Naruto Storm 4: 8-Player Endless, Spectator Announced. New Road to Boruto Screenshots

YOOOSHA!!! Rejoice as Bandai Namco Entertainment and developer CyberConnect2 are answering the call of fans! On this now marvelous Monday it has been announced that Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 will be receiving a free update to allow players to engage in 8-player endless matches and spectate them via Spectator Mode. Currently, Endless Battles in Storm 4 are limited to 4-players and while other players in an Endless Battle or tournament fight, everyone else is left looking at an almost static screen. A release date for 8-player endless and Spectator Mode has not yet been announced, but Saiyan Island hopes to have additional details as soon as they are available.

Additionally, new screenshots for Naruto Storm 4: Road to Boruto have been released. You may have seen a few of these from our previous post titled New Characters, Team Ultimate Confirmed, but there are many new ones mixed in and all clean and clearly visible. At the 50-second mark, Yurui, the bubblegum-using genin from the Hidden Cloud Village can be seen. Other characters confirmed are Mitsuki and for story mode Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki, and Shikadai Nara. Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, Hokage Naruto, and Adult Sasuke will all receive updates as well.

Update November 25, 2016: Bandai Namco has informed us Yurui, Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Shikadai have only been confirmed for story mode at this point in time.

In case you’ve missed them, below is the Road to Boruto trailer along with previously released screenshots.


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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto will make its way to North America, South America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and across Australasia on February 3, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam as a DLC expansion pack and a stand-alone game. In Japan, the release is a day earlier on February 2, 2017 exclusively for the PS4. The original Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the final game in the Storm series. It features the most realistic graphics ever seen in the Storm series with 1080p resolution. It was developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment in Japan on February 4, 2016, in Europe on February 5, 2016, and North America on February 9, 2016 for the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC/Steam.


    First, so its free that’s fair glad they understood keep it up CC2

  • “Yoosha”. I’m leaving…

  • Not with Dragon ball. Like they need to act like an adult when talking about hair color.

  • Why would there be a paid update?

  • Because dragon ball is all about hair.

  • Yurui is playable? That’s nice. I will now defeat everyone in “one fell swoop”.


  • No, it’s about hair.

  • I was trying to mimic what you did, but mobile device is tedious when trying to be creative.

  • Hair.

  • Mea-tan

    Where is Mea’s Toneri?????? 🙁

  • This isn’t about the last.

  • Richard James

    could be just an opponent in story mode. time will tell

  • Di

    that new naruto ultimate looks dope

  • Di

    it cant be a storm game if they dont forget at least 1 character, they are adding shikadai but they dont care about toneri cause f*ck logic

  • Kamuikenshi

    Shikadai isn’t confirmed playable.

  • Kamuikenshi

    Assume it’s story mode until he’s officially on the website character list. Same with Shikadai.

  • And it only took them a year to add features present since Generations.

  • Kamuikenshi

    Real question is will they fix online and all the glitches/problems. Spectator mode won’t help if it remains borderline unplayable.

  • The sad thing is I have to delete this game so that Final fantasy 15 will have space

  • Black Beetle

    “YOOOSHA”. C’mon SI, I thought we moved past doing this. So much cringe.

  • Black Beetle

    But yeah, I don’t care about this game at all tbh.

  • ButtMen (Linger)


  • Turkey Susanoo


  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    Wow, I am genuinely impressed. Finally they heard the voices of the community. A bit late, but better late than never. Bravo CC2 and Bandai, bravo.

  • Turkey Susanoo


  • LOL IKR?

  • Mea-tan

    But Toneri isn’t confirmed T^T.

  • Do yourself a favor and buy something else like Final fantasy 15 or kingdom hearts 2.9 remix

  • Well we got Himawari’s character model so now mods can put her as a playable character lol.

  • *2.8

  • Whatever it better than this

  • Well I am getting DB Fusions tomorrow. Hopefully Pokemon Sun and Moon come with it. I still don’t know where my package is for those games are.

  • Call them im Only getting final fantasy 15 and xv2 dlc

  • damn catching Pokémon are intense you never know if you’ll get them in ur first try

  • I did but they can’t share information for some reason. I think GS is anti Nintendo for some reason.

  • It’s pretty easy once you know how. Did you get Pichu in route one?

  • No they live. Nintendo

  • Yes and it’s a pikachu now

  • My package location information tells me otherwise.

  • How much happiness did you require for it to evolve it? Also don’t evolve it to Raichu until you have all the moves you want it to have.

  • MasterShwagg

    I’m glad this was finally added; better late than never. But what I wanna know is why was this not in the base game? They still haven’t explained why these features were removed -_-

  • I guess

  • I blame BNE for this screw up.

  • I played with it a couple of times then I got lazy did a couple of battle bam it evolves

  • What is Pikachu’s current happiness level?

  • What do you mean
    Affection 2 hearts
    Fullness non
    Enjoyment non

  • How come when I say it no one cares, but you get two likes?

  • So it was two hearts to evolve it into a Pikachu? That is better in the long run.

  • Just search it and you’ll find out I think you need more just in case

  • Why would you need more when you just stated it’s current affection level was 2 hearts.

  • Those can go down if you don’t play with them right?

  • No they don’t.

  • Photon

    Xeno > Storm

  • Just it’s the truth but unnecessary

  • Oh I didn’t know

  • Photon

    I have to preach the gospel od truth homie

  • TheSherlockHokage

    Or you can enlarge your space just as I did.

  • Check out my 2 videos

  • swiss

    dont get your hopes up, saiyanisland dont make this a edo kage event mess again.
    shikadai nara screenshot is from the story mode according to narutovideogames twitter reply to a fan asking if he’s playable.
    Highly doubt yurui and shikaidai at this point

  • Black Beetle

    Cause I’m Popo.

  • KGSG JLigerbomb

    They should add young madara ( armor ) too

  • Black Beetle

    The PS Pro and PS VR launch is just a mess. Apparently some consoles are melting, Akrham VR sucks, the other VR titles don’t look that good either.

  • Rumor has it that Gamefreak is working on a Pokemon Stars version for the Nintendo Switch.

  • Arkaham be was always garbage

  • Black Beetle

    The original Arkham games were great. But the VR title is just terrible. Story and gameplat are trash. It’s a shame cause it’s a launch title for the ps vr.

  • I’m working on a banner my only problem is I can’t get the characters to show up correctly

  • The Vr isn’t that great it was overhyped and it’s shitty amrite?

  • Black Beetle

    It’s not worth getting day 1. Maybe later when it has better games. But right now its pretty lame.

  • youtube?

  • Di

    playable or not they still took the time to put him in

  • I made one of for youtube already it’s for my disqus channel

  • I prefer the older one tbh.

  • i’m gonna fix it

  • So what is the content of this DLC pack 1?

  • How bout now?

  • Not bad.

  • I wish I can change the name I don’t want it to just be Dragon Ball related I want to talk about other anime

  • That is fine I guess. Hopefully a trailer is released with all this info.

  • Well duh it isn’t like that move is already in the game.

  • link?

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    There’s no need for a trailer…..

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    Who cares, would rather have a new pokemon collisieum game, Pkmn sun and moon suck, don’t even feel like playing em, still just got my starter despite picking it up on day 1, no gyms no motivataion

  • The big C makes all the difference.

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    They are awesome not sure what you’re talking about

  • There is motivations. You just got to find it like all trainers do.

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    No it’s actually really fun

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    Lol not really no gyms = my being lazy, and it’s just no fun to play it, maybe eventually i’ll find it but right now I just can’t

  • Gammy

    Only 2 playable character?

  • Two new playable character movesets yes.

  • Ok

  • Gammy

    Eclipse would be a better name for the 3rd games.

  • Gammy

    Where You heard it? Especially about VR since it’s out from a while already and there were no news about it . Still They are solding really Well.

    And Rigs and Eve look awesome

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  • Thank you, i was about to do that.

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  • And? It’s true

  • HD34

    Unecessary comment

  • That’s not fair… I’m being discriminated against.

  • HD34

    It’s , as they said , a free update

  • HD34

    Thanks , CC2 . You finally do something good for the naruto community . I respect it .

  • ~Sakura Haruno~

    Wait so Naruto can go through. Rasengan>Normal Rasenshuriken>Yonbi Rasenshuriken if you simply hold it? O_O

  • What did I say wrong?

  • Kazui (Secret Senju)

    So how was this site without me for the last 2 weeks

  • Black Beetle

    They are lame, not sure what you’re talking about.

  • Mysterious Man

    I can’t believe CyberConnect2 is going to take a full year to add spectator mode and 8 players endless mode. That’s pathetically insane. Not to mention, they still haven’t fixed jack sh#t for Jojo Bizzare Adventure Eyes of Heaven. I don’t care if the community not big enough, they should fix it for goodness sake. I paid a full $60 retail.

    I hope they never touch a Dragon Ball or One Piece based their sh#tty reputation. It’s terrible. People only like them because their games are simple, graphics, story mode, and boss battles. That’s it.

  • I thought you left.

  • Suzaku

    Why the hell would you upload screenshots as a video instead of images…

  • I’m not buying it either way I have to delete some games including this so that I can install Final fantasy 15 that sh!t is alt of gb


    How come you’re adding people who havent done sht for the franchise like the gum guy and Shikadai and NOT TONERI YOU BICHES

  • The first time I agree with and maybe the last time I’ll agree with you with that

  • Gammy

    Weird since it’s the anime videogame with the bigger Metascore

  • Gammy

    I don’t think They are playable

  • TheSherlockHokage

    I did.

  • What did you think? And can you share my videos on facebook or something

  • Also hit the like button

  • Quest(lost, hungry magician)

    Next time……..

  • No problem. Seems you enjoy that screenshot huh?

  • Gum guy? Really? His name is Yurui. No one needs moon guy.

  • TheDBZSquirrel .

    i hope Toneri will be in this

  • Black Beetle

    Cause it’s called Road to Boruto, not Road to The Last.

  • Black Beetle

    He most likely won’t.

  • Jellal Fernandes

    how can you level up fast in Xenoverse 2 ?

  • In other news, Toneri will NOT be in this.

  • Getting experience.

  • Someone didn’t drink their milk this morning.

  • Jellal Fernandes

    its no faster way ?

  • Jellal Fernandes

    are you serous,that sucks

  • 40 Tons Super Soul.

  • Guess what guys? I got Dragon Ball Fusions one day early.

  • Vegito (SSGSS)

    Wow…I know I’m late and maybe some of you figure this out but…the Time Patrollers Guide…IT WAS A DEAD GIVEAWAY! A month ago when I gotten the collector’s edition, I looked inside to find it talking about the characters. What I didn’t read was the technique it said we can learn from them. Bardock, Whis, Future Gohan, and 16 will be teaching us moves they know. The book pretty much told the people who gotten the collector’s edition before word got out to the public. I’m so done. – n –

  • Black Beetle


  • Black Beetle


  • Vegito (SSGSS)

    For example. Page 30 talks about Future Gohan. Remember, this book came with the game for collector’s edition only on Oct 28. It tells on the bottom of the page what moves we can learn from him for those who purchase the season pass or DLC pack 1. We can learn his evasive, super, and one handed kamehameha MKII. What we can’t learn is his sonic rush.

  • Black Beetle

    Oh ok.

  • Jellal Fernandes

    how do you get that ?

  • Just went and created Liger G.

  • Nazokage

    damm i like sonic rush also is the one handed kamehameha mkII the same as the one at the tp shop

  • Just do missions PQ. That is how I got it….or maybe I bought it. Not sure.

  • Nazokage

    beat the story mode

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    Me thinks you have no taste

  • I wonder if the QR code for that Goku + Beerus fusion works in the English version?

  • Liger would you mind checking out my tumblr?

  • Link?

  • I linked it up there

  • I linked it above

  • ew tumblr

  • Black Beetle

    And I can say the same to you.

  • Black Beetle

    ew tumblr

  • Black Beetle

    Tumblr is marginally worse than this site. This site is still bad though.

  • Turkey Susanoo


    ew tumblr

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    Nah I have greate taste, you’re low class mind can’t realize the awe that is VR

  • Ahtma

    Beat the story mode and you can find it from an NPC on top of the Parallel Quest place.

  • Ahtma

    Better a year than never, dummy.

  • Ali Algabri

    So i preordered the deluxe edition of storm 4. do i get this dlc for free?

  • Tumblr is marginally worse than this site.

  • uhMayzedHD

    No you going have to pay more… IT FUUCKING SUCK!!!

  • Your Downfall

    So, does this include spectator mode in tournaments as well?

  • uhMayzedHD

    Pre-order Bonus or may be patch next year lol XD

  • Darnell™ | 全能の神

    Took these mfs long enough

  • uhMayzedHD

    IKR? It took them another DLC for it to happen. This probably won’t happen if it wasn’t for this DLC

  • It’s for disqus

  • Kazui Kurosaki

    Finally Spectator Mode ;( I missed it. All we need is the counter adjusted

  • Madaras Rape Face

    So does this DLC fix the broken hitboxes, the switch glitches, the character continues his combo to the end even when you switch to another, Madara’s arms being too long, the fact that when you chakra dash backwards it’s a completely useless action to take because you can’t cancel it into a counter and you’re left completely vulnerable or have to waste a sub because you accidently hit back instead of forward when you’re chakra dashing? No?

    I’ll reserve my excitement.

  • Kazui Kurosaki

    Nope DLC is just DLC, only an Update can fix it if people were to complain about the broken stuff, the hitboxes won’t change at all though, most of them have been that way since storms 2, The switch glitch would have a huge impact on how the game is played if it were to be fixed, such as a delay in switching out during combo etc.

  • Rojai


  • Kazui Kurosaki

    To add up to this, one system in the game that needs to be fixed is the counter, countering four times in a row is not fair to those who actually try to fight, but My way of the system should be countering twice and the whole chakra gauge goes down. Such as one counter takes up 50% of the gauge and the other does too, just so counter spamming won’t be a thing anymore.

  • Kazui Kurosaki

    Took them long enough man.

  • Shiina

    So does that mean 8 player free for all. Or just spectacting fighters one at a time

  • Most likely the latter.

  • Darnell™ | 全能の神

    Or just simply give a 2 counter limit.

  • Darnell™ | 全能の神

    The usual as what we previously had for other storm games.

  • Darnell™ | 全能の神

    The team switch does need to be fixed. Adds to much priority and is abused just as much as I.A. from Storm 3.

  • King Donald (LordF)

    Funny I thought I had about Mirai Trunks…. The dude discovered and combined the techniques of 2 North Kaio O_O

  • There’s a crap ton of things that need to be fixed.

  • Darnell™ | 全能の神

    Who made this?

  • yours truly :^)

    jk this guy did and some people contributed to it

  • nu

  • Darnell™ | 全能の神

    Congrats to them. That was pretty thought out.

  • Black Beetle

    Or you’re just a filthy casual who thinks VR is actually cool.

    Jk bro. I don’t hate ps vr. Just disappointed with the launch titles. It’ll probably get better.

  • Black Beetle


  • Gammy

    Tumblr is cancer

  • Kazui Kurosaki

    That wouldn’t be right, honestly I don’t like counters at all but to simply give a limit on something that is in the game isn’t going to be fair. I can understand your view which does sound good, however if they were to do that There could be a case where a lot of other things will be limited to not counter the d pad items. Such as switching through characters in the rounds. Overrall I just think the counter should never be in the game because it’ll be abused in anyway nerfed or not.

  • Kazui Kurosaki

    For those that are wanting nerfs in the game, it’s not a bad idea but it can change up the game a lot in a good or bad way. Such as characters, every character can be countered by each other just patience. The switching glitches etc could possibly add a huge delay in character switching which I hope no one would want, they could do something about the abuse of countering in there though. Idk give me your thoughts on what should be nerfed and why o:

  • Lord Vader

    If the online is fixed, Imma play this again.

  • uhMayzedHD

    That require another DLC for that to be fix

  • Before you talk about buffs and nerfs, you need to work on glitches and bugs.

  • Kazui Kurosaki

    they go hand in hand with each other, due to the characters, there are glitches and bugs within the game, such as killer bee or the very old naruto (Not pts) their combos are extremely broken which paralyzes the enemy if they try to chakra dash to them and their combos don’t land correctly. There are more stuff including with boards at times. But some characters causes the glitches and bugs. Another example in temari, it’s really hard to attack her if she’s holding down “o or the x button on xbox”. even chakra dashing to her is buggy.

  • How do you add mods on Tumblr?

  • Kazui Kurosaki


  • No like If somebody posts inappropriate content you banned him

  • Mods as in moderator? Because that’s just all through the Disqus Admin Settings

  • I can’t do that for my Tumblr account for some reason I don’t even think I’m the mod which makes no sense

  • Kazui Kurosaki

    Oh, I don’t think you can do that since tumblr does have an 18+ rating. if it’s sexual that is. anything other than that that’s inappropriate you will have to report.

  • I believe he means that he has a Tumblr Post, which uses Disqus’ comments.

  • It’s powered by disqus

  • Why won’t it show up on when I go to channels?

  • Hmm, go to disqus.Com/ and click the Admin tab on the top right, then up at the top it should say “Your Sites”, click that and tell me what you see.

  • Btw unmade 2 of the same sites on accident

  • because it’s not considered a channel on Disqus, it’s considered a forum, as shown in the url.

  • what do i do then?

  • Please show me how to do it

  • Go to your page, I typed somethin’ out there

  • Brother Nero

    TFS sure has some sensitive people in their comment section. Everytime TFS say something bad about Xenoverse 2, some people in their comments get offended, lol.

  • No game is perfect.

  • Sakata Gintoki


  • Brother Nero


  • Mhmm

  • Lord Vader

    Yes, spectator mode all around.

  • PurexedSolitude;


    They add the s*it we’ve been asking for since day one 10 months later?

    Good job.

  • Dust

    Oh boy something that should never have been taken out. Oh well.

  • Then why the Sarcasm?

  • Dust

    *cough* Sound Four *cough* *cough* years *cough*

  • PurexedSolitude;

    Because it’s merited given their stupidity with simple things.

  • PurexedSolitude;

    Things that weren’t there to begin with is a different story.

  • Dust

    Still asked for them for years

  • Hmmm.

  • Ahtma

    CC2 is one of those companies where they’re damned if they do and they’re damned if they don’t. People complained Edo Kage weren’t in Storm 3, so when they added them in Revolution nobody used them and complained about Sound Four. They add the Sound Four in Storm 4, boom, people not only complain about other villains of the week not being added but also the fact that they even added the Sound Four at all.

    It’s better adding it 10 months after release than not at all.

  • PurexedSolitude;

    Well, if you want a silver lining then sure, their adding it as opposed to not adding it at all is a good thing.

    But the Edo Kage’s was the dumbest thing they’ve done.

    It’s not like they didn’t have the means to add them to the roster, they chose not too.

    Even though, they had their move sets created, what was the logic there?

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    LOl I was messing with you too, and yeah launch titles always suck. I got a demo disc and there are several good ones, and then others are whacky, some are better to play with others because they can watch you and it is a helluva good time

  • Ahtma

    Two of the four Kage were palette swaps. They likely didn’t have time to complete them prior to release, considering we only get like a little over a dozen characters per game that are above the quality of Storm 2 characters.

  • Your Downfall

    Lmaoo. Hell nooo

  • Vegito (SSGSS)

    Not exactly. Unlike the tp shop, it fires twice. >:3

  • Gent

    I agree they just complain …

  • Jellal Fernandes

    thank you

  • The FLASH

    I remember this trash game. Lol. You go in FIGHTING online tournaments in 2016 and can’t watch other players play to see if they’re legit or some cheap ass spammer then to make matters worst the spammer would pretend to be example; naruto as their primary in the lobby room but when you actually fight the guy he swaps with deidara or masked man due to the poorly thought out switch mechanic. Lol well I’m glad they’re fixing the specator problem that should’ve never been removed in the first place.

  • Rik Clarke

    This game better not neglect the freaking 4 kages..At least give me some costumes..

  • Chris Cline

    Cool now I’m just waiting on a new Suigetsu and a new Kakashi.


    Moon guy is 1000x more relevant than your run-of-the-mill genin, he has a plethora of techniques and appearance that are elegant AF, his techniques are more than enough to be in the game and his Chakra Mode can showcase the graphical ability of the PS4


    So what, it was Naruto SHIPPUDEN Storm 4 and they added the damn Sound 4 and a lot of unnecessary characters, Shikadai has only shown one technique and so has Yurui, and Rin and so many damn chars

  • King of the Mimiga

    They already have the (alive) costumes.

  • Eruza Sukāretto – エルザ スカーレット

    No sakura and hinata adult?
    Mehh… Bullcrap

  • Rik Clarke

    …. NO, YOU OVERGROWN DONUT! I’m talking about the CURRENT kage. Nobody gives a crap bout the old ones from the 4th ninja war

  • Photon

    I know, so whyd you make it?

  • Kid Robin

    yeesh no reason to get all upset. But if yeah the new ones definitely could be added. Don’t know why you said costumes when only 2 are playable though. Kind of hard to guess already when hardly anyone mentions them >.>