Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: DLC Pack 3 Z-Ranked Parallel Quests, Win Conditions, Rewards

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam owners of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be able to get into the DLC Pack 3 on Tuesday, April 25. One of the challenges of new DLC Packs are the Parallel Quests, how to complete them with all win conditions, and what rewards can potentially be earned. In the video below, you can see how to finish the latest DLC Pack 3 Parallel Quests in style and to completion and what rewards can be earned. These can be seen at the beginning of the video. Then to actually see the complete Parallel Quest, take a look at the timestamps and descriptions below for the quests in question.

00:34 Parallel Quest 107: The Future’s Greatest Hope
Trunks Travels to the past to honor Bulma’s last wish. He trains with Goku, Vegeta, and his past self to regain his confidence!

13:50 Parallel Quest 108: Doppelganger Dispute!
Tracking Trunks through time is the barbaric Goku Black! As Goku faces his doppelhanger, who should appear but Bojack and…?!

27:16 Parallel Quest 109: A Fateful Fight with Deity!
You join Goku and Vegeta in a bleak future world and the job of changing history’s course falls on your shoulders!

Source: Anime Games Online


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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is an action-fighting game with MMO and RPG elements in development by Dimps. It was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America on October 25 and in Europe on October 28.

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