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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the latest movie in the legendary Dragon Ball series is making it’s way to countries outside of Japan for a potential worldwide release! Movie distributor Diamond Films has confirmed the Battle of Gods will make it’s way to Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile! The official release date mentioned by Diamond Films is 2014, although various Latin American websites have reported the movie could come out around the August, September, October 2013 time frame. Currently, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is planned for a release with Japanese voices and subtitles in the country’s native language, however, fans are petitioning for a Spanish dub. The Mexican division of Diamond Films posted the following on their Facebook page (below is a translated version):

Thank you very much to everyone for your comments regarding the new movie “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods”. We would like to inform you that your petition to have the movie dubbed with the original voice cast has been notified to the directors of this distribution throughout Latin America.

We’ve only received a notification about the movie’s distribution. Soon we’ll get organized with all the petitions we received.

Once we receive any new information, we will keep you posted through our social network.

What about North America, Europe, and the rest of the world? According to an alleged interview with 20th Century Fox conducted by website OtakuMode, the movie could hit those regions as early as July or August of this year! UPDATE: Unfortunatley, Battle of Gods was not released in North America in August 2013. FUNimation has mentioned there are no plans for recording at this time.

Question: Are plans being made as to when Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will be released in North America, Europe, and other foreign areas?

20th Century Fox: Well…We can’t be definitive, but the movie may be released in other areas around July or August. We want to distribute the movie in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. The movie’s theater run in Japan is coming to its end, and we are on the verge of working out the appeal and distribution to overseas markets. That is the timing.

Question: I see. Thank you for the valuable information. By the way, currently in Japan the movie has become a huge hit with close to 3 billion yen in box office revenue (as of May 28). Was this favorable result anticipated from the beginning?

20th Century Fox: Because this is the first new movie in 17 or 18 years, it was really difficult to project what the box office earnings would extend to. Certainly, there is an established fanbase, so we thought we could predict the number to that degree. Even still, we surely hadn’t anticipated the overwhelmingly enthusiastic support the movie has received so far from everyone. We are astonished that breaking through 3 billion yen is close at hand.

Question: Could you please tell us this movie’s points of interest?

20th Century Fox: That would be the two original characters who appear in this movie [The God of Destruction, Bills; and Uis]. This is a pleasant development in regard to the fans, isn’t it? Another noteworthy point is that the original author, Mr. Toriyama, participated in writing the script. Certainly, “the true meaning of Dragon Ball” and “a canonized story” are depicted.

Question: Hooray for Akira Toriyama! Excuse me for that unintentional cry of delight… Well then, lastly, please share some words to overseas Dragon Ball fans.

20th Century Fox: We and others engaged in this movie’s distribution strongly feel the high level of attention it has received from foreign countries. This movie is the first theatrical release in roughly 18 years, but the content is very enjoyable. In order for everyone around the world to be able to enjoy this masterpiece created by Mr. Akira Toriyama and director Masahiro Hosoda, we will steadily advance overseas distribution and expansion. When the movie opens in your country, please go to the theater to see it.

We hope to have more information on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and any potential worldwide release news as it is released right here on Saiyan Island!

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is the 18th movie in the Dragon Ball anime series. It will take place between Dragon Ball manga chapters 517 and 518, in the 10 year timeskip after Goku defeats Buu, but before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Akira Toriyama along with Toei Animation, Fox International Productions Japan, Shueisha, Fuji TV, Bandai, and Namco Bandai Games are all involved. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods was released in Japanese theaters on March 30, 2013. There is no word on a North American or European release date at this time, however, Toei has acknowledged a huge international response and has received government funding for a potential release.

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    But toei is able to answer without just considering

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    and any word on the new hopeful series will be awesome right now……

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    do u know how many americans r dbz fans adults men 20-50 would take a day off work just to go see that the revenue to b made in north america is staggering due to the fact is all we do is go to the movies it possible that could b the number 1 movie in the world

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    Have you heard the Jappanese dub? I don’t wanna watch Alvin And The Chip Munks. The English Dub is probably the best dub for this series. And I’m sick and tired of Otaku, Japanese wannabe’s who keep saying that “Dubs of everything suck” “I don’t feel special unless I don’t understand what the characters are saying and I have to focus on the bottom of the screen.” The only reason the english sounds cheesie is because you understand what the f*ck they’re saying instead of gibberish (in your ears). Go watch Kenichi, FMA:B, or Yu Yu Hakusho and tell me that the english sucks.

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    There are none the only way for the movie to get fansubbed is if its out on DVD or Bluray until that happens there is no way to rip it online. Read the interview Fox might get it out to us sooner then that so wait and give them your money and watch it legally. This is Dragonball Z I doubt there going to make us wait two years to get an english dubb out to us in some way.

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    That won’t come out until like what? 2 years?

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    what i think it is is ppl get used to the way they sound in japan because they are so far ahead that when it comes out in dub form it sounds different and they dont like it i would agree to an extent that orig is better just as i would agree to an extent dub is better because some dubs sound beter than orig just as some orig sound beter than dub acters but i dont think as a whole either are beter and if i had to choose i would say dub because i would rather watch whats happining than read what they are saying

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    I suggest you to watch this series from the start.. so that you would be able to understnd the characters n the story more firmly..
    N watch dbz evolution movie.. it will also help you in raising interst in t..

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    is there any chance that it would come out in english version ??

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    See there was no mention of Australia in the ‘potential’ worldwide release of this movie from fox. Sad to hear. hope it does come out down here.

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    I know it takes awhile to make that dragon ball movie because they’ve got to get the voices good again because they probably haven’t used the voices in such a long time and they have to do editing and lots more so that takes awhile for them to make the movie. Thank you for telling all of us because I was thinking for the movie to come to North America in December thank you very much! :)

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    I don’t get it, I watched the “dragon ball z batte of the gods” trailer, and it seems that it goes after dragon ball gt, but why are gotten and trunks still kids? Any good reasons?

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    I mean in dragon ball gt they grow up a little

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    lol…? Are you guys seriously comparing a Game Developing company
    against an animation company?… How does that even work? And what does
    CC2 even have to do with “Battle of the gods”. People seriously need to
    stop hating on CC2. It just never ends. Even if they give you what you
    want, people still complain.

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    its because its before dragonball gt after buu saga

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    if anybody miss this movie he’ll be mad

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    because dragon ball gt is fake its fan made series

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    No its not, Dragon Ball GT is after Dragon Ball Z. It is Dragon Ball AF thats fake.

  • Jordan O

    This is set in the time frame of after the Buu saga, but before the events of GT. In the trailers, you can see Majin Buu so he’s good, as he isn’t attacking The Z Fighters.

  • Jordan O

    Sean said that if it does get dubbed, he’d do it like he did back in the 90′s, with hardcore screaming and all that!

  • Zantho

    Accualy, the Creator of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z Akira Toriyama himself said it’s not canon, the series was to end after Buu but fans didn’t wan’t
    that and DBZ made so much money the company didn’t want that either so
    GT happened.

  • DavisWillis

    No evolution, Sorry to say this but Evolution down graded the flare of DBZ

  • Drethrake

    Gt is non-canonized DBZ man. Toriyama wasn’t a part of it. So in Toriyama’s eyes, GT doesn’t exist, this is the latest in the TRUE canon DBZ story. Because of this, GT is no longer relevant, Goku would have SSJ God form by this time in GT but seeing as he doesn’t, well, you get what I’m saying. Battle of Gods happens RIGHT AFTER Buu, and if this is true, then everyone in GT SHOULD have knowledge of it, but they don’t because it never happened by the time of GT’s production (where as which Akira wasn’t a part of the story just said “Ok” to production.

  • Drethrake

    Mexico is actually Central America genius, it’s New Mexico that’s North America. Central America is TECHNICALLY categorized in South America according to Geometry.

  • Drethrake

    Chris Sabat will do Piccolo easily with no needed practice, seeing as in multiple animes such as Funimation’s version of One Piece’s Zoro’s voice is Sabat’s as well. He voiced Zoro just as he voiced Piccolo if you notice.

    The actors never drop out of their vocal stylings for their characters, the fans won’t let them, at Anime conventions worldwide fans demand that they say something in that character’s voice, they gotta make it look good and so it’ll be good.

    They’ve remastered DBZ at least twice now, from Majin saga on to the end of Kid Buu they used the current voice actors, so they remastered DBZ in those box sets (the orange ones) over the years with Funimation’s characters.

    The 2nd time they remastered was with the Dragon Box. They don’t just edit the picture, they have the voice actors go over it all again.

    They actually remastered the DBZ voice acting characters AGAIN in DBZ Kai with all the returning actors except for a said few who resigned and new ones needed to step up AKA Freeza and Guldo, etc.

  • Andi

    Do you know any link to download the movie even in japan language (english, italian or spanish would be better) thanks!

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    just use a torrent. if you rely on download links on the internet you’ll never get anything

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    heey can u tell meow to watch the movie

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    movie please

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    can anyone tell me what website i have to go on to watch dragon ball z battle of gods

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    its about time for fucks sake the naruto movie is all ready on a site called narutoget the next day it came out

  • black prince

    Its not after dragon ball gt … its after buu saga so this movie is a part of dragon ball z series its d last movie of d dragon ball z …and d reason they didnt mention this character in gt coz none of d characters in d movies were mentioned in d episodes evn broly the legendary super saiyan wasnt not mentioned in d episodes..in this vegeta is a super saiyan 3 in d new movie … and explayins dat he could take it to d nxt level as super saiyan 4 in gt ….

  • black prince

    dragon ball gt wasnt fake….. d creator is partially involved in d dragon ball gt series…. its not fake and not fan made .. it was created by d same company …d creator was involed in d story line of gt

  • black prince

    i can feel dat feeling bro …its so :(

  • carlos

    north america said to be released in 2 years! :( ..cuz the actors are busy with dragon ball z kai. cuz theyre going into the buu saga now.. so itll take a while

  • Jake Watson

    Akira Toriyama was a big part of GT. He designed the ssj4 model and some of the story. (obviously not all d:) But Toriyama WAS behind it and supports it even though it is non-cannon

  • DBZ Come Back

    Sorry To Tell You But Toriyama Wasn’t behind Most Of GT, You are Right About SSJ4 But The Full Series Wasn’t Even Part Of What They Would have done if they were gonna Make A New Series. The End Of GT Wasn’t How anyone at Toriyama Would Have Wanted It To End.

  • j.

    Toriyama also said that DBZ was supposed to end after the Frieza saga…. He was never quoted as saying that GT is “non cannon”, him stating that DBZ was supposed to end at this or that point has no connection to this argument. The whole debate of canon vs. non cannon came from America, American comic book fans and fans of Star Wars have been debating what is or isnt recognized as part of a multi media story for many years, but Japanese Manga and Anime fans never had such a debate, it just didn’t happen, if it wasn’t for American fans of Dragonball, no one ever would have debated the “cannon” of GT, some people may not have liked it, others may have thought it was a terrible direction for the story, but they never would have debated weather it was actually part of the story…. I’ve never understood where people got the idea that just because they didn’t like something they could dismiss it as not part of a particular story… baffles me… GT was made by the company that owns the rights to distribute all Dragonball media, they never stated anything about it not being part of the original story, the original author not being the initial creator has nothing to do with what is or isn’t “cannon”, in any media for that matter….. Toriyama certainly profited from GT, he also had a large hand in it… When the original DB/DBZ movies were released, they never made mention of “cannon”, they figured we were all intelligent enough to figure out that they weren’t part of the original storyline, not because we desired them not to be, but because rationally they just couldn’t have fit into that original storyline/timeline, why you ask, didn’t they need to create a large press release stating that these movies were “non cannon”? Because the original movies were released before DB/DBZ had a large group of American fans and in Japanese Manga and Anime, questions of “cannon” were largely irrelevant at the time….

  • VegetaGurl

    wow, its only going to be shown out of japan only in mexico/ spanish countries..are you kidding me? :| i need it now!

  • Tyler Gray

    i cant wait if its in theaters even select theaters ill travel to see this movie

  • David Vancleave

    So much talk about GT. Stop asking the same question and start reading.. You’ll have your answer if you just stop being lazy and read a bit. Stop waiting to be spoon fed.

  • Richrd

    Don’t be Stupid. people Dismiss GT cause none of the characters acted like themselfes. and the black star Dragonballs….If those were always at Kami’s lookout someoe would have found them long ago… The story was Stupid. and The Creator Of Dragonball z Designed SSJ4 true. but He didn’t help. He just told them ok you can do it if you want.

  • Talos

    The first dragonball was only stomach able as a small child ,dragonball z kicked as then gt tried mixing the first with the second the old you got your chocolate in my peanut butter only when your an adult you don’t care for little baby crap you expect gt to be a bigger badder version of z which they had some good moments the z monents that where great its the in between the little kid crap that killed it and they damn well know it to everyone loves dbz playa. That will be awesome if this movie is killa but 2 years all the hype will have faded by then. Damn you nicktoons. hopefully the new dbz game coming out will be good .

  • David

    I hope there’s a release for an English version of the movie. I cant wait for the movie to come. Seeing the trailer was very interesting and cool.

  • Dean

    I am with you i wish i could see it in english and i will even see it with english subtitles! If only it came out sooner.

  • Chris Luna

    gt is cannon. none of the movies except the one with garlic jr are cannon. as much as i love the movies, i know they arent cannon. theres no mention in any episode of anything from the movies other then the short garlic jr saga of dbz.

  • Larry Fuller

    Ok. This movie is coming out on blu-Ray. September13th in Japan. I’ll have it ordered. Gonna be awesome

  • Tsarimir Nikolov

    can someone please find a way to release it online so I can watch it in here in Bulgaria thank you in advance

  • CiofiPlay

    The movie looks good it has that DBZ feel to it,even after so many years.

    Can’t wait to see it!

  • CiofiPlay

    because you don’t deserve it,in europe i think there are more fans,even though only a few countries are latin

  • CiofiPlay

    Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a federal constitutional republic in North America. Wikipedia

  • CiofiPlay

    or it can be true sometijes

  • CiofiPlay

    he doesn’t like a woman and as ssj is better in jap than eng

  • CiofiPlay

    it’s kinda exaggerated.jap fits better because it’s true not because otaku

  • radmanevans

    cant wait for english one to come out no sub bad ass

  • Thetrueuchiha

    You’re an idiot if you think when he turned ssj3 in Japanese dub sounds better than the English dub. And YES HE DOES sound like a woman in Jp dub ARE U DEAF O.o LOLOL. I hate reading the subs what if erza from fairy tail is taking her clothes off and all I’m doing is reading her moaning sounds.. Reading subtitles is stupid

  • CiofiPlay

    talking clothes off,wow.
    idiot,i have a different opinion,yes he sounds playful but he can also sound very serious.
    it fits to dbz more than eng dub.

  • bearmon2010

    Oh man not again!! Fans are petitioning for a Spanish dub ?!?! Heck no!!! Its so racist!!! I am not an American but I rather to read an English subtitle and English dub. Enough with Spanish everywhere in the USA. Spanish is so control all over the world.. What wrong with any languages ? I am sick of SPANISH! ENOUGH ENOUGH!!! Its annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thetrueuchiha

    “He sounds playful but can be serious” that makes NOO sence. It’s as simple as who is the better voice actor. Clearly goku eng is the winner because he takes pride in his work. Goku Jp dub has the lightest voice in the anime and sounds like an angry lesbian to me but that’s just my opinion and I always get surprised when people say that the Jp dub is better because I don’t see it. And subtitles take away from the story I don’t see who in their right minds would watch dbz eng subbed with Jp voices when the eng voices have been out for 15 yrs

  • Beckie Sobol

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do a UK release!!! in english (no subtitles) it would be the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Erick Baltazar

    i dont care if its English or Spanish i just want to see it no matter what but i dont want to wait that long to be release in the u.s

  • Gohan

    i speak english and spanish fluently and i have watched dragon ball in both languages and i must say that it is way better in spanish. The voices are much more alive and fit the character well. In english ehh just no.

  • Luis Daniel Pérez Díaz

    DB came to latin america WAY before FUNIMATION decided to bring the series to the states. Latin America deserves this more than North America, they have been supporting DBZ longer than North Americans.

  • alex

    english is a more universal language, it maynot be the most spoken language in the world but more people understand english rather than spanish, who are’nt native to the spanish language so therefore they should do an english dub first

  • Link Suarez

    Are you out of your mind you must be smoking something because I speak both languages fluently as well and English fits DBZ better way better fan since early 90s bro.

  • Humberto

    I agree with Gohan

  • Humberto

    Lets see how many negative comments I get. “How about Dragonball: Evolution?”

  • Humberto

    I’m from mexico and the tickets are already on sale!!!! Hell yeah!!! I can see this doing more cash than some live action movies. I’m looking at you R.I.P.D.

  • Henry

    Funimation is already planning to release this movie first on DVD ( make money), then on Blu Ray (milk some more money) in Japanese with subs.
    After a few months in 2014 , the Ultimate version on DVD first with English dub (how more can they milk it) then Saiyan version pack Blu Ray /DVD combo of the English version and Japanese version. LOL.
    I watched DBZ originally in Japanese with English subs and everything was perfect. The music and dialog, Then one day I came upon toonami and the US version with that atrocity called Rock the Dragon, and DBZ with no blood, dialog was changed. The background music was all different, what gives?? Then at the same time, Telemundo, which is a Spanish channel in the US, would show sometimes at 6am DBZ in Latin Spanish , the original music was there, blood was there, the dialog was a perfect translation of the original Japanese dialog.

    At least Funamation after milking so much money for so many years from US fans, decided to just dub the dialog and keep it as the original. Of course they still found a way to milk a bit more by releasing an “uncut” version which in reality is the same version Japan originally broadcast and Latin America broadcast.

  • Pavel Vasilik

    look this up on youtube Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods FULL MOVIE 9/13/2012

  • Roberto Mancera

    i do agree that English is spoken more around the world but i must say that anime is a small fad but growing quickly in the US just like any other fad that has happened. Some people stay true to their fad in the U.S. but in Latin countries ANIME such as Dragon Ball is oxygen to their aching lungs. Anime is more popular in the the Latin countries in which the accumulation of all anime watchers interested in Spanish dub in this movie is greater than the English preferred dubbed anime ” my opinion based on experiences and observation” there for is why they did Spanish dub first.

  • Didi Marc

    If Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in Germany out and how long it would permanently and where can buy it at the best man

  • gostaekman

    The movie was horrible. Absolute shite

  • Liam Farese

    I really want this to have an English release with no subtitles and it to come in American and UK cinemas and IMAX. Heck no with the Spanish!!! I swear like half of north America is overrun by the Mexicans and Spanish!!!!!!!!!! :V

  • Liam Farese

    Oh and if you want to watch DB DBZ DBGT episodes you can for free on http://www.DBtv and t

  • Liam Farese

    Your just being biast because your probably form a Spanish speaking country but WHY would they put SPANISH subtitles if your going to be watching it in an ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY!!!! So if your going to want to watch it with Spanish subtitles you can go fly to Mexico and get swine flu.

  • Gohan Son

    i can’t wait until it get released in the U.K

  • Kawshik Ahmed

    Akira Toriyama stated Dragonball Z:Battle of God is now cannon. If it is then DBGT can’t be cannon cause in GT emperor pilaf is old but in DBZ:BoG he is now a kid again so they can’t co-exist. DBGT became an alternate timeline now

    DBGT don’t even match with Dragonball Online nor the manga and it had a sad ending that Akira Toriyama never wanted. So GT has become anon-cannon now.

  • kk

    they have already made it dub but they havent released it yet

  • abhi

    I m waiting for this movie in hindi or english ….my favourite dbz..plz release this movie worldwide. …..

  • Demontrae Marquis Johnson

    In the game. Can u make it where we can watch the tournament. Fights

  • MarxSavage

    Please make an English dub of this movie, I swear in Japanese the female voice actresses sound more manlier than the male ones.

  • Nakul Walyat

    eagrly w8ng for the release in India……..!!! (Y)
    Is there +ve possibility naa……??

  • matthew hick

    thank goodness i got that off my chest sorry for yelling 8)

  • Jordan Salt

    i agreeeee with this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be the best thing ever!!!!!!!

  • Tim Lester

    why would anyone want to watch dbgt?

  • Tim Lester

    whats your source for that? all the dubbed footage out ATM is fandubbed

  • Tim Lester

    latin countries account for less than a quarter of the english speaking anime fans. english is spoken in australia, south africa, india, usa, canada, the uk and others and just any one of those countries has more anime market share than the whole latin market.

  • Tim Lester

    it is before GT. GT was not made by Toriyama and therefore technically does not exist in the DragonBall/DragonBallZ canon

  • Sujay Saundatti

    i have already seen this movie

  • Greg James

    I enjoyed the movie, good thing I know Japanese and Spanish haha, can’t wait to see it in the U.S. hopefully they can get some Faulconer music in it somehow haha

  • lumina101799 .

    good point dude! >:{} That season sucked! T3T

  • lumina101799 .

    Just go to google and type It in… Sry for the late comment

  • Randomtoilet001

    They have dubbed it to English with the voices of goku and the others from dragon ball z it’s just that they don’t bother releasing it yet

  • Randomtoilet001

    That isn’t true they have dubbed it and when I watched the the fight it was the actual voice of goku
    Therefore no one would watch it IF they replaced Sean schemmel

  • Randomtoilet001

    Is it English?

  • Randomtoilet001

    Thyvhave dubbed it it’s jut that fox dong bother releasing it do they are doing this on purpose