Kishimoto-sensei Speaks After Naruto’s Finale

Warning: Naruto manga spoilers ahead

The story of Naruto Uzumaki has been told to it’s completion by the great Masashi Kishimoto-sensei. With the manga officially over now, the legend behind the series speaks, sharing his feelings in the aftermath of the finale. He also offers his point of view on the ending. Take a look below at an interview along with pictures of Kishimoto-sensei and his work.

Additionally, there will be a musical adaptation of Naruto and an exhibition featuring the manga work in Japan next year. To that, Kishimoto-sensei says “I am looking forward to all of those adaptations. The planned exhibition will be a huge one. ‘Naruto’ fans will be able to be immersed in its worldview, while those who do not know much about ‘Naruto’ will look forward to reading the manga.”

For those wondering, Naruto Part 1, both in anime/manga is simply referred to as Naruto from an official standpoint. Part 2 of the manga is also referred to as Naruto, however, fans have dubbed it the timeskip. The anime series for Naruto part 2 is called Naruto Shippuden. With the end of Naruto part 2, the true end for the Naruto series has not yet been reached. Kishimoto-sensei will be working on Naruto Part 3 mini-series, with focus on the next generation! It will be released Spring 2015 in Japan. The final title for part 3 is yet to be determined, but as soon as it’s announced, we hope to let you know right here on Saiyan Island!

Masashi Kishimoto

Question: What are you feeling now?
Because I just completed the last episode less than 12 hours ago, I do not have any real feeling (that “Naruto” has ended). I have had to meet a deadline every week for 15 years, so I feel that there’s a deadline for next week. I thought of many things to do after (“Naruto”) ends, but I do not know where to begin. I want to do something other than manga. Don’t worry, I will continue creating manga.

Q: When did you decide how to end “Naruto”?
Since the work was first serialized, I have been determined to end the manga series with the battle between protagonist Naruto and Sasuke, who has been his rival since the start of the story. I later decided on the details, little by little, such as whether they would fight each other as friends or enemies, their feelings and dialogues, while I was drawing the series. Around two years ago, I began to feel the story was approaching the finale.

When the series started, the editor responsible for my work told me, “Continue the series for at least five years.” The tough work of continuing to draw “Naruto” for the weekly magazine occasionally made me think that I would like to finish the series. I did not think “Naruto” would last for 15 years.

The story lasted for such a long period because the characters “stuck it out.” When I attempted to quickly offer an answer (to issues raised in the story), the characters did not allow me to do so. If I had made them act as I wished, the reality would have been lost.

Because manga artists are always working inside rooms, it is difficult for us to see firsthand if our works are really popular. It was not until I received many fan letters from overseas that I realized (“Naruto” is) popular outside Japan. Some of those letters are written in languages I do not know, so I understand that my work is read by people in various countries.

One fan mail contained a photograph of a small child dressed as Naruto striking a pose. Such attachments make me happy.

Q: Were you conscious of “One Piece”?
It is impossible to be unconscious. (Both “Naruto” and “One Piece”) are serialized in the same magazine, and “One Piece” has always been running ahead of the pack. I have been able to work so hard writing “Naruto” thanks to “One Piece.”

Q: You will turn 40 years old on Nov. 8. How do you feel about that?
I remain a child in terms of mentality. Nothing has changed from age 25, when the series started. I just worked at the desk to create high-quality, interesting manga, and 15 years passed before I knew it.

Q: What would you want to tell your old self?
I hope to tell my 23- or 24-year-old self, who painted Naruto and other characters on copy paper just as I wanted on the veranda of my family’s home: “Cherish him. You will write a serial manga for 15 years using the character.”

Q: On The Last: Naruto the Movie…
The latest film is a love story. It will depict what happened between the 699th and 700th manga episodes. I designed the characters and helped make the story. Although I wanted to write about the romances of Naruto and his friends in the manga series, it was too difficult. I am not good at writing romances because I feel embarrassed when trying to do so.

Source: Asahi Shumbun

  • Anon

    …Worse pairings than in Harry Potter. Wow, way to ruin a great adventure with the unnecessary shipping of all the alive characters with each other just so they can all have a happy ending, and you can go write your sequel.

  • Anon

    Wasn’t specified. Which is dumb because like he’s not important/relevant to have a named wife.

  • Kinomoto Nika

    Guess what, Naruto had no romance tag in its genre. Romance is not something that this series is focusing on. Naruto and Sasuke being with someone and have a family is just a part of the storyline saying “they all grow up and have their own life”

  • Kinomoto Nika

    I respect your point of view, and I think you are right. Naruto doesn’t have anybody for real. But please keep in mind that Naruto is not about romance. The series is about his journey to pull his friend out of the cycle of revenge. People are still debating this and that about the pairing, but the point of this series is NOT even about romance. Why? Because Shonen manga like Naruto doesn’t need romance, therefore, the pairing would naturally appears as to the fandom. Even if Naruto doesn’t marry and just ended without Boruto, I would still be satisfy of seeing the becoming the Hokage, because that is the whole point of the show

  • Edward Elric

    I completely agree with both of you, although I know it’s not a romance series it would have still been nice if Naruto would be with someone that really struck a cord with him, or just let him be alone with becoming Hokage. Thankfully using our own imaginations we can create what happens in our minds instead of sticking to things we are unhappy with in the series.

  • Edward Elric

    Nope I ship it too, and not because they are both boys, but because the emotions, strength, understanding they both have for one another. Naruhina I don’t really mind, but their relationship seems a bit forced. Like Naruto only went with her because he found out she loved him and was desperate to keep it. Sasuke with Sakura come on she doesn’t understand a thing about Sasuke and only followed after him because of her weak claims of “love” but she never did it for him, she did it for herself, while Naruto on the other hand stood up for Sasuke, got beaten because of Sasuke, and even after all their fighting and everyone else gave up he still defended and believed in him. Did so much for him and expected nothing back unlike Sakura which is why she will forever piss me off no matter how useful she becomes in the series.

  • Edward Elric

    Actually I disagree. Although he said it in the movie if you watch the whole season of Naruto again you’d realize Naruto does love Sakura to some extent. Naruto fell in love because of her smile, he even says so himself that he wished Sakura would smile at him like that and the whole time he proclaims his love he doesn’t mention Sasuke at all although during times he does get upset that Sakura loves Sasuke and not him which is normal for any person who is jealous of their love not being returned. Reality check here people. Another point is Naruto risked his life many times for Sakura and was even willing to get Sasuke back for her and kept pushing himself to the point of breaking for her. Now would he really do all this just because he doesn’t want to lose to Sasuke even though in the beginning he knew it was already too late? Last but not least, I don’t think Naruto really loves Hinata, I think he only started caring for her after he found out she loved him and was desperate to keep that. So no I don’t think he should have gotten with Hinata, now don’t get me wrong I think Hinata is great and she truly does love Naruto, but I don’t believe Naruto truly loves her the same way.

  • Edward Elric

    Agreed so much Shattered Bubble and another thing is it’s mentioned in the series that Naruto fell in love with Sakura because of her smile, and many times he wished Sakura would smile at him like that. Naruto endured so much because of her and for her and even though he didn’t receive any love for it he still continued on for her so to proclaim it as competition is demeaning and belittling all the hardships he faced for her.

  • Edward Elric

    Agreed, I love Hinata and she truly does love Naruto, but to me it just didn’t feel like he really felt the same towards her.

  • michael

    You’re right! SASUINO FTW

  • michael

    You’re right! SASUINO FTW!

  • Fire Monster

    ussually in shounen its more about the more sensible or better choice for the character its not really the genre where you’ll find good romance development or romance pairings if your looking for that theres shoujo you’ll rarely find a shounen where the mc is with his perfect match and if you do know please tell I’d like to know

  • Fire Monster

    If naruto is not a romance then why is there pairings last time I checked it is and the fact that naruto does a bad a job of it is true it doesn’t matter if its not based on romance if it isn’t then it shouldn’t have pairings which is part of romance genre and the fact naruto does a bad job is unexuseble

  • Kinomoto Nika

    I think you confuse “genre” with “storyline development”
    Just because the story had pairing, it does not mean it will be the main focus of the story. Therefore, the genre of romance is not the main focus of Naruto.
    Just because a story has pairing, it does not mean it will be involve with romance. The pairing can just be a part of a storyline to support a character’s growth and development. For the Naruto series, the author just want to show that Naruto is marry and have a family and that he had become an adult. I don’t think Kishimoto even care about pairings at all.
    In fact, the only Naruto movie that is consider romance is Naruto the Last, because it is about love and Naruto’s feeling for Hinata. However, the main Naruto series is nothing about romance. Its not even the center of the series.
    And with that being say, of course it is going to be bad, because Naruto is not about romance, it’s not the main point but unfortunately people are way too focus in it. I don’t even know why people care if it was bad, it will be bad because that’s not what Naruto is about. Naruto is not about romance.

  • lulu1night4ever .

    I think what everyone is mad at is that the romance was handled so poorly. Of course romance wasn’t the focus but other manga have done it fine, DBZ for instance, or Full Metal Alchemist. It’s poor writing but at least Kishimoto admitted he never was good at it. I mean ffs Naruto was all over Sakura and Sakura was all over Sasuke for 15 damn years, don’t tell us romance wasn’t at least a focused factor lmao.

  • Kinomoto Nika

    Naruto’s affection for Sakura is merely nothing but comedy factor in my eyes. His crush for Sakura had already truly ended when he acknowledge that Sakura loves Sasuke in the hospital scene of season 1.

    Sakura’s affection had mature throughout the series. Back then in season 1, it was also a comedy factor to show how childish Sakura was. And then it extended into bond. It was no longer just about Sasuke, but it was also her connection with Team 7. She extended that connection to Naruto and the rest of the village. Not wanting Kakashi and Naruto to feel the burden and deal with Sasuke, she makes a move to try and kill Sasuke alone, unfortunately, it was unsuccesful. Nevertheless, it shows that Sakura’s feelings is no longer just “all over” Sasuke

    Romance was included, but never a focused factor. The whole storyline was about Naruto trying to bring Sasuke back from the darkness and hatred as well as promoting a deeper bond between friendship and brother “family doesn’t have to be connect by blood” that kind of thing, and it continue to progress like that

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    Naruto deserves a reward, a vacation or at least have a gardening business. We still don’t know what he did after the ninja war and before the events of The Last. Guess we’ll never know.

  • Suman Hazra

    i agree edward elric naruto care hinata that does not means he loves her. naruto loves sakura, he protect sakura no matter what; still is someone reject many time that feel is pain then that person distance to her. he(naruto) choose to right path. anyone love and care both him/her; without thinking that he/she has to do that person love and care and leave that person

  • kyung

    he doesn’t really need a SO for naruto to end on good terms. i feel like romatic development between gaara and another character would only participate as more fillers

  • Karolina Mikolajczyk

    then y make their relationship soooo unsuccessful XP sarada doesnt even see the love between them

  • Yasashi Kyojin

    Well…. Just to address some stuff. For after the war maybe that’s what part 3 will be exactly that. For the pairings, I think it has less to do with the actual romance and more so to do with the emotional baggage the characters have. Each one of the pairings seem to deal with each one, now while it’s not the most solid development in the anime it isn’t supposed to be. Yet I know for the last 15 years I’ve been cheering hinata on, and was jumping up and down when it happened. Naruto is way more about the individual’s growth through their bonds. With the series not following Naruto anymore it leaves my heart heavy and tears in my eyes, I don’t think Boruto will replace it’s place but I do think it will find it’s own place in my heart. Thank you Kishimoto, for the 15 years of an amazing series. You’ve made me cry more times than I can count, and yet I look forward to many more.

  • Hey You

    شكرا شكرا شكرا على هذا الإنمي الراااااااااااااااااااائع و الأسطوري …Kishimoto-sensei

  • nope, same here hun. big time here. just scrolling through the comments and unexpected to find another man of culture~