Dragon Ball Super: Goku’s New Form Stronger Than x20 Kaioken, New Ending

On October 8, our hero Son Goku will take on Universe 11’s Jiren in a epic two-episode special! Goku uses the power of x20 Kaioken against Jiren, according to Shuiesha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, but Goku is still no match. It’s unclear if Goku is using Super Saiyan Blue x20, the most we’ve seen him use is Super Saiyan Blue x10 Kaioken thus far, but we presume x20 is in Super Saiyan Blue as well. Anyways, with x20 Kaioken unsuccessful against Jiren, Goku fires his ace in the hole technique! What is this ability?! Goku will be using a Spirit Bomb in episode 109, but is this the ace in the hole technique?! We’ll have to find out on an all-new episode of Dragon Ball Super!

Along with the two-episode special will come a brand new ending. It will be titled “By A 70cm Square Window” and it will be by Japanese rock/pop group RottenGraffty. This will be the tenth ending for Dragon Ball Super since the series made its debut back in July of 2015.

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Great! Can’t wait! This is going to get into the history Books

  • Aymen Hacini

    He’s going to absorb the spirit bomb !! that’s the technique

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Probably. And thinking that Zeno could hold his hands up, RIP Jiren

  • Nagatem, Triangle Sama SI God

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    New necrozma fusions are
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    Wings of dawn

  • gold_campus

    goku will absorb the genki dama like he did against Android #13

  • Leo Walton

    “On October 8, our hero Son Goku will take on Universe 10’s Jiren”
    Hey Saiyan Island admins, Jiren’s from Universe 11, not 10. Universe 10 was erased a while ago. You should fix that sentence.

  • Sakura Haruno

    I feel like in the moment, Goku doesn’t have enough time to launch the spirit bomb and freaks out and without thinking fuses with it to create this new form. Sort of like what future trunks did with his spirit sword, but Goku uses it and forms it into his body. His eyes transform into white from the spirit bomb. Idk just my guess

  • jshep23

    He absorbs the Spirit Bomb. He takes energy from everyone on the field except his own Universe.

  • Terraqus

    That’s literally everyone’s guess lol, and i’m already sick of it…especially cause this bs might actually happen

  • randy191993

    Meh. SSB was great. This new form looks really bad… the eyes are fine but the hair… meh. Looks like Goku after getting out of bed.

    I really hope this is a one-off technique like the SS Rage and we can go back to SSB or a slightly updated SSB later.

  • Ɠơƙມ | Ƶṩqůä∂| Retired

    I wonder how this will play out. He could gather the energy from the gods in attendance or even Zeno could give energy to charge the attack instantly and absorb it. I’m guessing the image of goku with red ssj hair is the kaioken x20. I wonder if the new form is the result of whis’s training with goku having complete control over his ki and his body acting on its own without him thinking. It could make sense since every 2 minutes goku drops his guard

  • Di

    slowbro island

  • Di

    go back? I dont think so, this is literally a mix of ssb, kaioken and mystic form with silver eyes, I dont even know if theres gonna be another form after this one


    ”Will be stronger than SSB Kaioken x20”

    The dumbness of Saiyan Island is almost rivalling that of the writers of Super itself, and I think we should all stop and contemplate the magnitute of that statement..

  • …….

  • dtrex

    gotta wonder does that count as interference getting energy from outside the ring

  • ℑιṝєи | Ƶṩqůä∂

    It could but if Zeno likes it he’ll probably allow it like he did with roshi and the bottle

  • Insanity_Norm


  • Insanity_Norm

    Basically from the DBZ movie. So DBS has developed into a parody of their own parody from DBZ. Great.

  • Insanity_Norm

    It’s not new, he absorbs the Spirit Bomb in of the DBZ movies.

  • Insanity_Norm

    Already happened.

  • Silent Rain

    For all the people wondering, Goku already did this technique, in the movie vs Slug he absorbed the genkidama in super saiyan form, resulting in giant strenght gain, leaving him semi unconscious.

  • Dusty Blaine Gwaltney

    it was against super 13 he absorbed the large bomb. against slug he activated false super saiyan


    If you do disagree on the stupid obviousness of this post, then you’re no different than they are

  • Koibito888

    Hopefully the super android 13 movie move/the thing Trunks did with the spirit bomb doesn’t happen to make Goku’s new form. Its way too arbitrary and based on other people’s power and just doesn’t make for a good next writing point. Especially when they still have God ki to master which would also result in a stronger base form.

  • Koibito888

    Hopefully spirit bomb like kaioken x20 just doesn’t work and so goku has to resort to holding in all his ki (as in they both still have not mastered god ki and it still has to happen which will also give them a better base form) and hopefully makes this happen and it’ll be a real sensible form instead of a one off power Goku’s gonna hate using anyway

  • David Graham

    He did that against Super Android 13, not Slug. Goku wasn’t even a Super Saiyan when he fought Slug

  • Koibito888

    Hopefully the new form will only be related to what you said, Whis’ training, energy control, namely using full God Ki/holding in all of his Ki/basically being SSJG in base form because that still needs to happen. NOT a Spirit Bomb absorption based transformation. It fit perfect with Trunks but not only would it be another power up based on other people which isn’t Goku’s style AND was already done with SSJG, but would be so specific to have be such a hyped up form, all while Goku still has milestones to reach (holding in ALL his Ki instead of just enough to make God Ki).

  • Koibito888

    Regardless of the options of what this form could be Goku is definitely going to use Blue again/other forms.

    Either he really is gonna absorb the Spirit Bomb which would be unlikely and not a good thing to do – in which case it will be a one off form and not used often and other forms will be used more, OR they are going to follow the correct and logical path and have Goku finally master God Ki in base (considering it’s been hinted at forever and is a milestone that still has to happen whether it’s this form or not) – in which case he’ll go SSJ from here and get the new ‘mastered Blue’ form that the manga just threw in.

  • Koibito888

    Thinking and hoping he’s NOT gonna involve Spirit Bomb. This has been hyped up way too much to be just a one off thing like a move, and if it’s Spirit Bomb this ain’t working like SSJG, Goku is NOT (or at least he better not) learn to do this sort of power on his own if it’s based of Spirit Bomb. Which brings up the fact that it would be a repeating plot point to have Goku gain another form that is based off the power of others, he already did that with SSJG, already had a plot point of having a power he needed from others and hating it and then overcoming it by being able to do it on his own. THAT brings up the fact that Goku has still not mastered said power, it’s been hinted at so hard that Goku and Vegeta will reach a point where they can hold in ALL their Ki, be as strong as SSJG, not be able to be sensed, basically walk around like Beerus just full god in base form. It’s been hinted so hard that in the anime it seemed they already reached it until Goku proved that’s not the case by still needing to go SSJG to reach such a state. Meaning whether this form is it or not, Goku HAS to eventually reach a powered up base form, this is a milestone that has been set up to be reached and so it will.

    So not only would it be a repeated plot point, a one off move that wouldn’t be used often which is way too anticlimactic for what’s been advertised, and not in line with Goku’s character, but Goku already has a set up milestone to reach that already would result in a powered up base form.

    Hoping they take the logical route:

    Goku’s gonna do x20 and it’s gonna be the red form spoiled on the box and hinted in the opening and as we know it wont work. Goku will try Spirit Bomb and it wont work and all this is just to show Goku trying and using everything to no avail to hype up Jiren. Then Goku’s gonna do what he did in the manga, where he held in all his Ki in Blue, but he’ll do this in base form (which already would be a much better paced and more logical buildup than how the manga did it), hold in all his Ki to where he can’t be sensed, is up to SSJG levels, all in base form, and that’s his new power.

  • Ashley Allen Chancellor

    “This is stupid, and if you disagree you’re stupid.”

    Much maturity, very adult, so wow.


    Go to 5 different people who know about DBS, ask them all about the statement ”the new transformation Goku will recieve will be stronger than his previous Kaioken transformation” sounding stupidly obvious and a no-brainer, and I will assure you that all five of them will

    Cause its not me who decides on that statement being obvious, but its common sense the one who does

  • nigght

    Well, if he can fuse with it, he can probably combine it eventually with super saiyan blue and maybe with kaioken, though at this point of time it would be obviously too taxing. The only problem is that this again is a form that vegeta can’t reach, but never know if he can’t reach it, i hope he gets a unique form for himself.