Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Free DLC and DLC Pack 1 Releasing on December 20

Bandai Namco Entertainment has today officially announced the contents of the free DLC pack and paid DLC Pack 1. Both will be available on December 20. First off, for the free DLC pack, players will get:

  • New skill for SSGSS Goku: Awakened Skill Kaioken times 10!
  • New skill for Hit: Awakened Skill Pure Progress
  • 6 new costumes
  • 4 new attacks
  • A new event for everyone: Frieza’s Siege! Be ready to defend Conton City against Frieza’s Army, there are 10 new Jersey costumes to win!
  • A new Raid Quest featuring Evil Yamcha, with an exclusive title to win!
  • 5 new teachers: Future Gohan, Bardock, Cooler, Android 16, Whis
  • 20 new attacks taught by the new teachers

As for DLC Pack 1, which again costs additional money ($9.99 for just DLC Pack 1 or $29.99 for 4 DLC Packs, 3 of which are currently unannounced):

  • 2 new playable characters: Cabbe (with his Super Saiyan transformation) and Frost (Final Form)
  • One new master: Hit
  • 5 new attacks
  • 3 new Parallel Quests
  • 2 new costumes
  • 5 Super Souls
  • 2 emotes



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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is an action-fighting game with MMO and RPG elements in development by Dimps. It was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America on October 25 and in Europe on October 28.

  • ®CodeBreaker™

    The free DLC is better than the paid DLC. That’s hilariously sad. lmao

  • YoungLad


  • Sakata Gintoki

    boo more content boo i say

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  • Medulla Oblongata This D ✓

    No one cares.

  • gogeta207

    u say so when i bought xv1 i didnt buy it as deluxe or with season pass but theres no free dlcand the dlc paid was great i guess this time when i bought the deluxe and with a season pass the 1st dlc is for free?!!! and its better than paid dlc as u said

    sowhat u call that bad luck or lol

  • Kazui (Secret Senju)

    Already better than what CC2 did to Storm 4 lmao

  • uhMayzedHD

    Storm 4 was a mistake.
    Worst Console Naruto Game ever!
    5 outta 10

  • Nazokage

    maybe we get that hit outfit in the paid dlc

  • Elliott Blair

    Copy and paste content.

  • Elliott Blair

    That and Black Goku’s outfit would be great.

  • King of the Mimiga

    yeah cuz dragon blade never happened…. uh huh……

  • Sakata Gintoki

    its not the worst but i can understand why people were disappointed in it i was myself because i thought it was going to be a grand send off to the storm series but after playing story and a few matches with friends i could see why people complained about it

  • Princess Elizabeth

    they said 3 hits ? so what about the 3 one

  • Rhafty

    Hmm hit as a teacher? i guess these other variants will have better skills.
    (i know i just suck at this game.. can’t catch no one with his attacks lol they just simply side step.)

  • Scott Baker

    Mis translatoipn 3rd hit is mastrt most likely one to give you second hit skills

  • swiss

    so ssgss goku kaioken is just a transformation? im tired of seeing that super kamehameha ultimate for almost all of the saiyan characters.

  • Lostorage

    I want SSR for Black sooo bad

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    There are rumours that the new DBS arc will be about Hit trying to assasinate Goku..

  • randy191993

    That’s a fact given that’s exactely what the title of the last episode next month says.

  • randy191993

    Of course it is. What else should it have been? It’s a new version of SSGSS Goku with Kaioken as transformation

  • ButtMen (Linger)

    It’s confirmed.

  • randy191993

    First of all, the first DLC is not free. There is a free and a paid portion to it.

    And there will be more DLC Packs than Xenoverse 1 had. So we’ll see if it’s worth it

  • TheSherlockHokage

    It was confirmed on SI about 4 posts ago.

  • TheSherlockHokage

    Add to that I didn’t boost the strike supers.

  • Finally know what the English name for Brapan is. Her name is Bulpan.

  • ButtMen (Linger)

    Her name sucks.

  • Shener

    Liger Tournament stage wont be in in the DLC?

  • Really? Talk about miss opportunity.

  • Gammy

    With the highest metascore of all the others anime games

  • Merged Super sand Legend


  • nigght

    I think that was the point, they wanted to keep the game also updated for people who don’t buy dlcs while give those who pay a little extra. I might not get the paid dlc, though mentor hit is a little tempting especially if it gives his awakened skill.

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  • Turkey Susanoo

    Hey, why did the turkey join the band?


  • *Crickets chirp*

  • I feel like Todd Haberkorn is going to voice Cabba.

  • This does not feel like it should be $9.99.

  • How does it feel like it should be?

  • About 4.99.

  • Turkey Susanoo

    I agree.

  • Because Cabba is similar to Tarble in both appearance and personality?

  • It’s better than the storm 4 road to boruto

  • The one whi voiced garble voiced Jako

  • Turkey Susanoo

    is ya still sick boi

  • Kind of. I haven’t thrown up in a while though.

  • Yep.

  • scardro

    I agree this is pretty lackluster the free one is good but it should have been part of dlc one as a month early access then in January make it available to the public for free it looks like cut content from dlc 1

  • Turkey Susanoo

    Oh I was gonna ask you if you wanna play RB2. I guess we can when you feel better.

    Unless you ready to catch this L now…

  • Why do you hate Naruto so damn much? You get every chance you get the criticize it.

  • Pretty much.

  • I don’t hate Naruto for the millionth time why do you hate dragon ball whenever people bring it up you get mad

  • I’ve told you at least twice already. Get yee head out yer arse.

  • We can play if you want.

  • Is Mega Evolution still a thing in Pokémon Sun and Moon?

  • YOᗰI 由紀

    I feel like Lightning McQueen is going to voice Cabbe.

  • Turkey Susanoo

    Sike I’m at school.

  • With his broken nose?

  • That’s a surprise.

  • Turkey Susanoo

    Why do you hate DBZ so damn much?

  • YOᗰI 由紀

    What else is he going to do after the accident?

  • I’ve said why.

  • Turkey Susanoo


  • Turkey Susanoo

    I didn’t see it. Link me to the comment.

  • -_-

  • I didn’t mean recently. But I’ve said it before like a month ago.

  • Ikr

  • You are a annoying record that happens to be broken.

  • Turkey Susanoo

    Some boy at school with spiky blonde hair stole his crush in Elementary School.

  • You just dont seem like the school type.

  • So am I?


  • Turkey Susanoo

    And Hinata is the worst character in Naruto, we don’t all get what we want around here.

  • You know kids don’t develop romantic feelings until like 12, right? I was already in middle school when I started liking girls.

  • No that’s Sakura.

  • Shad up Susan.

  • You love storm 4 so much that you can’t take criticism

  • Turkey Susanoo


  • (Shh, he’s trying to rile up you know who)

  • Turkey Susanoo

    Tenten > Everyone else

    besides you know, being useless as hell

  • You obviously haven’t been paying attention.

  • Hinata is bai

  • Besides, there were no blondes in my school.

  • It’s also tentent

  • Turkey Susanoo

    Almost everytime I’m here, I’m at school. Unless it’s the weekend, then I’m just trying to find Fort or you or Kid.

  • That’s my aunts name.

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    I’m talking about Smash Gamer.

  • Turkey Susanoo

    You tell us that too much.

  • Shad up nephew of Susan.

  • Hehehe

  • Sheesh, I try to play a joke and you don’t even notice…

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    You have a sense of humor?

  • That’s dumb

  • We’re not even the same race. And I have no aftrican anccestry.

  • You’re annoying.

  • Sometimes.

  • It’s because people post about it alot

  • Turkey Susanoo

    Probably get a job at Lightning McDonald’s

  • You too

  • Spiritual then.

  • Turkey Susanoo

    That’s what you think. I’m secretly your aunt.

  • Turkey Susanoo

    So is Hinata.

  • I know. My Sister makes sure to tell me everyday.

  • Turkey Susanoo

    No, Nardo’s not annoying. Not all the time.

    Only when he gets really sensitive but that doesn’t happen often anymore.

  • Canada doesn’t do thanksgiving break

  • Turkey Susanoo

    Smack her in the face. If my sister told me that every day, I would’ve been smacked her up.

  • Turkey Boy, I’m leaving my Wii U at college for the break, just a heads up. That is all.

  • Ok

  • *Trafalgar D. Water Law*

    Trailer looks great. Im still waiting on the incredibles 2!

  • You’re a woman?

  • Turkey Susanoo

    Don’t call me “Turkey Boy” again you saggy titty’d bag of sh*t.

  • I love the Pokémon sun and moon story it’s amazing

  • Turkey Susanoo

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  • But you’re a boy. Do you want me to call you turkey girl?

  • Turkey Susanoo

    Call me god.

  • Lecture youths at high school on how they should never give up?

  • So, no more mega evolution.

  • On raging blast 2 to the voice actor match s him

  • Post game.

  • Or costar with Ben Stiller in many motion pictures.

  • This better not be true

  • I’m only going off the statements people gave me. Which was 0.

  • Turkey Susanoo

    I’m pretty sure Tarble may have been the WORST character in RB2. I thought he actually had potential, he was f**king terrible.

  • Explain.

  • Oh

  • Bullza

    $10 for just 2 different characters? The entire game with 50+ characters, story mode, 20+ stages cost $60.

    What a ripoff.

  • The Litten final form ultimate Z moves looks Cool af

  • Well you can buy the season pass for $30 and receive all 4 DLC packs if that’s any consolation.

  • Now that actually look at it they should’ve given us the free dlc with dlc 1 or even better give us all of this free I probably won’t buy it because of Pokémon sun being so much better

  • What about Winnie poo and magnets

  • Bullza

    Ehhh not really, $30 is half the amount of the full game but the content you’ll be getting if it’s anything like this is going to be 1/10th of the game.

    A $60 games give you all the modes, a several hour long campaign, dozens of characters, a couple dozen stages, hundreds of attacks and costumes, dozens of quests etc.

    Then for $10 you get a tiny fraction of that value for its not a tiny fraction of the price. This is worth $5.

  • Honestly even though I like Xenoverse 2 let’s be real it didn’t feel like a sequel it felt more like an expansion when they announce xv3 even I don’t see major changes I probably won’t buy until it gets a price drop

  • Salador

    I wonder for Universe 6 & 7 arc Story mode on Xenoverse 2 goes like this: We were signed up from Beerus to do Tournament between Universe 6 & 7 and Supreme Kai of Time, Trunks and Elder Kai, as spectators cheers us on, embarrassingly so. During one of the fight, Goku faces Hit and the match goes terribly wrong when Hit is affected by Villainous aura. Goku gets knocked out of the ring and we have to jump in to defeat Hit. Of course, we won and everything goes back to normal.

    This is my assumption and I don’t think this will happen but who knows?

  • Also, that’s objectively false.

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    Lol not that bad if you think about a lot of games that make you buy tons and tons more

  • True look at acavision

  • Primarina’s is the best to me

  • It looks badass the damage I’m about to beat the game i just beat Luminice

  • Mr_Steven

    Considering how mediocre the story has been, I’m pretty sure you’ll step in to help Goku because history says that he wins his fight and Hit is in villainous mode. And they won’t even acknowledge your presence like always.

  • Become champion then go visit the people from Kalos.

  • Dust

    People change up real quick don’t they?

  • swiss

    duh i know that, im just saying they couldve given him a new super skill and ultimate along with the transformation

  • Who is interested for buu saga goku pls and GT Saga goku pls? I used the data books and two hours of math for this.

  • I’ll post them anyways, and I know for a fact this is true. GT Haters can f–k off
    Goku GT Saga:
    Goku GT: 400,000,000,000
    Goku GT SSJ: 20,000,000,000,000
    Goku GT SSJ2: 40,000,000,000,000
    Goku GT SSJ3: 160,000,000,000,000
    Goku GT SSJ4: 20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (As strong as super vegito vs buu, same for vegeta SSJ4)
    Goku Buu Saga PL:
    Goku: 2,000,000,000
    Goku SSJ: 100,000,000,000
    Goku SSJ2: 200,000,000,000
    Goku SSJ3: 800,000,000,000

  • Masso

    the guys that came from Kalos, the same guys that give you the quest for Zygarde, they give you mega evolution functions for your Z ring, and you get most of the mega stones at the battle Tree. Post story obviously.

  • Isn’t Buu Saga Goku just goku?

  • Talking about pl difference in each saga not as an individual character

  • You remember that one line that Goku stated about Ruildo being the strongest ki he has ever felt huh?

  • Yes.

  • I wonder how strong Gogeta is. Omega was strong enough that his mere presence threatens the entire universe.

  • SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta are equal to 1 vegito each, 20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and thats combining them together to make SS4 Gogeta

  • White Lantern

    First off power levels don’t really mean anything anymore. Secondly, I don’t think it was ever said that Buu saga Goku was stronger than GT Goku. Not really sure how that’s relevant. If this were End of Black Arc Goku and Gt Goku, then that’d be something.

  • I know they dont mean anything, I just do this for fun

  • Well you have to remember that Fusion dance also multiplies the combine power. Gotenks would not be able to be on par with regular Super Buu otherwise.

  • Yea

  • Combining them together tf did I say, I meant thats them separate before fusing

  • White Lantern

    What about SS Gogeta? And SSB Vegito?

  • White Lantern

    And is that bae Vegito or SSJ Vegito

  • Vegito at full power in general

  • In buu saga

  • We still don’t know how much the fusion dance multiplies the power of the combine PL of both halfs yet. But they did mention that SS4 Gogeta was DOZENS of times stronger than SS4 Goku. What is the maximum amount of dozens there can be?

  • White Lantern

    K. What does the portara fusion do to power levels? Do they get multiplied together, or added?

  • I have SSJ4 Gogetas pl if you want it

  • Did you factor in the “dozens of times X SS4 Goku” line?

  • Yes, he IS Dozens of times stronger, its a fusion afterall
    SSJ4 Gogeta: 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

  • Princess Elizabeth

    Goku being super vegito level was only in the beginning of his fight with super baby 2 , later he surpassed his limits after absorbing gohan , goten , trunks and pan’s power when great ape baby had him on the ropes

  • How do you say that number lol.?

  • Power levels are garbage plus super made power levels even worst

  • That was just absorbed power, not permanent

  • White Lantern

    Future Trunks is definitely stronger than ss4 Gogeta now

  • I know I already stated I do this for fun

  • Future trunks has become the definition of a marysue

  • From the looks yes even though it makes no sense the only good thing that comes out is they can do it to gohan

  • Well they only help Goku reached 100% power. Same when Goku went over 100% against Syn Shenron.

  • Rofl I just do the numbers like hell im gonna try to say them

  • Why is the multiplier for SSJ4 so high…?

  • Pl?

  • White Lantern

    Idc he did a spirit bomb sword.

  • Should I keep my moderator name Omni King?

  • Princess Elizabeth

    Nah, that was super baby vegeta 2 … goku only said rilldo’s ki was greater than buu’s

  • If you wanna sound like a narcasist.

  • White Lantern

    Cause they gave up on trying to make powerlevels make sense

  • Just like toei animation it came out of nowhere

  • Smart stratefy.

  • White Lantern

    The only joke here is that people still play storm 4

  • I couldn’t think of anything plus I have 2 mods Aswell I need a cooler name

  • White Lantern


  • Strategy

  • Power level

  • Princess Elizabeth

    I still play storm 4 , so why the hate ?

  • I’m deleting it for more space if only I can upgrade it I would keep I’m definitely keeping my save data

  • White Lantern

    Did I say that I thought Xenoverse was any better?

  • Yeah, we all know it’s One Piece Burning Blood that triumphs.

  • Not sure about SS Gogeta but SSB Vegitos is basically the vegito I posted on there but with 3 more zeroes at the end

  • I thought you were saying please.

  • The logical multiplier for SSJ4 would be 500x base PL imo. Since Great Ape is 10x base and SSJ is 50x base.
    10 x 50 = 500

  • White Lantern

    Why not?

  • White Lantern


  • It’s just a game

  • Pokémon sun and moon > Xenoverse2 and storm 4 put together

  • That’s not fair.

  • You take that forward!

  • White Lantern

    Get good.

  • Princess Elizabeth

    You’re forgetting super baby vegeta 2 was stronger than ssj3 goku and after when he went great ape , he was on par with ssj4 goku so logically it should be 10x ssj3

  • Sheesh, you think it has cooties or something?

  • How it’s better it lasts long they don’t rip people off by calling a sequel I like both xv2 and storm4 but let’s face they aren’t worth the $60 maybe 30 dollars


  • He’s messing with you

  • SSJ4 is a 4,000x multiplier

  • A transmitted disease that males contract from females when in physical contact.

  • White Lantern

    Only to people I dislike

  • It depends what mood he’s in he’s a chill person

  • White Lantern


  • I’m obsessed with Beezlebub it’s soooooooooo gooooooooooood I’ve only been this way with a couple of anime

  • ( ͡°; ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • White Lantern

    They definitely pulled that number out of their ass

  • Perhaps but its the number we were given

  • But yeah I know they throw power levels out the window later on I just like to do the math for fun is all

  • I beat the game 2 days ago

  • Princess Elizabeth

    I have played burning blood and I wanna say it’s better than pw3

  • Why even try to justify Dragon Ball with numbers

  • I’m playing it slowly I should beat it today

  • Is it because it stars a naked baby?

  • Caio Moraes Amorim

    WHY 20 DECEMBER?????????????? ;-; TO LONG

  • Monkey D. Dragon

    when did Cabbe use galick gun

  • Phatzub

    Where’s mecha Freiza? Didn’t see anything on it? I am a Freiza fan! Give me this and a what if full power golden Freiza and I’ll slip and slide in my living room…naked

  • TheSherlockHokage

    Are you a girl?

  • Against Vegeta.

  • TheSherlockHokage

    Technically, he only fought Vegeta, so obviously it is against him.

  • The fighting is good

  • Nameless

    Free dlc is good for me

  • Nameless


  • Nameless


  • TheSherlockHokage

    Your loss. There are many great anime.

  • I fcking buy a smart DVD and that sh!t don’t come with a remote

  • Nameless


  • Nameless

    Everything is voice command now lol

  • I watch other stuff
    Btw click my profile and comment on my site

  • I’m gonna download a remote app

  • Gammy

    Meh. It’s not that great. Mediocre at best.

  • No

  • Mr_Steven

    They are all the same thing to be honest.

  • Mr_Steven

    Then I’ll just grow my female human to max, and wait for the DLC. I’ll go finish Halo 5’s story and finally start playing Dishonored 2.

  • TheSherlockHokage


  • Hell no

  • Go on my site on site it’s on my profile:(

  • TheSherlockHokage


  • White Lantern

    Thank you Captain Obvious.

  • TheSherlockHokage

    I am Sherlock, so…… yeah.

  • ButtMen (Linger)

    This is fake.

  • Darnell™ | 全能の神

    For ssgss x10 Kaioken wouldn’t you be able to resist Hits time leap, which he’s showing in the screenshot above? Or am I just thinking to deep into it?

  • Darnell™ | 全能の神

    nevermind. Don’t think it would work well in the game.

  • Rojai

    Too deep

  • White Lantern

    Calm your dicck you perv.

  • TheSherlockHokage


  • White Lantern

    Person says they’re gonna be naked, you ask if they’re a girl. You sound like a horny 13 year old. Just saying.

  • TheMajin SaiyanPrince


  • uhMayzedHD

    It’s someone opinion there opinion don’t superseded someone else and thirdly.

    And one that play Storm game from 1-4 and the filler games and play storm 4 you can see it lackluster game that brought less than other storm game has bought before.

    Reason people dislike it.

    People score don’t make the game better. Since Xeno 2 is lower than Storm 4. I find Xeno 2 more enjoyable than Storm 4

  • Mr_Steven

    They are same thing as their previous installments. Yes.

  • Mr_Steven

    You mean Xenoverse 2? No I got it on the PS4. Dishonored 2 is on the Xbox.

  • TheSherlockHokage

    Oh. You have both. Would you like to add me? NarutoNour10.

  • TheSherlockHokage

    Really? I didn’t mean anything. A detective needs to know the details, and I am 21.

  • Shener

    This site is called saiyan island
    And most of ppl here are db fans..
    And db fans like to bash naruto and othef mainstream anime and the opposite, Do u get it?

  • Princess Elizabeth


  • Senzu daddy (Eternity)

    They are really trolling with us Girls and Da Boyz!
    DLC for XV2 is out so fast? allmost the same time as DLC for Titanfall2 and Uncharted 4(coop with my Brother YES!)
    Its really bad time… my social life is over…

  • White Lantern

    21 and you’re role playing as a detective. Right…

  • Senzu daddy (Eternity)


  • Ahtma

    Toriyama straight up said he introduced power levels just to show how inconsistent and unreliable they were. Where did you get the 2 billion figure for Goku in Buu Saga?

  • TheSherlockHokage

    I am a detective.

  • White Lantern

    You spelled pathetic wrong.

  • randy191993

    they could. Though many people say it’s not even a new version, just the existing one getting it’s transformation slot filled. Makes sense since the announcement DOES state “A new awakening skill for SSGSS Goku”. It does not explicitly state there will be a new SSGSS Goku.

  • Xurato

    Are you high?

  • swiss

    of course “now” i know its just a transformation but how about you go back on the first announcement from a scan
    they didnt say “a new awakening skill for SSGSS goku” they just said ssgss kaioken goku. Anyway point is im just saying they couldve gave him something thats all.

  • LostSoulAT

    Hopefully the will add SSB Vegito skill, SSJ RoF Gohan skill and SSR for Black Goku…. This has to be in the game…

  • randy191993

    The first scan said so. The translators didn’t translate it that way. That#s not the developers fault when the fans misread their announcements.

  • Phatzub

    Yes, I am to answer your question rather late haha.

  • TheSherlockHokage


  • Megalan

    Maybe as later DLC…

  • Hiruma Ignacio Youuichi

    Well, at least I know where those $20 are going to.

    That’s right, to a Lupus.

  • Logan Wright


  • Hiruma Ignacio Youuichi

    No new Mentors (unless they are Lvl. 85 locked)

  • Nderim

    So the dlc is out now but where are the teachers?

  • nope it on the 20th of december

  • Kyo

    I’d rather have the choice to choose Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan 4.

    Id choose SSJ4

  • Waley Eweda

    i would choose super saiyan blue 😀

  • TheMajin SaiyanPrince

    actually, sadly we only get the mentors if we get DLC 1 Paid on the 20th

  • Raphael borbon

    I say ssj4 would be hard to make for custom but blue would be easy

  • NullWetWorks

    that is wrong information ,you should check your info first .
    bardock,cooler,android 16 and whis will be available the 20th as mentors for free you dont need to buy anything.

    also future gohan.

  • TheMajin SaiyanPrince

    not to be rude but..no, yours is the wrong information. I am level 85 on my game and I can’t find them anywhere in the darn game which MEANS they don’t come out Til the 20th

  • Pakari

    I don’t think they’ll do that. SSJ Blue is something unique to Goku and Vegeta. If EVERYONE can use it, it’s no longer special.

    Remember how amazing Super Saiyan was when it’s just Goku? And how surprised we were when Vegeta learned to do it? Well, from Gohan and afterwards, it stopped being special and every Saiyan could do it. Do you WANT SSJ Blue to lose what made it special?

  • Pantho Barai

    When it will be release for pc?

  • Funny thing is, it’s the 20th and they’re still not out, And I have DLC installed already did Hit, but the others aren’t around.

  • Monk Nike

    That’s odd, I already have them completed. Did you download the masters pack? That’s how you get them, and yes, it is free

  • Nderim

    So it is the 20th but i cant find any new instructor. Where and how can i find them?

  • Link Helios

    Still waiting

  • Gunsl1nger94

    Hit is by th world tourderment area I still can’t find the super souls or the costume

  • Nderim

    No i meant those from the free dlc not hit

  • Nderim

    For me i can just get cabba dlc but not mentors

  • Nderim

    Vegito zamasu and ssjrose are confirmed to be dlcs

  • Gunsl1nger94

    Do you have a bandai Namco account as you have to get them from there

  • Nderim

    So i have to go to bandais website to ger it? If that is the case thanks a lot

  • TheMajin SaiyanPrince

    lol they’re out now but you gotta go to Add-ons

  • David Truong

    still waiting…..I brought a season pass , day one so…..yep waiting.

  • Took them long enough then.

  • There was no extra add on besides the DLC Pack 1 for me

  • The super souls and costumes are from the new PQs

  • My friend found the Free DLC to be in the Store on xbox. It doesn’t come as a normal update or automatic Add On, you gotta get it from the Store.

  • রাসিন রায়হান সপ্নিল

    this pack has been released can anyone give me the download link?

  • Nimbus

    So there are 4 new attacks in free dlc and 5 new ones in dlc 1? Someone explain to me where those are?

  • Nderim

    I’ve heart that you can get it from the bandai namco store not from the xbox store.

  • Gray Fullbuster

    How to the free dlc ?

  • If you play on Xbox that’s where, so naturally i Mean go to the store of wherever.

  • Original Robloxian

    Will we get ssjgssj or will we achieve this plz?

  • Jöhn Mj van Sekö

    how do i download the pack ?

  • Xbox store or play station store u can get them under xnoverse 2 under (ad on)

  • Its on the store (at 1st i thought u said dic xD

  • I wanna know too

  • Gray Fullbuster