Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Spoilers

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Spoilers ahead!

Contestants are dropping out left and right as the Tournament of Power in Dragon ball Super grows ever more brutal! It’s Son Goku vs Universe 2’s Ribrianne! God of Destruction Helles from Universe 2 praises Goku, making Ribrianne jealous and upping her assault on our hero! Elsewhere, Son Gohan is being chased down by Universe 2’s Jimizu, who is a Yardat with the Instant Transmission technique. Frieza looks on as this is happening to Gohan and proposes Universe 6’s Frost to join forces with him due to his shared hatred of Saiyans! What will be the result of this alliance? Can Universe 7 overcome their own teammate betraying them? We’ll have to find out in Dragon Ball Super episode 108 (Frieza and Frost! The Two Intersecting Evils?!) on September 24!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super is streamed officially every week their is an episode in Japan on Crunchyroll and AnimeLab. The next episode, 107 (Revenge ‘F’! The Cunning Trap?!), is slated to be streamed on September 17, 2017 (when going by Japanese time). Since North America is a hours behind Japan, it will be available to stream technically at night on Saturday, September 16, 2017.

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  • Deva Path

    Second time Goddess Helles praises Goku, even when he’s against her own fighters. Helles is in love with Goku.

  • Kazui (Secret Senju)

    I hope Frost f*c^king dies with Frieza at the end of this arc

  • Element115Will

    Id bang Helles 🙂

  • Richard Evans

    How do I block this website? My daughter isn’t allowed to use this computer for anything but STUDYING!


  • Scott Baker✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    so vegeta loses? cause 107 states frost is after roshi and vegeta.

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Yes, 3th Form Frost 😀 Can’t wait. It would be great to see Frost in his 2nd Form

  • Insanity_Norm

    You can’t. It’s over 9000!


    You’re a deranged and completely full of bullshit, no-life motherfucking ashole

  • Yomi

    Google it.

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Are the Dragon Ball Fighterz BETA Keys send out already? Did anyone get one yet?

  • Yokai-12

    Anyone have an extra Dragon Ball FighterZ beta code?

  • ℑιṝєи | Ƶṩqůä∂

    No vegeta will be safe until his rematch with hit

  • TheSherlockHokage

    There will be no third and second Frost form.

  • jshep23

    That’s Frieza. He powers down to conserve energy

  • jshep23

    Your daughter should be allowed a break throughout her studies.

  • They were sent out yesterday, I didn’t get in

  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    Frost, is worst as, Freiza! Don’t you just hate him as much as Freiza? I know I do.

  • Basil Hawkins (The Mage)

    Hopefully they kill xeno

  • Insanity_Norm

    Look at the keyboard warrior go at it.

  • Insanity_Norm

    “My daughter isn’t allowed to use THIS computer for anything”
    Implication isn’t whether or not his daughter is allowed to have a break. Maybe that computer is used only for study purposes.

  • Insanity_Norm

    No. And I got a random black dude that started to follow me. Creepy.

  • Insanity_Norm

    No objections to that. I wouldn’t mind them killing off the guy that’s serving Xeno.

  • Insanity_Norm

    You must have pretty low standards.


    The motherfuck you’re talking about

  • Ryumancer

    The same question should be asked how to revoke your parenting privileges. But hey, not everybody gets the answer they prefer.

  • Basil Hawkins (The Mage)

    Yea me either

  • uhMayzedHD

    I like Frieza 🙁

  • Silent Rain

    Frieza is already dead duh

  • Trainwreck

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  • Paul Watson

    U Mean Zeno?

  • Check-Mate Motherf*cker

    Come on. It’s his first time cursing.

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Even better 😀

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Too bad

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Damn, same

  • Zany

    Frost: teach me how to go gold!
    Freeza: you a prodigy like me?
    Frost: ye
    Freeza: then go do some push ups real quick and youll go gold.

  • Rafty


    the teletubbies looking woman? lol to be honest im not familiar with too many of their names, so is she really that strong? interesting

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    Lol Freeza trained for 4 months and no one knows what he did to train. Plus as he doesn’t need to sleep and can survive fatal injuries it’s entirely possible he busted through.

    Course with how some power ups are as of now that could be simple.

    Also no offense I do find it funny you put that when you’re avatar is a prime of example of BS training.

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    How? Before they could even get near him he’d wipe them out. The only possible way would be to turn the two against each other. Even then I think it’s the Grand Priest and some of the Angels that are the true masterminds.

  • Anthony_weaver86

    8 just read the new Boruto and I have to say I loved it, seeing Naruto using an actual element besides shadow clones and rasengan was a very nice change for him

  • Masashi Hideaki

    Off topic:

    Honestly, boruto is nice, watching DBS while having boruto to watch aswell is a nice combo.

    I haven’t read the manga adaption of boruto, but the anime is exeuted fairly well. So studio pierrot is suprisingly nailing it i guess.

  • Red Death

    I like slice of life stuff, so l think Boruto is Decent and It’s me, Talha

  • Masashi Hideaki

    Ah i see, so that’s you. hhh

    I pretty much agree, the slife of life including the fightis are nice.

  • Red Death

    Sakura vs Shin was great. The fight was choreographed well

  • Trey Titler

    Except that OPM knows it’s satire. It’s meant to be a parody on ridiculously overpowered characters xD as for Freiza, all we really know is that he beat up on what’s-his-face (Togama?) for 4 months. So, basically, the only reason Freiza went gold is because he got over his pride for less than half a year, actually trained, and poof, another terrible explanation for a power up lol

  • Navok76

    Naruto fans are dumb, when sakura fought sasori they said she is useless and the fight duration was 3 or 4 episodes
    and when she fought shin they are saying she is useless and the fight was just 5 mins
    people hate for no reason nowaday

  • “Naruto fans are dumb”

    Indeed, Naruto sucks.

  • Navok76

    Boruto* sucks

  • TheSherlockHokage

    I don’t really care about Frost. In fact, I hope he gets crushed.

  • Masso

    I got in, but Im out of town and I may not be able to play, that SUCKS!

  • Gent

    @NewPopo unban me now I’m sorry

  • Insanity_Norm

    Fumika Baba.

  • Patches

    Fights, sure. Story, no way

  • Koibito888

    I mean Vegeta got stronger than Goku’s SSJ3 in SSJ2 because he got over his pride for less than half a second lol.

    Honestly ‘Frieza training’ is good enough. People never understand just how ridiculous Frieza is, to be that strong untrained is like the most ridiculous thing in the DB universe including villains that came after him. It’s seriously way over a lot of people’s heads just how strong Frieza was in relation to how little effort he put forth. Him training at all in general would SKYROCKET his power to STUPIDLY high levels, even as a kid I understood that the guy who could fly but used a floating chair was too lazy to train. Even when I was little I’d go “yeah but what if he actually trained like any of the other guys for a bit” and understood that that should make him the strongest thing ever. And then another form on top of that? Honestly I think it’s downright asking too much to need more explanation than that for his power.

  • The Real Tobi (Cana)

    It is Satire but it’s still pertty stupid, and it’s not really parody….as you said satire but the two aren’t always interchangeable.

    That’s all we saw, there was more too it. It’s really not that terrible of an explanation. In a lot of series we get squat for training in others we do get good explantaions. One of the Guides released eons ago said Freeza has near unlimited potential, yet it goes to waste because he’s arrogant. Saying it’s terrible is really faulty as we don’t know much about how his race works or how long it takes for them to gain strength. A month of working out can make a huge change to someone who hasn’t worked out before. Add that to someone with immense stamina that doesn’t need to sleep and has nothing to do and has dedication, it’s entirely reasonable.

    You’re acting like he went to the gym for 4 months for like 2 hours and had stuff to do the rest of the day. Think how much of an improvement someone could make if they spent 24/7 at the gym and training it would be ridiculos.

    Of course go ahead and by biased and dismissive of it, because you think it’s stupid and lazy, or aren’t able to think about that Freeza is an entirely different race than the saiyans and we have no clue how he trained except one small flashback that showed a part of him training to make a better sparring partner

  • Ryumancer

    Let me guess. You said something he didn’t like and you got ejected.

  • Seventh

    You mind hopping over that code to me since you can’t play? If you can, post it somewhere else so nobody steals it.

  • Ahtma ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᴴᴱˢᴴ

    Shippuden is complete garbage post-Pain. The Ninja World War arc was a complete slog and pulls an “it was me the whole time” reveal three times in a row. Madara was a fantastic end villain but Kishimoto himself admitted he had no clue how Naruto and Sasuke were going to beat him (and with good reason, he basically had that fight in the bag). What do you do when you accidentally create a totally unstoppable force of nature on the battlefield with basically every useful power ever who is also almost entirely unkillable? Pull a switcharoo and swap him out for a one-dimensional villain with one of the least interesting fights and motivations in the entire series.

  • blake bounds

    Well he will, Zeno is going to erase Frost killing him when Unverise 6 loses but Freiza will come back to life fully. LOL

  • Winston D Luffy

    Lol you are so funny i forgot to laugh

  • I want this comment written on my grave

  • Koibito888

    Excluding that first ‘lol’ I assume?

    Nothing about what I said is incorrect, try again.

  • Navok76

    I agree in every word you say but saying the show is complete garbage after the pain arc doesn’t change the fact that the franchise is worth watching rather than boruto anime (which is bad in all standards)

  • Gent

    Nah I spoiled aot for him a bit lel, then he unbanned me cause he is my friend

  • Winston D Luffy

    Did not say anything about incorrect just wanted to give you a hint that you are a joke xD

  • Koibito888

    I mean that has nothing to do with what I said then so… Good job being irrelevant I guess? Lol

  • Only When Vince McMahon Dies™

    The way they beat Kaguya could have been used on Madara. No Kaguya necessary

  • Ahtma ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᴴᴱˢᴴ

    Boruto was the single best thing to come out of the train wreck that was the end of Naruto. The anime is consistently watchable and the art for the Manga is improving significantly, not to mention the movie was phenomenal.

  • Ahtma ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᴴᴱˢᴴ

    Limbo stopped that from happening.

  • Ryumancer

    That’s it? That’s a retarded reason. Just as retarded as when I gave him the cold hard truth that Damian Wayne was the suckiest Robin of all time. And he banned me for that.

  • Ryumancer

    Says the schmuck that names himself after Luffy. -_-

    He brings up some good points though.

  • Kiri

    If by consistently watchable you mean animation that fluctuates
    between fairly decent to horrible mid episode, then sure. And that’s not
    even mentioning the host of other problems, like the non existent story progression for the first 10 episodes or the new generation all being 1 dimensional clones of their parents.

    The basic villain appears and the generic “I-can-do-it-if-I-try-I-hard-enough” kind of story for movie qualifies as phenomenal to you? I question your standards.

  • Only When Vince McMahon Dies™

    I mean if you look at Storm 4, Kishi could have done that

  • Ahtma ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᴴᴱˢᴴ

    The Boruto movie was revisiting the roots of what made its father series so great. Kinshiki and Momoshiki were Kaguya rehashes but they were significantly better-handled than Kaguya and made for being much more memorable. The relationship between Boruto and Naruto is complex and interesting to examine. The Boruto movie’s animation was also incredible.

  • anonymous

    Just waiting for frieza to ditch frost at the last moment XD

  • Kiri

    By revisiting the roots do you mean rehashing the original series for the first half? Because that’s what it was. And then it decided to end with another fight between ridulclously overpowered characters in typical Shippuden fashion. Momoshiki is extremely forgettable, he’s yet another power hungry villain with a god complex. You’re overselling a mediocre movie a bit too much.

  • s̶ᴡ̇ᴀ̦͑͂ɢ͠ᴀ̙ᴍ̧ᴏ̩̫͛ᴛ͓͔̫ᴏ͂

    you must be naruto fans then, why are you discussing that here lol

  • Nathan

    Except the androids didn’t train nor did cell. Cell just absorbed people. Buu never trained either he just absorbed himself and the Z fighters. But I understood frieza would be powerful if he trained. Just think how much more he’d be if he’d train even more

  • Koibito888

    Yeah they didn’t, but that’s exactly the reason 17 and buu’s power ups made sense

  • Trey Titler

    Your example isn’t a good one to compare to the situation. Vegeta’s boost was out of emotion, not the amount of training. That aside, I’ve had the same thoughts you did. That being said, it was still lazy to have a very poor explanation of how he got to that form.

  • Trey Titler

    If there was more to it, and the fact that we don’t know that much about his race, then that would’ve been the perfect time for us to get a better glimpse into how he became that strong. Instead, we got a poor mans version of what happened. I’m well aware that Frieza is a different race, that he has almost limitless potential, and that his ability to acquire power through training more than likely differs than most other races. It was a wasted opportunity. Also, I’m not being biased, I’m just calling out lazy writing. I’ve enjoyed the bit of Super I’ve seen so far, but it’s not doing anything really different to set itself aside from Z. If you don’t like my opinion, hey, that’s fine. Hell, you even make some good points yourself, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was lazy not to delve deeper into it. Especially when he’s a fan favorite.

  • Legendary Player

    watch i beat you anything frieza is going to get erased for turning his backs but like always zeno allows it lol

  • Michael Belenski

    You know frost going to attack frieza because he wants universe 6 to win but I think jiren and goku going to go all the way

  • Koibito888

    Yeah and what I’m saying is that’s an even flimsier excuse but it’s a good one for DBZ because that stuff works with what Z has set up. Frieza training is a far more solid reason than that.

    It’s not lazy though. Not everything needs to be explained, frieza is literally the form guy, ‘this isn’t even my final form’ IS Frieza. He got a new form and all we know is that he trained for it and that’s all we need to know. Frieza literally has no race, even if he came from something his powers don’t even inform anything about them as explained by Toriyama himself. There’s nothing to learn. There’s no new detail that could be gained from that and honestly that’s about as much info about how a form works as we ever got in Z.

    SSJ was the most explained thing out of the series and all we knew was it happened because you got angry and then you got more powerful. No good detail about the form came until we got the multiplier from power levels given in a freakin magazine.

    SSJ2? That was just a thing Gohan did. Hell until Goku went 3 it wasn’t even SSJ2 – it was just that thing Gohan did in Cell Saga because of his hidden power that Goku and Vegeta learned off screen. Wasn’t even until extra info outside of series that it even got called “grade 5” or whichever it was.

    SSJ3 is the most unexplained thing ever, only like a sentence or two was ever said by Goku about the nature of the form.

    Things get unexplained in Z and then there’s minor details that you have to think about until Toriyama gives hints outside of series. That’s how forms have always worked and that’s how it needs to stay. The manga has a big problem with not knowing how to not give too much, it’s way too overexpositional and fans eat it up just because it’s info but not only does a lot of that info not make real sense but it just goes on and on and feels like a fan wrote it. Toriyama has always written things without the need to explain things while DBZ fanfiction is infamous for going way too hard on the details. The fact that Frieza trained and got a new form being all we know about it is what makes it feel natural to DBZ and makes it feel like something Toriyama wrote.

    There’s literally no other info we need to learn and it’s more Toriyama-like to NOT give too many unneeded details. It’s not lazy writing just leaving it open you don’t know the motivation behind it you cannot say that it is for sure, and considering it’s how Toriyama has always written it then if it is lazy? GOOD, keep things Toriyama style it’s the only way a DB product will be good.