New York Comic Con – Day 1 Round Up

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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Day 1 of New York Comic Con has come and gone! Saiyan Island’s HystericalGameZ (HGZ) and TheGameTagerZ (TGZ) took to the streets of New York City to cover this massive event at the Javits Center! The day started with long lines, hundreds waiting to try the latest video games, including Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst and Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z. There were also people there to support the manga industry, buying volumes for Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, among others. However, for as many reasons as one can imagine, one thing is for certain, these people came to experience some of the latest in the world of Japanese and American entertainment!

HGZ and TGZ got into the Javits Center at around 3PM on Thursday. Their first objective? Recording exclusive gameplay of the new DLC character for Naruto Storm 3, Dragon Sage Kabuto! This iteration of Kabuto has been playable at a few events this year, but nobody has given him the attention he deserves! We here at Saiyan Island know our faithful fans like to see the arsenal of moves a character has, so we were able to capture most of Dragon Sage Kabuto’s moveset! The character feels amazing in game. His moves are fluid, his voice acting is solid, and his attacks have the classic flashyness that we’re used to in a Naruto Storm game.

Dragon Sage Kabuto’s tilt (not shown in the video) is made as a defensive move against supports. He calls out snakes from his mouth, and then they spring forward and A) Stops support characters dead in their tracks and B) Stops the opponent character from getting near you for a short period of time! The trade off is that if your snakes miss, you are left wide open for the opponent to attack you. His other moves all seem very well put together, and there are no moves that can be jumped out of like in previous games. His awakening is very unique. Kabuto uses Kimimaro and the other Sound Ninja’s to attack while in awakening. It should be noted that it seems Kabuto only has ONE combo in awakening mode, but the one he has is very cool! His Ultimate Jutsu is an inorganic animation, where he transforms the stage into a cave, and turns the Stalagmites into snakes, sending them towards you in a vicious stab!

After playing a few matches of Naruto Full Burst, HGZ and TGZ took to the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Gaming booth. There, they encountered a mix of the biggest threats to ever endanger the planet earth! Vegeta, in and out of his Great Ape Mode, Android 16, 17, and 18, and Cell. You can take a look at the gameplay in Saiyan Island’s Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – First Gameplay of Cell Saga post.

Once the Full Burst and Battle of Z battles were over, HGZ (in gray) and TGZ booked an interview with Jason Enos, Brand Manager at Namco Bandai Games. He was kind enough to take questions in two pretty detailed interviews that lasted for quite a bit. The interviews were focused on Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst and Battle of Z, but there were also a few highlights about Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers and J-Stars Victory VS. The interview should be up sometime tomorrow night right here on Saiyan Island!

After walking around some more, the pair found a Namco booth that was selling video games. Titles that they were selling can be seen below in the image. Some games there are worth more than they are selling, so if you find yourself at Comic Con make sure to get in on the deal!


Around the Namco Bandai Booth, is a Banpresto area that had a treasure trove of figures! There were tons of amazing figures for One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z! A video and some images can be found below!


And Finally, the time had come to sit down and count the spoils of the day! Throughout the entire day, both HGZ and TGZ were walking around to anime related booths, seeing what freebies they could collect. Luckily due to their status as members of the press, exhibitors were happy to give them extra supplies! Tons of amazing goodies can be seen in the image below, and this is all only from the FIRST day!


Overall, day 1 was filled with fun times, great gameplay, and a lot of walking – definitely a fantastic experience! With three more days left, stay tuned right here on Saiyan Island. We hope to bring you even more footage from the the 2013 New York Comic Con!