Naruto Storm 3: Swimsuit DLC, Hello Kitty Sakura in Action

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Namco Bandai Games America and Europe had announced Hello Kitty Sakura DLC two weeks ago, and today, it hit Xbox Marketplace (PSN tomorrow). Check it out in English and Japanese below thanks to Saiyan Island’s TheGameTagerz and HystericalGamez !

Also, released are the Swimsuit DLC. These were availible last week on the Japanese PlayStation Network and will be availible tommorow for North America and Europe. Xbox Martplace, however, has them already and now Saiyan Island’s HystericalGamez has got the footage for you in both English and Japanese!

Swimsuit Sakura vs Swimsuit Tsunade (English)

Swimsuit Sakura vs Swimsuit Ino (Japanese)

Swimsuit Hinata vs Swimsuit Sakura (Japanese)

Swimsuit Hinata vs War Sai (English)

Swimsuit Ino vs Swimsuit Temari (English)

Swimsuit Ino vs Swimsuit Tsunade (Japanese)

Swimsuit Temari vs Chiyo (English)

Swimsuit Temari vs Karin (Japanese)

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  • Paul Waaben Ammentorp

    Screw Hello Kitty Sakura.

  • JohnStormNIN PT

    I’m feeling that cc2 guys are a little pervy xD xD xD xD

  • kimimaru7

    yay, 3d anime-like, awkwardly defined, unnecessarily sexy boobies….

  • Alexander Romero

    The best DLC in this article is HELLO KITTY SAKURA AND SWIMSUIY SAKURA!!!! Not the best DLC in the game but the best in the article.

  • Marco

    Wow hentai live on storm 3

  • Moup94

    $3 for one costume that barely changes Sakura at all. $1 for 7 costumes that completely change the looks of 7 different characters. What…

  • cuonglam

    Every single nerdy white guy is going to download these

  • James Alexander

    Whitout being a perv is it comming tomorrow in america/europe?

  • Sakura Haruno

    So.. only you? xD

  • Hagareno

    I think Ino’s is my fav of the bunch. :)

  • dajoker

    No Swimsuit Chiyo? My life is incomplete.

  • Sativa_P

    why did they give Hinata and Temari Old lady Swim suits lol

  • KingSora1991

    These swimsuits are from a Shippuden Ending. Just like the school uniforms are from a Shippuden ending…

  • KingSora1991

    Since when is it “one costume” for Sakura for 3 dollars? Aren’t the swimsuits with the Kitty Costume?

  • Mörtsyn

    Don’t worry Tenten, you’ll get your chance next time. Maybe.


    Not sure if CC2 making dlc or satan e_e

  • Maurice Scales


  • John Ramirez

    They should make DLC for Naruto,Lee,Tenten and Neji from that ending where they were training in sports clothes.


    Now if only some of them actually had breasts….

  • Nick Uchiha

    Eww… who would pay $3 for ugly Sakura? I’ll get the Swimsuit DLC if the DLC next week is better.


    Alright (/°-°)/ (^o^)

  • king

    People say those swimsuit was base of a Naruto Shippuden ending.

  • king

    Ok what did i just read.

  • king

    Tenten need some more love.

  • Amaterasu Power

    the best is ino


    well at least sakura’s swimsuit is not exclusive, still want akatsuki coats for taka,kakuzu,hidan,orochimaru and nagato, oh and still edo kakuzu and sasori costumes

  • TLtheArtist

    Watch the tv show and you’ll see it in the ending.

  • I thought NA was going to be left out on swimsuit season o-o
    So glad we’re getting these… ^-^

  • For real… They need a TenTen DLC. All the other girls, besides Konan, has a DLC -_-
    I’m not a fan of TenTen, but it would be right FOR her fans.

  • Tomorrow for PSN in America/Europe.
    I think it’s out today on Xbox Live in America/Europe

  • Fred Abbott

    If they’re basing the DLC off endings, we could get the tuxedo costumes for the guys!!!! Ninja swagger~ ;3

  • Sativa_P

    Ahh ok I never watch the ending Clips

  • SalvadorRamirez

    Temari is fuckable

  • Sativa_P

    Ten Ten has fans?

  • Abraham Sanchez

    In NA the PSN updates Tuesdays around 4 or 5. Well at least on the West Coast. Im just saying cuz whenever people ask sumone alwayz tells them Wednesday. Maybe for Europe but for NA its on Tuesdays.

  • Abraham Sanchez

    No swag for them XD
    Only Road to Ninja Sasuke has true swag XD

  • Caique Justino Deodato

    is because Hello Kitty copyrights…

  • Hector Millinardo Guzman


  • Fred Abbott

    Ah but swagger and swag are very different things~

  • Wilco Verwiel

    Agree. ^^
    But sadly, no Gaara version :lol:

  • nemu

    Sakura has fans, i love Ten ten and Karin

  • Fred Abbott

    Oh yeah that was like the best one, was that the white one?~

  • IceQ

    240 MS points for 1 costume? Really? I just payed like 80 for 7, what the hell is on cc2′s mind?

  • KingSora1991

    Yeah i guess that’s right. But they should have had Ino, Tsunade, Konan, Hinata, and add some other Hello Kitty designs for the female characters. Just one Kitty character like Sakura for ONE purchase is just wrong. This is the first time they done something like that with a DLC.

  • Amando Ochoa Sánchez

    Hello kitty Sakura= the most expensive and pathetic dlc

  • Moup94

    I just remembered the $1 pack had 8 people. Not 7 :X I forgot about Madara though his changes weren’t as drastic as the other 7.

  • Art

    I’d think they mixed up the pricing options, but then again this is CC2
    we are talking about. A lot of what they do doesn’t make sense. I’ll
    take $1 for 7 “good” costumes though.

  • Rameek Reefer Silas

    Vegeta suit for sasuke

  • KuroPansa

    Really ? Who’s gonna buy that hello kitty “costume” ? We just want the swimsuits !

  • Midori

    You should see tales of graces…Man that’s worse..5 bucks for 1 costume..and like for every dlc its 150 dollars! Namco likes making their dlc so expensive sometimes .

  • KonohamaruKun_99

    I have to say, even though I’m not a tenten fan, she still deserves a dlc. Why not let her have the sparring outfit a that she sparred with naruto in.

  • Hiei Superdeadlyking

    Time to play with one DEADLY hand =D

  • narutonatsu

    yo that will be awesome! i actually want those

  • Jabar Mason

    wow America got all the dlc I thought they said not all dlc will be available in all reigons

  • KuroPansa

    I don’t want Hello shitty in my swimsuits pack !

  • KuroPansa

    More Hello Kitty ? Are you mad ? I’ve suffered enough until now.

  • KuroPansa

    Aren’t Mizukage, Karin and Fu supposed to be… girls ?

  • sajuke

    more liek goodbye kitty sakura lolz…hahaha…hehe….i have no life.

  • Robert Guedes

    i want a DLC for Karin and Nagato !!!!

  • Philip Huertas

    ……why dont they make menma already sheesh……..

  • Philip Huertas

    So true XD

  • KingSora1991

    Looks at your user name**. “Kuro”. You have a problem with cats? LOL Sure OOOOK >_>

  • KingSora1991

    I don’t care what YOU want !!!

  • nicholas deo

    So wait why does Xbox get it first? Lol so ps3 gets it tomorrow huh?

  • arashikage


  • Guilherme Di-Rienzo

    i need to see a dlc of orochimaru with grass outfit

  • Reggie Toussaint


  • QIQI12

    I like seeing sakura withought her headband.she looks nice ^^

  • Abraham Sanchez

    Then why are the associated? Im seriously asking O.o

  • Bdock3601

    can people who dont buy the packs even see the costumes? because im pretty sure ive never seen any costume until i buy a pack and i was in a tournament with some dudes that said one was using one and i couldnt see it and if they cant that seems kinda lame

  • GumGumTrainMakingJutsuBlast

    I think there will be another swimsuit dlc with the mizukage, tenten, konan and etc. Just my guess :O

  • Mike Kersten

    Kuro doesn’t mean cat. Kuro / kuroi = black. Cat = Neko. Fail more. xD

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    ikr =D

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • kelvin ntukula

    ya’ll know what would make this game even better?
    if they applied the same feature thats in DBZ games which is the characters outfits getting torn up and stuff
    imagine how it would look like with the swim suits

  • LeeHatake93

    Here’s a summary of what I believe would be pretty cool costumes:
    Remaining Konoha Shinobi in School and Road to Ninja Outfits
    PTS Naruto with Goggles, wearing the Rock Lee Outfit from the PS2 games, or even Naruto from the manga’s pilot.
    PTS Sasuke with his arm bands (personal preference), without a headband (again, prefrence) and in his hospital outfit (I think Broken Bond is the only Naruto game that has ever had this)
    PTS Sakura with long hair (another personal reference)
    PTS Hinata’s “Byakugan” Hinata costume from Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 (PS2)
    PTS Lee from the third movie, or his outfit from when he met Guy (robes, longer hair, headband on his head)
    PTS Neji without his Headband
    War Neji in his medical outfit (from the chapter/episode with the Zetsu that posed as Neji)
    Edo Tensei skins for Kimimaro, Chiyo, Kakuzu, Sasori, and Hidan (from the Chikara Arc for the heck of it)
    Taka robes for Jugo, Karin, and Suigetsu
    Hats/Robes for Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato, Tsunade, Raikage, Gaara, Tsuchikage, and Mizukage.
    Two Menma costumes: Masked Menma for Sage Naruto, Unmasked Menma for Naruto (Nine-Tailed Rasengan)
    Kakuzu in Akatsuki Robes
    Hidan with undamaged robes
    and that’s all of the non-spoiler costumes I can think of.
    For spoiler costumes, given that CC2 will continue making DLC once the anime eventually gets back to manga chapters instead of fillers, this is my list:
    Tobi (Orange Mask) with battle damage
    Obito Uchiha (Great War Tobi) unmasked
    Masked Man as White Zetsu Tobi
    Young Obito Uchiha in his “in Hell” costume (long hair, damaged body, bandages, etc.)
    Young Kakashi with Sharingan (my personal preference)
    Edo Tensei Costumes for Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, and Minato
    ..and hoping they would actually be convinced to add new supers or something, this is my list:
    Jugo with CS2 awakening
    Hashirama with Sage Mode and an alternate super
    Madara Uchiha with a Susano’o awakening and the Wood Dragon Jutsu for a Super
    Edo Tensei Itachi with Izanami for a ougi
    Dragon Sage Kabuto
    Now that I think most of you would be pleased with these ideas, I also want Sasuke in Vegeta’s outfit

  • LeeHatake93

    No arguments here. For an anime character, she actually is

  • LeeHatake93

    I just want to know one thing. Where did Hello Kitty Sakura even come from? Same with a majority of Naruto’s costumes.

    And something that crossed my mind: since Namco is publisher, what if they added other Namco series costumes? Like a Jin Kazama outfit for Sasuke, or Nightmare outfit for Kisame?

  • Animefreak1325

    That feel when no swimsuit Karin.

  • Idy Inyang

    And Hello Kitty?

  • paul dunn

    Only gonna buy this dlc, just for hinata

  • trollbi

    Copyright issue.

  • Jordan Green


  • Fred Abbott

    His username is the romanization of Darui’s Black Panther technique~

  • James Alexander

    Sanin era & anbu 99 cents vs hello kitty $ and bikini 2$ wth

  • KingSora1991

    I never said it was >_> Kuro is used as nickname or a name for cats fyi.

  • KingSora1991

    I see that. I was just looking at “kuro”. I already explained my answer in another comment.

  • KingSora1991

    What about it? It’s like Pirate Naruto, Nepolean Sasuke, Matador Naruto are just brand new costumes. So why can’t Sakura get one? Though it should have been more than one.

  • KuruMame

    Oh right yeah – also there’s the famous Toro + Kuro Sony mascot cats xD And pansa is the pronounciation of ‘panther’ the English word because they don’t have ‘th’ in Japanese.

  • ღℕαrüтø✘Ḻøṽεяღ

    Hello kitty sakura ? , wtf! X)

  • ninetailfox8910

    Actually I’m getting kind of impressed with cc2 they have actually given us more costumes than I would had expected

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Instead of hello kitteh why not make a naked Sakura :3

  • 2Lazy4AName

    Akatsuki cloak for Nagato during the Ame Orphan flaskback, green suit for pts naruto, Cresent Moon Kingdom summer outfits for pst Naruto, Lee, Sakura and Kakashi would be nice, though I seriously doubt there will be a Menma DLC…. Hello Kitty Sakura is very stupid and the price is redundent but I will get it anyways.

  • Therockerninja

    They could’ve just gave all the girl characters Hello Kitty robes with a nice her tie :) .

  • Therockerninja

    I’m back with more DLC Ideas. ;) )

    1. Jiraya ( Frog Costumes like in the anime)
    2. Tsunade ( In hokage cloak with hat)
    3. Orochimaru ( Akatsuki cloak, Old Jonin suit)
    4. Itachi ( Old Uchiha clothes)
    5. Sage Naruto ( Menma costume, In Hokage Cloak with Hat on)
    6. EMS Sasuke (Uchiha robe like Tobi’s, but also with a big sword on the back just for fun :)
    7. Sakura ( In boxing gear with gloves Lol)
    8. Kakashi ( Battle damaged like when he was fighting Hidan an Kazuku)
    9. Jugo ( With Cloak)
    10. Suigetsu ( with cloak)
    11. Karin( with cloak)
    12. Nagato ( Youth with old cloak from 3rd great ninja war)
    13. Konan ( Youth with old cloak from 3rd great ninja war)
    14. Pain( Youth with old cloak from 3rd great ninja war)
    15. Guy ( Bruce Lee outfit)
    16. Rock Lee ( Monk robe)
    17. Tenten ( Chun Li outfit)
    18. Neji ( Torn up samurai robe)
    19. Madara ( Old robe with fan in youth)
    20. Minato ( Casual clothes)
    21. PTS Naruto ( Pj’s)
    22. PTS Sasuke ( Hospital clothes)
    23. War Tobi ( Ninja Gaiden Outfit)
    More to come…

  • LeeHatake93

    I still don’t understand the prices of these costumes.

    School Outfits (5 Costumes) = $1.99

    Akatsuki Hats (4 costumes) = 99 cents

    Special Costumes Pack (7 costumes) = $2.99

    Ninja + Road to Ninja Pack (8 Costumes) = 99 cents

    Swimsuit Pack (4 costumes) = $1.99

    Hello Kitty Sakura (1 Costume) = $2.99

    Honestly, I suck at math, but even I know that something is wrong with these prices. I know Hello Kitty is probably the price it is because of copyright issues, but what’s with the varying prices of the others?

  • Derek Bown

    “Lady Tsunade, I did it?”

    “Shut up and help me up.”

  • Striker

    send them to Namco games America I sent a costume list and they made the costumes I don’t if it was a coincidence or that the actually looked at the ideas alive madara, sanian, and the anbu, road to ninja and other swimsuits where all done after that so I would give it a try anyway I will cheer for you maybe they will make those ideas reality.

  • Sexy Samurai

    mmmmm heheheh hinata heheheh….. BUT I WANT TENTEN

  • Nigel Stokes

    I’m bummed that I’ve bought only half the dlc. Maybe if it gets better.

  • Ricky Sosa

    They should make orochimaru akatsuki dlc

  • ninetailfox8910

    I bought it just because I want all of the costumes they release.

  • Javier de Prada

    no, she meant the ten tails
    everybody wants swimsuit ten tails

  • Abraham Sanchez

    I think ANBU, Swimsuits, and School were all planned. Im pretty sure Yamato wuz gonna be NA exclusive preorder, but Namco or CC2 decided to just give us the Europe costumes with Neon Alley sub

  • Abraham Sanchez

    Europe and America gets all the DLC, Japan so far doesn’t have Akatsuki Hats, School Pack, Special Pack, and Ninja + Road to Ninja Pack. Preorders net them Road to Ninja and ANBU Kakashi, but the rest of these packs they do and costumes they do not have.

  • Abraham Sanchez

    Im gonna wait on that one because its kinda useless for me XD

  • Johnny Calzadilla

    No argument there.

  • Johnny Calzadilla

    … I want you to look at what you’ve done. You. Supported. CC2 DLC. Practice. You’re a monster.

  • Johnny Calzadilla

    Who would pay for that? I prefer to pay 3 dollars to remove sakura from the game and replace her with another version of choji or whatever, someone less useless.

  • Johnny Calzadilla

    Quote by – Alexander Romero

  • Johnny Calzadilla

    CC2 HQ: Hmm, I see this nerds are really angry about this Hello Kitty dlc for sakura, better put her alone and raise the price to milk the japs obsessed with this.

  • Johnny Calzadilla

    Type in your search bar RedTube (.) com , problem solved.

  • Sativa_P

    lol that would be weird

  • Sativa_P

    Is this in the new ending? Because i watched it today and didn’t see those swimsuits.

  • hiya

    Ok so CC2 missed a major demogrpahic. I’m a guy, and half the players I fight don’t even use Sakura and if they do Hello Kitty gloves oh my!! Look at all my dreams coming true!!!! -_-

  • Guilherme Di-Rienzo

    i know we have some worthy cotumes like anbu kakashi and others but when ? cc2 will start make battle costume and i don’t talking about cowboy or a gondolier

  • Guilherme Di-Rienzo

    i want see him in grass outfit too

  • Guilherme Di-Rienzo

    u won

  • Guilherme Di-Rienzo

    i don’t know how you will put your penis in the game

  • Guilherme Di-Rienzo

    good one

  • LeeHatake93

    Alien technology

  • nicholas deo

    In all honesty I actually think naruto chicks>>>>>one piece chicks and some of bleach lol. I don’t know why but chicks like mei terumi, konan, tsunade and ino just give me a sensation I don’t want to explain lol. Thank god my girl doesn’t know I like anime

  • lessandlessisaplus

    next thing you know there will be a nine tails out of sonic costume for naruto and a donald duck one for sasuke i mean cmon :S

  • Abraham Sanchez

    Im betting u didn’t get the Hats and Special packs, am i rite?
    I’ve gotten them all so far except for HK Sakura. I don’t like Sakura at all so u can see why HK Sakura would be even more of a waste of $3 for me. Maybe if the price goes down eventually just for sum shits and giggles lol

  • Abraham Sanchez

    I they’re gonna make a “boys swimsuit pack” and she’ll be included for the hell of it XD

  • NaruHinasakurnejleetengaikakas

    This is just Crazy the price and its not even a good sakura.

  • Alexander Romero


  • nemu

    Your hand knows it

  • Eliyah Zach Yeshe

    Lady Tsunade + Swimsuit = Gag O,o

    Ino + Swimsuit = HOTTIE!!!

  • Narutonepiece18

    I want more DLC…..!!!! :D

  • nicholas deo

    Shhh lol

  • Mikel Bobb

    even though the game was terrible i want the costumes from dragonblade chronicles

  • SabuHayashi

    I agree, it would be awesome to see Sasuke in Jin’s outfit!!

  • Guilherme Di-Rienzo

    i hope so a new dlc to monday

  • UchihaName

    That would be pretty cool. They keep dropping the ball though. Like it would be cool to see edo kakuzu, and others that are obvious they should be making.

  • UchihaName

    It came from a filler episode, just as the swimsuit costumes.

  • unknown

    don’t forget temari and hinata. except hinata’s swimsuit is to loud.. that orange is killing me.. if she wanted to be like naruto she should have worn some black or blue with it to take some of the brightness away

  • Sexy Samurai

    LOL I already know where that will take me XD

  • Sexy Samurai

    Ewwwwy I don’t want a “boys swimsuit pack” D: If they were to do that Tenten would have on guy clothes D: D: D:

  • Narutofan

    anybody know when we will be getting new DLC torromow is Tuesday and i havent heard anything all week about getting new DLC?

  • Abraham Sanchez

    I think it would be from the ending so she’ll have a bikini lol

  • Mathew Gibbons

    The people who actually do like Hello Kitty deserve more value for their money considering how it costs more than the biggest costume packs. Not to mention it’s just Hello Kitty’s face slapped onto Sakura’s regular outfit. Those of us who don’t want the costume are fine either way since we’re not wasting our money on this mess.

  • Mathew Gibbons

    Yeah but the choice not to include the guys from that ending makes John’s point still valid.

  • KingSora1991

    But how is it pervy? Just because the guys weren’t included? What if they release them in another pack? They didn’t even have Ten-Ten in the pack >_> They left her out. They didn’t create those costumes from scratch because it’s from an ending. So it’s not pervy. It’s just called “priority”. Female characters first.

  • Peter Inneh

    This is the end.

  • Sexy Samurai

    Then shouldn’t she just be with the other girls in the first place? Lol jeez is a half naked Tenten to much to ask for??? XD

  • Peter Inneh

    This is probably the end of it all. The game did suck balls over all. I mean the same s**t with sprinkles on top -___- nobody likes s**t, especially the SAME s**t, even with a few good dlc costumes (sprinkles).

  • Abraham Sanchez

    All u had to say was this is probably the last dlc. No need to complain about dlc. I’ve bought all DLC except for Hello Kitty Sakura cuz that is a disgrace of a costume

  • Abraham Sanchez

    Just a guess but yeah i wuz bummed that TenTen didn’t get one :(
    All characters need at least 1 costume but i doubt that will happen :

  • Peter Inneh

    I didn’t complain about the dlc. I clearly stated that the game “sucked balls over all”. I meant its probably the end of new dlc…. probably. I have no concern if you spent your money on CC2′s lame attempt to keep ppl interested in playing Storm 3. Like most ppl i kno. they stopped playing the game by now or a couple of weeks after they bought it. Check your self b.

  • Colin McGuire

    actually the newest dlc released today was the five kage from the summit with kage hats same price as akatuski hats. SI just hasent posted it yet

  • Abraham Sanchez

    Ah i see ur one of those who can’t take the game for what it is and therefor it sux.
    Its a shame cuz this game is good. Its a good game for VS mode and replaying the boss battles:)

  • Deidara

    for spoiler costumes it should not be aloud online for the anime only pepole

  • Jeff Gib

    The latest new dlc is the hats for the kage but they say that its the last. Of it

  • Guilherme Di-Rienzo

    i saw a dlc pack today kage hat amazing!

  • Jeff Gib

    And they are for mei ay danzo gaara onoki no tsunade

  • Guilherme Di-Rienzo

    it’s better you see again this point

  • LeeHatake93

    I’d prefer Naked Mizukage. Sakura is flatter than day-old soda

  • LeeHatake93

    For the record, Sakura is more useful than Yamcha

  • LeeHatake93

    The only one that would really be bad is Sai. The swimsuits are based off of an ending and the guys all wear regular trunks, and Kakashi is maskless. However, Sai is in a speedo. That’s the last thing this game needs

  • LeeHatake93

    That would be actually be pretty sweet. The game might’ve sucked dragon balls (a pun in two regards), but the costume designs were awesome

  • LeeHatake93

    So, Hello Kitty Sakura is a real costume? I never knew that. I knew the swimsuits came from an anime ending

  • UchihaName

    Yeah, there was an episode where she was wearing this cat thing. Episode 189.

  • Johnny Calzadilla

    That’s something not to be proud of.

  • Jad Abdel Samad

    i like ino’s swimsuit best out of all the others inthis pac :)

  • ASideOfRasengan

    Ino’s seemed more usual than the others. But if they all had the same swimsuit then they wouldnt seem as unique.

  • aProphecy

    How is it the same? the moves were different, story completely different, there are somethings that were the same but mostly the game varies from the previous, it’s awesome, maybe you just don’t know how to play?