Naruto Manga Volume 65 Cover Released

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Warning: Naruto manga spoilers ahead!!

Shueisha, the publisher of Shonen Jump, has today released the cover for the 65th volume of Naruto, titled “Hashirama and Madara”! It features Sasuke, Madara, and the four deceased Hokage. The volume contains Naruto manga chapters 618-627 and is scheduled for release in Japan on July 04, 2013.

As for the North American version of Naruto manga volume 65, well, it’s unclear when it will be release in hard copy format. Amazon currently lists Currently the latest volume to hit North American retailers is 61. Naruto manga volume 61 is due out on May 7, 2013, while volume 62 is scheduled for August 6th and volume 63 for November 5th and Naruto manga volume 64 on January 7, 2014.

  • Nick Thomsen

    Now the name of the Manga is Sasuke Gaypuuden

  • Herpityderp

    lol, butthurt much?

  • Klodi Kasa

    wow,so cool man . really awesome cover

  • Matsu96


  • vincent duong

    chapters 618-627? hashirama and madara flashbacks were the shortest chapters in the manga so it looks like this is going to be a short volume

  • John Ramirez

    If VIZ can have worldwide releases on Weekly Shonen Jump then can’t they do it for tankobans?

  • shephikratus

    I would prefer if sasuke had his eyes open like a madman. Like he appear in the manga when he said “burn it down” after refuse naruto request to save the bijuu

  • shephikratus

    A nice cover

  • Tae Norman

    Oh look. More Sasuke…

    I seriously believe,I’m the only one that thinks he’s an terrible character.

  • asc kurosaki

    youre not the only one

  • Graham Aker

    I can’t remember the last time we had a cover without Naruto.

  • GoldenUltima

    I dont really understand the hate for sasuke. He’s a nicely developed character and probably the closest to a normal human in emotional aspect. His whole family, everyone he loved was murdered by someone he loved a lot, his brother. That drove him crazy. He wanted revenge. He had nothing else after all, considering everyone he loved was killed. He got that revenge but realized his brother didn’t want to do it and that made him hate the Leaf. The Leaf made his brother kill all his family and everyone he loved and that made him “kill” the innocent Itachi. But he always knew inside his actions weren’t the right thing and he accepted that after meeting the kage. He was screwed up mentally from everything that happened and I wouldn’t call him a stupid emo who’s angry for no reason

  • *Super~Sayian*

    without sasuke this manga would had failed miserably

  • Tyler Casilio

    Who else here thinks that a few chapters ago Sasuke was now good, and now he is back to being bad and basically like Madara even though he doesn’t want there to ever be another Madara

  • Kevin

    If you think about it… Sasuke is in the middle of the cover and he has Madara to his left and Hashirama to his right… left(bad) right(good)… Sasuke is standing between em… His eyes are closed meaning he is most likely thinking… making a choice… Sasuke is torn between the good and the bad, and in the chapters to come he will have to make his decision.

  • *Super~Sayian*

    this isn’t pokemon, sasuke has every right to kill those bijuus

  • bobthebuilder

    well said

  • animaniac

    and the hokages are the ones saying what will it be

  • *Super~Sayian*

    no, hashirama is on his left side. its just telling us that sasuke is listening to maddy/hashi story

  • Zenkai

    For a second I thought they were all holding hands…lol

  • *Super~Sayian*

    I believe it was the uchiha bro’s vs kabuto

  • Poo Poo Mane

    Sasuke got all this character development and kishi took a giant dump on it when he turned good.

  • Jay Brown

    How did Sasuke turn good? He is following Itachi’s wishes but he has his own motives.

  • Jonathan

    Sasuke isn’t good? What are you on about son?

  • Shinagamininja


  • Froggy

    is the third hokage really that short? o.O

  • John Doe

    Lol yeah, but don’t let the size fool you.

  • Tony

    lol they need to fix that for the english release

  • John Doe

    Lol i know man till i seen Minato.

  • Tony

    I agree, even orochimaru is waiting to see what he will choose

  • devin

    why does he look so tall in flash backs of when he was young

  • shephikratus

    You can’t really mean that. The bijuu are innocent, they even help naruto…They were being controlled by tobi. Sasuke is just too focus in his goal that he is not willing to take risk, he wasn’t change at all

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    AWESOME… (^0^) /

  • Miles Jones

    Sasuke’s not exactly good. He’s going to force himself to become hokage onto the village.

  • PoliceMtDonuts

    Lol everyone is looking at sasuke and sasuke is like “I dont give a f*”

  • robert peterson

    I LIKE it. But I’m not convinced one bit that sasuke is good. he might be fighting for the right side but his reason for fighting and motives aren’t good at all. He wants to burn everything down and rebuild with him as hokage

  • Marco Rivera

    No, Naruto was on that cover too

  • Alex Gill

    I want to frame this

  • Drewtitan22

    He decided to protect the village and rebuild it. Only problem is he thinks like madara in forcing people to follow his wishes

  • robert peterson

    exactly but he keeps on going on about burning down the old system. I’m having trouble figuring out what the “old system ” is. is it the village

  • DavidBowieSamaSenpaiSan

    Who cares?

  • Amaterasu

    What the hell is wrong with Tobiramas arms O.o

  • Tamir Boyd

    He has them folded like a pimp!

  • Tamir Boyd

    He wants the system of having Jubi’s to stop so he wants to destroy them all, which would include Naruto and Bee, so this should be good!

  • Drewtitan22

    That’s what I mean his objective is almost that of infinite tsukuyomi to create the perfect world the way he wants it regardless of who he hurts to do it.

  • Tamir Boyd

    lol Old ppl shrink! The other Kages never got to live that long.

  • Keijuan Joseph Archer

    It’s good but Orochimaru should be where Hashirama is facing forward. Having Hashi twice looks a bit redundant.

  • Professional

    tbf without the bijuu in the first place none of this would happen at all though.The war wouldn’t happen or anything! So sasuke has the best interest in a way but killing people so it cant happen again. So in a way it can be argued wheatear hes right or wrong.

  • robert peterson

    Definitely going to raise some controversy

  • sonicino

    best comment

  • Jesse Torres

    Wow, that is a really good volume cover.

  • Gød Øf Avèngèr

    You do!!! :D

  • Guest

    LOL innocent? this is NOT pokemon. those bijuus caused more harm than good. it was bijuus that ruined both naruto, gaara & sasukes childhood. as well as cause village conflicts. sure naruto will differ his opinion but sasuke has his opinion as well. i bet you anything the village will support sasuke choice ( not all of them of course )… hopefully this will respark the naruto vs sasuke fight

  • Guest

    THANK YOU! lol

  • Flameking

    but is he accepting that his actions weren’t right and is now looking to repent or does he see it as there is no turning back “ill make everyone accept me by force” if he has to

  • Flameking

    depending on the next couple of chapters he will probably follow in the steps of madra with the mindset of hashirama

  • *Super~Sayian*

    you’re assuming way to much with little proof.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore

    I’m feeling it.

  • Gohan7861000

    Your the only one

  • RinneganTobito

    And Itachi kind of translucent in Sasuke’s mind :D

  • shephikratus

    They only cause harm because they were force to be imprisoned in humans (jinchuriki)by humans… How selfish is that??? Besides sasuke is mad because of the actions of the previous hokages not the bijuss.. Have you been reading the same manga as I?? Naruto even state that being a jinchuriki is not so bad after all, he even calls kurama his partner and in case you haven’t notice without kurama and hachibi this battle would be long lost. And I don’t want to be disrespectful but don’t associate naruto to pokemon (irrational, uncapable of speaking animals), they are not in the same league. You made me laught there XD

  • jasmineHyuuga

    Me like.

  • dark_flame360

    The only thing he wants to burn down is the whole tailed beasts system. The countries use them as weapons and he wants to rid these “weapons” from the world. It’s the only reason the war is even happening, because of wanting control over the beasts. His motives are perfectly fine.

  • dark_flame360

    His objective is to get rid of the tailed beasts as to not have wars due to them being called weapons.

  • dark_flame360

    That would be excellent character progression. He didn’t start thinking differently instantly. You can even see it in the cover, him thinking over what he should do. How is it a loss of development when he went up to the heroes of the village and carefully heard what they had to say? He said that if he didn’t like what they said, he’d continue with destroying the village.

  • Giorgi Almonte

    yeah, and jinchurikis wont suffer. Of course this is kind of incorrect, because de bijuus are living things…

  • Drewtitan22

    Yea but what about naruto and b they are happy as jinchuriki, do you think sasuke will spare them or do whatever it takes to get rid of !

  • nyz

    oh , u’re dead mate … u’re dead xD.

  • Uchiha itachi

    Sasuke still doesnt realize the bijus have Sapeince so if he finds out they are more than weapons wil his mindset change

  • cuonglam

    I hope I’m wrong but I think sasuke is gonna do something evil sooon

  • *Super~Sayian*

    you don’t get it, youre looking through naruto point of view because you witness it as the reader. you have to see it from sasuke and the whole world point of view. then you’ll understand why some of us support sasuke choice. even nagato would probably agree with sasuke. also the 8 tails has done TERRIBLE deeds. he should not be forgiven. both sasuke & naruto has good reasons to defend their point, but sasuke has the most logical realistic choice. so ill say it again one more time then im done responding…. sasuke has every RIGHT to kill those bijjus. regardless the reasons. peace

  • robert peterson

    No his motives aren’t fine because jinchuriki like naruto abd bee won’t let that happen because they became friends with there tailed beast. Plus sasuke is one of those people that makes people do what he wants to do and doesn’t listen to others and thinks his own method is correct, abd that will cause some controversy between him and naruto

  • RinneganTobito



    Pretty cool art as always from Kishimoto Masashi-sensei! I actually prefer when he draws more than one character per cover! Beautiful!!! (^0^)/

  • dark_flame360

    I didn’t say that there wouldn’t be any controversy, only that his motifs aren’t wrong. Also, you forget that they became friends with their beasts, but they won’t live forever. The next jinchurikki are perfectly capable of wreaking havoc everywhere. Also, they even stated that they had only really learned the beasts names just recently.. Meaning that they weren’t exactly that close until close to their deaths

  • patreach

    im guessing he is talking to you in that manner because of your name and picture. .-.

  • nyz

    no , i’m talking because of what happened in the chapter 636 of naruto.

  • nyz

    Chapter 636 of naruto :) . i called it xD.

  • Khi

    That is a very nice cover art. Very symbolic.

  • dark_flame360

    There’s still the fact that this war started in the first place because of their existence. How many people have died in the war?

  • Ppnjelly

    this is like the first time I don’t see Naruto on the cover

  • Drewtitan22

    I agree but this war is not a fight between villages for the bijuu, its against the last pieces of hate in the world. Now the shinobi alliance is one there will be no need for further war over them

  • Jaye J

    Nice artwork, I believe one of the first if not the first cover w/o Naruto, it makes since though.

  • dark_flame360

    Who’s to say that they’ll stay one? and IF they did, when the new Kages came up, who’s to say that they won’t be against the whole thing and seperate?

  • shephikratus

    everyone wants to screw the yaoi kid. That’s why he has his eyes closed. He is accepting his destiny. Just jkg

  • Drewtitan22

    Yea that would just be up to fate but you can also say that just because the bijuu are gone that means there will be no war? You cant say that either

  • dark_flame360

    One less reason for war is one less reason for war, no?

  • Drewtitan22

    Yea but by your theory a war is still a possibility without them. I was just trying to say that even if sasuke wants to eliminate them he is doing it without regards to how anyone else feels about it.

  • dark_flame360

    Yes, there is still a possibility, but their existence wouldn’t be the cause of it.

  • manoahvdvelde

    Not really. Because Hashirama represents the good, Madara the evil. If you were to put Orochimaru there, it would be 2 evils…

  • Drewtitan22

    Ik dude you are a broken record. All im saying is sasuke wont become hokage because he will sacrifice anything or anyone as long hisgoal is reached,just like madara

  • Gohan7861000

    I have a feeling that sasuke might die.

  • dark_flame360

    When you mentioned that, I hadn’t commented yet. THIS conversation was about his motifs and whether or not they were valid

  • Keijuan Joseph Archer

    That’s not the point. Hashirama’s placement in both respects are fine. Like you said, he represents good and Madara represents evil. And on the bottom you have all 4 Hokage standing together. The placement choices of each character fits the mood of the current situation, but, as I said, it looks redundant to see Hashi twice. There’s no reason to express that level of influence on Sasuke twice in the same picture. We understand what’s going on already. They could have easily used Orochimaru, which would make sense because he also has influenced Sasuke’s actions at the present moment. But since they decided to go with the Hokage lineup at the bottom, it would make more sense to leave Hashi there and take him out of the top. If you don’t understand anything about composition, this probably will not make any sense. Regardless, It is still a nice cover.

  • Shirieff Rakim Frazier

    sorry to burst your bubble but he still alive =_=

  • FlyingThunderGod

    how many copies do u think this will sell?