Dragon Ball FighterZ: Origins of the Game

Posted on January 26, 2018

The long awaited day is here as Bandai Namco Entertainment and Arc System Works’ highly-anticipated Dragon Ball FighterZ is out worldwide on PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam! This is the definitive Dragon Ball fighting game experience that combines classic 2D fighting game dynamics with characters from the renowned DRAGON BALL universe!

“DRAGON BALL FighterZ has been a pleasure to work on since we announced the game at the Microsoft E3 press conference last year. Throughout the year, we’ve received nothing but high praise, support, and excitement from media and fans alike; the energy surrounding this title is definitely over 9000!” said Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “Now that the game is in the hands of players, we’re looking forward to seeing both fighting game and DRAGON BALL anime fans battle for bragging rights in DRAGON BALL FighterZ.”

To celebrate, Junya Motomura from Arc System Works and Tomoko Hiroki from Bandai Namco Entertainment joined together to discuss the origins of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Take a look below!

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Best game

  • Insanity_Norm

    Follow it up with even a better game Arc/Bamco. I believe in you guys.

  • gogeta207

    ugh just if theres my gogeta in it

  • NinetalesCommander

    The fact that a Woman was involved with the making of this fantastic game just proves women can be just as good at video games as men can.

  • Only When Vince McMahon Dies™

    Ultra Instinct Goku and God of Destruction Toppo

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    Yeah and Kid Goku

  • Only When Vince McMahon Dies™

    From OG DB or GT?

  • Mugetsu a’k’a SS4 Gohan

    OG DB

  • How does making a game have anything to do with being good at games?

  • NinetalesCommander

    Because Dragonball FighterZ is a good game? I mean it’s abit of a giveaway isn’t it?

  • Jut because someone is good at a video game doesn’t mean they will be good at making them, and vice versa…

  • NinetalesCommander

    Ah! I see the confusion now! When I said “Women can be just as good at video games as men can” I didn’t mean actually playing them, I meant in terms of making them. The reason I mentioned this was because there’s a very untrue stigma within the gaming community that women don’t know jack about video games which clearly isn’t true.
    I apologize for not being clear enough, I assure you I definitely agree you can be good at playing games but be bad at making them.