Dragon Ball Super: Two New Universe 6 Fighters Revealed, 78 Warriors Known

In Dragon Ball Super, Universe 6 was the first new universe introduced into the series aside from Universe 7 where Goku and company reside. In Dragon Ball Super, we’ve seen thus far eight of the ten warriors for Universe 6 – Botamo, Magetta, Frost, Hit, Caulifla, Kale, Dr. Rota, and Cabba. Who are the other two? They are Namekians named Saonel and Pirina. It’s unknown what powers these two possess, only their name and a small photo of them was released in Shuiseha’s Saikyo Jump Magazine. Including these two Namekians, we know a total of 78 warriors in the Tournament of Power. We may not know all of their abilities, but we do know their names. Take a look at them below by universe.

It’s worth noting these names are translations from Shuiseha’s Saikyo Jump without any context so there is a possibility these names may differ once they are shown in the Dragon Ball Super anime/manga.

Via Anime Games Online, Herms98

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan


  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Now let’s watch

  • randy191993

    Pirina looks pretty much exactly like Lord Slug. Are they now canonizing every single Movie villian ever or what? They already got the slightly more evil but less powerfull Frieza Clone aka Cooler/Frost, the worst thing ever invented in media aka Broly/Kale, the for no reason overpowered silent warrior that likes Goku because they hate each other aka Pikkon/Hit. If you want to count Turles as Cabba we’re pretty much settled right? Oh yeah, Botamo looks very close to fat Janemba too, and shares similar trends of beeing pretty much unhittable because his fatness absorbs damage, which is what Janemba did before he became smaller.

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    I hope the U6 Namekians aren’t just fodder. DBS keeps getting me excited

  • Di

    Adding 2 namekians when theres already 3 saiyans in that team is a pretty lazy move, they should have added 1 namekian and another new race also I hope the 2 unknown chars dont look like sh*t

  • Sakata Gintoki


  • dbz

    so there two namekians on universe 6 team

  • kfrye

    My advice to you is to quit watching the show because clearly you have overarching issues with it.

  • Good to know… I suppose.

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Half of the things he’s saying doesn’t even make sense. Just ignore him

  • Nope

    Why the hell do you still comment here? You literally live on this site. Get a life already.

  • KGSG JLigerbomb


  • Rojai

    I wonder what their Buu looks like

  • uhMayzedHD

    Different color pants or skinny

  • Rojai

    I wonder what would’ve went down if Buu competed in the Tournament

  • Edward


  • Samara

    But he clearly had overarching issues with the comment and couldn’t possibly take his own advice and ignore it! That would be ever so difficult!

  • Anthony_weaver86

    Wait that wouldn’t make sense

  • PurexedSolitude;

    The characters you mentioned are from U6 which I’m pretty sure is like the same as U7 if I remember correctly.

  • KDG

    A bit of a reach, wouldn’t you say? Frost is nothing like Cooler, not in looks nor transformation. He’s basically a mirror of Frieza, down to the voice and personality. Cooler was no Frieza clone.

    Kale is definitely an obvious and direct homage to Broly, so that’s the one accurate statement you made.

    Hit is only similar to Pikkon in that they’re powerful and reserved. Their fighting style is nothing alike, nor their physical appearance.

    Janemba was more a Majin Buu clone than anything else. I don’t see how Botamo is a canonization of Janemba at all.

    And Cabba is absolutely nothing like Turles. The only connection you could possibly make between the two is that they are Saiyans.

    This was definitely one hell of a reach.

  • FourthWaveX

    Must of them are mhe

  • Tsuna Sawada

    It would have been better if they added one namekian and one majin

  • Reh nert

    Unfunny twat

  • Winston D Luffy

    Lol if you hate dbs so much and cant stand it anymore then just quit watching it same goes for all the other noobs who are whining every week but still keep on watching. I say it again: noobs lol have a nice day

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Gladly appreciated because I wasn’t trying to be funny. Twat

  • 2Shanks

    Majin ain’t a real person or race

  • Tsuna Sawada

    A robot isn’t a person either yet there’s one in the tournament

  • Gato Noir

    Who came up with those titles under each universe
    Also why Is the one universe where 70% of the fighters Appear to be machines the “Spiritual Universe”

  • sherwin okuyama

    He means, majin buu isnt really part of any race. theres ONLY majin buu. universe 6 could have or could not have a counterpart but there arent any majin races really. If youre thinking about the ones in xenoverse and DBO, thats not until hundres of years later where majin buu finally learns how to “reproduce”

  • FourthWaveX

    Freeza is a better character then Fat Buu

  • FourthWaveX

    Cooler is a carbon copy of Freeza without personality , doesnt even have a army just 3 guys.
    And the things he do, Freeza did it first … but i will agreed both is Final Form and Machine Form are superior to Freeza CounterParts . (Aspect Wise)

  • KDG

    Carbon copy, no. Cooler was very similar, with a slightly different design, was taller, and had an extra transformation. Frost, with the exception of his color scheme, is an almost exact mirror of Frieza. They even share the same voice, height, and transformations. All Frost is missing is a golden form after his “final” form.

  • That blue guy from U3 looks like a majin his name is maji kayo I hav3nt seen the new episodes yet but that sounds like a majin to me and it looks like he’s got the majin ears

  • Pikkon wasn’t a movie character tho and cabba does not look like goku therefore cabba is not a turles

  • Yes i agr3e cuz they tried to make a U6 fri3za

  • Yea they are supposed to be mirrored hence why beerus n champa look alike


    Those characters look made straight outta Xenoverse’s creator

  • FourthWaveX

    Design wise cooler is better , but personality not so much.
    Freeza > Cooler

  • Nameks!!

  • Gray Fullbuster


  • Rich Garriques

    that sounds racist , why does there always have to be more saiyans then other races? shouldn’t their be a balance?

  • Di

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    Still can’t believe that Universe 10 share the same fate as Universe 9.

  • Rhafty

    so those 4 universes have people stronger than jiren? wow.

  • Ryumancer

    @Ahtma ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵂᵃʳᶜʰᶦᵉᶠ

    You there?