lord Slug, and Turles are canon too.

  • NSOP

    Doesn’t that automatically exclude good ol’ Veggy?

  • Thetrueuchiha

    They have red toes

  • Thetrueuchiha

    So having red eyes makes this form badass? i just wish his hair was pure red with no transparency

  • Chris Franzen

    you can be pure heartedly evil bud

  • Chris Franzen

    movie’s aren’t considered completely canon. Also Toriyama has completely ignored GT

  • jake

    fanart was way better honestly

  • Robert Peterson

    Aahhhhhhhhh yyeeeeeaaaahh gohan gettin it in

  • jake

    your arguing about it being red when super saiyan god is red dumbass. did you even watch gt? your fail logic makes zero sense faggot

  • jake

    agreed. i was so pumped for this transformation. then i find out its not even a transformation.. its just regular goku… nice 2 day early april fools joke toriyama… kaioken goku! they could have at least spiked his hair.

  • jake

    I LOVE GOKU WITH ALL MY HEART! but when you say SUPER SAIYAN GOD to a 20 year dbz fan he’s going to expect epicness… coloring gokus eyes red is so lame.. even the lord slug movie “super saiyan” was cooler than this…

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    You probably didnt watch the video. You can see videl holding hands with the others to perform the transformation. Its not full blooded its pure hearted

  • James Alexander

    Goku’s assencsion to GodHood

  • Thugnificent

    wait..what? Pan is canon?

    Edit: It’s Videl and her unborn baby i guess

  • Knight121198

    Since Vegeta asked the Dragon at the end of kid buu saga to bring back only those of pure heart to life, and the dragon brought him back as well.

  • Knight121198

    dude sorry to bust ur bubble but ssj4 was design by Toriyama himself

  • Knight121198

    i was actually wishing for the fan art golden ssj4 now that would have been god mode!

  • Knight121198

    Damn nothing worse than premature transformation, so sad.

  • Knight121198

    dude its pure hearted saiyans, videl is pregnant in this with pan.

  • Knight121198

    actually it was against baby when trunks, goten, gohan and pan helped supercharge ssj4.

  • Knight121198

    she was in the end of dbz she is cannon.

  • Knight121198

    yes she is watch the last episode of dbz!

  • jake


  • jake

    akira toriyama’s 2 day early april fools to the world!!

  • jake

    he stated that it was canon himself retard. what did you expect him to do make a whole new series with one episode…. no dumbass he made a movie and labeled it canon to make sense

  • Ray Smith

    Well he can transform to ssjg at will but the thing is it has a time limit, and if there is another form which I know there is it might require the other six or maybe just the user.

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    That what i just said and i know its pan giving videl that energy so as you can see pan energy is shown on videl so i say they can give pan the SS God energy but since pan is inside videl it will also be her energy

  • Ray Smith

    Ohhh I bet you felt good about insulting me and by the likes I got I see my logic makes a lot of sense, also I was talking about the fur not the hair on his head. And the only good thing about GT was they made the tail of a Saiyian useful that was it

  • Ray Smith

    lol Maybe when Pan goes up (hopefully not the one in gt) she will give him power and he will become true ssjg

  • Ray Smith

    GT was not cannon and ssj4 was something he drew but he stated it is not cannon, he did not make GT so it would not make sense for him to put ssj4 in this. Also if you look at his interview he stated GT and ssj4 was not included in this cannon movie, he respected GT but not to the point of making it related

  • Michael McGinn

    Do your research. Toriyama never designed SSJ4. He only made a “fanart” of it.

  • Procker

    it would be awesome if goku awakens the sharingan in ssj God mode LOOOOL joking

  • anthonydenizard23

    Will…..that looks out of the ordinary huh…

  • w 1

    lol yea, i understand. im going on 14 years of dbz fandom and i can see your point. some people were expecting a gold ssj4 for god, and to me, that woulda been over the top. as for ssj4 gogeta, he has red hair, so does that mean hes close to ssjg? sure hes not completely cannon but he has to have some relation to the other forms. so all the disappointment about how ssjg looks, I have hope that it’ll become epic, the more he uses it, the stronger it’ll get.

  • sebaszk

    I dont know the hating maybe i just like it simple. But this form is my favorite and i dont really get the hate, but whatever everyone have their own taste. I just want to see if he can transform into ssj while in god form.

  • Aaron Mahoney


  • Perma

    Why is “Super Saiyan God” called by that? The first Saiyans to do that (as said there was one before) were not able to go Super Saiyan. Also pan could not have been a Super Saiyan yet, especially not since she hadn’t been born yet.

    So the “Super Saiyan God” look is not meant to be a further form of Super Saiyan, but more as the ultimate base form of an original Saiyan the name of the form is misleading and should not even be called “Super”. Although it is ascended from a normal Saiyan, it is not in the same manor, a “Super Saiyan God’s” form can drastically vary in strength (Depending on the people whom he achieved this form using) where as Super Saiyans much achieve a higher level through training and emotion.

    TL:DR It should be Saiyan God, not “Super Saiyan God”. That’s why the transformation isn’t all fancy.

  • KingMza

    way way better

  • KingMza

    that’s what i was thinkin haha

  • Marco

    I hear from alot of ppl there gona be a new dbz saga with gods. There will be 12 more gods and Bill was 1 of them and its confirmed. I dont know its true or not, maybe somebody can tell me?

  • n00biito

    It’s not “simple”. It’s lazy. They just added a red hue to his hair. How is that a transformation at all?!

  • AiHina

    Irrespective of what people thought of the movie, why it got the revenue it did shouldn’t really have to be explained. It’s not like as soon as the movie came out, they sent in ONE single viewer as a tester; he came out and said “it sucks, don’t watch it” and then no one does it.

    Everyone with expectations and wanting to see it on the first day would pay

  • neckrosiss

    ah but the yelling was the best part and is it just me or dose vegeta not strike you as a pure hearted sayin

  • gogeta207

    yup but this time with vegeta

  • Estus

    SS4, from what the GT perfect files states, was just an evolution of the Saiyan physiology that takes the greatest traits from Great Ape and the regular Saiyan form.

    I personally love SSG, as I feel there was so much more that could have been done before SS4 could be achieved. The fan-art was simply a recolor of SS4, but golden. It’s the same thing with SSG but it makes sense because SSG was achieved by the original Saiyans on Planet Vegeta long before the Z-fighters existed. Nobody has seen it; it is a legend among legends, like the Super Saiyan.

    If they were to go the golden SS4 look, then I would imagine there would need to be some sort of backstory on how Goku grew his tail back so fast. Otherwise we might see another shape-shifter prying the tail out of him as some pliers.

  • Estus

    Okay, what would you have SSG look like? A re-skin of SS4?
    SSG isn’t a transformation per-say, but a power-up, hence the reason why it doesn’t last as long.

    Imagine further levels of SSG in it’s current state. It brings in plenty of potential should they decide to continue the series. Which I’m all for.

    I love it’s simplicity and I don’t think it’s lazy at all. It was stated that SSG was achieved by the original Saiyans years before the oracle informed Birisu, so I wouldn’t imagine it being all that different than the base form since it does require 6 pure-hearted saiyans.

  • Shah Ankit

    Still weaker than superman

  • Foxboy Axxidous

    I thought in DBZ it was shown they he developed into one. I remember Goku even kinda rubbing his face in it, saying that something was supposed to happen (I forget what) that did or didn’t happen to Vegeta based on a wish that meant Vegeta wasn’t evil and was a good guy. Toward the end, it’s kinda just an act on his part. lol

  • Justin Clark

    It was the fact that the wish made on Shenron was that all innocent people killed would be resurrected. Vegeta was one of them, meaning he is now recognized as a good person.

  • masso

    he drew it AFTER it was invented for GT as a sign of respect for the series, GT is not canon and never will be… movies aren’t canon either, the only ones that are considered canon are, Battle of Gods and the special of Son goku and his friends return

  • masso

    he only drew it as a sign of his respect for the GT series wich he called “a nice side story” the only 100% canon material is the manga… movies aren’t canon either, only battle of gods and son goku and his friends return, because Toriyama was heavily involved in sotry and character design

  • Tyjuan Newell

    DBZ lost its character value Vegeta is a second rate loser

  • Ray Smith

    how so he was the first to push back Bills

  • sousdawg88

    Honestly i think this form is awesome. Every other form looks crazier than the last. But this GOD FORM is the first that looks peaceful. I guess Toryiama wanted the GOD FORM to look peaceful and not crazy looking or a brand new form..guess his view of a GOD what we see.

  • William Brodie

    wrong toei animation gave him the concept and then he drew it out to what he thought it would look like

  • William Brodie

    the ritual needs 6 pure hearted saiyans but the power can only go to a pure blooded saiyan

  • William Brodie

    toriyama in a recent interview called the forms name itself an exaggeration but the forms power boost was godlike

  • n00biito

    I never said it had to be a reskin of anything. This is supposed to be the saiyan GOD mode though so the expectation is for Goku to look epic. We don’t know if they’ll continue the series, they should have given us something epic in case they don’t. Having a saiyan god mode 2 is kind of ridiculous imo. Just because it’s Toriyama doing the work this time doesn’t automatically make it any good.

  • Estus

    Well everybody’s opinion is different, and I think SSG is epic. I never said anything about Toriyama’s work in the movie being good and this expectation doesn’t apply to everyone. IMO, the music is what attributed to the ascension to god so good, and you certainly don’t find any power increase in DBZ to be that relaxed. Like I said, should they decide to further the series, more levels of saiyan god brings plenty of potential for “epic” transformations or power-ups and what not.

  • Asif Bashir

    Worst transformation ever *Sigh* some things need to be left alone!!

  • guest

    a ssj god? if that isn’t a sales pitch, i don’t know what is. this movie was a money grab marketed towards nostalgic dbz fans. the story is unoriginal; on several occasions, goku has needed to absorb the energy of his friends in order to power up against some formidable foe. friends, the dbz storyline has been finished for over ten years now.

    i’ll still watch the movie, but it’s certainly not anything to get excited about.


    I thought the transformation would look cooler like ssj4 but its still sik

  • thecrows2332

    Is super saiyan god a one time thing?

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    Bro thats what i said my point is why cant it be transfered to pan and since pan is inside videl it will also be her energy until pan is born

  • Shuran

    of six people who have saiyan dna

  • Tyler Gurdon

    6 pure HEARTED saiyans

  • Avantyr

    Maybe they make the SSG II, III or IV like that. It makes sense toning down the first form so you have room to build up when making the stronger transformations, See Gogeta and Vegito

  • n00biito

    That’s exactly what ruins it for me. More levels of ssjg is just lame imo. All that stuff you’re bringing up about music and it being “peaceful” is lost on me. My problem is with the DESIGN of the saiyan god form. It’s not the music or whether the transformation is “peaceful” or not. It’s once transformed the change in appearance is minimal and not only that but also resembles another power up state a lot.

    Just look at how many people keep saying it looks too much like the kaioken state. So it’s not all in my head. Also not sure if you’ve been following up all the hype before the release of the movie but ever since it was leaked that Goku would reach a god form people have been speculating about what it would LOOK like.

    Pretty much EVERY comment I read about it expressed the expectation that this form would LOOK epic. So that’s not all in my head either. I wish they would of expanded on the Uub storyline since Uub is canon unlike GT.

  • Killer Popo

    That’s because Pan was raised in the forest while Bra was raised in the city like Bulma so she’s appears more sophisticated.

  • Killer Popo

    No, he didn’t forget Toei just screwed up Bra’s original age in GT (which was around a year younger than Pan).

  • Kasey Hampton

    he can go in to god form then turn super sayien 1 2 or 3 but they need to save some of that for the rest of the movies i think we will see ss3 gogeta in god form at some point but there r 12 gods so that means at least 6 more movies maybe 12 who knows

  • Kasey Hampton

    when vegeta blew him self up against m buu that made him pure of heart as he gave his life to save others

  • guest

    Wow i thought it would look epic

  • allllright

    lame transformation..ss4 was way better and they forgot about bulla..they could’ve used her instead of pan

  • Vegeta

    It’s not Pan, it’s Videl! Her power level is like 40! Even Krilin is way stronger than Videl. What is she doing there?

  • Ray Smith

    No he can transform it at will but there is a time limit

  • Ray Smith

    You may have a point

  • Ray Smith

    hmmm Yeah I think you are right DAMN YOU TOEI AND GT lol

  • Ray Smith

    If there is another transformation how do you think it would look like (and please don’t say ssj4 with gold fur lol ewww)

    I would like for the hair to be longer and going up like ssj2 and have some going down like shoulders length, have like a red, orange and yellow color like flames for the hair color design. And some markings on the body like on face, shoulders and chest. When charging the aura will have blue on the inside and the same ssjg flames but when he/she is not charging ki still leaks out from his/her body. I would like to add a tail to it but DBZ seems to not care for Saiyians with tails anymore, and the eyes can be either blue or yellow, this is more of a combination of all four forms and I got some of the skims form dragon ball absalon

    How would you like for the ascended ssjg to look like

  • Mr_Steven

    The transformation sucks so much that Bill is just calmly driking his juice.

  • Mr_Steven

    How about they add a little bit of SSJ4 in it. He can have the SSJ4′s hair (not the one that grow in his body) and grow the tail back. He can keep the firely aura and the red eyes.

  • Ray Smith

    That is the only cool thing about ssj4 that and the tail everything else was ugly including the gay ass bear fur lol

  • Mr_Steven

    Super Saiyan Bear!!!!!

  • Ray Smith

    More like Super Saiyian Niki Minja

  • Rory Hentai-San Byrne

    That was a massive let down looks like kaitoken with stupidly big new age ane eyes akira toriama could have done way better this is just goku with a hint of red XD

  • Rory Hentai-San Byrne

    Kaiyoken* and anime* misspelling with fanboy rage XD

  • Thariq Thasneem

    I think vegeta is going to turn super saiyan 3 and fuse with goku at super saiyan 3 to make that golden figure, but that’s just fan art apparently. There is defo something better within the god form…I think its incomplete because pan isn’t born yet…

  • Omar Khan

    this movie sucked lemmie explain this movie has no rage the villian are drinking fukin “COOL” AID and the quality sucks the classic dbz was the best i mean this is good for the new generation but for the hardcore dbz fans like i grew up this movie is not satisfying and for da record in my opinion brolies first movie wass betta

  • Ray Smith

    If the movie sucked why did it get so many ratings, and money? I don’t think it’s because it is DBZ but because the creator made it himself, and the quality is superb imo and the whole rage thing it’s because Bills is not really a villain he is a selfish character.

  • jake

    i feel great :3 so going from gold hair to red hair makes since if its on you head not your arms, back, stomach? oh now i understand your logic! its circular!

  • memk

    Idk if anyone else has noticed this but…….. Goten is still a kid and pan hasn’t been born yet so this happens before GT so doesnt that mean that the order is SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSG, SSJ4??????????????

  • tyler

    where can i watch a real version of dragonball z battle of gods?

  • tyler

    This is a question to all.

  • Ray Smith

    Oh man ugh okay gt is not canon it is false it never happen it is like the other dbz movies but this movie in particular is canon. Toiry the creator stated this that gt is not canon and was not created by him, he did do the design for ssj4 but he did not do gt that was toei animation

  • southbullet

    GT wasn’t created by the original creator is it might get ignore… pan probably is not going to be born

  • Anthony_weaver86

    If I could make my own ssjg2 it would have white with red hair color design, it would burn bright like it was on fire, the hair shape would have ssj4 look to it but with some minor changes like with Goku his banes will have the ssj2 concept and vegeta will have his ssj4 hair but only more spiky like ssj2. red orange ish eye. I like the markings you describe from bd absalon but mine will only have like marks on his face. A tail and it will be the same color as the hair and when they charge it will be white like lightning and have yellow bolts

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    the one that is considered saiyan is Pan in her womb

  • Killer Popo

    As of now, nowhere since it’s still currently very popular in Japanese theaters(and pirating movies in Japan is difficult since they take it very seriously). I’m guessing that people will start uploading the movie with English subtitles on websites once the DVD is released which is who knows when. Also, Funimation still hasn’t confirmed if they will license the movie for an English dubbed version of the movie yet.

  • cursednaruto

    no no no no thats is it who put dye in goku’s shampoo its not april fools no more go say your sorry

  • Guest

    this is set 10 years before buu

  • Kaiser

    I can see this happening if any new sagas are made after this film.

    Last saga (or near the end of) you will have Vegeta (returning back to the evil side) fighting Goku as SSG. Vegeta will have the upper hand but during another episode before this fight Goku will have learnt the secret about SSG.

    The secret pretty much is that it requires 6 pure humans (not saiyans) or the whole human race to achieve the true SSG form (you will learn that SSG is actually SSJ4 (Newly redesigned). If 6 humans were required it would be something like (Krillen, Tien, Yamcha, Chaziou, Yajirobe, Roshi (or someone else no doubtfully Hercules)).

  • sxar

    veut le voir!!!

  • Christopher Brockway

    10 years after buu

  • Sandi Akula Maughan

    no its not its just after..literally like months after

  • israel ss4

    Goku is the ultimate saiyan

  • israel ss4

    He looks like he on fire


    Don’t you retards get it? if you keep commenting bad posts about DBZ or this movie there won’t be a next series! akira did this to see if the fans are still interested in Dragonball and btw you can’t compara ssjG to ssj4 because DBGT wasn’t part of the Draonball franchise god you’re all so stupid

  • Ryan Sebastian Abbas

    it think its mend to be as a power up and not a transformation just like Friezas 100% form…. just a guess it not like i saw the movie XD LOVE DBZ by the way

  • Brison E. Means

    Pan is born by the end of Z idiot, she fights in the same tourney as Goku and Uub. But you are correct that GT might (and should) get ignored.

  • Kayoss860

    Spoiler alert.
    Bils is the god of destruction. He was in hibernation for many years. He suppose to wake up and destroy planet vegta, but it was already destroyed by frieza. So he decided to go to earth to find the saiyan that beat frieza. Like goku bils always is looking for a stronger fighter but at the same time his job is to destroy planets. Earth was up next. I have to say this movie was a little disappointing but it is definitely better than gt. goku turning into a kid was dumbest idea ever in gt. smh.

  • Kayoss860

    You my friend will be surprised and be disappointed at the same time.

  • Ray Smith

    Amen to that

  • Ray Smith

    By what

  • Matthew Concepcion

    the form is like gohan when he turned into a mystic in buus saga no changes only his power increased to the fullest

  • Carlos Lazo

    If you are right that it is just saiyan god, would a “Super Saiyan God” have orange hair(mix of red and gold/yellow)? Or a completely different color? Just wondering

  • CupOJoee

    i think super saiyan god should be what it says, a GOD. it would be cool if it was the golden ssj4 image or similar to that, but after the tranformation you cant go back, and he literally becomes a god form and goes on to create life else were after the battle, like a gods purpose would be for. in my opinion. thatd be tight

  • Chōmei

    Nah, I would rather Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 be developed instead.

  • UchihaName

    Yeah right lol. Superman had more than one creator giving him his abilities, as for Goku, he had only one, Akira Toriyama And for f****s sake he is allergic to a damn rock. Goku is in every way better than superman that wears a ridiculous outfit.

  • goku

    that is so stupid

  • gohanssjgod2000

    your a dumbass jackass -_-

  • gohanssjgod2000

    hey dad

  • เรียกชื่อเทอไม่ถนัด ขอเรียกว่า


  • Patrick Elze

    And why is it that he is a dumbass jackass? Do you actually have anything substantive to say or are you some internet troll who gets his jollies by calling people names?

  • Joshua Levi

    I watched a video on Youtube that said in total there are 12 God Of Dectruction and Bills is the weakest so im guessing there are 12 saiyan gods in total?

  • Peter Parker

    no theres no automatic saiyan gods you have to become one, thats even if your powerful enough… 12 gods of destruction are jus set for the 12 universes, Goku them happen to be in one of those universes…

  • Adelade Akisanya

    it look like kaiken

  • Chōmei

    He should have just went Super Saiyan 5.

  • Chōmei

    Ultimate-S-Gohan… Soon… I hope.

  • Al

    Japanese people sure know how to F*ck up something good. I saw the SS God Transformation. At first I was like mannn I want to wait and see it for myself watching the movie, but the anticipation killed me so I went ahead and looked on Youtube. When I saw it, I was like ummm thats it? I think it’s something in Japanese writers and producers to naturally screw up something that they could have made into something Ultimate. Yes the movie made tons of money..its freaking DRAGONBALL Z.

    The creators first screwed up the series from the start of the Manga by killing off all the damn saiyans to begin with. Then when we find out about Brolly we get our hopes up. Only to see this beast of a Saiyan, who did not even go SS2 or SS3 and completely go ape Sh*t on Goku eventually get beat by some wack spirit bomb. No female Super Saiyans? Why not a Sub-Species of saiyans, that look black, asian, mixed..and eventually one of them reaches SS levels but instead of Blonde hair and green eyes, their hair and eyes change another color. So much to this series that could make it last for years to come.

    Again the Japanese have an odd way to creating, writing, and producing. Maybe it’s a culture thing where they love to have a kick ass episode, then only to follow that with an episode where it is a flashback until the last 5 min of the show who knows…. Its not just Dragonball…Look at how they have butchered Final Fantasy with the abomination’s Final Fantasy XI-XIII.

  • Al

    I believe they are going to say GT happened in an alternate universe which would be just fine.

  • balaroo29 .

    I hoped for something more also but at the other hand God shouldn’t be some flashy dude.He should show his power in some other manner

  • Al

    I agree to an extent. They could have at least NOT made him look like he’s using CGI inspired kaioken x 10 lol….

  • gasoline_stainsv2

    I think that is more of a cultural thing though. There isn;t much diversity when it comes to jap anime, and if they are, they kinda play a lesser role

  • Al

    Ok i’ll come to his rescue….He’s a dumbass jackass because what possible angle can you go to next with the same characters, each generation a little less “Saiyan then the last. Yet they are more powerful the the generation before them? You and the Guest are either children, really stupid or both. If anything they need to have one episode where someone wishes that Freeza never destroyed planet Vegeta and have a full restart and or like they did with GT, turn it into an alternate Universe and start a new series with the same characters. Anywho the current group is done with. What else can you possibly do, especially now that Goku has achieved such a high transformation. It is pointless for him to fight with others like Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta, Gohan and Goten.

  • shurmond conklin

    any body has the real movie download please put it

  • FatalGame

    Definitely would be the best thing to do.


    is any bdy who have goko vs frieza full movie

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    any saiyan can be a ssj god -.-

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    dude no offense really but that’s the dumbest thing iv’e ever heard it requires 6 pure saiyans and super saiyan god is technically the 4th transformation so lets keep it ssjgod there is no diffrence dumbass also with unborn pan helped goku became super saiyan god, Vegeta learned about his eregance and cares about being strong so he has a chance to beat Goku dude seriously T_T (head shakes slowly)

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    when pan was born Goten was a teen and GT isn’t canon meaning fake! and when pan wasn’t born goten was little pan was born in a couple of years

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother


  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    your a dumbass

  • prabesh

    if your god your calm and humble but same time your strong

  • drybones

    i think that he probably could go to ssg2 and 3 maybe jus like when he was ssj 2 and 3 maybe we will see that later on in other movies jus a thought tho would be cool tho cause that ssg mode looks weak and he still didnt do damage to billshe got wooped a bit i saW A LONGER clip but ye its jus a thought tho about the ssg mode

  • AnimeFreak

    1.The DBZ Movies are non cannon.

    2. DragonBall GT is cannon because it continues a few year after DBZ!

    3.And yes, Akira Toriyama did take part in creating most of the
    characters in GT except the storyline —so yes GT is official!

    4. Most people don’t like GT cause Goku was turned into a kid and SSJ4 had redish/pink fur

    5.This new movie is yet another non cannon and will confuse many many people! (Goku turns into Ironman!)

  • Juan Noriega

    The other DBZ movies are not cannon. The movie is canon it takes place after buu and before the last chapter of DBZ. This kills GT. Akira made this a cannon movie it has been stated as fact. Where as your just using the logic that becuse the other movies are non cannon this is non cannon as well. Wrong!

  • Juan Noriega

    Oh and GT was just a way to milk more money out of the series. Akira didn’t want to continue with the series that’s why there is no GT manga. No manga=non cannon. GT sucks. What i despise most are people who defend GT. If you are a true DBZ fan you now that we all hate GT for what it id to the characters and to the story. It was pointless to continue. Why in gods name do people like you keep on defending something that is sooo wrong. I dont hate it because goku turned into a kid. And i also dont hate it for the color of his fur i lik super saiyan 4. I hate it because it was a pointless continuation of the series. Its not ant to exist. Its not canon. The movie battle of gods IS CANNON!!!

  • Bradley Allen Herring

    you would think we would atleast have a RAW version by now..

  • tom

    same old please dont be cannon. super saiyan 3 was enough

  • vageta101

    gt was made on vhs

  • Kamil Benchekroun

    Yeah, EXACTLY, GT shouldn’t have existed and this movie is in the storyline.

  • Kamil Benchekroun

    its true they sould have made the saiyan race live and get some female ssj with bigger every time she powers up

  • Kamil Benchekroun

    for ur info, at the end of dbz, when goku wears those blue clothes and he meets uub, Pan IS shown so she IS going to be born.

  • Dave Bonnar

    This movie is NOT non cannon, Akira Toriyama has already stated that this movie and the upcoming new DB series are a direct continuation from the end of DBZ and Before GT ever happens. GT is NOT being scrapped and has not been stated so far, because this will be in between the two, GT may still ”happen”

  • Dagoberto Alfredo Borja

    I’m glad a new series is being born, I was very angry how DBZ ended, I didn’t see GOKU train the Super Saiyan 3 transformation, His fight vs Kid Buu was not very appealing, because GOKU never spend enough time on the transformation to train it, and wasted enourmous amounst of energy that weakened him on the fight.

  • Millz_Jr

    1:06 bills gives no fucks lmaoo

  • Pavel Vasilik

    full movie here just look this up on youtube Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods FULL MOVIE 9/13/2012

  • Rabotlhoko Silver-Surf Tlhaban

    They made a purple dog :Lord Bill? This movie sucks !!!!