Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: DLC Pack 6 Announced, DLC Pack 5 Gets New Gameplay

Posted on November 1, 2017

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is going beyond DLC Pack 5 – there will be a DLC Pack 6 as well! DLC Pack 6 will contain four brand new playable characters. Who are those characters? And when will DLC Pack 6 come out? At this point it’s unknown, but it is looking like sometime in 2018.

As for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: DLC Pack 5 – we know of four playable characters that players will be able to get their hands on – Dabura, Buu (Gohan Absorbed), Android 13, and Tapion. There will also be two costumes in DLC Pack 5 – of Toppo and Ribrianne from the Tournament of Power! It’s possible there may be more content in both DLC Pack 5 and DLC Pack 6, but this is what we know of thus far.

There will be a free update to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 called Hero Colosseum coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sometime in the future. This is a part of story mode in which players will be able to battle strategically using Dragon Ball characters, similar to the Japanese arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. You can take a look at Hero Colosseum and gameplay of Dabura, Buu (Gohan Absorbed), Android 13, and Tapion in the video below.

A release date has not yet been revealed for all this fresh, new content, but you can bet we hope to let you know right here on Saiyan Island as soon as it’s announced!


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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is an action-fighting game with MMO and RPG elements in development by Dimps. It was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America on October 25 and in Europe on October 28. The PC version was released on October 28. The Nintendo Switch version was released September 7 in Japan and September 22 in Europe and North America.

  • Hey, 8 dlc characters isnt that bad when a game like XV releases packs outside of the season pass even after a deluxe edition with all dlc inside it

  • MechBattler

    Well, four characters is better than just two in a pack. I was PISSED when I saw they priced it at $10 for just two in each pack. Unless the price is higher than $10. If it is, someone needs to be punched. HARD.
    I really don’t want to see every fighting game following Cashcom’s example and charging through the nose for extra characters like they’re doing in Street Fighter these days.

  • Doobieastray

    why cant they just include the characters for free since its still in development haha too much milk no jutsu. its like releasing a incomplete game with 8 of the roster locked behind a paywall.

  • So why isn’t this being said about xenoverse 2?

  • Doobieastray

    conditioning? i dont know but dbfz is launching with dlc alongside it when it should already be in game? just seems suspicious.

  • You do realize, xenoverse 2 released dlc pack five after they released a delux editiion thats supposed to come with “all the dlc”, which was already a middle finger to season pass owners, then they release another bit of news for this one. XV2 is being worse with dlc than FighterZ imo

  • Doobieastray

    lol yea sad times indeed.

  • Meliodas

    Testing the market maybe. They know that some DB fan outside of Japan know about DBH and want to see what they can do with something similar to DBH game

  • Xaessya

    I wish you can create an Android, Demon, and Supreme Kai like DB Heroes.

  • ROCKET.-

    And Toppo.

  • Datguy

    I don’t feel like that’s the case here though, there are many games similar to this on mobile even. Dokan Battle, fairly popular mobile game is similar and played in NA so I’m sure they know there’s an audience for these types of games which is why it became a thing to begin with. Or so i think anyway.

  • Kotsuryu

    So, anyone know when this come out? I heard somewhere it would come out 22nd this month, but atleast it has not yet shown up in Steam.

  • Fick

    angel attendant clothes peas and carrots!

  • Yuiko

    it was never $10 per pack? it was $7

  • MechBattler

    It was always $10 in america for each individual pack and $30 for the season pass. And, lest we not forget, Goku Black was NOT under the season pass and cost $5 extra if you didn’t get the super spiffy edition or whatever. So a fully functional character on disc, locked behind a paywall. An extra $35 for everything.

    That’s why games on this generation of consoles stayed the same price as the last generation – because they knew they could get people to shell out 50% more for DLC before it’s even been released.

  • Yuiko

    i just checked and it’s 7.99 per pack, you’re uninformed as hell. go look on steam page rn.

  • MechBattler

    It’s $10 on console. Those exist too.
    Which brings this to the point of – WTF, why is it less on Steam?

  • L3X-18999

    IDK, altho, i bought DBXV2 w/all DLCs when they was on sale during Steams Autumn Sale Event last month, was really cheap. it was around 20$USD for full game and +another 14$USD for all DLCs. instead of paying 80$ or so i payed like 35$ for all. maybe its time to consider getting a PC/Comp.

  • MechBattler

    The only games I like to play on PC are RTS and dungeon crawlers like Starcraft or Diablo. Everything else I just prefer a controller in my hand. Plus, I’m not keen on dropping $1000+ every two or three years to keep up with the ever increasing specs of PC games.

  • Brahmus

    You can get a controller for PC. And you don’t have to upgrade every two or three years. Even when you do upgrade you don’t have to buy a whole new computer, just one or two parts. But a $1000 computer is way stronger than any console and will probably be able to last well into the next gen too. Plus you’ll make your money back in Steam sales on games that you’d normally have to pay full price for and from not having to pay for Xbox Live or PSN. Not to mention the advantage in graphics and the ability to mod games.

  • Brahmus

    Gogeta was not in Wrath of the Dragon and it had nothing to do with Fusion Reborn.

  • Brahmus

    That’s what I’m saying. XV2 was already a big step forward with characters that should be in a DB game like this. Hopefully XV3 doesn’t leave out anyone who was important to the story. We have literally everyone from The Saiyan and Frieza sagas now(except for Frieza’s other two forms which I hope we get) so they’ll probably fill out the roster for the other sagas. All that’s left is Mecha Frieza, King Cold, Dr. Gero, Android 19, Semi-Perfect Cell, Buutenks, and Uub. Then maybe some Dragon Ball characters like Kid Goku, Roshi, Tao, and King Piccolo. Personally I’d like to see normal SSJ Broly too. That version of him doesn’t get nearly enough love and I think it looks way better. Oh and Baby for Christ’s sake. They for some reason chose to omit the only good villain from GT.

  • Brahmus

    Right? The best villain in GT has yet to be added and they choose to give us Android 13. AND HE DOESN’T EVEN TRANSFORM! They need to fix that in XV3. Android 13, Bojack, Zarbon, Frieza, and Broly should all be able to transform.

  • MechBattler

    Except that there are many games I like that are only on console. Not enough games I like show up on PC to justify getting one for the purpose of gaming.

    I’m also not interested in nuclear powered graphics that have more resolution than real life. Sorry, the “OOH, SHINY…” mind set just doesn’t apply to me. I grew up with a Sega Genesis in the age of pixel gaming. Graphical quality just isn’t high on my priority list.

    Good try with the sales pitch though.

  • FGNJeffsdomain

    yeah add Super buu to that list and i’m on board but yeah. it’d kinda be pointless to put in baby vegeta anyway now that you mention it cause he wouldn’t even transform lol. we’d have like 4 separate slots just for his other forms. this is why i liked spike. spike learned from i think BT2 – RB 2 they had the transformations down to an artform. but yeah even in XV 2 in the PQ’s Frieza would actually transform from Base form to Final, to Full Power and then golden all from the same slot. same with Vegeta and Goku they’ve gone from Base all the way to SS4 and SS4 Gogeta so i really don’t get why we can’t do this all on our own. the one thing i used to do back in the day was mimick the transformations like when Goku was showing buu and babidi all the forms and add in that song from that SS3?episode lol. and i’d do the same with Cell by doing the battles, having cell absorb 17, then transform, then fight 16, then fight 18 and krilin, then transform and well you know the rest. I hate we can’t do these transformations at will

  • Sedge

    please god NOOOOOOOOOO Ribrianne she was annoying as hell and shouldn’t of lasted as long as she did.

  • Dragon Boss

    yeah worse than the ridiculously op u6 saiyans

  • randy191993

    Is that so? Because where i live we just got “Dragonball Z – The Movie” which started with the Gogeta thing and after that went on to the Hirudegarn thing. That was one movie where i live.

  • Brahmus

    Weird. I’ve never heard of that. They’re definitely meant to be two separate movies.

  • randy191993

    Might just be a decision they made over here in germany to make it cheaper to produce or something. I remember going to the cinema to see “Dragonball Z the Movie” and it first did the Fusion thing and then went right on ahead to Hirudegarn in the same screening.