Viz Media Interview with Dragon Ball Super Mangaka Toyotaro

Members of Japanese-American manga/anime/entertainment company Viz Media sat down for an interview with Toyotaro, who is the mangaka/illustrator of the Dragon Ball Super manga and chosen successor to Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama.

The interview was posted today on Viz Media’s YouTube channel, however, it seems it was conducted in the Summer of 2016 as Toyotaro mentions the Universe 6 arc coming to an end and the Future Trunks arc to follow soon after.

In the interview, Toyotaro mentions he spends between 18 and 22 hours drawing in the last week of the month. One of the questions Viz Media asks Toyotaro is what he he thinks makes Dragon Ball an appealing series. Toyotaro mentions Goku because he is very nice and caring. However, it is not limited to just that. Goku is a unique hero as his motivation comes from a different place than the traditional hero. As we all know, Goku’s motivation is to fight the strongest warriors available and to test his limits.

Toyotaro also shares in the interview that Toriyama-sensei watched Bruce Lee movies as a reference to action sequences. Toyotaro says does the same and also watches American comic-based movies a lot too. You can take a look at the video of Viz Media’s interview with Toyotaro below.

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  • Hello.

    You have to remember that the manga is a monthly series and cannot/will not put in small details like Future Trunks and Gohan because it will take up too much time away from the main issues at hand. The anime already started the tournament and the manga only just now ended the Future Trunks arc. Imagine when it would have ended if it added in all of those extra things.

    When comparing the two you should focus on the events that occurred in both. Like Goku vs Hit, Vegeta vs Black, Zeno’s introduction, how Trunks helped in the final fight, etc. In the manga even though Goku is still ahead of Vegeta he isn’t unbelievably ahead of Vegeta like he is in the anime. In the manga Toyotaro has made it so Vegeta can still compete with Goku while in the anime the only way Vegeta can compete with him is if he learns kaioken or gets a new transformation before him (not happening).

    I wasn’t a fan of Goku using hakai, but overall the manga’s version was better since it fit more with what was established before this arc. Trunks shouldn’t have been able to do much throughout the arc and giving him healing at least allowed him to help in the final fight. And perfected super saiyan blue seems like a good idea since it shows that Vegeta and Goku can still become more powerful and face even stronger opponents even if their bodies are almost at their peak physically.