Dragon Ball Super: New Saiyan vs Saiyan Universe Survival Trailer

The Universe Survival Saga’s Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super is underway and warriors from the various universes are getting beat off the stage. Six prominent warriors of the many warriors still remaining in the tournament are from the mighty Saiyan race. From Universe 6 it’s Caulifla, Kale, and Cabba. From our Universe 7 there is Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan.

Toei Animation has released a new Tournament of Power trailer featuring the Universe 6 Saiyans vs the Universe 7 Saiyans! The trailer asks who the number 1 Saiyan is and identifies Universe 6 Saiyan Caulifla as one with an infinite amount of hidden potential. However, the way it shows the warriors of the Saiyan race in the tournament, alludes to Super Saiyan Blue Goku as number 1. Of course the trailer doesn’t really specify, it is left open to interpretation to us, the viewers!

We’ve seen a little bit of Saiyan vs Saiyan action in Dragon Ball Super episode 100 as Goku has taken on Caulifla and Kale. How much more we’ll see is yet to be determined. Maybe we’ll see a 3-vs-3 Saiyan battle, who knows! What we believe is, like the previous trailer, this trailer is likely not meant to reveal anything new, but instead just to promote the Universe Survival Saga and feature some of the warriors in it.

  • randy191993

    With every episode i see, Kale becomes worse and worse. How on earth did anyone think that abomination would be a good idea? She’s like a badly written Deviantart Fancharacter. A very, very, VERY badly written one…

  • Exkirion

    On the other hand I really like Caulifla.

  • Scion Setsuna

    Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this

  • KingBradley

    Character wise, she’s great but i don’t like how they’re just quickly stacking her with new transformations off the strength of genius.

  • uhMayzedHD

    The trailer and the instrumental sucks. Still hating Kale though.

    Kale: Son Goku!
    Me: Sigh!

  • uhMayzedHD

    I still wish they would replace “Son Goku” with “Kakarot”

    Caulifa: Hey you old man, Never caught your name.
    Goku: My name is Goku!
    Kale/Caulifa: Goku?! What kind of a Saiyan name is Goku?
    Goku: Goku is my earth name but my Saiyan name is Kakarot
    Caulifa: Kakarot sounds much better than Goku.
    Kale: Yeah
    Goku: But I like my name
    Caulifa: If you say so Kakarot!

  • AsurasPath22

    So this trailer went from badass sh*t to pure disgraceful garbage.

  • AsurasPath22

    She went to sh*t after the tingly back requirement.

  • Universe 6 saiyans evolved differently and therefore it’s easier for them to achieve transformations. I am perfectly fine with that.

    What I am not fine with is a saiyan achieving a new transformation every 5 freaking minutes. At least let him / her put effort into getting that freaking transformation.

  • BudokaiLimit

    Man I hope gohan does something badass in the arc, like maybe by challenging hit. I honestly can see him do that it would make sense.


    Her normal state version is something different to what we’ve seen in the DB Universe so far, and her LGBT status is groundbreaking

    But her Saiyan form is beyond unoriginal, it feels forced, tiresome and just a frame by frame repetition of Broly, the reasons of her transformation always feel like a cheap excuse to bring up fanservice

    I literally can’t agree with you more, you’re so damn right, and this whole bullshit is a motherfucking fiasco

  • gmfa

    I think that Vegeta always was and still will be made (in all the DB super) like not even the second strongest. He will stay under Kale, Gohan, Goku, Caulifa, Hit, etc. I dont know why they do this because Vegeta really deserves to be at the top not only for his power but his intelligence in battle and the way how he works, the ammount of train that he does and they make him like not that much!
    If a guy that dont even see this, seen the ending video he would say that Vegeta is a character just like Tien, Krillin or Frieza… what they are making to Vegeta is completelly ridiculous

  • KDG

    I can’t really see it. The Universe 6 Saiyans don’t seem as caught up in being the prideful warrior race like Vegeta is. Vegeta holds on to that since he’s one of the last ones left, and because his conceited father engraved in his mind how awesome the Saiyans are/were. I don’t think Caulifla, Cabba, and the others from their universe really care all that much about boasting their heritage and Saiyan names. They’re more humble than that, and they’re not on the verge of extinction.

  • SOLOmio

    just wasted a 1:33 of my life for nothing!

  • Michael Graham Jr

    vegeta’s prince bloodline should count for something, how did his family even come to power if they wasnt the strongest

  • Insane Obito

    If Caulifla is getting super saiyan blue, I quit watching DBS

  • Just watch Goku pull another transformation out of his ass…
    Maybe it’ll be like Super Saiyan Blue 2.

  • cypher_tesla

    Love Kale. Hate Caulifla. I think Kale has the potential to be a lot like Hinata from Naruto. With the right mentor and training she could be really strong by controlling the rage. Caulifla keeps calling Kale her protege, yet she doesn’t seem interested in teaching her in the least bit, she’s only obsessed with her own power. Annoying as hell.

  • Videl Gamer Girl

    Goku already said she’s not ready.

  • Videl Gamer Girl

    I can’t tell if you’re trolling or have never watched Dragon Ball but Gohan is not stronger than Vegeta. And no way in hell is Caulifa even a fraction of Vegeta’s power. She’s still SSJ2. Vegeta mastered that form like 10 years ago.

  • Corey

    you actually want her to be hinata from naruto… that useless lavendar hair girl? are you serious? she as the most usless, irrelevant character in that series

  • Rodrigo Monterier

    It’s a pity that it’s hard to think or believe those u6 brats are saiyans…

  • Rodrigo Monterier

    Seriously, for the sake of all the saiyans I saw until DBSuper, this is a bad, unfunny joke

    Even Onion is more of a saiyan than those idiots

  • AsurasPath22

    You sound like an idiot lol. Considering she saved Naruto’s life and all. She grows as a character in both the Pein arc and the War arc. Don’t know if you are a ret**d or just plain blind.

  • AsurasPath22

    I’m actually tired of ret**ds sprouting that BS over and over. They evolved past the use of their tails. Doesn’t mean much at all. Since so did Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and so on.

  • So you’re going to call me a retard because of Toriyama and Toei’s decision(s)? Well done. That’s the spirit.

  • Dbz Lover

    This guy is absolutely right.

  • Dbz Lover

    She’s nothing special :/