Naruto Shippuden 326 Preview: Four Tails, the King of Sage Monkeys

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Naruto and Bee are in the midst of a battle with Tobi and the six resurrected Jinchuriki. The odds are against our heroes, and it looks like it’s over, until Kakashi and Guy arrive! The the new found support of the Copy Ninja and Leaf’s Blue Beast, how will our heroes fare!? You’ll have to watch the next episode of Naruto Shippuden to find out!

Below is a preview of Naruto Shippuden 326, “Four Tails, the King of Sage Monkeys”. The episode is scheduled to air August 22, 2013.

  • tgohan

    How many more episodes until obitos mask breaks do you think? = )

  • narutobleachop

    that happens in manga chapter Naruto 599. This last episode went up to 566. We got a long way to go…at least 15 episodes and that is at least! they might slow the pacing or add fillers which would mean it would take longer.

  • Aldridge517

    I want to see more sage monkeys in Naruto.

  • uchihalord1994

    Here it comes … BIJUU DAMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 C:

  • DrTitz


  • UchihaName

    I love this anime! Getting epic! I can’t wait until the double episode week :)

  • UchihaName

    My thoughts exactly :P

  • Hikaru Nakamura

    yes guy sensei and kakashi sense iare here! wonder how the voice of 4th tail going to be

  • Taji Karasuma

    I can’t wait to see that episode… (^0^) /

  • Taji Karasuma

    SWEET, I can’t wait to see Obito’s unmask, the face on Kakashi’s face will be priceless he finds out it was Obito all long behind the mask…=D

  • Ficken

    SPOILER …. ID***!

  • Jay Brown

    I would say spoiler alert but eh, it’s redundant.

  • Jay Brown

    Probably fillers. Naruto doesn’t take the One Piece route of slow pacing. Pick your poison I guess.

  • Hinata47D

    well there are probably 2 more filller arcs soooooo probably some time from now.

  • Samuel

    Sayin Island Spoiled who Tobi was so many times. I’m sure people who come to this site know who he is by now.

  • Samuel

    Naruto’s fillers are so exhausting at this point i’d rather take the slow pacing. If they extend fight scenes or add fights like the Pain vs Utakata I would be satisfied.

  • Khi

    Since we get so many fillers, I’m guessing we won’t see that until about episode 400.

  • Sakura Haruno

    Not trying to be mean but how do you misspell the site name when your on the site? O.O

  • Taji Karasuma


  • Amaterasu

    This was chapter 566 and we see tobis face on chapter 599…
    So 33 chapter = 16-17 episodes (if they dont put filler and always use 2 chapter as they do now)

  • Davi Vivdich

    frekin awesomeness

  • Gohan7861000

    Episode was pretty good

  • Sid Martin


  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    We might see some fillers when Sasuke comes out of Mt Graveyard and he walking to two cities and some flashbacks. Until the last filler, he’ll meet with white Zetzu clones.

  • Narutofreak1412

    My guess for the pacing is:

    Episode 326 – 2 Chapters
    Episode 327 – 1 Chapter with lots of flashbacks
    Episode 328 – 1 Chapter with lots of flashbacks
    Episode 329 – 2,5-3 Chapters
    Episode 330 – Sasuke Action or Filler

    I think 327-328 will be only one chapter per episode, because we know 329 will be a high budget episode, so I think the action will be in this episode.

  • John Jones

    Except that would take too much creativity (extending fight scenes) – if they did that they’d probably just end up in minute-long stare-downs, gaps between every sentence and long shots of the scenery, etc lol it would be painful to watch. At least with fillers I know to just not bother even watching the episode.

  • Ichihime43210

    That’s the route the Dragon Ball anime took, but louder and more obnoxiously. As in “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……


    Don’t get me wrong, I love both series. But that’s what your comment made me think of.

  • animaniac

    i’d say 9 episodes if fillers are in 5 if canon

  • John Jones

    Lmao that’s exactly what I was thinking of as I was typing it. I love DBZ too, but if I hadn’t watched it as a kid I don’t know if I could sit through all that to watch it now, I’d just think wtf is taking so long XD

  • Nick Kuma

    I hope we get ‘madara vs shinobi alliance’ animation for naruto’s kurama mode and then keep it it that way for the rest of the war :D … if that isn’t too much to ask cos that episode was one of the best ever for me :D

  • Gohan7861000

    That part where tobi said naruto and bee should understand a little bit of his dispair forshadows what happened to his friend, the more I see it.

  • UchihaName

    I like that part a lot!

  • Ash ‘Scruffy’ Chancellor

    Really? “Blue Beast”? The Japanese word “aoi” can mean “blue” or “green”. Why do so many people translate Guy’s title as “blue” when it should OBVIOUSLY be translated as “green”.

  • uchihas finest

    yea i thought the samething when i read that, its amazing how when you read or watch old episodes or chapters of anime with things you didn’t understand at the time but find out later you come to pick up on things that you missed because they didnt make sense at the time. like itachi’s old convos to sasuke when he was a kid, or tobis convos to minato as well as to naruto and sasuke. or one i just reread when kabuto pulls out the mystery coffin and when tobi says ok we can work together, kabuto says something like, alright… madara. and tobi says “wise guy” lol
    bro if you have facebook you should like my facebook page :D
    me and UchihaName have been working on it like crazy
    made it like 2 weeks ago! if you click on my name you will see it.

  • uchihas finest

    i know!!! lol i thought DBZ too lmao!
    but the other day i was watching DBZ again after a long time and it was hard for me to sit there and watch it because of how long things took!! lol

  • SOLOmio

    because green beast is Naruto with Guy’s suit!
    is not true but ill believe that’s the reason.

  • markomil

    so the week after the next one, we will get 2 eps? cool, cool, just hope to see the bijuu mode already

  • Super Saiyan Uchiha

    Actually “aoi” means blue, “midori” means green

  • Madara Uchiha

    Nope, Hiroyuki Yamashita deserves an extremely high-budget episodes…..he won’t be doing any episodes for now….Naruto’s “Bijuu’s Mode” will be in Episode 329 which is one of the high-budget episodes too but the animator won’t be Hiroyuki Yamashita instead it’ll be Masayuki Kouda who animated Episode 319, 303, 294, 277, 270, 262, 249 and so on…….he’s one of the senior animator…..But ofcourse that Hiroyuki is the best….. <3

  • John Doe

    Next week we will get to see some EMS Sasuke baby.:)

  • Nick Kuma

    Yeah, I just checked out some of those episodes and the animations aren’t all that bad :P …But that Hiroyuki animation still looks best.. Thanks for the wisdom, Madara-senpai! (./.)

  • Madara Uchiha

    LOL… prob. To me, the animations aren’t my priority….it’s FILLERS!!! were the one get me mad with….xD

  • Nick Kuma

    Yeah fillers can be annoying but not when they add onto the real fights to make them epic, like naruto (6 tails) vs Pain.. One of my fave fights along with Bee vs Taka XD

  • Nick Kuma

    Imagine it’s the same voice actor as Goku or Master Roshi :D … The feels that this would generate!! (Over nine thousand!!!!!)

  • Hikaru Nakamura

    i don’t kniw about goku, but i just can’t wait for naruo episodes

  • Gohan7861000

    Give me a link lol

  • uchihas finest
  • Michael Graham Jr

    It’s to many rinnegans and sharingans in the show now every bad guy has one now

  • Michael Graham Jr

    Cut the guy a break, I’m just sayin

  • Ash ‘Scruffy’ Chancellor

    “Midori” does mean green, yes. But “aoi”, like I said, can mean both “blue” or “green”. My point still stands.

  • romo vincent

    only 2 people do

  • King polo

    I know!!! I’ve been waiting for sasuke come and show us the power of ems

  • Michael Graham Jr

    Itachi, sAskue, pain, tobi, madara, and kakashi, just to name a few. Don’t spoil for people who don’t know what’s gonna happen with the characters about the 1st couple of people. And to many people have wood style to now.

  • Connor Mynors

    anyone else think tobi mask will break in like 10 more episodes with filler, or about 5 if just cannon?

  • romo vincent

    madara and hashi do and u just spoiled

  • Michael Graham Jr

    I was talking about the people actions. Pain and itAchi has already came back on the anime

  • Michael Graham Jr

    Nagato I mean

  • Uchiha Mogurt

    hey guys, did you know that Naruto Shippuuden Ninja Storm 3 will get updated!?! (NEW)
    -Spoilers Alert-
    {They’ll add itachi & sasuke vs Kabuto fight and more!}

  • DrTitz

    You don’t say?

  • Uchiha Mogurt


  • Uchiha Mogurt

    Aoi means Blue-ish, Green-ish.. -_-