Attack on Titan Season 3 Announced for 2018

Attack on Titan season 3 is making its way to fans in 2018. The announcement for the anime based on Hajime Isayama manga came at the conclusion of today’s Attack on Titan 2 season finale. A specific release date for Attack on Titan Season 3 was not announced.

Season 2 of Attack on Titan made it’s debut on April 1, 2017, so we expect it to be released in April 2018, but again, that is not confirmed.

The first season of the Attack on Titan anime came to a conclusion on September 29, 2013. It wasn’t until December 2016 when we learned of when season 2 would air. The reason provided by official sources was because of how close the anime and manga were at the conclusion of season 1, so there were was not enough content from the source material – the manga – to make a season 2 initially.

Unlike season 1 which had 25 episodes, season 2 was slated to only have 12 episodes, to much dismay of fans who waited for so long. An episode count was not announced for Attack on Titan season 3 either. The anime and manga, as of the end of season 2, stand 44 chapters of content apart.

  • Linger

    Neat i guess.

  • Hider Xera

    Wow it’s not going to take like 4 years this time.

  • Nice. Eren will be happy

  • TheDBZSquirrel .

    i hope it doesn’t get delayed

  • Menacing~~~

    Probably because after this part of the story there’s barely any action.

  • Nelson Legend?

    Yea wat a shame

  • Anthony_weaver86


  • Anthony_weaver86

  • azoreseuropa

    What are you talking about ? YMIR is alive and laying on the top of the wall.

  • BIGsoch

    Read the manga nigga

  • Legendairy Supa-Sand

    Ah glorious manga, I didn’t even realize what happened to Hannes And I’m caught up with the manga of course i didnt watch season 1 or 2 of attack on titan.

  • ®CodeBreaker™

    Why spoil for? Be chill. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be spoiled yourself. I don’t know anything about the anime/manga, but a spoiler is a spoiler.

  • uhMayzedHD

    AOT Season 2 was great! I can’t wait for the next season

  • Anthony_weaver86

    I was only going by what I seen in tge anime and a head theory

  • Anthony_weaver86

    They most likely will kill her back at their home town, th8s is only a theory I have

  • Pharaoh Gammy

    Now it’s time to watch the left behind episodes

  • Anthony_weaver86

    So did she die?

  • ®CodeBreaker™

    Ah, I see. Made it seem like an actual spoiler.

  • Gent

    It’s still a spoiler

  • ®CodeBreaker™

    Not a theory that might or might not happen?

  • Hider Xera

    How are you caught up, but didn’t realize what happened?

  • Sakata Gintoki


  • Hider Xera


  • Hider Xera

    I just wanna see the anti human maneuver gear in the anime.

  • Anthony_weaver86

    Dang why she had to be so damn stupid

  • Hider Xera


  • Yagelnu5

    “The anime and manga, as of the end of season 2, stand only 11 chapters of content apart.”

    excuse you, what? 11 chapters content apart? lmfao, who is the retard that wrote that?
    the anime and manga right now stand for 44 chapters of content apart

  • Anthony_weaver86

    SHE COULD HAVE LIVED WITH HER!!I feel like that was a way to just kill her off

  • Sakata Gintoki

    Now we just need Black Bible Super

  • Susanoo

    Which one of you is Smash Gamer again?

  • @PhantomChampion:disqus

  • Rojai

    *Bible Black

  • Di

    more like 2021

  • Di

    a very special kind of retard

  • Hider Xera

    Damn Freeza you scary.

  • Sakata Gintoki

    I usually dont comment on super episodes but if they had the time to train and pick a fighter to replace buu would have really liked to see Dabura come back as their last fighter

  • PurexedSolitude;

    The manga is literally going to end soon.

    No point in delaying.

    The only reason it took so long for S2 is because the manga is monthly. hardly enough material to work with.

    But you probably knew that.

  • Aizen Sousuke

    Dabura is fodder

  • Ahtma ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵉᵖᶦᵗᵃᵖʰ

    No, the reason season 2 took so long is that the company who does this anime took a break to do Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

  • Dbz Lover

    Frieza is the more logical choice though.

  • F-sama

    It’s possible Dabra’s soul has been cleansed. Frieza is so stubborn that he survived Hell for more than a decade but he’s an exception. Kid Buu’s soul was cleansed very easily as it was immediately resurected into the newborn Uub. But we don’t have any info about the other villains. And story wise, well, Frieza’s strenght and character are the main reason bringing him back was a good choice.

  • F-sama

    I still enjoy the DBS manga. The art is nice. The Trunks scene was really cool. And I also liked Goku’s and Vegeta’s new techniques.

  • F-sama

    You know, Frieza’s huge power-up with 4 months of training became more acceptable with what he revealed in the latest episode.

  • Oncle SamGaming

    Okay seriously. Up until this morning, I was all like ” Yeah Toyotaro respects the power levels and has some kind of understanding of how the DB Universe works “.


    – Goku uses Hakai.
    – Zamasu can KEEP THE FUSION because they are bonded at the CELLULAR LEVEL
    – Zamasu can now CLONE HIMSELF.

    Seriously. Stop. Just call Zeno already. I was Ok with the whole Completed SSB, I even liked the fact that Trunks cut that bastard in half again ( best moment of the anime version IMO ) and Vegeta’s new ultimate technique is badass, but this is just too much.

  • Eren Jaeger

    Its official both the anime and manga are filled with plot holes, super is bombed. On the other hand this article needs to be corrected, theres at least almost 50 chapters of content ready for season 3

  • Eren Jaeger

    it has at least 50 chapters of content, this person needs to research better, if there was 11, season 3 would not of been announced

  • Eren Jaeger

    Also I love how I read people saying on this website its gonna be a repeat of season 1 with little to no development. Where are those words now eh? :p

  • Eren Jaeger

    Yep both the manga and anime are starting to bomb now, anime was already bombing hard but now manga too

  • F-sama

    Well, I think hakai is fine the way it is written in the manga. Complete SSB is a power rivaling Hakaishin after all. As a last resort for Goku, it’s fine by me. And it answers the question that an immortal being can be destroyed. The cellular level fusion Zamasu is somehow acceptable but still feel too much, easy writing like Cell’s comeback back in the days. The cloning scene is weird tho, I’d like a little explanation next chapter. We enjoyed the same things 😀 In the end it’s not a big deal since we can’t control what will happen.

  • Oncle SamGaming

    I can relate to the fact that Goku is a fighting genius and can somewhat ” copy ” other fighters abilities or such. But NO. The HAKAI technique is supposed to be something reserved to the Gods of DESTRUCTION. Goku is JUST a MORTAL SAYAJIN. It could be acceptable if he LEARNED it by Beerus or Whis to make him the new God Of Destruction but NO, it cannot be acceptable that he just USED it like that. THAT is complete BS.

    Apparently what’s happening to Zamasu is the manga version of what happened to him in the anime. They are calling it ” Infinite Zamasu “. And the ” refusion ” thing is apparently happening because Zamasu’s immortality will ” not accept ” that they defuse.

    Seriously, I am getting a headache TYPING this.

    Oh and sorry to counter you but no, Completed Super Sayajin Blue does not rival Hakaishin level. It could be close, but not rival. Of course an official statement could say otherwise, but if you consider the fact that Shin THOUGHT that Vegito Blue was stronger than Beerus, it means that ONLY the fusion will be strong enough.

    But that, is just MY OPINION ^^

    I am still waiting on Super Sayan Blue 2 …

  • Linger

    You don’t have to call Saiyans Sayajin when your entire post is in English.

  • Oncle SamGaming

    I don’t have to but I like it 😀

  • Legendairy Supa-Sand

    I have forgotten a lot of what happened in the manga. I started off randomly in it, like around the Historia part where eren mikasa and everyone are together. that was way early on in the manga probably chapter 30 and were in 90s now.

  • Sakata Gintoki

    Oh I know its why i really prefer Frieza coming back more than Cell since it makes a lot more sense plot and power wise also i think dabura’s soul is still stuck in heaven

  • Yomi

    Man, this season has been repeat of season 1 with little to no development.

  • Campion Moral

    season 2 was boring af…2 or 3 good episodes and the rest was just talking and talking and talking with cringy useless non-developing dialogues.

  • I don’t care.

  • Anthony_weaver86

    For those who are excited to see Black panther, when it’s finish with part one what would you like to see in part 2 of it?

  • MrChievious

    I think the reason they made it only 12 episodes this season is due to the manga ending soon. I’m thinking they’re getting reading for a 3 cour season of 36 episodes or so to cover the rest of it (provided they don’t have scheduling issues for the 3 anime seasons that they air)

  • Oncle SamGaming

    Actually it was said somewhere that they could only do 12 episodes because of budget restrictions.

  • SwedishKoala

    so you’re saying that they should just completely remove stuff whole scenes from the source material?

  • Oncle SamGaming

    Man you are SO not ready for what’s next then xD

  • Eren Jaeger

    Yep japan is going through tough times with animation jobs right now, but it must be looking up for them if season 3 of one of their best selling animes is confirmed this soon

  • Oncle SamGaming

    Well of course they put all their money in it. The AOT anime is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever watch. Even better then Death Note which was really amazing in terms of animation.

  • Ashura Otsutsuki

    Attack on titan , my hero academia , a possible seraph of the end , one piece, the comeback of bleach, the seven deadly sins, a possible tokyo ghoul and dragon ball. Thats all i care about

  • Ashura Otsutsuki

    More action more story and keep it epic thats all

  • Skeith9

    I saw this coming. This new model where anime studios release a 2 cour anime in batches of 12 eps leaving some gap in between generates more revenue. And ofcourse they will want to adapt whatever they can at once and then make us wait for 4 years so that manga gets a bit ahead. (._.

  • Campion Moral

    i hope so

  • Anthony_weaver86

    Any heroes you would like to see make an appearance in a possible part 2?

  • Trainwreck

    I’ve seen anime stuidos announce a sequel or a new season right around the time the final episode of the current season airs enough times to figure this may happen. This anime will be a long a one.

  • Anthony_weaver86

    I believe he might be in the new avengers, but I would like to see Nemor or is it Namor….the Aquaman version for Marvel, it would be nice to see him as one of Black Panthers villians And Dr. Doom. Seeing as FF isn’t doing well Disney should just get the rights for doom.

    And add storm from Xmen cause fox ain’t doing her right