BORUTO Anime Begins April 2017, Naruto Live-Action Movie Announced

The legacy of Naruto was told through the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime from 2002 to 2016. Starting April 2017, a new legend begins – BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations! The announcement for the new anime was made at the 2017 Jump Festa event in Japan. No additional information was announced, however, we believe this anime will at least cover the contents of the Boruto manga. TV Tokyo, the Japanese TV station which will air the anime has launched a site for the anime. The first trailer for the Boruto anime has been released, take a look at it below.

In other Naruto news, also from the 2017 Jump Festa, Naruto author Masashi Kishimoto announced there will be a Naruto Live-Action movie. It will be made in Hollywood, by Lionsgate, and directed by a man named Michael Gracey. According to Shonen Jump, Kishimoto-sensei is involved with the production and is really excited. Stay tuned to Saiyan Island for additional information.

  • MasterNinja MonKay

    Yay new Boruto anime 😀

  • Yang Guo

    Y make boruto anime when theres barely manga material.

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    If Kishimoto is involved and they do it like Super, surpassing the manga, and they keep the old designs, then this is really hype!

  • PitbullsAreLovable

    Watch Burrito’s journey to become as useless as Hinata. Oh wait…He already is. Also, it is too bad that Kishimoto is involved with the movie. If he wasn’t I am sure the director could follow the TRUE canon. NaruSaku.

  • Nun Elizabeth

    atleast the anime version wont follow the half a$$ed manga designs

  • ®CodeBreaker™

    YOUR true canon. Not a true canon.

  • Photon

    Will b interesting. Nothing will top shipp tho so im curious to see how this ends up

  • YOᗰI 由紀

    Yea, the Manga designs are getting way too cringy/modern.

  • YOᗰI 由紀

    All this Boruto stuff for the past 2 years and we have yet to get past Momoshiki.

  • No Kilkkl

    thank goodness. they’re. not. following the designs. of the manga.

  • Nun Elizabeth

    are you watching shippuden ?

  • No Kilkkl

    yup he. said. he will make. it better. than naruto hype

  • Trainwreck

    A Boruto anime – because Naruto Uzumaki is too old, and God forbid an adult is allowed to be the main character.

  • No Kilkkl

    technically naruto. and sasuke were doing all the work.

  • معاذ

    because Jump festa event

  • No Kilkkl

    naruto. was adult in shippuden

  • No Kilkkl

    kishimoto involved in this series

  • I hope this is is like Super, in the fact it it doesn’t follow the Manga. But not like them where only Naruto and Sasuke do stuff.

  • معاذ

    oh it’s same thing with Dragon ball super
    the Toryame write the script of anime and there another Mangaka drawing the Manga of Dragon ball super

    and the Boruto Manga the script and drawing by two Mangaka and kishi supervisor of their work
    and the Boruto anime Kishimouto involved to this project maybe he will write the script

  • معاذ

    of course they will not follow the ugly design for current Manga

  • HD34

    Nah and narusaku is dead, Kishimoto was for naruhina

  • HD34

    Jump festa event is coming out, but bleach isn’t here, sorry for all bleach fans

  • HD34

    Finally yes !

  • No Kilkkl

    well he said he will make it

  • معاذ

    yup he said that’s ,, and that’s mean on thing we will see more of Uchiha clan & Itachi return XD

  • Exkirion

    I hope they won’t follow the idiotic “random kid destroys the world” plot either the manga is supposedly going for.
    Honestly with this announced, they should just axe that manga altogether so we can collectively forget it even existed.

  • God Kookie Diva


  • manoahvdvelde

    I guess they will remake the movie in the anime first. As long as the quality is as good, I’m fine with that….But that’s probably not the case :p

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    So much to, just let me rest, Naruto is over for me.. yeah right Kishimoto

  • I told you all this months ago.


  • Said this months ago.

  • Hey guys not sure if this is all going to be in DLC pack 2 of XV2 but here are the announcement for the DLC characters after DLC pack 1.


  • Said?

  • But then again I bet only Rose Goku Black and Vegito Blue will be free DLC.

  • Well, I pretty much called that they were gonna do a ‘DRAGON BALL SUPER’ with the BORUTO Manga, so it doesn’t surprise me. Even though characters designs stay the same, I honestly think Manga specific design like Kawaki and older Boruto will likely be the same as the Anime counterpart.

    On the down side, F*** I have to relive this damn Peach-shiki arc AGAIN!!

  • Oh well at least this means more Naruto games in the future.

  • Konjiki no Yami

    Someone slap Yami-chan please, is it dream ?????

  • HD34

    Not interesting at all

  • *lightly bonks head

    No this isn’t a dream.

  • Refresh dude. I already corrected myself.

  • And yes I had said this before when everyone was b!tching about the manga designs and I said and quote:

    “Guys the anime is still going to use the same looks they currently have so don’t worry and enjoy the LORE that the manga brings.”

  • I mean that was pretty much a given. Since NARUTO is a fairly popular thing on its own like DRAGON BALL to make games out of or even create their own Story for, like XENOVERSE, Online or Heroes.

    Surprisingly enough someone asked Bandai Namco on Twitter if they had any plans for content post-RTB and they actually said they’re making plans. But my guess is the dude slipped up on that because they deleted the tweet later on.

  • May I kiss instead?

  • Konjiki no Yami

    Kimochiiii >”<

  • Konjiki no Yami

    haiii dozo

  • Don’t know why they need to keep it a secret. It is no secret that more Naruto games will come in the future.

  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Next Generation

  • I wouldn’t know.

  • … I wish I had a tail.

  • The secret was more DLC for for STORM 4, after RTB’s release.

    Well R.I.P them, they messed up keeping that a secret. Though its to be expected after backlash of no playable Peach-shiki or Kinshiki.

  • So I could cut it off and stop you from being a Great Fox on a Full Moon.

  • … Not a bad idea.

  • Darnell™

    Can’t wait to see the good shiz they do with my girl Sarada. Hopefully they don’t Sakura her ass.

  • Mitsuki has Sage Mode. So it’s backwards. SO Sakura should get a tailed beast and Boruto should have super healing and super strength.

  • Darnell™

    lol. Stop….like seriously-_-

  • :{

  • King Donald (LordF)

    The anime may cover Naruto Gaiden

  • King Donald (LordF)

    I think DLC 3 and 4 may have wishlisted dbz characters or movie ones

  • Yeah the Gaiden itself is about 5 episodes long(10 manga chapters).

  • He’s right you know.

    Darnell bby girl.

  • King Donald (LordF)

    Plus a Mitsuki episode is possible

  • I hope so but I would not count on it. Remember we have the upcoming Multiverse tournament to consider.

  • That would have to come out before the Gaiden since Mitsuki joined the village after he finds out about Boruto.

  • King Donald (LordF)

    Well I wonder if the timing is good thought

  • If Shikamaru’s Story finished earlier enough then we may. If not then they may just include it inbetween the BORUTO Anime, or make it the start.

  • True the Boruto anime could start with the Gaiden.

  • King Donald (LordF)

    I agree, but the Naruto anime overused the flashback power so Boruto anime might have flashback too

  • King Donald (LordF)

    I thought they could make it the start of boruto anime right after chapter 700

  • Makes sense. Maybe as an origin special.

  • Curry slave

    O boi

  • Darnell™

    Nah. I probably wouldn’t even watch the series if they did that.


  • King Donald (LordF)

    So Vegeta may have to face the end of saiyan race TWICE

  • Darnell™

    So the universes actually get destroyed if they lose?

  • Yep. It’s like Highlander. Only one is to survive lol.

  • King Donald (LordF)

    That’s what was said, but we don’t know if they’ll allow several universes to win

  • People asking me about Part 1 Sasuke’s standing in ROAD TO BORUTO because he has armbands and also a new awakening. That’s likely just very early Part 1 Sasuke which is surprising.

  • Darnell™

    Wtf. So this can pretty much be the final arc. If all the universes get destroyed, what kind of villain will oppose Goku and Vegeta?

  • Darnell™

    I can see where some universes get sparred for the sake of a good battle or something.

  • Darnell™

    The arc could probably last a year for how big it is

  • Darnell™

    From reading your comment. It reminded be of character customization. Idky.

  • Well they took a turn away from Awakening customization, and because this Part 1 Sasuke model has armbands now, it is likely just a cosmetic costume which I don’t mind. Glad they finally gave this Sasuke variant his Sharingan awakening though.


  • King Donald (LordF)

    Who’s the most funny? Raditz SS3 with his super long hair or Nappa SS3 with his goatee becoming a beard

  • Kiss

  • Mea-tan

    Finally, Mea can cry in Russian right now , OMG Mea too happy <3

  • Darnell™

    Oh, that’s nice.

  • Throughout the many fanfictions and Drawings over the years with Super Saiyan Nappa’s beard growing longer when he transformed. We can now officially say its canon [to some degree].

    Nappa wins because it made peoples dreams come true, Shia Labeouf making dreams a reality.

  • Now if they give Part 1 Sakura and Part 1 Ino their longer hair this variant of Sasuke would make even more sense. Or even Part 1 Naruto with his goggles.

  • Please no.

  • King Donald (LordF)

    Well I remember ugly fanfics where Nappa’s bear grow until his feets

  • Why can’t you cry in English? Whenever I cry, I cry in Binary.

  • 0100010

  • Bullza

    So does that mean Naruto Shippuden will end in April?

  • Elliott Blair

    Why not just say Boruto: next generation and not mention Naruto? It takes attention from the supposed main character.

  • So… Arguably the worst character in the franchise was enough to inspire a third act of Naruto, eh? I’m actually somehow disappointed. I mean I suppose I happy to see Naruto continuing, but it sucks that Boruto was worthy of the title. I guess I don’t know what else they could have done, but Boruto himself left a bad impression on me. Another over privileged child story, with a loving family (including a father who’s doing his best despite his position), who cheated his way to victory, wasn’t going to come clean about it, got caught, then still got to save the day anyway, in his father’s old jacket (which he didn’t deserve to wear). Just didn’t like the character. Oh well, I did like getting to see all the other characters. I am eager to see how bada$$ our hero’s have become. I’ve been wanted to see the talent Asuma’s daughter possesses. See if Guy beats somebody up from a wheelchair. Sarada (surely to become hokage) and the other children seem interesting. Find out who Metal Lee’s mother is be she a character we know or some no-name. I suppose it’s all good then. #NarutoSuper

  • Trey Titler

    Well, all of the novels should be done with their anime versions by then, so it’s really up to Kishimoto whether or not he’s ok with the studio continuing with it. I’m sure he and the studio both have plenty of ideas for filler stuff that they maybe didn’t get to during the run of the show, or it didn’t make sense to put it in at the time, so who knows.

  • Guys, I think SSJ3 Cousin It is the funniest. Obviously.

  • That’s a legitimate argument.

  • Bullza

    Well they’re doing the Sasuke book for December, Shikamaru book for January and the Konaha book for February.

    I don’t know if anything was announced past that but there were was also a Kakashi, Sakura, Gaara and Akatsuki book too which I’ve heard nothing about being adaptated.

  • Trey Titler

    That’s always been a good thing about the Naruto series though. Even though you have your mains, the assisting characters have almost always played a huge role, which you don’t usually get in a lot of other animes. So, even though you don’t care for Boruto’s personality, there will be plenty of others to get behind. Especially if they decide to delve into the other characters’ back stories ^+^

  • At first, I was going to say we needed Kenichi: History’s Strongest Disciple to come back. Then I remembered that nearly everything after where the show got became senseless fan service… They could of at least made it to the D of D tournament…

  • Trey Titler

    I’m thinking these might be test runs to see how fans enjoy them, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they do the other novels as well.

  • Please, they left nothing out of the show. Did you see all that filler? lol

  • Nun Elizabeth

    probably , the shikamaru arc will be covered in jan and konoha hiden in feb then naruto gaiden

  • That is the worst case scenario.

  • Red Hood

    It’s Naruto’s son, did you think they’d nake a new series based on anyone but him?

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Oh god naruto “evolution”

  • Red Hood

    The asisting characters didn’t play a huge role in Naruto…

  • Darnell™

    Yea…all the way back in part 1. Shippuden throw down all the assisting characters. They had no time of screen time. Lee, Neji, and many other characters could of had more development.

  • Maybe Himawari (not sure if I spelled that right) could have been the aspiring mc? 😛

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Honestly the worst character in the series is clearly Danzo
    Every time he tried to help it made a bigger problem down the line

  • Darnell™

    He was amazing.

  • Trey Titler

    Trust me, theres’ ALWAYS more. Creators usually give studios a TON of ideas for things, and say “here, go show me what you come up with” and then the creator will see how much he likes it or not (assuming the creator is involved and cares enough that is, which I’m pretty sure Kishimoto was). And yes, I’ve watched the show since it aired on Toonami when I was like 14 xD been a fan ever since ^+^ I’m not usually one of those people that complains about fillers. To me, it extends a show that I love. Did I like all of them? No. I enjoyed the majority of the show as a whole though.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Naruto’s son had a right to be how he is, he has a dad that’s neglected him and his family for work

  • Red Hood


  • Danzo was clearly the kage we needed! I’ll defend him till the day I die. Sometime you need a hero who has one foot in the darkness and one in the light. All I know is that if Danzo was hokage when pain attacked things would have been different. Was he shady? Of course, but this is a ninja world and he always had the leaf village best interests in mind. A true ninja master!

  • Darnell™

    Oh yes. Definitely no.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Yeah as a f#ck up
    Chain of events

    Teams with hanzo and helps kill yahiko

    Results in pain being born and nuking the village

  • Darnell™

    You don’t love that? One of my fav characters.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Orders the slaughter of the uchiha

    Makes sasuke super emo and that results in his own death

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Yeah ok have fun with ninja trump

  • Darnell™

    Emo Sasuke was a badass Sasuke ^+^

  • lol

  • Red Hood

    It was just a super elaborate murder-suicide pact.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Seriously Danzo had good intentions but was such a bad person that karma came to collect big each and every time

  • Darnell™

    You mean good person? He was cool.

  • You’re not wrong lol.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Make konoha great again!

    Elect me hokage and you’ll never go hungry again!

    ( village gets nuked years later)

  • Red Hood

    Hope it’s better than Super.

  • I swear I’ve said that before to my younger brother. I said, “Bro, Danzo would have made the Leaf great again!”

  • Hmm… Gonna be a rough 4 years… Eh, can’t be worst than 2016.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    No Danzo was not a good person

    Hiruzen was a good person, itachi was a good person and kisame was at least a polite person

    Danzo was trash and deserved his death

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God


  • Darnell™

    That won’t be too hard

  • I agree Naruto’s name should be taken out of the the title.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    I bet he will be better then Obama

    Obama promised change and all I got was penny’s

    We should have read the fine print

  • Pretty Much Another ©unt


  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    SO naruto , bleach and fma get movies so I guess they plan to ruin one piece soon too

  • Red Hood

    Cause brand recognition makes more money.

  • I can agree with that. I’m an OG fan myself. Read the manga before the show came to America. That said, not all of the filler was bad. If anything it was nice to have a few episodes where everything wasn’t dire. Lee’s dojo, Kakashi’s true face. Golden episodes.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Ok to be fair fma will be in Japanese but the others are Hollywood

  • Just need Naruto Black and its won.

  • Darnell™

    Nah. Loved Danzo. He’s secretly my dad.

  • ©unt

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    That would explain a lot Darnell

  • Wait does this mean that the “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation” series will be animated with Masashi’s art style not the art style from the manga??

  • Trey Titler

    Naruto is getting a live action movie? Also, I think Bleach will be decent. Just as long as they actually stick to an arc, and not go too crazy with it.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Arrancar or bust

  • Red Hood

    Yeah it is. It’s in the title and the article…

  • Trey Titler

    Ghost in the Shell looks promising from the trailers at least. I was actually pretty unimpressed with the FMA trailer. Hopefully the next one will show off a bit more

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Thank god hinata won’t have her boobs chopped off like in the cruddy manga

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    I don’t care how bad it is I just want it to follow the manga and be dubbed by funimation

  • Trey Titler

    Wow, I definitely wasn’t paying attention T_T I have no excuse xD

  • Yeah I’m honestly gonna be so happy if they just did it with Masashi’s art style.

  • More like Pierrots art style. But sure.

  • Yeah well Pierrots art style is much closer to Masashi’s then the Boruto manga art style

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    I’ll actually care again

  • I wanna see how Kawaki looks in Pierrot style.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    The boruto manga is a crime … no that’s being nice… it’s a SIN!

  • Red Hood


  • Me too. I’m so freaking excited now I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a let down..

  • Trey Titler

    I don’t think we’ll get that lucky. Some of the set photos show Ichigo holding his buster version Zanpakuto. Of course, those could potentially be flash back scenes. Wouldn’t be surprised if they went with the beginning of the show to the end of the Soul Society arc. there’s enough content to be cut to allow for a hour and a half or so movie and have it make sense I think.

  • Pretty Much Another ©unt

    Not lies

  • You changed your name though.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Ok fine at least do a cameo scene of grimmjow and ulquiorra getting orders from Aizen while he’s in soul society

  • I wish I could agree with you pal. But Naruto has only been Hokage for like 2-3 years at this point, right? If Boruto’s a genin, then he’s definitely old enough to respect his father’s important position. Naruto’s doing his best. Heck, he didn’t even have a father around! (Btw, every time I watch that part of Naruto’s birth I’m pretty sure Minato didn’t have to die. Kushina was pretty much a wrap. I know it was romantic and all, but maybe if he had side stepped a few hits. Used a sealing jutsu that WASN’T Reaper Death Seal! He may have been able to see his son grow up, stop Pain himself, meet his grandchildren, anything IDK.)

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    I missed you all so much !

  • Not that I’m a perv, but yeah, what was up with that? A little consistency goes a long way. The Tsukomi guys were giving up!

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Kids only understand one thing love, and he wasn’t getting enough and he saw how work made his mother feel, so he lashed out for attention

    If he didn’t he would keep being ignored

    I felt bad for him

  • Fma? Full Metal Alchemist!? They’re getting a movie!?

  • Trey Titler

    Even Guy’s back story was pretty good. I mean you always knew he had similar struggles as Lee, but man did he have it WAY worse. If not for Guy, Sarutobi might not have ever allowed non chakra users into the academy. Guy gave him a reason to, which led to Lee, who showed Gaara that even people who just use Taijutsu can be effective, which led to Gaara doing the same as Sarutobi for the Sand. It’s funny how all of that ties up nicely after all of these years xD

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    I am a perv but I also give a dang about the original design and how it should be the same in any spinoff or content not done by the original author

  • #Dai

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Yeah the site had a post about it a few weeks ago

  • I should probably stop farting around here, and finish my final papers… Peace guys.

  • Trey Titler

    Yea. Teaser trailer was put out about two or three weeks ago.

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

    Have fun and good luck

    I’m out too bye guys

  • Darnell™


    Here we go 🙂

  • Missed you too, Izuna-chan.

  • Now that I think about it some people here told me that another Naruto anime that mainly stars his son Boruto was a stupid theory of mine. I wonder where that person is now lol.

  • Megalan

    Now this is more like it. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Red Hood

    And people said my theory on Lionsgate making a Live Action Naruto movie was stupid. Well guess who’s laughing now. I wonder where that person is…

  • Merged Super sand Legend

    who’s lionsgate

  • Merged Super sand Legend

    ohh boy i wonder how much this movie will fail

  • Di

    oh f*ck this, they dont even finish animating all the novels and dont even make anything new in the manga and they are already making an anime, this is gonna be naruto gt mixed with super

  • Merged Super sand Legend

    nevermind its the studio

  • Seventh

    Probably ran lmao.

  • Red Hood

    Some American movie company

  • Seventh

    @GoldLiger:disqus Where you at? lmao.

  • It will only fail because Masashi Kishimoto didn’t try hard enough.

  • This better be as good as the novels and the original if not bye boruto 🙂

  • Well Seventh. What do you got?

  • Probably to the same place the person who said that my “Boruto is going to be an anime series” theory was a stupid theory lol.

  • I wonder which Zamasu is going to be playable? Is it the regular Zamasu or is it the Merged Zamasu.

  • Anybody have minecraft on PS4 and wanna play with me?

  • Vegeta Black

    Probably regular.

  • My bet is on Merged Zamasu since Vegito Blue is part of the pack.

  • Baron Cena

    Meaning Naruto Shippuden will end in march.

  • Yep with the episodes that shows Naruto and Hinata getting married.

  • Even though the order in which the anime showcased these novels is wrong. Shikamaru Hiden was first, follow by the Konoha Hiden(Naruto and Hinata’s wedding) and finally Sasuke Shinden.

  • I really hope this DRAGON BALL Super arc has good writing

  • What about the Akatsuki story?

  • And Sakura Story.

  • That is being skipped I believe.

  • Aww, no…

  • I don’t know. The anime and manga are going to be different in some aspects. I wonder how badly the anime is going to screw up the continuity. Hopefully the Super Dragon Balls do NOT make an appearance in this arc. Because if they are then you know that this arc takes place in AGE 781 during the later half of the year.

  • I wonder if Boruto-Naruto Next Generation- will last 15 years like Naruto.

  • It will last as long as Kishimoto wills it. Based on the first chapter we can see that the story will continue on towards Boruto’s 19 years of age.

  • Keep your expectations low. That is why I wasn’t at all disappointed with the Future Trunks ending.

  • Well, he was 15-17 for 10 years, and became 19 in a couple of months.

  • Dragon ball and Naruto are being milked that’s good for me because it means more content hehehehe

  • Naruto, forgot to say who.

  • The content will only continue until people stop buying merchandise from the sponsors.

  • True but for that continuity it is basically right. Remember that Naruto series is a weekly series not a daily series.

  • Which will be never.

  • And Boruto is a monthly. Meaning it will take longer for more chapters, meaning, longer for a lot of story progression.

  • That’s good for me I can keeps watching them specially dragon ball will be getting Spin offs series

  • SOLOmio

    and why is that bad! Brsides goten and trunks looking like midgets in their teens like goku!?

  • What did you guys think of the Yamcha manga personally I think it was amazing

  • The thing is that the excuse for Goku was due to him being pure blood saiyan. Half Breeds are a different thing.

  • The Boruto manga is monthly. The anime is going to be weekly.

  • SOLOmio

    Agree the ass pull at the end of the arc and the FT BS made it feel like i was watching a different anime!

  • Oh and Bra’s existence. Hopefully they do some BS thing in which Vegeta takes Bulma inside the RoSaT and they have Bra within a day lol.

  • Yep. That is what happens when you try to market the series for kids.

  • I think Yamato was cool in last week’s Naruto Shippuden episode.

  • The anime isn’t until April of Next year.

  • Did it came out translated on the main manga sites?

  • SOLOmio

    So as i guessed they have no excuse and is just censorship talking and toei playing safe

  • Yamcha not that creepy dude

  • That’s what I said, Yamato.

  • Exactly that means the Boruto manga has 3 chapters more to start the new stuff.

  • Why don’t you like Dragon ball?

  • Which makes no sense especially with seeing how Gohan and Future Trunks developed. Heck even in Super they showed 14 year old Trunks even though his present self didn’t look like a lavender hair version of that lol.

  • SOLOmio

    LOL! That would be crazy messed up but would fix the plot hole or they can make her younger that she was on EoZ

  • imgur.coM/a/b3WlL

  • Any younger and she would have been a baby at that point.

  • SOLOmio

    when they shown that i new Toei was playing games and I am getting tired with their Bs especially with this knew arc they are so desperate for fighter that instead for choosing one of the kids or be logical and choose yamcha they go with roshi!?

  • Vegeta Black

    He is?

  • SOLOmio

    It can work instead of being a 4year old a 2 maybe new born! I mean she didn’t had much impact in gt so i don’t know why it couldn’t be the case!

  • Especially when they could had have Goten and Trunks mature a bit and in turn Gotenks. They decided that one of the fighters that will decide the fate of Universe 7 is an old man that barely trained and one that even Chichi can slap around lol.

  • Yes did you not see the US trailer? At the end it states that “SSGSS Vegito” will be one of the next DLC characters. Hopefully for free.

  • Red Hood

    Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Was actually decent

  • God Kookie Diva

    Pretty good, excited to see the next chapter.

  • Yeah I just read it and it reads like one of the good fanfics.

  • @GoldLiger:disqus Here’s the Link to the manga imgur.coM/a/b3WlL

  • Me too It also tells to look foward to the next spin off I really wanna see it anime form

  • Already read it but thanks anyway. It is an interesting take.

  • Really hope they don’t Americanize the casts of Narutos name in the Live Action Movies.

  • Just prepare yourself for a Naruto version of DB Evolutions.

  • While SSGSSK Goku is fine but I still like my SS4 Goku better. Especially that one combo you can do once you have 5 bars of Ki.

  • Masashi Kishimoto said he’s liking it so far, and he’s involved. I have hope it’ll do okay.

  • Oh well that is good. But keep your expectations very low just in case.

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    If this is suppose to be base off the Boruto manga, then why aren’t they using the new character designs?

  • The studio wanted to use Kishimoto’s design more. Makes sense if it is going to retell the events of Boruto: Naruto the movie.

  • Really? Did you not read the big hit of criticism when the visuals for the manga were unveiled?

  • Probably wasn’t here during that time.

  • noakai

    The new manga’s art has been ripped apart both in the west and Japan, plus they’ve already animated these characters in Kishimoto style before. Plus, if they use their standard recognizable Naruto animation style, even people who haven’t paid attention in years are more likely to see this, recognize it as connected to Naruto and maybe give it a chance.

  • CC2’s#1apologist

    Please get some ppl who have seen and respect the source material for the movie. That’s the biggest thing imo that would give it a chance

  • Trainwreck

    Naruto was a 15/16 year old child for almost the entirety of Shippuden mate.

  • معاذ

    you told me ?!!
    really XD cuz i don’t remember that

  • :}

  • TheMiles64

    Looks like it’s not gonna look like the manga which is good

  • Galaxy366

    My pick is that the design from the Boruto movie is more easier to animate.

  • I told everyone this months ago when the Boruto manga first started(make that since we saw the first images of the Boruto manga).

  • No Kilkkl

    He. didn’t say WE. will make. it

  • Mugen

    What combo? There’s a special combo for SS4 goku?

  • PitbullsAreLovable

    Nope. NaruSaku was canon for 15 years. NaruHina was forced at the last second. It isn’t a real pairing.

  • PitbullsAreLovable

    It is the true canon. Even Naruto confirmed when Minato asked if Sakura was his girlfriend.

  • ®CodeBreaker™

    lmao stop, just stop. lmao

  • No Kilkkl

    thats a grown man in the verse

  • SOLOmio


  • jshep23

    Well they managed to get a terrible director whose done absolutely nothing. Great.

  • Trainwreck

    It’s a child in reality mate.

  • Clifford

    same here once the boruto manga got announced i told everyone that i knew an adaptation of boruto will happen within two year. they didn’t believe me and look what has happened now. can’t believe that this much people are surprised by it

  • Baron Cena

    Boruto manga started like this past May so it hasn’t been two years yet and by the time in April it will be a year ago.

  • No Kilkkl

    not in all places

  • Reina Izumi(The Phantom Eater)

    Are they gonna animate the seveth hokage and the scarlet spring?

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    What can I say… They’re BAKAs!!!

  • Photon


  • HD34

    Nah, Narusaku wasn’t interesting and it was friendship, naruhina is TRULY canon for 15 years and NOT forced, so it’s the true pairing, kishimoto decided it and that’s better like that

  • Trainwreck

    It is in almost all countries on the planet, including the country that Naruto was made; Japan. Even if it wasn’t, it hardly matters, because it’s younger than the age that I was referring to.

  • Sarcastic Duck

    i think he’s talking about dragon fist

  • Sarcastic Duck

    get ready for Jason Stratham, Dicaprio and Megan Fox as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura!

  • Ohhh I want Beyonce to play Kaguya AHHHHHHHH I’m excited now. But on a serious note tho they’re making a live action movie for “Ghost in the shell” and the main character is played by Scarlet Johanson I it really looks amazing. I think with the right director it could turn out to be good.

  • I don’t the anime is gonna catch on that fast. Naruto is known for filler and just like Shippuden I believe the Boruto anime will be filled with fillers as well.

  • Di

    but theres nothing to fill cause all they have done is what happened in the movie and nothing else, it will be a gt and super all the way cause theres no manga material

  • azoreseuropa

    I can’t wait!

  • azoreseuropa

    Then you are not a true Naruto fan.

  • Studio always got something to put as filler. Just like they did after the Pain arc where they when into pointless fillers about random missions that the konoha genin went on back in part 1. or add an arc thats created completely by them like the Sora arc or the Guren arc. Which aren’t necessarily filling anything they’re justg giving them more time.

  • Di

    but there was material to continue the story unlike whats happening with Boruto, they will make 3 or 4 episodes based on the movie and then continue with the story just like in dragon ball super

  • Sarcastic Duck

    i know (it’s kinda hard miss a trailer for Scarlet Johanson’s movies lol). Well or poorly made, either way i’m not sure i’m interested on a Naruto live action

  • PitbullsAreLovable

    No..Naruto NEVER had ANY interest in that useless, creepy stalker.

  • PitbullsAreLovable

    You lost the game.

  • ®CodeBreaker™

    And you lost in life, so it’s okay. lol ^_^

  • Miks

    The movie is gonna be as bad as Dragon Ball Evolution……….why they keep trying ?

  • HD34

    Nah, Naruto never had interest for sakura but for Hinata

  • SirKingHoff

    Toooottalllly with you there. If you are a TRUE FAN then you have to come to the conclusion that everything after Naruto Shippuden is just money grubbing since the series was so long lasting and it wont have anything near to the quality of work that Naruto was. Expect 3x the filler and -3x the battle scenes. Its probably going to be 3 years of him in the academy before you even see him in danger and another 5 years before you see him enter tailed beast form or use Sage mode considering he doesn’t have a sensei and there’s nooo way in hell Naruto can teach a twerp.

  • SirKingHoff

    I give it 6 years considering its just a money grubbing series. Not gonna have anything near the quality of work that Naruto had. Expect 3x the filler.

  • SirKingHoff

    well someone’s going to have to carry on as a jinjuraki of kurama and a caretaker of the other 8 beasts when naruto dies.

  • Greenredbug

    yes!!!!!!! now that is what i wanted to hear,thankyou kishi X)

  • Greenredbug

    lol i want to see live action movie too but the anime takes priority for sure

  • Ryan

    theres a 5% chance that it could be decent and thats the thing to cling on to.

  • Amber Brown

    Agreed, I for one enjoy the next generation, i’m absolutely in love with Sarada!

  • Majkll McBody

    Finely April. <3

    does anyone know's when boruto will be released? i know it's in April but what Date?