Naruto Shippuden: 1 Hour Special, Naruto’s Wedding Story Begins February 16

Shikamaru’s story in the Naruto Shippuden anime concludes on February 9. Beginning on February 16, a new story begins, one focusing on the wedding of Hinata Hyuga and our hero, Naruto Uzumaki. Like Shikamaru’s story, Naruto’s wedding story takes place after chapter 699 of the manga. It’s based on the official Japanese book titled “Hidden Leaf Village Story: The Perfect Day for a Wedding,” which was released back on May 1, 2015. An English release date for the book has not yet been announced, but since we’re getting it in anime form starting next week, fans will be able to enjoy it ahead of time.

The Hidden Leaf Village Story: The Perfect Day for a Wedding will kick off as a two episode or one hour special. Take a look at a previews video, scans and preview screenshots from the new story arc below. The third image is actually a promotional tie-in to with a theme park in Japan called J-World Tokyo Park.

Thanks Marshall Law, Joe Brooks

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  • This wedding will be so great. I hope they show the actual ceremony. Well it should at the end based on what I read in that novel.

  • Obviously that’s all you talk about atleast it makes you happy that’s all that matters

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    yeah i cant wait looks like it take place before Naruto became hokage

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  • He doesn’t even show up. I think Iruka or Konohamaru are the best man.

  • Well yeah obviously since Naruto became Hokage the day Himawari awoken her Byakugan.

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  • Can’t wait for this episode to air because soon a NaruHina MV would be created by fans. A complete history MV of NaruHina.

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    That’s reserved for Kurama in the after party

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    -And Hinata has never been happy since.

  • I want it to be like Goku and chi chi

  • Yesh

  • She’s been stocking Naruto for vc since they were

  • It will be better than that. Especially since Naruto has kissed Hinata on the lips since the events with the Moon crashing lol.

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    @GoldLiger:disqus Hey wanna come to the official Saiyan Island discord server? Just to check it out.

  • I really hope we get a new Dragon ball series with brand new characters done by someone else’s perspective.

  • I will always think Goku and chi chi will always be better

  • Well not always. With Goku being dead for 8 years total lol.

  • He’s an idiot for abandoning chi chi when she had goten but that’s why I love Goku s character

  • Cool. Send me a link to my twitter(if you only want certain people to join. If not then post the link).

  • That exists?

  • I think he has gotten crazy. He stayed dead in order to “protect the Earth from threats”. Stupid as it was at least he had a reason. Unlike in the latest episode with him stating that training is more important than family.

  • It’s understandable he’s a Saiyan he loves to fight plus he hit his head

  • That still is not a good excuse when he has over 40 years living as an earthling.

  • I guess

  • It’s just another one of Toei/Toriyama’s mistakes. At least in the manga he ain’t THAT dumb and looks to be more Z Goku like than the anime.

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  • I love ❤️ Zelda masters endcard and song

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  • I wonder if February 16th will be the official Wedding day. Meh, probably won’t get remembered anyways.

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    When battle mangas turn into shoujo…

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    “Lol that ain’t no gold chain it’s just a regular chain”

    You can’t say that when the image above isn’t even in full color. This goes for you too @Ice_Cream23:disqus

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    I feel as if Shikamaru’s Story is too short (anime wise). Sasuke’s was a bit longer I believe.

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    So with the Boruto anime starting in April is this the final arc before Naruto Shippuden ends?

    Then announced a while back they’d be doing the Sasuke, Shikamaru and Konoha novels but nothing after that.

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    what’s up with Konohamaru’s eyes? Why are they blue? He’s had dark/black for a long time!

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    I wonder if we’ll have less new fighters than what we thought

  • Jackie Chun (LordF)

    I you think Naruto was an idiot, then you misunderstand the character

  • Jackie Chun (LordF)

    So it seems that General Zeu will join the Tournament of Power

  • Oncle Sam

    Nope, 5 episodes each.

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  • So Lillie’s first Pokemon as a trainer and the first Pokemon she can touch without freezing is ironically a Alolan Vulpix. Hope to one day see it become an Alolan NineTails.

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    Go to YouTube and type: Multi Anime opening – no Pain No Game [Btooom OP]
    Thank me later

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    yamato’s like ” NO! O NOT INVITE HIM, ABSOLUTLY NOT”
    wonder if sasuke will show up to the wedding :/

  • Anthony_weaver86

    True but it still ain’t gold, he too broke to afford one lol

  • He doesn’t

  • dbz

    that’s interesting because in the games kukui has a alolan nine tails

  • Well he does give her the Pokeball to use to capture the Alolan Vulpix.

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    yeah and there no gym leaders so ash might be able to beat the kahunas and might be able to become the champion

  • Becoming Alola’s first Champion sounds like a great idea.

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    yeah and ash vs alain was a good match I thought ash was going to win

  • That situation was stupid. Especially Ash losing to a guy that had no reason to compete in the first place.

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    true but he strong he was fighting mega evolution

  • Ash Greninja was created in order for Ash to fight on the level of a Mega Evolution.

  • Di

    so its just gonna be a 1 hour special and then they will make more filler ikstead of adapting another novel?

  • We will have to see what the animation studio does for the last week of this month and what they do in the month of March.

  • dbz

    your right greninja orange shuriken vs charizard x blast burn was epic

  • Di

    I just read the preview for dbs episode 79 and that was such a letdown, the sh*t is just starting and they are already gonna blow up a universe without even letting the 10 fighters fight, if thats how they are gonna do it this arc is gonna be short af

  • Yes.

  • Alright, 1 hour special.

  • Told you all to keep your expectations low. Super has a way to take up so high before the eventual crash and burn lol.

  • TheSharinganBeast

    Hopefully we’ll be getting the other novel adaptations. Sakura’s Story was my favorite.

  • ButtMen (Linger)

    It’s a preliminary match not the actual tournament.It’s supposed to show Future Zeno how strong Goku and the other are.It has teams of 3 while the actual tournament will have teams of 10.

  • The thing is that the preliminary match actually is more like the tournament since if the team loses(no matter if all fight or not) will lose their respected universe.

  • Himawari

    SP hates Sakura, they’ll never give her the moment she deserves. Just look at the Sasuke novel, they changed things in that one.
    Made her Punch Naruto for no reason, she was the one who reminded Sasuke of the Police force not Naruto and she was suppose to meet Sasuke at the Village gate when he returned.

  • ButtMen (Linger)

    Yes but in his comment he wrote this:

    “the sh*t is just starting and they are already gonna blow up a universe without even letting the 10 fighters fight”

    There is no 10 fighters.There ate just 3.If your disappointed that there aren’t 10 fighters remember that’s just 7 characters less out of 100.

    This also doesn’t mean the arc will be short.This is a preliminary match and there might be a decent amount of episodes before the actual tournament.Even if the arc is just 20 episodes that roughly the length of an anime.

    50 episode arcs are long gone.They just drag the anime and hurt production.20-30 episode arcs are more than enough.

  • Goku Black

    Who got Ultimate Ninja Blazing? I have awakened Minato Lv 65

  • Oh well. Can’t wait to see how they screw this arc up. When is the next chapter of the Super manga coming out?

  • ButtMen (Linger)

    Don’t know the exact date but in the next week or two.

  • ®CodeBreaker™

    It’s to show Goku and the others, right after they win, how serious this tournament will be and why it won’t be a fun type of tournament Goku expects. Universe 9’s universe will be erased and everyone will see what can possibly happen to them and their universe.

  • So what is going to be the fusion Goku and Vegeta will use in the manga? Gogeta or Vegito? At least with Gogeta the whole “fusion ending early due to power use” makes more sense.

  • ButtMen (Linger)

    I don’t know.I’d prefer Vegito so that the fan base can rage again though.

  • He should have known since he was told the type of being Zeno is. Remember he got a bit angry and wiped out 6 universes from existence.

  • LOL. Yeah that retcon was stupid. Especially after years of Toei/Toriyama never even clarifying the limit just to NOW(late 2016) to say that oh well it is a 1 hour fusion for those that aren’t Supreme Kai.

    Then again Toyotaro did fix that Time Loop Paradox the anime created with one chapter of the manga so I hope he fixes the Vegito situation by using Gogeta.

  • YOᗰI 由紀

    Wolvians are the Saiyans of universe 9, lel.
    Still gonna get whooped.

  • Nameless


  • Jackie Chun (LordF)

    Can’t wait

  • Jackie Chun (LordF)

    Well I would assume that.
    Preliminaries are 3 VS 3 matches. 6 universes are wiped out.
    Meaning there would be 6 universes left with ten fighters.
    Reducing the number of new character may be a practical thing (and good?)

  • Jackie Chun (LordF)

    I think that you’ll have to wait for March to see the fusion

  • Jackie Chun (LordF)


  • Jackie Chun (LordF)

    I think that the tournament will give like 0 prize.

    I you think about the Super Dragon Balls, I guess that they can send Jaco find them with the Super Dragon radar.

  • Di

    thats not good at all cause what makes this arc so special is the “big” amount of new characters we were expecting to see but seeing how this started with a universe where every fighter is from the same race it makes the whole thing a letdown

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    One thing for sure, in DB Super, Bulma is pregnant.

  • How do you guys keep talking about Dragon Ball? Hot damn.

  • Yeah, a year too late.

  • Welcome to SAIYAN Island Asta.

  • Wolverine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    Really? I didn’t notice

  • Jackie Chun (LordF)

    Yeah the thing is that we can have characters like Hit or characters like Botamo lol

  • He’s was an idiot leave at that

  • Di

    the ones that we have seen already look pretty lame and generic so it would be hard to make it worse, even some of the gods look lame af like that yellow mouse for example

  • معاذ

    so after Konoha Episodes we will see CH 700 !! i hope that cuz boruto anime coming soon in April and i think Shippuden end in April

  • معاذ

    what !!! you don’t watch the episode ? when Vegeta refuse to training with Goku cuz Bulma pregnant

  • ®CodeBreaker™

    Not a year too late cause you seem to be going by how GT went and GT, once again, is not canon. Happened as it should have happened.

  • ®CodeBreaker™

    Yes, but their universe is on the line now. He’ll probably have fun in this first tournament, but not as much in the next, I’m sure. He’ll always have fun in some way. It’s how Goku just is.

  • Raku Ichijou

    Again, you can’t say whether it’s gold or not. Nor can you say whether or not he’s too broke. There’s no confirmation.

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    one thing for sure though, I wonder what Naruto did at the age of 18. He should at least visit other villages, once in a while. Or at least have something. like a vacation.

  • Lyaa

    that s true? it s kinda sad 🙁
    Just…why they hate her

  • Omercan Koc

    what i dont understand is that they say universe 9 will be wiped out in this fight if they lose the angel of zen chan (dont know his name srry) only said he may erase you if he thinks its boring soooooooo the conlcusion is no one is gonna get erased if they lose the 3 on 3 match.

  • ButtMen (Linger)

    Going by what the new episode says and the opening(which shows one of the universe 9 fighters in the arena) nobody will get erased after the 3 V 3 match.

  • MỠ₫Ά

    OMG OMG OMG !!!! I have been waiting for this day like my whole life …. please if this is a dream no one wake’s me up …I can’t believe that finaly my littel naruto is getting married !!!!! so proud of you naruto
    LOL!! I think i got a littel bit exited ….please don’t blame me 😛

  • Hinata!!

    that really sad !! saying good bye to naruto shippuden

  • LuffyxNaruto

    it wasn’t an hour long special…

  • Raku Ichijou

    There isn’t an hour long special. It was the regular time. Unless the second part is being uploaded as we speak.

  • Raku Ichijou

    I retract my statement, it’s episodes 494 and 495.

  • ayami

    Im wondering what they will do to like finish last couple eps to make it to 500 episodes of shippuden

  • ayami

    Im hoping they do something i wanna see them finish 2 more eps so shippuden has 500 episodes