Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Give Bandai Namco, Dimps Your Feedback!

Bandai Namco Entertainment wants your feedback on Dragon Ball Xenoverse! They’ve setup a survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/H56SQWS in regards to marketing and localization so click on away and share your thoughts!

There are questions on what you thought were positives and negative in the game. Yesterday, we at Saiyan Island posted our Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review, here are our positives and negatives!

-Ability to create and customize a character
-New take on Dragon Ball Z story
-Attack Clashes
-Battle Damage for Characters
-Spectator Mode in Endless Battle
-Dialogue in Quests
-Ability to present costumes and skills
-Rewards were clearly listed
-Rewards were usable attacks/items in battle, not pointless pictures in a gallery!
-DLC Pack 3

-Remove randomness from rewards. They should be tied to rank and the the expectations to achieve a rank should be clearly defined.
-Delay of Level 99 Implementation. This should have been achievable without a patch.
-Only 1 custom created character selectable at a time. We want to pick any and all characters we’ve created from the selection screen.
-Limited transformations. We need more and they should allow for hair style and aura color selection. Character transformations (like Frieza and Cell) should not be split.
-Missing playable characters and stages. Everyone and every stage in the story mode should be selectable for free battle.
-Unbalanced characters. They should be balanced, otherwise everyone always picks the strongest.
-No Training Mode or COM-vs-COM
-World Tournament never opened!
-DLC should be distributed more logically and there should be no pre-order exclusive DLC.

New, Additional Features and Content We Want
Listed below are new features and content we at Saiyan Island would like to see in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. The game hasn’t been announced, but with the success of Xenoverse 1, it’s something we expect! The survey doesn’t ask what additional things we, the fans, would like to see, but question 10 has a free-form textbox that says If you were “Extremely Satisifed” or “Extremely Dissatisfied” with any of the items above, please let us know why you feel that way where you could possibly share your suggestions. With luck, they could be passed on to Dragon Ball Xenoverse developer Dimps!

-Original Dragon Ball story and characters
-Dragon Ball Super story and characters
-More Dragon Ball Z characters from series and movies
-Ability to turn off time limit
-Ability to pick different stages for local multiplayer and endless battle
-Allow uneven battles from the start (1-vs-2, 2-vs-3, etc)
-Allow free for all (all players fighting for themselves, rather than teams)
-Permanent stage destruction
-Ability to select if items can or can’t be used in a match
-Equipment should not be tied to stats
-More variation in character creation, similar to sports games. Use sliders, rather than pre-defined looks (for example, we wanted to make a skinny Male Majin in Xenoverse, but it wasn’t possible)
-More hub worlds in addition to Toki Toki City. It would be neat if players could actually build their own hub world with fellow player residents and fight with other, enemy players to protect it!

Feel free to share your desires for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in the comments below and make sure to provide your feedback in regards to Xenoverse 1 at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/H56SQWS!

  • Kyle Twist

    In the future I think they should add in ssj4 for custom characters too in Xenoverse 2

  • Shmeed J

    Even tho DB characters are weak they should be in because they are cool kid goku was way better than kid goku gt. No gt characters! I dont dislike them just they should have their own game kid goku gt should have ssj4 as his transformation not a different character. But what i didnt like in Xenoverse 1 was i made a character went through the game then when i finally got a ssj transformation i deleted my character because my *hair didnt change shape* really…. This ps4 / Xbone have stronger technology is BS they never use the full potential. I should get a wii just to play tenkaichi 3 HD that never came to ps3 for some reason but got budokai 1/3 ?

  • DBfanboy321

    How about to make broly to be able to transform to ssj and not to be alredy in ssj form

  • super sayian god

    Could they add this feature in dragon ball xenoverse 2 in the full version were it shows u the stats of every ki blast attack like for instans kaio ken x20 kamehameha it shows u the damage it does and if u went super sayian 3 and used it or any kind of ssj transformation it shows if the attack has a damage boost for instant if the damage of the attack increases like in base form for example it takes 20% of your health and if u transformed to ssj it increases by 5% and ssj2 by 10% and ssj3 by 15% and pls balance between the frieza race and the sayian race coz in the freiza race if u go to the golden form u get ki by just staying stil and by punching and geting punched but the sayian race when u transform u cant get ki punching or geting punched or staying still the only way is to use maximum charge or go back to base form and that gives the frieza race a huge advantage in the ki depart ment and if u dont whant to add ssjb for custom created characters atleast add ssj4 and increas his strength and speed by 10% atleast

  • Tykhi Yearwood

    Ssg2 or super sayian blue can be available

  • Tykhi Yearwood

    A lot more what if Fusions

  • Tykhi Yearwood

    How about some dbz heroes new characters

  • Tykhi Yearwood

    How about some dbz multeverse characters

  • Tykhi Yearwood

    We’re able to turn into great apes during the story line

  • Tykhi Yearwood

    A tournament like from dbs chapa saga

  • Tykhi Yearwood

    In the parellel quest we get to fight every single God even frieza,goku blue, vegetablue, and so on from weakest to strongest.

  • Tykhi Yearwood

    New gods

  • Tykhi Yearwood

    Ranks like in one punch man, like when you start the game you are at the very bottom of the ranks class c rank 134

  • Tykhi Yearwood

    We can choose if we want to a time breaker or a time patroler

  • golden ice

    a fusion with other players?

  • Nathan

    i think when we play with 2 people on one console in local/split screen. i think we should have more than the tournament map like with the bots…we should be able to choose more than one map by ourselves.

  • Marc Walker

    You need to fix this!!!!! I play with the controller layout C and I absolutely cant fight pvp competetivly because R3 analog is the lock on and lock off and in the middle of button smashing And trying to punch enemies who teleport behind me requires quick reflexes of moving analog in opposite direction. In the chaos, I always lock off my enemy and shoot energy waves at nothing in the heat of the moment.. This should be toggled on and off just the r3 component for pvp!!!!! Do we even need lock on if theres one enemy?? Nooo.

  • Adrian Price

    Need to fix the cut scene for transformations to stay on during them and after also, they really need to fix the glitching of kaizen x4 kamehameha with any transformation thats above ssj2 will glitch attacks if not add the kaoiken transformation to be able to mix with others. also when doing 6v1 my character was attacking my teammates.

  • Abdur Rafay

    I am a big fan of DBZ before Xenoverse my best game was dragon ball, ultimate Tenkaichi tell you a truth I did not like focus system and a lot of things of xenoverse but when I played the game I have best experiences ever in xenoverse 2 you improved so much like move and super saiyan when we go super saiyan our energy don’t drain and we can do multiple transformation super saiyen also improve Smooth Game play and more freedom
    i have two suggestions
    The first request is so hard in the future if there another xenoverse I would like this so much let me hear your game present a unique style changing story time changing i like to play game as normal story as well like after correcting the time Vegita saga we can play as Goku like the original story, it very hard to create to two different stories, but I have faith in you guys I know you guys can do this Second thing is improving this game in custom area like when we play quest we got pieces of Goku dress or someone else. when we got all pieces it will become a whole dress we don’t have to select every dress part its so annoying so many people like this system so create a new system which one has complete set’s of Players dress we can choose a dress or custom dress please think about this.Another thing I like you can add a feature if we got a Goku move on my menu in super or ultimate move I click Goku moves and this folder contain only Goku’s move like a wise separate folder of Vegeta nappa and so on its hard to scroll down and found our favorite character move. beside that I have great expansion with xenoverse 2 thanks for creating another game for us I support you in every way

  • Danny Peraza

    One suggestion and is simple as this since everyone else covered everything I was upset about. I believe the ULTIMATE FINISHERA SHOULD BE MORE CINEMATIC AND DRAMATIC LIKE THEY USE TO BE. For example if a super Kamehameha connects or a final flash do something cool like an explosion or cinematic! That would make things so much better!

  • Damian Struwig

    For me it would be cool if when you transformed into super saiyan your characters hair changes like goku, future gohan and trunks. also it would be extremely awesome if ssj4 was added after ssj3 like you need 5 ki bars for ssj3 and 6 bars for ssj4. i would also like to see super saiyan god super saiyan aka super saiyan blue available as a transformation. And i also think it would be a good idea to select fighting styles like if you want to fight like goku or vegeta so on. SO hair that changes when transform. Super saiyan 4. and super saiyan blue. And fighting styles is my requests please.

  • Sabretooth

    Not change ki blast depending on super soul

  • Sabretooth

    Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

  • Nero Anagi

    Why not allow cac’s to pick the combos of story characters? I would love for my melee saiyan to have Hit’s combos. That would be awesome and if dimps were to do it that would definitely improve my experience with the game

  • Austin Gattie

    I am extremely disappointed in this game,
    Broken achievements
    Horrible servers
    Log in bonuses give you the same dragonball not allowing you to collect them for a wish,
    Horrible lag
    Getting errors and the game freezes very frequently no matter what i’m doing
    I admit that the gameplay is better than the last and more instructors,
    Some combos are broken and do not hit their mark
    its very difficult to find a lobby

  • Sabretooth

    And along with my evil transformation-I would like all my ki blast the same color as the evil aural. Also, the hero suits would look much better if the undershirt was removed-like piccolo’s or yancha’s gi

  • Kevaun Pettway

    One super recommendation if we can’t have a God form then why not in dlc 1 or 2 or even an update where you train with whis you unlock an awakening skill called God form and it’s for every race but it changes for each race

  • Kevaun Pettway

    I mean for me towards the end of the story if our created characters (besides the frieza race who has there’s) had a legitimate God form then the story would make more sense cause one thing that bothers me is how anyone could beat the gods or frieza

  • vampireknight113

    Introduce the what if saga into the game or possibly future games. Players would be able to play as characters based off of possible outcomes that could have happened in the dbz universe. Characters like Gohan black, ssj4 Gohan, ssj3 Vegeta, ssj3 Broly, ssj blue Broly, Vegeta’s older brother Rigor, ssj Radits, ssj Turtles and other characters. I don’t know about you guys but I think that would be an amazing idea for the game.

  • MikeyyL003

    I think if they were to add God
    form (Blue) they could just use the same stat boosts as ssj3 but only change the look or maybe have the option for it to be a different ability which means u could add normal God being like ssj or ssj2 stat boosts then the blue for the same boosts as ssj3 just different look

  • TheGreenCero

    half of the stuff listed u cant get, even if u ask 100 times, u cant get them, they would have to redesign the game

  • Matthew Warren

    Dragon ball xenoverse 2 introduced expert quests for a nice challenge but there could be more potential to it, I had an idea for how it could be more fun and addictive, make it so that one player can be the expert quest’s boss and the other players would have to defeat them, boss players would be able to choose boss settings like for example a huge health boost or evil moves like peeler storm or marbling drop maybe they could even have a huge ki blast attack that could wipe out an entire team, expert quests could have so much more potential if this sort of thing was added.