Naruto Storm 3: Full Burst Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, One Piece Mods

Posted by Natalie Robinson
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Naruto Storm 3: Full Burst for the PC has been out for almost three weeks in North America and Europe. Fans are still trying to figure out how to mod the game so they can alter it to their exact liking, however, the task may be a bit more challenging then we’d like. As you may have seen in our Naruto Storm 3: Full Burst PC Mods, thus far the only mods released are texture mods. In other words, at the moment it’s only possible to just change very minor things like hair/eye/clothing colors, still images, and text. We’re sure one our two genius fans will be able to figure out how to make more complex changes for the rest of us in the future. For now, let’s enjoy a few notable texture mods that have been released. These include, but are not limited to those altering our favorite Naruto characters to look a little more like those from Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, and One Piece.

We’ll start with a very easy to follow tutorial created by Saiyan Island’s TheDarkenedOne (ItachiTheDarkenedOne on YouTube) who has also created a very helpful thread in the Saiyan Island Forums showing off a whole list of mods created by our others great members.

Afterwards is the actual footage of mods in action! We hope to provide a download link to all of the mods in this post in the coming days. Credit to YouTube users and for the mod footage.

Text mod download link (this is the application mentioned in the above video, not the character mods themselves)

Dragon Ball Z Mods
Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs Legendary Super Saiyan Broly
(Madara vs Ay)

Bleach Mods
Ichigo Kurosaki vs Rangiku Matsumoto
(Naruto vs Tsunade)

Bleach Mods
Ichigo Kurosaki vs Hollow Ichigo
(Naruto vs Sage Naruto)

One Piece Mods
Monkey D. Luffy vs Gol D. Roger
(Naruto vs Sasuke)

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie Mods
Menma vs Charasuke
(Naruto vs Sasuke)
Note: Charasuke, or Road to Ninja Sasuke, was already included in Storm 3

Dark Naruto vs Dark Naruto
(Naruto vs Sage Naruto)

Kyubi/Sage Eyes Naruto vs Kurama Mode Minato
(Naruto vs Minato)

Nawaki vs Young Tsunade
(PTS Naruto vs Tsunade)

Konohamaru vs Drunk Lee
(PTS Naruto vs PTS Rock Lee)

Edo Hokage Footage
(First, Second, Third, and Fourth Hokages)

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2′s fourth entry in the Storm series. It was released for the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in North America/South America on March 5, Europe/Australia on March 8, and Japan on April 18, 2013. The story for the game will begin with the Nine Tailed Fox incident from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden as they air in Japan.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst builds upon the original Storm 3 by adding an additional chapter to the game (Sage Kabuto vs Itachi/Sasuke), Sage Kabuto as a playable character, revamped cinematics, 100 new missions, and 38 costumes that were originally DLC for Storm 3.

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  • You

    It would’ve been awesome if you could do/use these mods on consoles :’(

  • diman.wav

    epic fail

  • narutobleachop

    Kurama Mode Minato, Nawaki, and Konohamaru models are really well done!! i like the One Piece and Bleach mods too.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    Now I want the PC version, I’ll probably pick it up tomorrow for Dhs. 85 in Virgin… (^0^) /

  • KuroPansa

    Konohamaru and Nawaki are really nice !

  • ssraditz94

    I really wish Menma was an actual thing. Black chakra just looks really nice for some reason.

  • Alex Sam Anif

    Konohamaru can use Asuma’s fire style: burning ash and the third’s shadow shuriken techniques. It’s not enough to just look like the character, you have to be able to use their jutsu. But, this is a good effort. Just goes to show what CC2 and Namco Bandai could’ve really done with this game. I would be excited if every 6 months they decided to release a new chapter with new characters like they did with that Kabuto vs Uchiha bros battle, but I guess now we have to wait for a whole new game altogether. And who knows how long that’s gonna take…

  • wajinshu

    Wow my KCM Minato mod :P

  • Scott Baker

    well thats a fail dark naruto.. i mean literly if you red manga you can tell the evil part inside minato is a dark red not black. so shouldnt dark narutos chakra coat be dark red?

  • ichigokun

    I’d like namco to include characters from other anime in Storm 4 as dlc. not costumes but the real characters. they could do dbz and one piece at the very least since namco bandai does games for those too

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  • TobiramaOfKonoha

    Konohamaru is the most well done.

  • UchihaName

    Agreed, but Nawaki is good too.

  • Guest

    This is pretty cool. A little sad that the only thing that is able to be modded is the textures though.

  • ichigokun

    yeah i first thought they were like originally made not textures!

  • Kuwabara

    They should put Goku, Ichigo, Luffy, and Kazuya or Jin from Tekken, that would be pretty awesome for me

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    & Me…^_^

  • Kuwabara

    Probably a year since they release these Storm Games yearly, so expect one by October 2014

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    True, I will probably pick Full Burst PC tomorrow and trading the console version of Storm 3 for King of Fighters XIII… (^0^) /

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Kuwabara

    If they put Sasuke and Hinata from Road to Ninja I dont see why they didn’t put Menma, he was more bada$$ than Sasuke and Hinata

  • Alex Sam Anif

    Considering it might be next-gen though, it may take a little longer than that

  • Mario Luigi

    LOL this is hilarious, “Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs Legendary Super Saiyan Broly”. Most misleading thumbnail ever.

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  • Leo LeiGto

    all crap. if your opponent cant see it it does not matter.

  • Zenkai

    Luffy Naruto looks hilarious

  • Craig

    That’s how I feel about the costumes, but I guess Full Burst fixes that.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Leo LeiGto

    oh thats nice. they fixed it after 1 year…. lol. i guess ill just wait for the next game in march. hahaha the costumes are all baaaaad IMO

  • UchihaName

    I doubt the next game will come out that early. Would be great if it did though.

  • Leo LeiGto

    Well naruto is about to end the anime should catch up by march…. I don’t think they would wait for 2015 to release another naruto game…. But hey Dbz has been over for like 20 years and games are still releasing….. So yeaa. I think July could have a naruto game… It’s not like they won’t recycle everything…. March is feasible. Blah….4 player FFA naruto game needs to come out .. Or 3v3 :D 3 man teams….

  • UchihaName

    Nice! I still have the console version, and i’m not much of a PC gamer though, but you’re all lucky. (^0^) /

  • UchihaName

    That would have been awesome!

  • UchihaName

    Agreed! They need to do 3v3. They need to increase quality of the game play, and add extra modes (hack n slash, etc) that way we don’t get bored so fast. Because to me, the roster is still pretty good, but i want to see more done to their mechanics and modes, if they do that, i will for sure buy there next one. But i do hope the next game comes out that soon though, that would be really cool. Or a next Gen game, with hopeful improvements like i mentioned, and then more modes. Then if they had a Storm 4 after for example they could just work on the story mode and actual legit free roam!

  • Jeremy Pelletier

    Most of these suck, but i did like the Nawaki and Konohamaru mods. Edo kage’s would be more impressive if it wasn’t just the eyes. Kurama mode Minato was alright, needs to be florescent though.

  • tin4o19

    hey storm fans i thought what boss battles there should be in the next game but i think u can help me with it. So here’s the idea – u reply on this comment with a new (or old) boss battle idea and then i make a comment with it (i write the phases, the phrases, the quick time events and if it’s a specific battle i’ll write the attacks of the boss). When i write enough boss battles i’ll send them to cc2′s forum. I hope u’ll help me out.
    P.S. put every boss battle u can think of (even from Part 1)

  • myNAmEizUnImPOrtAnt

    Dat Dark Naruto.

  • ARod’s Ring

    Dat Hollow Naruto! I wish Konohamaru was in Storm 3.

  • ARod’s Ring

    Mmm no. It’s a Naruto game, that’s what J star vs is for.

  • NightRunner7

    this depends on authors not only namco bandai but if there will be a character from another series in a Storm game probably he would be Goku since we have his costume in Ninja Storm 3 and Goku has Naruto costume in Battle of Z. after J-Stars Vs I don’t think they would do this though

  • Leo LeiGto

    Yea i agree. Saldly they Have recycled so much that I’m losing faith… Sure they have some new characters but why are there 6 different narutos??? Why not just make the jutsu more customizable and have different ultimates available for the 1 character. When I say one i don’t mean they should only have 1 naruto but honestly characters like Itachi, neji, kakashi don’t need too much…. Just the option to choose their jutsu… Ammatrrasu or maybe katon or explosion bunshin I and what ever else cool could be added… Why is there no izanami????? Why release kabuto and not the attack that destroys him???!! Sigh… The creators make me so mad. Sitting on a gold mine just leeching the life out of it just to get rich….. How much has storm “evolved” since the first one? Not much… Lets hope Japan raises the bar and gives the fans something as awesome as gekitou ninja taisen but before they planned on releasing 10 different games….

  • Jake Einarsen

    I’m not sure if you all would agree on this but i believe if Cc2 thought ahead and increased the character rooster so it would had characters like the reanimated kages from each village, and added new jutsu for said kages and changed there instant awakenings then it would have gotten better ratings and sells. For example they could have added reanimated minato with his awakening being kurama mode and a new jutsu like his own tailed-beast bomb.

  • Narutofreak1412

    Can´t wait 4 Akatsuki Cloak Juugo, Karin and Suigetsu :3

  • FutureLambo

    These mods shouldn’t be misunderstood, texture replacement mods are the only proficient mods at this time due to the fact that model replacement and playing with story mode exclusive characters are still being worked on. Adding extra attacks to characters and magically making new ones appear are far from possible because such things are extremely difficult, and so texture mods that work really well for some characters and also game effect mods(such as the hudless mod and PS3 buttons) are the only extra content modders are offering so that atleast there is something out there for your enjoyment. Be appreciative of what exists and try to enjoy it while others work hard to make complex mods like model replacement a reality.

  • dtrex

    should turn sasuke into natsu or something with fairy tail
    don’t care from different mag ft is one of the big 5


    If this comment gets any likes you are idiots. p.s. call 1-800-RU-STUPID. It’s really funny answering machine.

  • vincent

    Hopefully someone can take the already established files for the edo kages move sets and drag them over to already existing characters.
    Give gaara his fathers justu like the iron sand and gold dust and give kakashi the raikages five finger lightning spear. Or somehow manipulate the coding to drag the edo characters over to multiplayer.

  • vincent

    They would have had no way of doing that since the chapter came out after the games release.
    What they should do is listen to people for a change by giving them the characters they want.
    And stop being cheap bastards and making us pay for outfits that could of easily been unlocked in game or just been available from the start.And most of all actually played the game so we didn’t have to wait a year for a patch that only made more problems.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Rage VG

    I think you grossly misunderstand how the mods work >.<

  • Rage VG

    I know FutureLambo probably already knows, but for anyone else who maybe isn’t aware, The reason that “no hud” mods and the like work is because they also use textures in the same way the characters do. My HUDless mod doesn’t stop the game from loading the GUD, it just makes the HUD load up blank images in its place.

  • Rage VG

    The mod isn’t claiming to add Konohamaru as a character, you know. It’s meant to make Naruto look like Konohamaru because it’s a texture mod. If he looks like Konohamaru, that IS enough.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    Konohamaru FTW…(^0^) /

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    Me too…^_^

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    I’m not joking, I think this is the DEFINITIVE version of Storm 3 imo…(^0^) /

  • MakeHerCumH*r*

    “Like” for Akatsuki cloak Minato :D

  • Asura Drago

    really? covering mods storm 3? i think we’ve seen enough.

  • jc-hero

    no is only shonen jump heroes .

  • subsamuels

    Yea most of the mods aren’t that great either. Only Nawaki and Konohamaru look like their real self and that’s because they already look like Naruto in the anime.

  • Danny Reichman

    whtf is that??? i mean they look good but i was hoping that you will add some extra characters nut just change their hairstyles and colours they might look different but they dont have something new its still the same storm 3

  • Heiara

    They Did add LARS into storm 2. so I hope there would be a possibility the authors could come to an agreement and decide to throw in a character from another anime.

  • Asura Drago

    well i’m not really into “modding” but my point is that we’ve heard enough about storm 3.

  • subsamuels

    That too, I think its time to move on. I’m sure they’ill announce a new Naruto game soon too.

  • Asura Drago

    well a good one maybe. lol its funny because saiyan island built up so much hype for the game and gave it a perfect score. but in reality when i made a post on the island forums whether or not to get the game (full burst since i never got the original) about 95% of the naruto fans told me the game was decent but overall crappy.

  • Koburra Yuudon

    nah people have to understand its impossible to add characters you can only edit the ones on the roster for now, until the next genius figures out a way to do so which probally wont happen for some time but for us that love naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 this is good because there is not character creation, this gives us a little bit more fun to make a boring game fun again thats all so if you dont like it dont worry about it just go on to something else you know its not that complicated but for whoever is interested i wont post videos because thats overkill since so many of these mods are out but i have a few mods ive worked on myself im taking request for anyone wanting some newer models of toons my first two so far are Juubi cloak mode tenten with a new ultimate jutsu video and skin and i also have a alternate sasuke with a new video for his ultimate jutsu! but keep your hopes high for the next one which will be a killer game im sure

  • Koburra Yuudon

    oh and if anyone can yet id like to see a ‘Decent” and i do mean “Decent” kid guy sensei with his facial features on kid rock lee i think that would be awesome if you need some assistance i could give tips but thats too much work for someone as busy as me haha

  • Marco Balanco

    Can you even change the colour of the power? Like turn Naruto’s Rasengan into red?

    Also, does these mod affect the story mode as well? Like you see the character you modded in a cutscene and even the boss battle?

  • Koburra Yuudon

    @ Marco Balanco its amazing the things you can do with the mods,Ive collabed with another modder from saiyan no names given but yes you can change rasengan color as well as story mode looks ive made black naruto even though everyone wont enjoy it just a twist on it but he is black in the story mode as well its crazy how it works that way i love it though!

  • vincent

    I know the texture mods are the only thing avaiable.I never claimed they should do what iasked throught that.
    And you obviously don’t know as much about modding as you like to think.
    I didn’t mean drag as in drag it over to some file that is pre esatblsihed.
    Iwas describing what one should essentially do.

  • marc

    why mods only for PC, make for ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nejiandhinataHYUGA

    Omg Nawaki :D

  • Rage VG

    Well given I know how much I know about modding and you felt the need to reiterate yourself I can safely say that at the very least you can’t blame me for misunderstanding your message as it could very easily be taken the way I took it.

  • Diogo Abel

    i can`t do any texture please make edo sasuke for me :c

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  • Ammar SkakMmAT

    MOD how do I enter it?
    Please Help :D

  • Ammar SkakMmAT

    how do I install the mod it?
    Please Help me :D :D