Dragon Ball Super: Goku’s New Transformation in 1-Hour Special (Video)

Posted on August 27, 2017

Warning: Dragon Ball Super and One Piece spoilers ahead

As reported last week, both One Piece and Dragon Ball Super are getting 1-hour specials in October. In One Piece, Luffy will take on Sanji on October 1.

Then, on October 8, Dragon Ball Super fans Jiren The Gray from Universe 11 will battle our hero Son Goku! It is then Goku will take his power to new heights and reveal his new transformation! The name is unknown, but Goku’s eyes become silver as he is surrounded by both majestic blue AND fiery red aura!

It is worth noting the Dragon Ball and one Piece specials will not be crossovers, instead it seems they will be two episodes from each anime series aired back-to-back. The purpose for this is unclear as the specials air from 9 AM to 10 AM in Japan. That’s the same time One Piece and Dragon Ball Super air in Japan on a normal basis. In other words, there will not be an episode of Dragon Ball Super on the week of the One Piece special and there will not be an episode of One Piece the week of the Dragon Ball Super special. Our guess the reason for the special is these (Luffy vs Sanji and Goku vs Jiren)are major fights in each respective series so they are being highlighted with specials.

  • anonymous

    Sorry, I somehow missed this so I’m replying after 3 months lol,
    It may be true that Toriyama uses the guide book to refresh himself, but if he retcons info on the guide book, it means he gives no value to the information theorized by the book authors. Explain to me why I am supposed to trust a guide book which the creator of dbz himself has no problem in retconning?
    >”Official Shueisha guides published about the series are valid until proven otherwise.”
    Toriyama, by retconning them has proven that they aren’t valid.

  • Ahtma

    My argument boils down to “until Toriyama contradicts the guide books they’re canon.”

  • anonymous

    If the books call themselves “official” guidebooks, they at least need to be totally accurate. If they aren’t then you can use info from the books for a reference, but cannot use points from those books in arguments.