Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Buu Saga Walkthrough

Posted by Dawn Bryant
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In the Dragon Ball Z anime/manga, the Buu Saga begins with the Z Warriors getting ready to battle at the World Martial Arts tournament. In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, the arc begins a little differently, with the Demon King Dabura making an appearance. The story progresses in both mediums to where Majin Buu appears, then eventually Kid Buuu appears, and then the Z Warriors win. The events in between though, differ in the latest game and anime/manga. Fans of the series know how it goes down in the anime/manga, but how do events unfold in the game? Take a look at the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Buu Saga walkthrough below!

Dabura Appears!

Is This…Majin Buu?!

Buu Buu Major Farm

Invasion Of Majin Buu

Invasion Of Majin Buu (Alternate) with Ending Credits

Super Saiyan 3

The Fusion Fighters!

Gohan’s Retaliates!

The Universal Battle

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is the latest game in the legendary DBZ series. It will host team-based combat with up to 8 players, including 4 on the same team. There will be up to 70 playable characters, three of which are DLC. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z was released in Japan on January 23, 2014 and will be official released in Europe on January 24, 2014, and North America on January 28, 2014.

  • dtrex

    y is it in jap when everyone knows dbz is better in english

  • Reda Azzi

    cuz dbz is originally japanese :3

  • dtrex

    obviously but the voice actors are so much better in English. gokus got a women’s voice in jap :(

  • Reda Azzi

    just cuz ur used to them ! i watched dbz in all languages, not all but a lot ^^ Arabic, french, english, n japanese subbed english, goku is voiced by a woman for real, krillin too

  • MW100

    so gokus voice was a women when he was a kid in funi

  • Daraja Rashidi

    i just realized this after seeing all of them lined up on the SI home….none of the big villans of DBZ have people ears!

  • narutobleachop

    except the saiyans :p

  • Blader1217

    This game looks disappointing. I’ve been following dragon ball for 18 years, and have every game i can think of. They needed to add in game tranformations. i mean for kami’s sake, frieza is 5 characters. come on

  • Gabriel Dantas

    dragon ball z budokai 1 was the best game we’ve ever had dbz despite its gameplay, but even so it was like playing the drawing itself, (the opening, the beginning of each chapter the same when he speaks the name of the episode in the drawing, really perfect ) now just click on the squares and play (horrible, totally horrible,) so that as the dbz ultimate tenkaichi lost their essence is not only fly around and throw power, have to remind yourself, as in budokai 1, to despite the opening graphic was very good, what’s the point of playing practically the batle mode all the time to complete the game is boring, should make a dbz budokai with 1 but with a free and simple gameplay like the tenkaichi 3, the buster limits was the best dbz xbox more tbm custcenes had not, they better learn to make a decent game before I take their place kkkkk, oh and the movie was a waste

  • http://www.oldmenanalsex.com/ Shippudencave

    Although we don’t want to admit it, aesthetic aspects are more important than we think.

  • dvanteman

    this game is not worth 60.00 or 50.00 If you don’t have this game wait until it’s knocked down to 30.00

  • Guest

    30$ is a bit much, i usually buy storm games for 30$ since i know its halfassed, but this maybe 20$

  • MW100

    wonder when saiyanisland will post special age

  • myNAmEizUnImPOrtAnt

    Honestly, I’m just waiting on a Z game where I can do anyting I want or fight anyone I want like the GTA series.

  • MW100

    oh yeah they all have things with black holes on their heads

  • dvanteman

    I agree 20 is better this game is even more halfassed then the storm games it should have been an arcade game zenkai battle royal

  • AnimePotential

    “Mash square/Y until meter FINALLY fills then use Super.” – End of same Story Mode for 10 years Walkthrough.

  • AnimePotential

    $10, max.

  • Mauricio Quintero

    Better than Budokai Tenkaichi 3?

  • Xavier M

    Ha!!!!!!!!! I knew this game was garbage!!!!!! Fanboys where are you! RB3 would’ve been the right way to end the Z games for the ps3 instead of this disgrace of a game.

  • Guh B.

    Ok… Now that the game was released… They really dont have a offline versus mode?

  • The Real Tobi

    They really need to take all the characters from Dragon Ball Heroes make it, Tenkaichi 3 fighting style but let us customize attacks like in Raging Blast, and let us transform and pull off Ultimate attacks instead of waiting for the little side gauge to fill up and then we’d have a perfect DBZ game

  • Masterpiece

    Buu looks quite good in this game,I can see that they invested alot of time on this…

  • jay


  • jay


  • Masterpiece

    Yeah,I mean I cant really compare it to a high-quality games but for an anime game,its quite good..

  • Sisgo Dawn

    Dbz battle of z got a review 2/10 wtf!”
    See thats why all the good dragonballz games stay in japan
    People are complaining, and whining.

  • Ben Mundy

    wheres this review?

  • timanel1

    am i the only one that will buy this game even with the bad reviews ? i loved the demo

  • MF Cutty Flam

    I gave up on Dbz games after the PS2 era….they dont care about what the fans want they just know it will sell

  • Gabriel Dantas


  • SSJ God Awsome425

    Try ZEQ2