Sasuke and Itachi in Latest Naruto Shippuden Anime Special

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Back in July, Shonen Jump teased a new Naruto Shippuden anime special coming this fall to the the Jump Super Anime Tour 2013 event. Well, the fall season is now here and Jump Super Anime Tour 2013 begun today in Japan! Images of Sasuke and Itachi are shown from the latest Naruto Shippuden anime special, which is a comedy-filled filler with a plot revolving around the two Uchiha Brothers, Mangekyo Sharingan, chickens, and fried eggs.

No word on when the special will make it’s way online or onto Japanese DVD, however, we do expect it will at some point in time. Previous specials created for the Jump Super Anime Tour event include “Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return” and “Naruto: The Cross Roads”, both of which eventually made it online English subbed.

Scan promoting the latest Naruto Shippuden special along with other Shonen Jump series (Kuroko’s Basketball, Nisekoi: False Love, Assassination Classroom)

Scan promoting the latest Naruto Shippuden special with Sasuke and Itachi only

  • Tykan Daly

    A comedy filled adventure with two Uchiha brothers? I am digging this I can’t wait to say both of them go out of character

  • Nigel Davis

    Ok… still looking forward to it.

  • narutobleachop

    lol, oh gawd, i still want to watch this. hope it leaks online soon!

  • Naruto

    Itachi doing something funny? This should be interesting

  • ramrej

    See, I don’t mind fillers like this. Its an interesting and new change of past. Unlike some (not all) other fillers that are just a change of past and not interesting at all.

  • Asura Drago

    hell yeah assassination classroom!

  • FlyingThunderGod


  • YES! o/

    Uchiha + Comedy = Gold


    I wish they spend this money to make all Naruto Shippuden episodes to be like episode 322 (Uchiha Madara)!

  • xXTrianeraXx


  • NightRunner7

    it was epic, my fav episode in war arc



  • Zancrow

    It’s a pretty cool manga.
    Glad to see it gets adapted into an anime.

  • TobiramaOfKonoha

    Well I highly enjoyed both those DBZ specials so I will probably enjoy this. More so if it’s a long movie like special like those DBZ movies.

  • Gabriel Garcia

    Where is the certain popular anime character?

  • narutobleachop

    It’s itachi

  • sonicino

    more of this

  • Ash ‘Scruffy’ Chancellor

    Especially because Sasuke and Itachi are usually so stoic!

  • izanagi87

    ” a plot revolving around the two Uchiha Brothers, Mangekyo Sharingan, chickens, and fried eggs.”

    sounds EPIC AS F*KK

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    LOL, I completely forgot about this…O.o

  • Racim Afy

    bro whats up!?

  • Racim Afy

    Anyone know that troll from naruto.viz forums called immortalwatchdog? Banned my account becuase he lost a debate against me… too annoying when a moderator abuses his powers.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    Wait, do I know you…O.o

  • Jay Brown

    well unless you live in Japan the only way for them to get more money is to buy their blue rays and/or sign up with a paid service to watch the anime legally like Hulu or crunchyroll.

  • SalvadorRamirez

    Lol must be hilarious you know I can see sawyer7mage reviewing this since he likes talking about it’s hi n making jokes

  • AkAiSB1414

    can’t wait for that… sounds fun

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    Mangekyo Sharingan…chickens…and fried eggs….what? lol :D

  • MrLi

    Sawyer7mage is awesome. Best reviews.

  • LeeHatake93

    I wonder if they use Amaterasu to cook the fried eggs XD

  • BrainYZ

    until now it is just a special.
    I don’t know but I believe they will adapt it.

  • Zancrow

    One Piece, for example, also started as a special on this anime tour.

  • minatonaruto510

    Mangekyo Sharingan… Fried Eggs… Chickens… It all makes sense now.

  • Faiz Ali

    The question is do you not know him,or do you *evil theme* *Thunder*.o_O

  • Faiz Ali

    This is exactly oppisite of that day when everyone was disliking those battle of z comments.

  • A5J4DX


  • Vincent Duong

    kinda ironic that a user named GrammarNazi upvoted this comment…


    Man, I miss Itachi

  • Dudeondrugs

    Oh ofc they draw the Mangekyo right in here but f*ck the anime… Nice going ¡diots..

  • subsamuels

    That`s some slick animation, wish the anime was like that.

  • AiHina

    Of course, a special about chickens and eggs takes precedence over the official licensed anime =/

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Narutofreak1412

    They don´t sell BluRays. The only country that ever sold BluRays of the Naruto or Naruto Shippuuden series is germany. Japan has only some of the movies in BluRay.

  • EdoMadara

    Itachi…. you protected your little brother…i couldn’t protect my clan and i couldn’t protect my little brother izuna all thats left of him is the visual prowess of his eyes wich are now mine…

  • Dudeondrugs

    Pretty logical eh? I mean chickens and eggs…? Sorry to all who are waiting for that but sounds awful.

  • UchihaObito

    Uchiha Sasuke….after all the Leaf Village Done to your family and brother you still team up with them against me? Very well then….you will also fell Juubi’s Wrath

  • Redx96

    Amin my friend

  • artondrius

    If you want more details on what happens in the OVA, check the Saiyan forums (Ramen Theater section). Someone who was at the event posted everything he could remember.

  • Dudeondrugs

    It won’t random episode has more importance… Pierrot Logic woohooo

  • Trianera

    The Uchiha Brothers, Mangeko Sharingan, Chickens, & Fried Eggs…. Sounds funny but, idiotic, but funny.

  • jimmimcb

    any one else more interested in assassination classroom

  • UchihaObito

    we all do Bro, We All Do

  • UchihaObito

    ha my thoughts exactly

  • AiHina

    That, and Nisekoi

  • AiHina

    Their local movies are also ridiculously overpriced, Road to Ninja for example at one point was $50 for DVD and $70 for blu-ray


    I dont want to judge the anime but the school setting is soooo hackneyed but maybe they added another twist and I have not watched it so a I am judging from a cover

  • jimmimcb

    well its a manga not an anime i never really liked school settings besides beelzebub and yu yu huka show but thats not really school

  • Freesun4

    Please don’t tell you are cooking eggs with Amaterasu

  • Racim Afy

    Cooking eggs with amaterasu? Probably will take 3Hours for its heat to thoroughly cook the eggs… for it didn’t even burn Karin’s skin… TALK about hyperbole…

  • Narutofreak1412

    Check out their Gurren Lagann BluRay Set with all 27 Episodes + 2 Movies. They sell it for 600 DOLLARS!!! Overpriced as hell!

  • Ren_Kudo

    Its been forever since any new information has been put up on this website!!!! Did all the news just stop flowing? well what ever the case I hope to see some more Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z information like some great gameplay or some more screen shots!!!

  • UchihaName

    Wow that’s crazy! Every three months a box set comes out for Shippuden which has about 13 episodes for around $30. I use to think that was a lot, but i guess not, and i should be grateful lol

  • UchihaName

    This sounds so weird, but i can’t wait. That animation O_O i love it.

  • UchihaName

    That’s because she had a robe on. Not to mention, don’t take anime as a source of reality. There are a lot of things that don’t make sense in anime…

  • Uchiha itachi

    it burns slowly meaning if your clothes catch fire their as good as gone but if you take em off your good its ment for tough shells or one hit koes

  • Racim Afy

    That’s not the point of my argument. First of all, it was explicitly stated that Amaterasu’s flames release heat more potent than that of the sun… albeit it didn’t even melt Karin’s cloak or even remotely come close to melting the samurai’s armor… See this contradiction?

  • Racim Afy

    Yeah, agree, however, you did not understand the premise of my comment… It was stated that amaterasu’s heat is akin to that of the sun, though we know that this statement which Kishimoto stated in the databook is an inconsistency, if not, a contradiction, thus making it fake.

  • Suck My Bankai

    Itachi rules all.